How one can costume as much as impress – Grooming & Styling routine – Trend photograph shoot

published on July 3, 2020


during here thank you for tuning in and

this episode of TRICARE TV

everybody right what about for today we

are hearing a sweet you know hotel

Royale yeah we're gonna show you some

morning routines and then we are doing

so here on unboxing

we've picked some of the Blazers and

some of the tuxedos and we'll shoot here

in this nice sweet I actually feel like

taking on my turtleneck just to blend in

some I got the turtleneck on you call uh

speaks to the furnitures yeah but it's

not furniture you look great Rasmus the

first thing room the beard and then

we'll style the hair and jump into the

nice coating I think that's a plane yep

so Reisman's which one that you prefer

the navy blue was a great one I think

actually both the gray one that's

perfect because like they're navy blue

it's it's very Brown and it goes well

with the royal environment here where as

some say can do one more where you have

to put the ropes down here

it's posing details in the picture

let's jump in the ropes and start the

grooming routine yeah you look good name

prepare the picture

what's up Rasmus I'm just about to have

machete and I'm going for a look like

they make him first I'll fold up my

sleeves so I don't get any hair stucked

in there and I start with three



doing good Rasmus it's going very well

three millimeters

so I missed anything important to

remember when you shave now I'm using

the position blade here I'm taking care

of my boy then I'm removing this so

let's get to it


I just need to clean out my skin so I'll

start out with some Danish skin care for

the face wash turn important to get all

the small pieces toughen power the skin

medium hot water and I will also clean

the sink as well and this is also part

of my daily routine get a good face wash

then I'm using some aqua power

and remember the neck as well


now for the hairstyle already have

awesome volume so I'll just apply some

gold Digga limited edition the only one

left and small amount here


you can see now I'm getting a lot of

texture and control looks good resins

now we're done now it's time to show you

my styling routine I grew my beard

then I will moisturize my skin it's a

three millimeters

in doing this routine I will say free to

two to three times a week


first I'll wash my face and when you

wash your face with only water you can

actually feel the oil from the skin and

your palms and then it's time to use

face wash then you love to reduce the

risk of pimples now for the hair wash

now I'm out of the shower now it's time

to blow dried the hair towel dry and use

the sidekick we have only a few left of

limited editions before I blow dry I

make sure it's a pardon the hair so no

in which direction and it's blow-dry and

the great advices if you have two long

sides then make sure to blow-dry it so

it will stay as close to the scalp as

possible so looks like I get bright new

haircut now my blow drying is done and

I'm ready to moisturize my face first

moisturize it with aqua power and then

I'll use the origins and I use extra

much because I have a tendency to get

dry skin underneath the beard and it

feels very refreshing and then I use

this one origins cream it has a little

bit of a toner so if you have any red

spots then it will color it out a little

bit make sure to dispense it evenly it's

a creamy powder if you have any bright

tones you can cover it up a little bit

I'm going for the gold digger and power




this is a great amount also have a lot

of hair

I start to apply it gently

great and what holds



alright not ready to pick the pieces we

have them right here back in the closet

so let's pick up the pieces

you know what are you going for I'm

going for the tuxedo a shirt ruffled

shirt so I'm gonna take the welded

orange-red kind of tuxedo then a black

turtleneck and a black pair of trousers

have you thought about using the red

turtleneck underneath then I'll try it

out alright let's jump in it and this

was the red velvet with the red

turtleneck so I think it looks pretty

cool but I have an idea that it's will

suit me more with the black turtleneck

so I will just quickly switch to the

black and definitely thing that the

black one suits me better let's see how

it goes to the meal hello there I'm

ready for the photo shoot now

hello looks good it looks great like the

ruffled shirt it's not too often you can

wear this one weddings and casinos


I'm afraid I don't know where I come in

but we do


thank you very much for watching this

episode of slinky TV it was very fun to

Serie around in our suite yeah I

remember to check out our social media

Facebook Instagram to watch all the nice

photos and behind-the-scenes and

community on YouTube yeah see you guys

next time



right what do you think Thank You

photoshoot when Dawson definitely have

to do more of those videos right yeah we

need to do more lifestyle videos


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