How To Create Instagram Ads in 2019

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey so in this video I'm gonna show you
how to set up ads on Instagram
now if Instagram is actually owned by
Facebook so when we're doing this we're
actually gonna be doing this through
Facebook's platform just keep that in
now obviously Instagram is one of the
most popular social media platforms so
it one it is one that could be highly
effective for driving traffic to your
business now the first thing we have to
understand here is the different types
of ads that are available to run on
Instagram now the first one is photo ads
this is pretty self-explanatory you're
allowed to have a description there you
can take them directly to your website
but then we have video ads that are in
the feed now this is different from
story ads we're gonna talk about story
ads in just a second here but video ads
that are in the feed they've been around
for quite a while now and you're allowed
to have videos up to 60 seconds long so
a minute long video as well as a
description below this video right down
here which can be pretty effective in
order to derive more sales and convert
more people so we're going to talk about
that later on in the video but video ads
can be very very effective and you can
have different formats for this video so
it can be a long vertical video or it
can be a typical type of YouTube style
where it's a 1920 by 1080 video so you
have a lot of different options there
for video ads then we get into something
called carousel ads this is great for
people who are running ecommerce
businesses who are trying to sell a
physical product and they want to be
able to display different viewpoints of
that particular product people find that
to be very very influential and helpful
for them who are running those types of
ads for e-commerce businesses and then
we finally have story ads these are
relatively new these have really not
been around for too long and so a lot of
people aren't using story ads yet but
they can be incredibly effective the one
thing you want to think about is that
they can only be up to 15 seconds long
and you aren't really allowed to have a
lot of text in there so you can have
text within the video but you can't
write long paragraphs it's just not
going to work for most people people
aren't going to read a full paragraph in
a 15-second span and let's say hold down
on it but most people don't do that so
what we're gonna do here is click create
our own this is gonna take us to
Facebook Ads manager we're gonna have to
log into Facebook first but I should
already be logged in so we're getting
onto ads manager right now and what we
are going to do that we're going to be
able to
create a new campaign so through this it
might look a little bit confusing at
first with Facebook ads that's maybe why
you came to this video we can look kind
of intimidating all these different
options but trust me once you get the
hang of this is not too difficult it's
pretty user friendly really through
Facebook Ads manager at least compared
to something like Google Adwords or Bing
ads which can be a jungle so we want to
decide what our marketing objective here
is if we're trying to build a brand
awareness or drive more traffic to our
business generate more leads so for most
people they're gonna want to just get
more traffic to their business and we're
gonna want to name our campaign name so
just to make sure that we don't confuse
this with other campaigns what just call
it run number one campaign run number
one and click continue now all right so
now we end up on the page where we are
able to create a new ad set and choose
who were actually marketing our products
to or our business to so this is the
part where I really want you to pay
attention because there's a couple of
different ideas within here that if you
follow through with could really help
your business grow
now we're gonna want to decide where we
go with our traffic and we're gonna send
to her website or you can even send them
to whatsapp or Facebook messenger where
you can then have a conversation with
them you can set up BOTS to answer their
questions for them as well but that's an
entirely different video so let's just
have a go to our website for today and
then we're going to actually choose who
we are targeting to so hold on give me a
second okay so what we're gonna choose
who we target our specific ad for this
campaign for so for this now I want you
to be careful with this because a lot of
people think that they understand their
target market perfectly well and maybe
if you've been running your business for
a long time you do know who your target
market is and who will be converting the
best on your products but if you're just
getting into this if this is really one
of the first ads that you're running and
you haven't sold a lot of products in
the past and you don't fully know your
look-alikes then I want you to be
cautious of this because some people
will jump into this and saying you know
what I have a hunch that the the average
person who's buying my products that
you're selling an online course for
helping people with passive income and
people would make the assumption that
you know it's going to be
most likely the highest conversion to me
people between 18 and 35 maybe male in
the United States and making these
assumptions can really hurt your overall
sales growth in the long term because I
know two separate people on two
different occasions I've asked them this
question and they've both answered it
with really to my surprise and they were
surprised themselves at first that
contrary to what they believed they were
both selling pretty similar courses
about generating income online so making
money online through various sources I
don't think I should mention their names
but they both found that contrary to
popular belief where they thought that
that their target market and and their
highest converting person would be
somewhere like a thirty year old male or
or a millennial who is eager to make
more money they actually found that a
good amount of people were converting at
very high rates who are forty-five years
and up so even senior citizens were
buying their online digital products
getting into the sales funnels and
purchasing these items and at first you
wonder Wow like how can a 65 year old be
doing this who is interested in these
kind of passive income sources be buying
this and converting so well on this but
it actually turns out that they have a
lot more discretionary income they have
a thousand dollars as much easier to
come up with when you're 65 and retired
than it is for somebody who is 18 years
old and struggling to pay the rent so it
is interesting to see us so don't make
those assumptions the whole point of
this is to not make too many assumptions
on who your specific target market is
you can make some good ideas but I think
it's important at first when you're
running your very first ad and testing
the waters to keep it pretty broad and
that's the point of this right now so I
would suggest keeping this pretty broad
and then creating different ads to do
different ad test to see who's
converting the best you can do different
age groups make multiple different ad
sets so that you can set this up so
we're gonna keep this very broad we're
gonna keep this in the US and our
potential reach right here is 230
million people now you can add different
countries on here as well so I like to
have the United Kingdom and other
countries that have a pretty high amount
of discretionary income so Canada as
well and then I'll add Australia now
obviously there's other countries that
we can
but you do want to think about where you
are going to be selling the most of
these products and you can actually
narrow this down to a very specific
location you can narrow down to
Philadelphia or California or New York
so you can get very specific with this
and then you'll also want to select your
language which will possibly be English
for myself at least for my customers
that I'll be running the stance would be
English speaking now we can choose some
detailed targeting keywords here now
choose your business and and decide some
pretty broad general words that could
fit into this if you're too specific the
ad rates are gonna go up a lot more you
can be paying more per view and per
click so for this we're gonna do
marketing and the more that we add on
here the more broad it will become and
the cheaper the ads will technically be
so let's add some other ones here so now
our reach is only sixty four million
people we can add different ideas like
let's just say business this is very
general here it's gonna open up to a lot
of people
okay business is not even yeah alright
wo so and then what I love about this
here is we're actually able to add
different connections so how people are
finding your platform or people who have
already seen your website seen your
Facebook page – like your Facebook page
you can do this through connections and
that's what's really really incredible
this is something you can't do with
radio ads or traditional cable TV ads
you can't just choose the people who
have already liked your Facebook page or
who are already warm traffic and that's
what is pretty incredible about Facebook
marketing so we're not gonna do this for
this because we don't have anything set
up for that right now at the moment but
if you do have that set up that could be
very high converting and now we're gonna
want to change placements to edit
placements and now this is what I'm
going to choose these specific ads that
are going to be running so we're not
going to be doing Facebook ads for this
now you can obviously but what I would
suggest doing is running separate
campaigns for separate ads so that for
example if you have the same exact video
for Instagram feed video and story video
it can get a little bit weird because
story ads can only be 15 seconds long
video can be
sixty seconds long so I would create two
separate campaigns for that so we're
gonna actually let's just go with feed
for now for the video that I could put
on here at the moment I don't have
anything set up for stories sorry ads
you'll want to be much longer a vertical
like nine nine to sixteen ratio for that
story ad but for feed you can do really
any different ratio for that video so
you can do square you can do 1920 by
1080 or 1080 by 1920 which would be a
little squished down now we can add
which type of mobile device we want to
put on here as well hold on there we go
so we can do iOS we can do Android which
is pretty interesting but there's
something that I would consider getting
into is only when connected to Wi-Fi so
what this will do is it'll prevent
people seeing ads who are maybe maybe
walking down the street and they don't
have Wi-Fi so they might not be able to
convert fully onto your website and
actually go through the process because
there's a good chance they're gonna be
busy maybe they're in a restaurant with
some friends and they see your ad and
maybe they click on it but they're not
gonna go through the whole process of
buying your particular product when
they're out and about and maybe they're
taking a big dump on the toilet and they
just don't have the time to do that so
that's why I usually click only when
connected to Wi-Fi because there's a
better chance that they're laying in bed
they have more free time to consider
buying your particular product or able
to absorb more of your ad and more free
time to do that so I would consider only
when connected to Wi-Fi now that's what
we can select our budget we can decide
what we're going for here link clicks is
what I would suggest sticking with you
can have some other options here for
landing page views versus link clicks
what's the difference between them well
landing page views is getting them
actually on your landing page versus
clicks where they might click on it but
it might not fully load but this will
help Facebook understand what your goals
are so if you want to get the most
amount of impressions as possible or
you're focused on just clicks or focused
on getting new people every day to see
your ad this can really help set things
up now we can create a cost control for
this I don't think I would suggest doing
this at first for most people because if
you set this to low Facebook won't even
run your
they'll try to run your ad if you're not
getting any clicks on it because your
bid is too low they aren't gonna like
your ad they're not gonna show it
because if they have to show it ten
thousand times before it gets five
clicks they're not gonna like that and
so I would keep this blank for now so
that you can understand what your
average rate is and then you can run
that lower over time if you'd like
but then we can also set our daily
budget now for this look set this at
whatever you're comfortable with if you
are on a low budget maybe set it at five
or ten or fifteen dollars a day run it
for a week so that you can get enough
data to understand how your traffic is
actually converting and how well this ad
is converting the one thing I will know
is that look you're gonna be doing a lot
of different AP testing a lot of
different split testing to find out the
perfect ad let me give an example of
this I was talking to Joe Kong from jump
cut if you're familiar with jump cut
Academy probably seen his ads all over
YouTube Kong as a few million
subscribers on some of his YouTube
channels but he was saying how with one
of his particular ads it was a very
simple little change and that's why
marketing is 90 percent skill and 10
percent not necessarily luck but really
kind of throwing things at the wall
until something really sticks when
you're doing this there's a be testing
so what he did is he had two separate
ads one of the ads he said hey I'm Kong
and the caption said hey I'm Kong
underneath it so he had subtitles for it
but the other one he made a separate one
to kind of test some different things
and some of these are pretty crazy but
they can really work so on the second
one he said hey I'm Kong same video but
he said ham Kong and then he went on
with his spiel but the caption said hey
I'm Asian so this little tiny change
increased his conversions on his and by
11 percent just that little thing from
ham Kong – hey I'm Asian Justin the
caption below that not even what came
out of his mouth it was the same video
just different caption an 11 percent
increase in conversion so you are gonna
have to do a lot of testing behind this
and that's why I would keep your daily
budget relatively low running over a
week and then you can get enough data
points where you can understand whether
or not this ad is actually effective for
you so we're gonna keep this for $20 for
this we're gonna click continue and
it'll show us how many people were able
to reach a set at least four point eight
thousand people per day that we're
reaching now this is where we can
to upload our video ad or our photo or
our carousel ad that we want to create
and you're gonna want to add your
Instagram account on here I'm not gonna
do that just to save you some time here
but we're gonna choose a single video
so we're choosing a single video for
this and this is going to give us the
option to upload a video so let me just
upload one very quickly and let's just
choose this foldable bike video okay so
this will give you the video
recommendations on the side so you know
the right format for your video like I
said if you're uploading one for the
feed it can really be any size there's
not too many limitations on that but for
stories it's there are much many more of
limitations for uploading a story ad you
want to fit the phone perfectly so that
it isn't too flat on their phones now
once this uploads we'll just give it
some time but we'll move on then we can
decide how our link is actually going to
look on this different ad so let's just
give a second here to load we can enter
our website URL on here and then we can
have a different call to action as well
so let me type this in and see how says
learn more right there we can change
this to some different options hold on
so we can change this to some different
options so our call to action what do we
want this this part right here where
says learn more we can change this so if
we're trying to get somebody to donate
if we're a non-profit you can say donate
now or download if you're offering some
type of free ebook or a PDF or contact
us if you're more of a service business
so you want to decide which one you're
gonna go with you they do give you a lot
of different options I do like to have
learn more on here because it's not too
intrusive on people it's really not very
intrusive at all and then this is the
part where you can add text on here so
so we can write our hook here and this
gives you a lot of space you can write
paragraphs if you'd like on this ad to
really help convert people and this is
what I do like overstory adds that
you're able to give more context to your
business this is better for cold leads
people have never seen your product
before it gives you more of an ability
to convert these P
and tell them who you actually are and
that's what I love about these video
guys it's a minute long versus that 15
seconds story ad which we'll cover in
another video so make sure you subscribe
to this channel by the way now that's
essentially it
this is this is really how you can set
up Instagram ads it's that simple you
confirm and then they'll start running
your ad just like that so it's not
terribly difficult as you can see there
are some other ins and outs of this so
we can get into that we haven't covered
in this video for simplicity we don't
want to get too crazy here maybe we can
make another hour-long tutorial at some
point but this video is much shorter
much more to the point so if you enjoyed
it make sure you drop a like let me know
your thoughts down below it on any
questions that you might have subscribe
to the channel and I'll see everybody
next time in the next video regarding
Facebook and Instagram ads

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