How To Cook If You’re Single • Tasty

published on July 2, 2020

– Why am I single?

Why am I single?

Why am I single?

Hey, guys

It's Alix

So as many of you know, I'm single,

and lately, a lot of
people have been asking me

how to cook if you're single

Now, not to brag, but I've
been single my entire life,

so I know a thing or two
about cooking for one

I thought I'd just share
some advice on how I do it,

with three awesome recipes

for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one

I'm single and ready to mingle

with some food

All right, starting with the
most important meal of the day,


I love eggs because eggs are cheap,

they're a good source of protein,

and there's so much you can do with them

Last week, I actually had this crazy dream

where I dreamt of a crispy cheese omelet

When I woke up in the morning,

I was like, "I've got
to see if this works,"

and I tried it, and let me tell you,

it has changed the omelet
game for me from here and out

Always follow your dreams

So I'm just gonna start by
cracking my eggs in a bowl,

scramble 'em up,

and I'm gonna season them
with salt and pepper

It's a great option if
you have a busy schedule

and need a quick breakfast for one

And what's also great is that
eggs each come in one egg

All of the eggs are single, too

They get me

This is why I'm single, by the way

This is exactly why

Okay, moving on to the stove

I have a nonstick pan over medium heat

I am gonna spray down the pan
with a little cooking spray

This will help make sure

the cheese doesn't stick
to the pan later on

Put some cheese right on the pan

I'm using Parmesan cheese
because it's a harder cheese

and it will crisp up really nicely

This is about a half cup, I'd say

So the cheese is melting down
and getting really bubbly

What we're looking for is for the edges

to start to get a little brown and crispy

before we put the eggs on

You don't want to go too far

because you want to
ensure there's enough time

for the eggs to cook
before the cheese burns

So now I'm gonna go ahead
and pour my eggs right on top

of the cheese

It should completely
cover the circle of cheese

that we just made

♪ It's the circle, the circle of cheese ♪

You know what?

My future husband is
lucky, I'll tell you that

So now I'm gonna reduce the heat to low

and cover the eggs with a lid

so that they have a chance to cook on top

You could also fill this
omelet with some veggies

or some bacon or some extra
cheese if you want to

Go wild

So now that my egg is cooked on top,

I'm gonna take the lid off and
just flip it on over itself

Oh my gosh

Look at that crispy cheese on the outside

All right, see how easy that was?

A quick and delicious breakfast

Let's try it


You have the egg, that salty bite,

and then that crispy cheese

It's so good

All right, so that's breakfast

I will see you around lunchtime

For lunch, I love to meal prep

Meal prepping is great
because it saves you time,

it saves you money, and
things don't go to waste

I'm gonna be making some
delicious turkey taco bowls

I'm gonna add some olive oil to the pan,

some sliced red and green peppers,

and some sliced red onion

Season that with some salt and pepper

And we're gonna just
start cooking these down

until they get nice and soft

All right, my vegetables
are looking nice and soft

I am just gonna go ahead and
remove them from the pan

So we're setting our
vegetables aside for now

To the same pan, I'm
adding a little more oil

and my ground turkey

You can really use any
kind of meat you want here

You could use ground beef,
you could use ground chicken,

or you could totally skip the meat

and just do the black beans and veggies

So now I'm gonna season my
turkey with a little salt,

some ground cumin, some
paprika, and some chili powder,

and just start to break down the meat

I know we're cooking
a few components here,

but it is super simple, it'll
last you the whole week,

and it's easy to reheat

So my turkey is cooked

I am gonna add in a cup of
salsa and a cup of water

So now I'm gonna reduce the heat

and bring this to a low simmer

so that we can cook off
some of that liquid

It's a little bit saucy

It's a little bit spicy

Unlike my love life

All right, our meat is done,

and now we're gonna
put the bowls together

I am starting with some rice
at the bottom of my Tupperware

You can use any kind of rice you want

So next I'm gonna add
some of our taco meat

right into the Tupperware

Our sauteed veggies

This actually makes like four full meals

Now I have some corn, some black beans

And now I like to add a
little bit of cheddar cheese

When you microwave it, it will melt down

and be really delicious

A lime wedge in each

And a little cilantro

Before I put these away,
of course, I gotta try it

It's lunchtime

I'm hungry


Really good

There's so much variety

There's lots of colors

And it packs a ton of flavor

And then you're set for the week

How cool is that?

If only dating were this easy

All right, I'm gonna finish my lunch,

and then I'll see you around
dinnertime for our little date

All right, and for the grand
finale, it's dinnertime

Now I feel like people have an idea

that single people just
get a lot of delivery

But there is no reason

you can't make yourself a
delicious homemade dinner for one

So I'm gonna show you my favorite recipe

for an easy chicken piccata

So for a chicken piccata,

we're gonna need a boneless,
skinless chicken breast

I'm just gonna butterfly
this chicken breast

by cutting it in half

So I'm gonna cover it with some parchment

and use a heavy-bottomed
pan to pound it out

You could also take out
some of your aggressions

during this time

Why am I single?

Why am I single?

Why am I single?

And then I'm just gonna
cut it into two pieces

I season both sides with salt and pepper

So now that our chicken is
pounded thin and seasoned,

I am gonna coat it in some flour

I love cooking dinner

I think it's my favorite meal of the day

You can listen to some
music, drink a little wine

The best part of the day

So get that all nice and coated

and then shake off any excess flour

All right, our chicken is ready

Moving on over to the stove

All right, so starting with a nonstick pan

over a medium heat,

I'm gonna add a couple
tablespoons of olive oil

and a couple tablespoons of butter

We're gonna melt that down completely

before we add in our chicken

You don't have to use the
combo of oil and butter here,

but I like it

'cause it gives you that
extra buttery richness

All right, our butter is
melted and our oil is hot

I am gonna add in the chicken

I always like to lay it away from me,

just to make I don't get
splashed with hot oil

So now we're gonna cook the chicken

until golden brown and cooked through

That actually shouldn't take that long,

just a few minutes on each side,

but make sure it's all
the way cooked through

to 165 degrees

Okay, our chicken is cooked

I'm gonna take it out of the pan

I'm gonna deglaze the pan
with a little chicken stock

and a little white wine

You want to use a dry white wine here

What's also great about cooking with wine

is that you can drink it

So now I'm just gonna
give this sauce a stir

This will be really delicious
in the sauce for flavor

I also turned down the
heat to a medium low

and reduced the sauce so it
gets a little bit thicker

And while my sauce is cooking,

I am gonna heat up a pot
of water for the spaghetti

I also like to multitask in the kitchen,

because the sooner you get it done,

the sooner you get to eat

I'm gonna add in three
tablespoons of capers

I'm also gonna add the
juice of half of a lemon

And finally, I'm gonna add
a couple more tablespoons

of butter

So generally, for pasta for one,

I just use a handful like that

You can use as much pasta as you want

There's no one judging you

All right, we've got
all of our components

We've got our pasta

We've got our chicken

We've got our sauce

It's time to plate and eat this thing

So first, I'm gonna
put down our spaghetti

You can do it a little fancy,
like they do in restaurants

Presentation counts

Just like they say, you
should get dressed every day,

you should make your
meals look nice every day

Just 'cause no one else sees it

doesn't mean that you
can't make it look nice

And right on top goes our chicken

And then right on over top of our chicken

goes our beautiful pan sauce

I like to put some on the pasta as well

And the best part is this recipe
made enough for two meals,

so you can eat a nice dinner tonight

and save the rest for tomorrow

Now I'm gonna pour myself
a little glass of wine

Again, we don't waste anything here

You know the other great
part about being single?

You don't have to share


It's just the perfect dish

A little salty from the capers,

you've got the acid from the lemon,

and then the richness from the sauce

Well, there you go: three
easy, delicious meals

to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

If you're single, I hope this
gave you some inspiration

If you're not single, I
still recommend these dishes

If you do make them, be
sure to tag me on Instagram

I'd love to see your work

As for me, I'm gonna swipe
right on out of here

See you later

– [Man] Oh, yes

(upbeat music)

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