How To Buy Bitcoin On Cashapp 2020

by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

What's going on YouTube today we're gonna be talking about how to buy a Bitcoin on cash app ok excuse my dog in the background but this video will not be how to scam your family and friends okay this video will not be how to find some type of weird hack to increase your

Money on cash yet for some reason if you type in cash up on Google or YouTube you get all these weird people that hold their hands in front of the phone they don't show their face and they try to scam you with this cash app here these

Will be none of that today we're just talking about how to buy a Bitcoin on cash app you see my face you see the transparency so if you want to learn how to do that this is definitely the video for you keep watching

what's going on guys Alex back with another cryptocurrency video today we're talking about the cash up now cash up is a great thing for a lot of people that probably already in cryptocurrency if

You have some friends that necessarily don't want to go through all the loopholes and hurdles to get into crypto this is a good you know easy way for them they probably already have you know the the application downloaded all you

Have to do is refer them to this video or show them yourself how to buy a Bitcoin on the cash up cash up was a great thing for cryptocurrency let me show you we put the screen recorder on here so you can see my phone but it was

A great thing for cryptocurrency if you come right here this is Google Trends right so if you look at the search interest over time so how Google Trends work is that you know it tracks how many people search it on the search algorithm

For Google as well as YouTube you can see there's a lot of interest when this first came out for a Bitcoin it pumped the price of Bitcoin so this is a great thing for blockchain technology even though it is a centralized you know area

Extent relies exchange it's it's gonna it has more positive than negative so you can show your friends how to transact you know on cash app but before we get started if you have already subscribed to my channel my name is Alex

And I talk about everything internet entrepreneurial if you're looking to make money on the internet this is definitely the channel for you do me a favor hit that subscribe button right there that button right there and hit

The push notification bell so you can get the videos first okay I'm not trying to showboat guys I'm just showing you the real deal no spill give you practical advice that you can apply to your life like right now okay so go

Ahead and follow along if you want to buy some Bitcoin okay so if I come to the second part of the screen here by the way guys I'm also gonna show you if you do want to get complex right for you if you are a little bit you know you

Want to get deeper into cryptocurrency you know I will show you how to send it to coinbase so you can have you know kind of safer storage now it isn't the best way to hold your cryptocurrency there are better ways and you will learn

That with my course called blockchain basics in this course I teach you guys how to buy send sell you know receive cryptocurrency as well as the most important thing which is store your cryptocurrency in the proper place you

Don't want to get scammed you don't want to get hacked and you want to navigate this Internet 3.0 the proper way with my six plus years of experience I guess what I'm doing 50% off for the holiday so click the link

Get access to my course and go get yourself some cryptocurrency do it the right way guys do it the right way or don't do it at all let's jump right into cash app okay so they'll come to this screen right here the first thing you

Have to do is verify your identity now one thing I want to show you guys too is that look 274 K people 274 K people have downloaded this application so chances are your friend that you want to get into Bitcoin and you want to show you

Know how this works has the application very popular so when you do download this application for the app store within your Android or whatever you have to come to this first screen right here and it's going to show you the selection

Bitcoin I even do this hit Bitcoin and basically you have to do something called the KYC this is where you verify your identity by uploading your ID okay they don't want people you know scamming you know

With Bitcoin they don't want people washing their money or laundering their money with bitcoin so they do this to kind of control it so once you do that they're gonna give you Bitcoin limits which is you could buy up to 10,000 per

Week you could sell an unlimited amount of Bitcoin you can deposit 10,000 per week and withdraw 2,000 per day or 5,000 per week okay so if you this is really cool if you want to learn more you can actually do that let's just open it in

Chrome real quick and see where it takes us so I guess it's gonna take us to old my first Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto oh really cool you know way to learn about it for children that's what it looks like it's for children but that's cool

Because it helps people you know learn about Bitcoin and watch it if you want to learn about the real blockchain technology oh it's probably real but if you want to learn about the intricacies intricacies about blockchain technology

Check out my course it probably dives into a little bit more detail but you know for the sake of this video that's really cool you know for people that are just getting in so once you kyc yourself once you verify your identity which by

The way guys nothing new a lot of platforms have this with Bitcoin all you have to do is click this little swig alleline here ok and it's gonna take you to stocks or Bitcoin so you can go back and forth right there stocks or Bitcoin

And we're gonna go to Bitcoin obviously very very easy stuff here guys promise you're gonna click that Buy button there we're gonna buy $10 worth a Bitcoin next don't allow okay let's ignore that and we're gonna use Bank of America

Confirm now I believe there's about 18 cent feet so not the best but it's not you know that bad there's other places and I'd refer you that with blockchain basics by the way guys I also show you how to on you a blockchain basically you

Can easily if you looked at the course and you know it looks like it's a little bit too expensive even though it is 50% off I show you how to get that money back instantly with something called coinbase iron let me stop shilling ok my

Bank was trick I just literally updated my bank I don't know why it's let's try this one more time that's embarrassing I have 99% of my money and cryptocurrency so this is no I do have a good bank account that I just set up but let me

Just see you really quickly alright guys so let's buy some Bitcoin hit that Buy button right there and we're gonna buy one dollar with a Bitcoin hit next okay I'm not buying a whole bunch because you know the transaction fees are a little

Bit too expensive for my taste there's a lot of cheaper ways to get in which you get one course and as well as a lot of other tutorials on my youtube channel so I'm gonna click that confirm button right there put in my pin and now I

Should have three dollars worth of Bitcoin as you can see there are three dollars with a Bitcoin now like I promised you guys I'm going to show you how to send it to coinbase there are safer ways of doing this but for the

Sake of video listen to coinbase see show you guys how easy it is okay so all I have to do is scroll over here and then oh by the way guys just to show you the reason why and decline before is because you actually have to get the

Money into your account so you have to take like let's say $10 worth of actual USD deposit it into the actual application and then once you deposit it into cash app then you can come over here and take that money and purchase it

With Bitcoin that's why I deposit I mean it declined before so let's jump into the coin base application so I'm gonna come over here search coin base boom now to get on here if you don't have a coin Miss account use my links below

I have tutorials to teach you exactly everything about it as well as coinbase earn to make some money with cryptocurrency but once you get in there all you have to do is hit the bitcoin wallet and then this QR code scanner up

Here and it says I only said bitcoin is address of course we're only sending bitcoins address I understand let's copy this address right there it's copied to my clipboard now if I want to send it all I have to do is go to my

Wallet Bitcoin right here with draw a Bitcoin we're gonna withdraw all of it right okay withdraw and then it says to scan a QR code so if somebody else had you know the QR code open you know you could do that but we're gonna enter it

Manually okay we're gonna enter the Bitcoin wallet boom next Bitcoin wallet address okay I don't know let's see enter the address for the destination Bitcoin wallet okay so we'll enter it again okay next the minimal if

Draw is point zero zero one bTW so I don't have enough Bitcoin but if you did have enough Bitcoin that is exactly how you would do it then it would jump into your account so for the purposes of this video you guys got all the information

You need by the way again let me just say this one more time because you know obviously I'm trying to you know she'll my course and everything like that but if you do want to get into crypto currency right that's why you're looking

At this video I highly recommend that you look at my channel to look at other videos see exactly what I'm doing because this is a very different playing field it's not the regular internet things happen a little bit differently

Because of blockchain technology so check out my other videos make sure you know what you're doing because if you don't you will get scammed this is internet 3.0 a lot of new scams coming out over there so be careful what you do

With your money but that's it for this video if you like the quality of content hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticism subscribe for more video updates and like I always say if you don't get with this technology

You will get left behind thanks for watching this video guys catch you in the next one

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