How To Build Deck Railings And Planter Boxes

published on July 9, 2020

Hey guys welcome to Jenna and Jason'soutdoor project we are day five hereover two weeks we've had nothing butrain unbelievableso today max was able to come out we'regonna show you who are finishing

Elements unfortunately we couldn't showyou the whole build just that time ofyear everybody's crazy busy what we haveis we have two different levels ofplatform this one's attached to thehouse because it was designed that way

Originally there's footings poured whenthey bought the house last year but thissection down here it wasn't and we didthe neighbors deck there a few weeks agowe found that the backfill around thesehouses was crazy

Huge boulders massive trees anything andthe biggest stuff you could find thesebuilders just kind of really went totown and making it difficult to putanything in the dirt so what we're doingis this one's attached to the house this

One's a floating deck we showed you thatin the video before and we're connectingthe dots now so we have to be a littlebit creative because we're gonna getsome frost there's gonna be somemovement on this side there's gonna be

Noise in the background today because wedon't have the luxury of time thisstairsthese are bolted to the upper sectionand just resting on the lower section soin the winter time things can move

Around and it'll settle in the springand everything can be fine we'refinishing the transition from one to thenext with planter boxes again thesethey're not attached to anything okaythey're just resting in the gap so we're

Going to show you how to make a planterbox like this a couple of simple littletricks we're gonna finish a few piecesof skirt board we're gonna put in someposts and rail for the stairs we'regonna finish off some decorative

Handrail work that's almost done myson's been taking care of all thehandrails here is doing an awesome joband we got to build a quick little setof two stairs to get off the deck otherthan that this one's just about done

Again it's all cedar it's picture framedit's just gorgeous you got to love allthe black accents even the gate theseeverything here you can buy the localbuilding store so it's really simple foryou to just kind of take this kind of

Project and build at your own house wedon't have any time to waste so let'sget right down to it sup everybody sotoday I'm going to show you guys thedeck that I built with a little helpwith my dad this is

The deck that I started about two weeksagoyou know we it's a full cedar deck so wegot some really nice good-looking woodhere and to go with the nice-lookingwood we need some nice-looking railings

So that's what I'm going to show youguys today we got some black spindleswith some black caps looks very nice andwe got some cedar posts to make it lookall very sexy so here we go alright sobeginning with the spindles we're using

Some black painted aluminum spindles sowe don't get any rusting on this nicecedar wood to start off we wanted tobegin with these little black post capsare not caps little slots I would saywhat I wanted to do is I wanted to strap

My like hard concrete black pieces tothe 2 by 8 which is the substructure ofthe actual deck by doing so I had tocreate some calculations and make surethat every single piece is exactly thesame measurements as my corner piece

That way the deck looks very linearlooks awesome and here we go alright sostarting off with our cedar slots we gotsome pre-drilled holes here we boughtthese at the store and they actually fitperfectly with these black looms

Aluminum spindles which is very helpfulfor us the best way to install it is byplacing your piece completely andexactly where you want it to go and thebest way to work from it is by workingleft to right a little strategy I

Created was twisting the little spindleso it's 50 down here and 50 or sorry 50down here and 50 up here right and as wework left to right we get every singlespindle inall I have to do is smack the top and

Screw it on the back and make this decklook very nice and finished at ahalright so don't smoke it down here nicealright so this is what the finishedproduct looks like without screwing itin because this is our outside of our

Deck I want to start with putting ascrew here and here that way on theinside of the deck where the people aregoing to be hanging out they cannot seeany screw holes looks very nice and veryneat so we're gonna start off with that

The way I screwed in is I'm gonna startoff with somewhat of a pocket screw typestrategy without the actual pre-drilledhole I'm gonna go on a 45 degree anglenow these are inch and a half screws soI go inch and a half back with a 45

Degree angle and it should pull my pieceof wood my 2×4 top rail here to my 4×4 Iknow looks super nice there we gothere's one down we'll get our seconddown right now again on another 45 andlet in very nice and easy

Comes up each screw that I got into thisrailing right now it's got about eightypounds of sheer strength so that's about600 pounds after every single screw thatI've put in all right so putting my lastscrew in I've created a bit of a

Triangle type shape here so if I justjump on top of this deck right now if Itry to shake it it's not moving a muscleso looks like I did it correctly we'regonna install the handrailsame system they got cute little

Hardware and these were shorter thankGod because I don't know how it fit onuspremise being that we put a 4×4 post wemount it to the deck okaythen we're gonna cut our rails to fit in

The gaps put in our spindles we put onthe cap relatively straightforward thesecret here is to make sure that you gotthe right angle so you want to have your2x4 on the nosing of your stairs okaycheck your spacing try to get the gaps

Of same Rick your shoot my pores in theinside throw that on and cut that badboy for me shoulda half into the postthe reason for doing this so we havesomething to screw to we want to reallykind of tie this all together I mean

This system is great through the floorbut wouldn't want to rely on entirelyokay let's see how that's gonna allright all right so I'm just gonna attachthe rail to the post a couple of screwson a 45 I am a boat three coordinates

And just want to duplicate that effortup here boy it's time to buy a new bitwhen your black bit is all metal shinyit's time to burn it all right so youcan check this simply by taking a pencilmarking off the center of the see if

Those two kind of line up all right soto start off my nested of using it isputting in your first three spindles andthen I've already cut it for you guysbut initially what I had done before isI had the spindles upright and I move

The 2×4 comes up and then I placed myguys in correctly and then once I hadthat done I traced my lines cut my pieceand then I install as I am right now nowit is a little tricky so I do need ahelper I'm sure guys aren't leather

I don't know if you know my helper thisis Jeff he's been working with me forgetto spread us from my side of the familyI guesswell you got any more fingers Kiwigovernment we brought a third guy in

Because we're one hand short all rightso let me twist these guys just get your online already Bam Bam Bamalright the moment of truth ladies andgentlemenso I'm using the same strategy as I did

With the straight railings that I haddone talked about earlier we're justgoing from left to right side to sideall right don't move three quarters inwe're just going to go with a couple ofpocket screws why not but there's a

Little jig it's not really a pocketscrew that's going to angleall right so now that the railings arefinished he's gonna jump on the saw forme what we're gonna do is we're justgonna take a couple of dimensions we

Have 2×4 across the structure of thisdeck which can take our load from theseplanter boxes so the idea basically iswe're gonna have something sitting herethat's also sitting over here all rightand that's how we're making our planter

Box nice and easy and it doesn't matterif things are moving around becausethere's lots of space there's a littleoverhang and this skirt that attachedthe planter box I'll determine if it'sin or out you can just adjust it every

Spring not gonna hurt anybody else weneed a top and a bottom rail and we wantto cut it in and we wanted to be prettyso the front of this box we want to bethe same dimension as this we want tohave this board mirrored on the front so

We're gonna go with a 43 inch sizeplanner we've already got the top andbottom for the front of this cut at 40minus the thickness of the two-by-fourswe're gonna build the sides first andthen measure and cut them in and we'll

Show you how to do that really simplebecause the boards are gonna be comingacross the front flush to mimic theskirt it's actually gonna finish likethis and then this side will come overtop just to set this up we're gonna go

With flush everything we're doing hereis designed for simplicity just go fleshto flesh no measuring weren't necessaryokay so that sets my size now I canattach my boards going from front toback

Never leave the stickers on guys I knowit looks like junk so we're gonna golike thatwe're gonna just put in two screws leftand right side we're not gonna staggerthem when a piece of what is that shirt

I don't need to stagger it if I'minstalling this on a skirt that's realover three feet then I'll stagger thescrews just to help keep things fromtwisting try to put the nice pieces outfrom the cut keep everything square as

You go measure flesh for me the nicestones have a little bit of red color inthem but the truth is when it comes towood anything that's unique is gorgeousand that's the ruleevery time I see a knot it's gorgeous

Which I'm I see live edge bark gorgeousevery time I see a piece of board thatlooks like a piece of plastic that'sbeen mass-produced I hate it I don'twant it I want something with characterall right now we're gonna go four pieces

In that's it this is gonna be goingthrough the skirt and we will measureand cut the last piece as we go nowbecause we're making both sides exactlythe same from the same cut size of woodI can measure this side of the platform

And the other side at the same time tocut the holes and anybody got a pencilThank You Connor hold green one neverseen a green pencil on the show beforeall right and all I'm doing here justgenerally tracing the area that I got to

Cut outso with these holesI made them bigger in every directionwe're gonna be adding framing flooringtrimming it doesn't really matter rightI just want to make this easy I stick it

In that's the side of the planter boxlife is simple there we goso half of my life has just cut measurerepeat here we go you don't have tochalk line and measure and just go flushcut your wood first make everything

Flush knowing that flush makes square aslong as you're cutting square flush issquare perfect that's gonna work awesomeno this is my inside because I measuredoff for the back skirt and I'm using thesame size building material I know that

This is automatically square soon as Iput the screw in this is the front againI'm using the pre-cut sizes of wood todetermine my designlife is simple like this I don't have tothink very hard and a day like today in

This kind of heat that's a good thing tohave hey here's the floor you just setthis right on top of the two by foursI'm gonna throw a couple screws in therejust for good measure this is gettingawfully cozy

Now nothing special here we're lookingfor gravity to do most of the work thisis just a planter box after all so thisis basically just a structure we'regonna use to carry the load we're gonnaline this box with the landscape cloth

And that's basically it okay becausewe're landscape cloth and we have allthis board here just wanted to add a onemore layer of drainage I'm gonna drill afew holes with a spade bit just to makesure I don't want anything to start

Seeping out all through the front allover the deck so somewhere near thefront of the deck I'm just gonna toss acouple of holes into the boardVersaillesthat way if we ever get a heavy rain it

Gives this planter a chance to drain outwithout causing too much of an issue sothe last thing we need for our box is alittle lighter mitered framing Wowso my outside corner measurement is thewidth of the box plus the half inch each

Side for overhanging nice and simple ofcourse we're gonna blender the outside40sometimes that's just the easiest way todo it that's a lot faster there we gothat's sexy pretty just burn that edge

There we goand now we can fire that into therewe're gonna connect the outside cornerhere alright we're gonna set up ouroverhang which is what half an inchwell guys thanks a lot for joining us

Hopefully max can come back a little bitlater and get the after shots of thedeck as it's finished we've only gotabout a half an hour so before the stormhits and it's got to get done today sowe're gonna turn off the camera and put

Them to work thanks for helping out maxsee you all next timeif you're enjoying these videossubscribe to the channel hit the likebutton but most importantly comment onthe videos by all means or a suggestion

Of video you'd like to see let us knowwe'd love to be in touch

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