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published on July 2, 2020


What's Up mr chef raw would it do baby

Memorial Day is coming up and you know I

love to grill now i'ma show you how to

get that all-american barbecue feel

right from your stovetop using the large

cast iron reversible grill we're going

to be making raspberry chipotle chicken

thigh lemon pepper sweet corn smoked

Pappa Tay toes and charred broccolini

this is one of the top cooking guide

just on Amazon and I thought I'd try it

out for you guys so we want to see if it

works if it's worth buying in and if it

gives you that real barbecue taste you

know let's get started we're gonna start

with our smoked paprika potatoes so

we're gonna start by cutting them into

wedges just like you had going then

we're gonna go and boil these all right

next we got the charred broccolini super

simple all we have to do is blanch these

which means dump them in boiling water

for about three minutes and then cold

water most people do ice-cold water but

I'd like to save my eyes for my

beverages so it's just cold water all

right so our broccolini is over there

chilling and now we're gonna do our

raspberry chipotle chicken all right

we're gonna mix together all our dry

ingredients we got garlic powder onion

powder and paprika y'all know I'm like a

little pepper a little salt and pepper

all right now time for some serious

business so I've got some olive oil over

there out on there and now some of the

spices I shake it all up in there save

some then we're gonna season all of this

chicken the longer you let this sit the

better is going taste I mean you could

even do this the night before or add the

rest of this seasoning when I tell you

your Memorial Day is about to be poppin

man put this to the side and now for the

sauce I'm gonna tell you the sauce it's

fire since we can't go outside and get

that charcoal fill we're going to

introduce some ingredients to give you

that smoky and really really charred

taste so we're gonna start by adding

some butter once that's melted we're

gonna add our raspberries and we're

gonna let this cook until the raspberry

start to break down and when

cooks down it's gonna really just give

you give you a really really great

flavor you know summertime you think

berries you think fresh ingredients

this right here is definitely gonna give

you that pop of freshness now we're

gonna add our dry ingredients

you got some brown sugar the Chipotle

seasoning and that's gonna give you a

little bit of spice not too much just so

just a little bit to kick it up a notch

and give you a little more of that that

smoky flavor that we're looking for then

we're gonna add garlic and onion powder

all right so we're gonna add in some

ketchup which is gonna be the base of

the sauce to kind of hone down as the

sourness of the raspberry I was going to

puree a bell pepper to get that sauce

but I'm lazy don't feel like doing it so

we're gonna use ketchup your day and I

know everybody has ketchup right we're

not done yet though this right here this

liquid smoke this is a mesquite liquid

smoke this is our secret ingredient

liquid smoke is really good is what's

gonna give you that that barbecue taste

you know since we're at the charcoal

we're gonna add it in right there last

but not least I'm gonna add some more

salt and pepper mmm see this with you

sometimes you just gotta walk you just

gotta walk this cenotes so you can use

basket ambiance

we're basket and we're basket ladies and

gentlemen boys and girls the moment

you've all been waiting for this large

cast iron grill is now hot we're gonna

seize these potatoes and we're gonna get

started all right got the smoked paprika

cuz you know smoked patty baby I'm salt

pepper we're gonna give it a little

quick little mix now we're gonna add

some olive oil to the potatoes so the

season is picks season generously that

way too

potatoes are nice and coated gives that

a nice little red color so before you

grill you want to make sure you grease

your grill but you want to make sure you

open the spray bottle unscrew that add

the potatoes I'll put them on their

diagonal so you get those cool grill

marks on there you know I feel like I

feel like I'm grilling right now you

know I got you know I got ashy feet I

got my chocolate toes on you know that's

how you know every barbecue got their

old man on the grill if they

if their feet aren't at least a little

bit ashy then they don't know what

they're doing

clearly they don't know what they're

doing alright you can go ahead and give

these a flip see what they look like oh

yeah drill marks look at that yes that's

nice potatoes are done don't do anything

right put some marks on there we're

gonna add a little more olive oil and

we're gonna dust it with a little more

this smoked paprika and a little bit of

parsley just getting a little more pop

of freshness and a little color contrast

potatoes done time to get the broccolini

on we're gonna start by adding a little

bit of olive oil and then we're just

gonna put a little bit of cumin salt

pepper and now we're gonna add it to the

grill we're just gonna put it on there

long enough just to get a nice char on

there you want to feel a little bit of

burnt nests I also like to do all of my

vegetables first just in case you have

some vegetarians you know don't want

their food to be meaty there it is nice

little char exactly we're looking for

right there alright two out of four done

I'm going to grill some of this lemon

we'll add a little bit of sugar on both

sides because the sugar is what's gonna

calm the lies and give those beautiful

grill marks whoa look at them grill

marks so far so good

another thing I like about this is

there's like a little like drip tray

over here on the side to kind of catch

all of the extra stuff or uses up that

may fall off a lot of girls don't have

stuff like that so this is a win for me

I'm really feeling good about this the

stovetop brothers really give me that

you know that barbecue feel so uh well

that's go ahead and add the corn now

first we're gonna zest some of this

lemon into the butter then we're going

to add lemon pepper make sure your

butter is soft so you can mix it in real

easy and then you can spread it over top

of the corn add the corn to the grill

the side that you buttered

oh no that's smoking I got smoke in my

face as hot this is like a barbecuing

for real so we're going to take the corn

off we'll add a little more dance butter

to the top of it a little bit of parsley

and there you go

corns done alright guys the moment we've

all been waiting for time for the

chicken there's nothing more satisfying

than putting something on the grill and

hearing that sizzle

he's children woohoo so so far this is

pretty much the best experience you're

gonna get in the house BBQ here is

definitely the moment when you grab

yourself for a beer put on some music

and it's really kind of you know kind of

start to feel yourself a little bit you

know I got it gotta feel it do a little

dance not too much though now we're

gonna give it a little flip Oh

Jemaine you have done it again yeah boy

good what up boy hey man I hope y'all

got better grill marks on the grill

actually to be honest with you it's time

to bring in the flavor I'm going to add

some of our sauce to the other side that

we just grilled go ahead and baste it on


ah man this is gonna be so good so you

want to flip them again base the other

side you see all that that sauce just

kind of caramelized

right on top of there Oh a bedroom move

is very risky very dangerous but uh grab

one these things oh yeah

no I'm pretty good

got the chipotle pepper giving a little

little bit of heat at the end you taste

the freshness of the raspberries man

this is just as good I'm going to add a

little more parsley and that's it it's

done now the only thing left is to plate

it up and eat let's go give this thing a


whew nope just right here oh my gosh

people will be so happy so there's no

real replacement for cooking on a

charcoal grill but this is pretty damn


I'm not gonna lie pretty impressed with

this stove top grill listen this is a

barbecue I'm really surprised it did as

well as it did but I gotta say I give it

two thumbs up let me know in the

comments if there's any other gadgets

you want me to try out or not make it

happen I'm Jermaine Rawlings in




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