How-to AVOID Breaking Bolts Tips and Tricks

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

This video is about moles specifically about how they break or how they fail Ryan's mobile one this particular one I've adjusted it basically it's covered in rust on this side and it's worn out in the middle here sometimes when the rust happens where a

Nut is it completely obliterates that and then both of this spin and spin and spin and not coming out there's one of those in this video there's also another one where it's so rusted on one end that you can't get the

Bolt out without it snapping the way that you get through that it's kind of like how you do math there's different approaches in different ways to go forward or backward of it an example of this is you've got addition and

Subtraction then you get more into it and you got multiplication and division and then going into college you've got derivatives and you've got integrals right derivatives are acceleration and integrals is basically the area under a

Curve calculus is a process of exhaustion and all you're doing is like say you know how to do a calculation of this and then you add it to this this is a triangle or rough approximation this is a rectangle and then you add them all

Up and then when you summate them and then it gives you your total right so like with bolts you have to ask yourself why is this not coming out is it not coming out because there's blockage or something built up on the backside of it

In a blind hole we have that in this video to just try to take everything away method of exhaustion it's got a bunch of rust and that's causing it to not go through a nut or a fastener so take it off you know

Lubricate it that's the other thing you've got friction and you've got binding so if you can lubricate it and get rid of the binding Kent's they're good you can pull it out and now why is it that you would want to do that

Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and the pound of cure in this case comes in the form of all kinds of expensive reverse drill bits damaged thread and damaged head removers that are spiral cut that just bind into it

And pull it out that way I've got kid after kid after kid of this kind of stuff or you're ripping threads out because they're stuck aluminum threads that are stuck onto a bolt and it just rips them out then

You've got a heel of coil up you've got easy out so you got reverse drill bits that go backwards when they're drilling in and that way when they catch oftentimes they'll pop it up and out but the worst thing you can do is when you

Have something where it's really rusted on the back side and then you bind that rust into they're real hard and then what was rusted breaks off once that happens then it's not just a matter of grabbing onto the bolt and getting it to

Come out or getting out to be kind of stuck but it was so stuck it actually snapped the bolt when that happens then you can break off an easy-out in there and when you think about an ounce of prevention is where the tablets here

Announces 1/16 of what a pound is so it's 16 times more difficult to get be able to do this kind of crap and then if you snap off and easy out in there by trying to twist it they go you drill a hole and stick it in the bolt and then

As you twist it into the hole it grabs hold of it comes out just kind of like drill bits – what a pain in the butt or chasing threads or whatever if that happens then you got to send it off to Southern California or somewhere where

They have an electrode that they can stick into the hole and then they've got a liquid slurry of stuff that works kind of like a shielding gas but they basically use like an arcing welder type thing that just disintegrates instead of

Attaching the skin disintegrates the bolt out and then they do is a chisel and knock the things out only the link in the description but it gets pretty freakin complicated when you can keep it simple so instead of having to erode the

Bolt out and shipping and all this other kind of crap and all these other tools just subtract the rust and add Lube if you can do that and it can be a penetrating lubricant then you don't have to worry about all this other kind

Of stuff this is ship it off this stuff would be like your multiplication and division so let's begin let me show you the job at hand and how we avoid all the complicated stuff by keeping things simple keep it simple Simon this

Principle in today's video we're gonna be working on a Toyota Sequoia this one believes in 2005 but it doesn't this is your range but the main point of the video is that when bolts get rested in to where you can't get them out to

Play expired on the fourth month and then when you look at the temporary tag it's good to the seventh month but they haven't been able to get their plate on the registrations all page but they can't get it off because it's so rusted

You can see somebody's really worked at it sprayed it wiped it sprayed it wiped it you just can't get the screws out because it rested in so these sticking on the inside and what happens this water will go down the window sweep and

They'll get in there road salt and everything will get in from the bottom side so the way to get this off it isn't by mechanical means because it's stuck it'll fail but to use something like this if you've got 24

Hours or overnight and you can soak it this was my go-to but I wasn't able to get it in time it says for light rice let it soak for like 30 to 90 minutes that's more like what we have for heavy rice 12 to 24 hours

I'd consider this heavy rush disc ooh that's impacted you want to brush off anything that you can first I've used this they sent it to my PA box it's not a sponsored video but it's kind of nice to have a go to like this

It's a non-toxic option can creep in there get after it this is the gel so that you don't have to have it submerged like a lot of the similar bass in this case we're gonna be using just a penetrant but it's more talks that gets

A little bit faster working especially if you use a wire brush in conjunction with it let's begin first thing I'm gonna do these should be silver in color I'm go back and forth on a little bit see how hard the rust is and then I'm

Also gonna see this screw here is not even in all the way I don't know if that's because it's been backed off or not so we're gonna do a little testing if we can get this to go is it like a nut driver or something like that

Certainly do that at any time it's gonna be soaking while we get into the rest of it I'm gonna pull the inside panel off and work on the rest on the inside trying to tighten this first Wow the hard thing is I can't get this bezel off

In order to get in there and work with it unless you get the screws out first oh I moved a hair so we got a little movement out of that and then it stopped so if we can clean this one from the backside I know I can get that out this

Is not moving at all there may already be some damage involved there there's also something I can use called an impact driver that's diminishing returns in a situation like this but we're gonna knock on that another really good thing

To use on a rusty bolt is a mixture of acetone and transmission fluid transmission fluid has all kinds a anti corrosive things in it the best of the best that's one of the reasons it's so expensive per quart this is just

Transmission fluid to be running it on that be careful with this around painted areas is that cheap handy solution to be able to get a little bit you can go all the way inverted or sideways and just a little squeeze it'll get just a teeny

Bit right where you want it link below let's do this so first thing you do is just get a bunch of plastic off the plastic body knife just like what you're pulling against does these little body pins Sophie gentle and then like I say

There's a little tab or a little part you got to slip out so this is hooked in it's got like kind of a hook that goes in the window so you want to start at this back end just take your little body knife link in the description if you

Want these are not expensive at all but you just get your fingers in there and then I pull with my fingers and push with my thumb on the middle fingers are on the plastic gotta go along and just pop it just kind

Of like you're walking Christopher even seen that musical musical video music video is Christopher Walken he's like the main attraction it's pretty cool anyway you don't want to pull back too hard

Keep it up against the metal pretty close get one hands up here the windows sweep if you get a too extreme of an angle it's gonna bind and it's gonna start to pull this apart it's like the lease rest I've ever seen it's like

Paper clips you don't want to bend them back and forth all bunch of times pop that one pull this you can see the parent shape where the license plate is is up in there this is actually the bolt for it I mean

You could possibly chisel these off or cut this off or something and go again but require all kinds of welding and everything you can see that there's some penetrate that did get in here and then the other bolt so yeah we'd have to pull

The window motor down there we go now I've got all of this amount of thread that I can get into with a brush and it will clean that up it's too bad about the other fasteners because rusted as they are that's pretty concerning Norma

Pre-soak the crap out of these things for the next guy so just train this one I got nothing it's looking better already check this out so you can actually see a little better than threads and you see how much

Rust is coming off because it's painting the inside of this thing wipe everything away so you can actually see silver metallic artists it's got a Philips screw on this but it's threaded up like a bolt this is the

Biggest thing is being able to get to the backside of this and clean it this one being flush makes me a little nervous so I'm gonna take this and just kind of drip out on my rag like that and then use my rag to get it all over the

Screw transmission fluid can go uphill it's nuts it gets everywhere it really creeps and it really penetrates well let that sit for a minute need some breakfast of why I brushed it from the backside on both of these we've

Got transmission fluid soaking on the front in the back now we're gonna see if we can get this thing to move a little bit I go Leafs it goes on here I'm just gonna move work it back and fold work it back and forth a little bit

Unfortunately so I tore it up a little bit before I got here but what this does is it helps it to get that transmission fluid to move around on it a little notice of this has a wrench interface with that so I'm going to put that along

So this way I can lean on it like I mean it and then I can also apply force like I mean it so this one is out a little bit so I want it go back in if I can toss it you get some more brushing on it I'm just gonna lean into it do this

Sucker to move that's a good sign see my cell stuck let's work it back and forth I think it's easier and easier and easier if I just force this from the beginning what will happen is it'll just snap off

Tickling the Dragons tail that's like turn about like greed or trying to get too much progress too fast go into a dragon's lair and try to take too much go I mean get in there in Ruby or – you try to haul out the whole thing

You make a bunch of noise wake them up and you get torched so it's gonna work this back and forth for what seems like forever and then just start working it back out like I said the reason why we're drawing is so many lengths is we

Don't want to burn the paint and make a mess at the same time we don't want to break something off in there there we go we got one of two so I'm gonna work my screwdriver around I'll forward them back that is the magic of being able to

Push hard turn hard and then have it everything clean from the backside and having transmission fluid all over I take my elbow put it right in my hip bone lean right into this thing really hard just work it and just be really

Patient if we try to go all in one bite it will snap I have all kinds of issue if you just take it slow let the fluid do its thing lubricate let the rest break off get a little impatient but I'm into the threats of water brush now a

Little bit faster you're still gonna just work it work it work it because the second that you push it too hard it's easy to deal with the wrench on it by the way so easy to do so I can push

It too hard you just snap it alright we see if I trust my hand and tighten it back in all the way in if I can make a push to go all the way out that's not just license plate bolts pretty much any bolt that's rusted

That's at risk to snip off you can do this with can't always get access to the back side this is really interesting you gotta see this so when you look at this you can see the rest on it right look how clean it is in

That one spot it was all the rest on the back side where you see right here that was causing that to be stuck the other one it was just impacted all the way but I think it was just that tip that was in the hole I don't think it was all the

Way in by any means let's put this car back together we'll do a little bit of housekeeping because this is that all that chemical jokes gonna have stuff stick together there we go no he's a factory location factory bolts no the

Alternative is to drill everything through and then get a nut and the epoxy other wild it to the backside because you don't want to have to tear into the whole thing every time you change your plate anyway that's good outcome those

To success so here's what the other side looks like that one wasn't too bad it broke free this one's a little bit of a mess but nothing at all like this one over here so I've got Deonte seeds out I'm gonna see if I can get these things

To pop free and clean them up a little bit well I didn't bill or anything I'm gonna take these out cut my anti-seize it doesn't take hardly anything doesn't take hardly anything just a little bit on the tip we've got the copper color

Stuff that's not a nice ease that doesn't look like Tin Man everywhere no this is the this is the good good stuff other stuffs good but this does amazing hey this way if and when their glass breaks for whatever stupid reason you

Never know yeah that's coming off too so I got this invoice or backward this guy's a little bit of a mess so there's a lot on the rim so I just rotate it and just wipe it on the

Rim that cleans off the rim and gets just enough to where it's not a mess ha ha ha look at that it's working we caught this in time as well oh it's so nasty make it pop cider that at all

Oh my gosh you just stick your finger in there it's just like selling junk Wow get some transmission fluid on my finger and get that up in there after I wipe it out it's got thinking man wipe everything off first that way the rust

Doesn't soak up and disperse the transmission fluid yeah that metal soaked stuff going on this help it doesn't operate so you got to make sure that you cover it with plastic well battle my finger up over to the top

There you go right on the bolt even if I can't get it out soaking it like this is gonna do some good all right this one will come out so we take it out some anti-seize going don't even gotta take it out of the thing is stuck

I don't know what happened there sometimes when the rest happens where a nut is it completely obliterates that and then both of this spin and spin and spin and not come out lost part of one

Done that one by hand it just wasn't gonna knock and it was good but I was not going very hard but you don't know how skinny that bolt is once it's rusted but the nice thing about this is all of these parts are a lot easier to place

Than the whole deck lid all right that's all we get here better than it was bonus footage at the end no totally it's definitely gonna fall there's your train you just apologize for me elbowing you how do you feel

About that thank you for contributing to my Canadian experience and is it maple

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