How TikTok Turned my Friend into a Monster

published on July 20, 2020

Guys thanks for what coming back to the channel we're here in San Antonio Texas today we're gonna be building a mortar pits and filming a video with these guys and a bunch of other people but none of that matters because Jan and Nick have decided that they were gonna engage in a

Game called who can get the most tick-tock followers in four days a spiritual journey a creative journey what originally started as come on Nick come here don't go he's running away already

To tell the story we brought our one wheels here to text to Texas I mean we're one wheel boys obviously we had to go out on a ride last night just explore the the terrain and that perhaps find some whiskey think about one wheels is

There batteries die deep in the suburban sprawl of Texas are one wheels were on the verge of death orange glow cracks through the monotony of the evening and there appeared to us hooters the sign was lit so we knew they had electricity

Right we knew they had electricity so we went in found an outlet started enjoying a few baby that's the hostess came over and wanted to ride our one wheels and said it would be great for her tik-tok with our hostess flexing on us like that

We got talking about tik-tok and a handshake was made I'm not entirely sure what your dock is that is to make some kind of viral dance to say let's mix the wheel in yeah real talk we're gonna build a set here I'm just gonna clean

This whole range I'll do this area first I'll see how long it takes me I've used plenty of mechanical equipment before large trucks hauling giant generators to sets but I've never actually sat down stepped in or tried to operate one of

These so we're gonna figure that out right now hey guys welcome to a new section here on the corridor guru channel called man versus bobcat where you take a middle 30s aged man we see if he can figure out

How to operate a bobcat in under ten minutes so first things first you got a door let's see here lights oh it's got reverse on it what do they need me for it's got rabbit speed that's good parking brake all right so

The first thing you want to find is where's the off switch in case it goes in the direction that I don't want it to go you want to be able to turn it off there's a key that's good oh that's off what do you know I assume

That these operate not only your direction but also the lift on the bucket so oh it's even got a diagram you see a button pad there's a code to start it I guess there's some there's some kind of button tag I'm looking for

That's the horn that's it I'm lucky the code two if you have to honk the horn the certain pattern I don't think that's how you do it we're gonna be so much more cute than we are right now at 1:42 I've just made

My tick tock account at tic Lorant zero followers that's good that's really good and do you know what you what you're gonna do no Rando janda brando janda oh man do magic dude for the kids yeah is that it might be for the kids I

Might be weird and of the kids that's my stump Jake now hey I refuse to ask anyone else let's figure it out to the hottest do you input one once is our B story happening I'm gonna get you boys taking in Tallaght they're gonna

Make up a dance – yeah it can't be that hard to make up a dance this can't be that hard oh wait is it just a joke I think they might it might be a joke with me yeah didn't like Bobcats don't don't need you

Can just turn them on well go back yeah let's try it so like seeking match movie yeah and then I'll match me that's right exactly yeah dude you are the secret the drdre

Of tick-tock you know there's first step so now just turn the key carnival ride got it alright I'm gonna figure out the rest I'm not proud that I had to ask for help

To figure out how to start it but I mean you would have been here all day when I didn't hear all day yeah there it is that's right incredibly exciting

king of the castle so it looks like jake mastered the cat now it's just up to us to master social media I'd like to give you my first talk do the Drake shake introducing the one-wheel Drake share

The one-wheel Drake shake pull embedded curtain posting so we need to bring the Bobcat over and do like a little rim and then we're gonna fill up sandbags and stack those on top from here we're gonna play like horseshoe mortar placements

We're gonna do three of them just one of these and then we're gonna bring down the Humvee and set up the Humvee in the background with like some camo Nets and stuff fill out the background I'm not happy about it

We need trash bags and tape cuz we're gonna build a jakey rain rig so that our cameras don't come down mid shoot cheap tech to protect some not so cheap tech there we go so wet so wet dude this rain jacket the leg bra it's just literal

Rain but it's good we were delayed by the rain a little bit but we're still on schedule they'll probably start down on the ground we'll have like team three run by so there's boots in the foreground then we'll come up to

Close-up on Evan Evan you'll basically turn yell to forward observer how we doing do you like my historically accurate but not as we come to a wide and we see everything that's happening each team is just loading and shooting

Mortar rounds fortunately this is a nice quick scene we get a couple nice wides we get a couple power shots couple mediums a couple inserts and then we're done I'm gonna grab my cake just trying to get in that BTS but these awesome bye

Nose yeah what are you even wearing World War 2 costumes it's called a product launch Heather yeah we don't have to do any of this you can get anywhere marketing it's done we are just about to finish all of our live-action

Stuff and then we are done here for today so tomorrow we are gonna capture where all the mortars land oh there's my shoe the next morning the next morning after we both voted to tick tocks three that one three tick tocks I

Got in some one wheel yoga oh yeah we're seeing the numbers right now let's see I got a I got a DM I got a follower who appears to not be following me anymore no well I have three nine three six three 79 and I have

It seems like he's a little bit more relevant in general right now I mean I have a comment very nice thank you for sharing that's what we call family agent and it's a sign that you're doing something right

My strategy is just look at popular tic TOCs and then kind of try to like add my own spin all right okay right there stand right there we're gonna switch clothes ready switching yeah literally sweaty clothes

What is a famine and just go with it man what are you doing man what are you doing my strategy mostly involves beer with a corona virus spreading in the us there are growing concerns about

Potential shortages of life-saving drugs and medical equipment and now a startling warning shaking the region of 10 million people we are back from Texas and as you can see we are all in self-isolation but that is not gonna

Stop us from doing the final judgment on this ticket talk challenge now it's not just about how many followers you got okay this contest is really about the embodiment of what is a true talker and

We will decide who is the truest talker of them all and after that for the rules of the challenge you will both instantly deletes your tik-tok profiles let's kick it off first and foremost with mr Lorant

Now Nick the flip the switch with the Drake song fantastic we've seen quite a few of these I think definitely some bonus points on originality on a already widely known trend couldn't done it without you Jake I'm not just picking it

Cuz I was in it yeah I gotta commend you I mean the work that you did on the heve having a good time having a good time why I was thank you yeah I'd like to get credit to Drake

We also cannot forget the famous now infamous Drake shake yeah there is look at them we got he's doing this Drake shake in the woods I think this can go beyond talk you know this may go wherever I wanted to you really taking

This this to heart again now now oddly his notes the winner truest of the talkers so it's mr Nick LaRocca lead indeed what did you learn it's more than just dancing and yoga girls I learned that much right now that this is done

Why don't you guys each take the moment and delete your accounts for the camera yeah congratulations I know you guys are excited to get these apps off your phones China is already probably stolen all my data almost certainly delete

Account right there nicely done weight off your shoulders not again I showed it to you I did it real quick yeah Jade you have to do it for the camera no Jen the contest is over you have nothing else whoa he just

Disappeared Jen just posted another top he just posted one alright there is nothing to tell me what the hell's going on see pal

No hurt from dad in four days and the only information we have on him is from what he's been posting on timtom I've been contacting his friends nobody's heard or seen from him but I was just checking the nest cam this morning and

It looks like Jan has been at the studio for about 12 hours I've learned anything from watching his tick tocks over the last four days he's gotten more and more crazy with each passing day and he looks like some kind of feral animal or

Something like that and I'm concerned for him not just for his health but for his mental state as well okay stay at least six people talking to him in Jan's already crazy enough when it's not crazy I mean this is a whole different level

Oh gee scrap this through here Jan you see me buddy dan dan dan it's okay it's okay man you're not having a good time we're here no we're having a great time is your name still Jan where you going Jim keep your distance

Just give us the phone no one's gonna get hurt okay six feet six feet damn tree retreat oh look there's the phone we gotta get that phone from it man the phone seems to be the source of all of this if we

Can get his phone away from him he'll probably come to we're gonna use your phone as bait you put tip tuck on it we'll slide it to him and then whenever he comes out to get the phone ball come over the head

With this and then we could steal his founder we got a friend to save it's Knicks account Jen Veronica sick Laura you have to get rid of your phone before you can use this tick tock account I know you're still in there Jan just take

This phone and let me have that phone I could be dick LaRon yeah it's me it's Dean where did all my body Texas just sit down I'll explain

Everything I promise everything's gonna be okay there's been a global pandemic I'm just glad you're feeling better be safe traveling home and again we'll give you your phone back probably and well don't

Worry about that for now you ride this board I'll be back to work when does pandemics over Oh fun fun moment one moment yeah well god bless Godspeed again first chance

during what you don't boy

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