HOW SOON TIL $20,000 BITCOIN?!! 🤯📈 Crypto Bull Analysis TA Today & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News Now

published on August 2, 2020

It's rock and roll time for bitcoin if it's actually going to get back to the 20 000 region we have two very important questions to address one how difficult is it going to be for it to potentially get back to 20k

And secondly how soon could this potentially occur what is going on ladies and gentlemen crypto kirby here your crypto currency expert

Back with another edition of the daily live stream today we're going to discuss the bitcoin price and the action inside the chart right now but of course before we begin this is

Not investment advice this is not trading advice i am not your financial advisor these are only my own speculative opinions and hypotheses on the market always do your own research and your own due

Diligence before investing or trading as this market is extremely high risk now let's begin here on the weekly time frame with the line chart this line chart excludes wix so these

Are weekly closes only all right now we have two very key levels here and of course i've been showing you guys this on the regular chart let's go to the candles

Quickly this red box here was the old multi-month support of our last parabolic uptrend right we formed multi-month support here dropped down back tested it twice failed twice

Old support flipping into new resistance twice and we did have it as a new resistance a third time but luckily for us bitcoin has finally broke

Through this box was such a critical area for me my friends to see bitcoin finally get above these two key resistance points and now if the price action can sustain even inside the box just above these two

Prior highs this is looking very bullish in my opinion ladies and gentlemen let's get this crypto i've been waiting a long time for this you guys know on this channel

I'm very realistic below this box i was still expecting further downside action above this box my bullish thesis grows stronger now other things to take into

Consideration there is one more level of resistance here which is this red line that i have drawn across the top here we could see we have relevant touch points dating all the way back to

January of 2018 we have one there second one right there then up here double top on our last run and now my friends we are right there staring it

In the face is bitcoin going to be able to break this here on the weekly line chart around twelve thousand fifty if bitcoin can get above this range say twelve

Thousand one hundred and close above here my friends in my opinion at that point it will have broken all of these weakly closed resistance ranges

It will possibly look to create new support on top of old resistance just like we have now uh seen that we had two resistance points

Formed on top of the old support what i would like to see now is that new support is built up above this red line up here let's get this crypto because if that is in fact to occur not

Only have we broke the resistance but we will now have formed support above this line in the sand here which for me at that point it may be off to the races ladies and gentlemen it could get absolutely explosive and at

This point you may be saying oh kirby you're such a moon boy a moon boy let me just tell you something little james you know the don is is looking at this market realistically

I'm not here to fluff and puff you up with that moon boy hullabaloo garbagio i tell you how it is and i tell you how i see it and right now with that taken into consideration we're

Going to look at a lot more trust me but with that taken into consideration some very basic support and resistance lines we now have to look at the us dollar my friends

Just take a look at the us dollar chart here okay this is the us dollar index the dxy my friends this period in time here that we're dealing with right now looks very reminiscent to what we saw back in

2017 okay this downtrend in the dxy led to the most parabolic bull run in bitcoin history sure you could chalk it up that it's a coincidence right

A coinkydink carbonaccio it's possible my friends is very possible but i just want you to understand that when the dollar index was weakening that's the run that we had in bitcoin there from below a thousand dollars

All the way up to roughly twenty thousand now the dxy is dropping here again like a brick from the sky is it possible that we're going to go on another

Bitcoin bull run here i just want to take a look at gold quick my friends take a look at gold absolutely ripping let's take a look at silver absolutely ripping if

Anti-debt instruments anti-dollar instruments in the sense that they are counter responsive to the dollar's decline if that trend is going to be to dump the dollar and get into things such as gold silver

And possibly other world currencies my friends i don't see any reason right now why there would be an immense amount of cell pressure from a fundamental standpoint for bitcoin that's just my own opinion

Whether you agree with that or not i really would appreciate a thumbs up here on the video my friends it really helps the channel thank you so much so now if the dollar is going to continue downward

And if bitcoin right now has already gotten through bearish macro resistance range number one if it can get through here it really my friends could be another fomo esque event that could lead us into

A parabolic state that's my opinion doesn't have to occur it's just my own opinion so what i want to do now is look at some additional indicators

Here to get an idea of what's the probability here what is the likelihood in my opinion that we are going to get through this or does it look like we could get

Rejected before we actually get through there let's take a look at those right now but again my friends if you are just tuning in now thank you for the thumbs up on the video

I so appreciate it and hey if you are brand new to the channel don't forget to hit that subscribe button tick the little bell and select all this is one of the most realistic bitcoin

Technical analysis channels you're ever going to find so welcome to the channel hit that subscribe button take the little bell and select all welcome okay my friends so let's move

Along here to the weekly time frame indicators so what i want to pull up first is the alligator you guys would know i've been featuring the alligator on this channel for quite

Some time now i really love it for the macro view okay i don't really use it on the smaller time frames as much i use it for the macro perspective so right here we had our cross and the

Cross for the alligator is the green going above both the red and the blue lines and what we want to see here is a cross which we got that's the confirmation and then you

Want to see continued upside action we're getting that now and you want to see these bands continuing to widen out let's take a look in the past of when we've seen this boom

Our cross continued upside action widening bands took us all the way my friends from essentially uh the four thousand dollar range the high four thousands all the way up towards fourteen thousand

Let's take a look at another time that this occurred my friends all the way back down here in 2015 cross upside action widening bands took us all the way from the low hundreds of

Dollars range looks to be about at 300 ish 350 and it brought us up to our peak at 20 000 right so right now uh we have had some failed attempts here right we had this one here

But notice the difference we had the cross confirmation number one but no continued upside action and it dumped right my friends this time over here never crossed now we've had the cross

Continued further upside action at least for the time being and we are beginning to see these bands widen out let's get this crypto i am liking what i'm seeing there so from that perspective

This does look strong to me this looks strong and if we've already gotten through this red box here in my opinion all we have left is this line here

At 12 100 let's get this crypto now let's turn the alligator off and we're going to turn on some moving averages here we have the 50 the 20 and the 200 said that out of order but

It's the 20 the 50 and the 200 okay so what i want you guys to notice here is the 200 in the teal on the line chart here it is respected this absolutely immaculately three times

Okay take the wicks out of it and it's respected it absolutely beautifully three times this range now rather this moving average is about to enter this green box of long-term

Support and resistance flips for bitcoin so this for me right now being that it's been such a long-term respected indicator and it's now going into this green box here that could have

Acted as a new support anyway if bitcoin were to dump right and this box for me is between 7 500 and 6 000 this lends so much more credibility to that range my friends sheesh i mean

Nothing is perfect right the 200 weekly moving average could fail at any given time it's just that three times we've seen it act as a support level there upon these crashes

And now that we already had this range here as a potential crash support now that the 200 is moving up into there my friends it's it's beginning to get very hard for me to see this thing

Uh looking very very bearish i know we have people still calling for 2000 kirby 3 1800 1200 kirby uh i really at this point i'm having a hard time believing this

Um to me if if anything i personally am speculating that a ton of buy support would come in anywhere in my green box there and the case for it going below there is becoming

Very very difficult in my opinion doesn't mean that it can't happen it's just that the probability for the bulls to continue to step in is growing here right and you guys know if you've been subscribed to this

Channel for years at this point i've been so bearish this whole time my friends and why because we've been in a bearish trend for years my friends i see it

For what it is and i trade it for what it is you guys know shout out to my vips i've been in a long position here my friends since 9525 i've already taken some profit off the table

But right now the don is riding the gravy train the choo choo train the parabolic express with average joe and dreams at the water cooler when i saw it was time to go long the dawn went long

I don't sit here on some perma-bear sentiment saying that no matter what bitcoin must go down i don't like bitcoin it's not like that my friends

I let the charts speak for me and if you want to see all of my future trade setup ideas all of my next trades where i look to potentially enter exit potentially take profit on every position my friends

That's what you get from me in vip so if you're not already in there what are you waiting for today is the day it's time to transform yourself from average joe into savage joe let's get this crypto

I will see you in vip right now after this video but back to the sentiments here this market for me right now seems as if with the global fundamental factors coming into play

Here keep that in mind this is a big deal my friends the dxy in my opinion is a very very big deal okay and with this occurring it's not even that bitcoin has to be some store of value

Or some some real hedge against the the inflation it sure that down the line could be a real case for bitcoin but for me right now this is just a speculative market and if

People are getting out of the dollar uh and getting into uh really getting back into these speculative assets uh that are just essentially anti-dollar or contrarian dollar such as as bitcoin uh cryptos in general

Gold silver other commodities if that's the trend my friends for me it's it's going to be very difficult for bitcoin to be very bearish here just is what it is if the dollar index continues to plunge

I think it's going to be very very difficult for the bitcoin price to plunge with the dollar i could be wrong right but that's my sentiment and my speculative opinion right now

If you agree with that please hit the thumbs up button thank you very much and again i'm just going to remind you once more here because you should know by now this is the most realistic bitcoin technical

Analysis channel you're ever going to find if you haven't already hit that subscribe button tick the little bell and select all let's get this crypto and now i have

Another indicator here for you my friends the chichen oscillator now what the chicken oscillator is looking for is potential hidden by pressure and potential hidden cell pressure now

This median line here right it's at a zero right that's that's the line what you want to see is for the bulls you want to be above that line for the bears you want to be below the

Line right below the line is pr uh possible hidden cell pressure above the line is possible hidden by pressure just several weeks ago we were below the line and i was uh you

Know saying that you know proceed with caution my friends as we have seen some catastrophic debacles when we've seen the chicken oscillator

Below the zero line it's just the truth but right now we've gotten back above the zero and what i want you to understand here is that this period of time here the

Parabolic bull run for bitcoin right soon as it got above the zero line and stayed there right uh emphasis on stayed there because there were definitely some times where it got above and chopped and fell below again

But once it really found support right look at the we got above back tested the zero line support support right once we were able to maintain the trike and oscillator on the weekly time frame

Above the zero line look at that let's actually draw the circle up there too right from where it started my friends okay there you have it it coincided with that whole bull run

Well there's a glitchy glitchy action but um you get the picture right this whole bull run my friends up to 20 000 was in confluence with the chicken

Oscillator staying above zero now we possibly if we can get above that zone that i've just outlined my friends up here and we can keep the chicken above the

Zero it's possible that this could be a early indication here that the bull run is underway that's just how i see it i hope you hear the passion in my voice today

Uh for those that have followed for years this is monumental as the dawn has been bearish for years with what i'm seeing now it's getting very difficult for me to remain bearish and i am actually bullish until proven

Otherwise at this time if we are to see a reversal in the dollar if these indicators such as the alligator such as the moving averages are to

Take a change for the worse then i will definitely become bearish once again because i do not stay a fanboy of one direction i am not a bull or a bear i am a traitor a realist

And a savage and as long as this trend right now is going to continue to break through resistance levels as long as the dollar is going to continue to plunge

And as long as the indicators continue to look positive the don will remain bullish until proven otherwise and like i've stated ladies and gentlemen if we are to get a dump here

Let's just take a look a quick look on the one day time frame okay we're gonna actually put the candles on right now if bitcoin is to dump from here because there is always

Just because this looks bullish from a macro weekly view doesn't mean that every day has to be up oh kirby but we we dumped kirby you said it was bullish

One it's just my own opinion doesn't have to be correct two the weekly view is much different than the daily and the intraday but here's the sentiment okay we have a new possible support region here of

Old resistance not only at this local cluster here that we have but we have it there at around 9850 all the way down to 9500 okay that old resistance if we dump could

Possibly become new support before a new leg up and this also coincides with all of this action in here for me my friends this red box now officially until proven otherwise for me

Is being turned green as a new potential support zone for bitcoin and if this is to hold as support if just look how beautiful this is my friends we have a

Possible support zone here possible support zone here and i mean this one down here it did act as it back then okay so right now we have this zone here that could act as the launching pad okay

If this becomes support and all we have is essentially this red line here in my opinion especially on the weekly line chart if that's all that's left in front of us i mean my friends

The path to 20k after breaking that does not seem like it could take very long at all that's just my own opinion so in terms of a time frame well we need to get through that twelve

Thousand one hundred dollar level first and it needs to close weekly candles above there if that can occur and we get up here i think the path to twenty thousand at that point seems easy to me my friends

Especially if the dollar continues to plunge that is going to wrap it up here today ladies and gentlemen wow share this video in your chats and your socials this is one

That everybody needs to hear this is one that everyone needs to see and understand my sentiment and my opinion right on this i don't have to be correct that the bull market has officially started

But right now until proven otherwise unless this is one giant fake out i am personally speculating that this market right now has the chance to be more bullish than bearish in my opinion let's get this crypto my

Friends right now the don is crushing this market like a two-ton man on a tuna fish can i showed you once before but i'll show you again i've been in a long position since

95-25 right all the grizzly bear degenerates the bears right getting on my case yes he along to the top kirby he along the top great little james get short squeezed out while the don rides the gravy chain

The gravy train the choo choo train all the way up i'm going to be looking to get aggressive with my trades here remaining with my pedal to the metal ladies and gentlemen if you want to see how i'll be trading

This moving forward all of my next trade setup ideas if you want to see all of them exclusively i will be posting that for you in vip join vip today i will see you in vip right now after this video

Today is the day it's time to transform yourself from average joe into savage joe let's get this crypto my friends if you haven't already but you probably have

If you could leave a thumbs up and a subscribe for the algorithm thank you very much i will see you all in the next one but most importantly i will see you in vip right now after this video

Let's get this crypto until next time my friends the don has spoken be safe be happy be healthy it's your boy krypto kirby peace and love my friends curbs


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