How Rie Makes A Strawberry Shortcake • Tasty

published on July 2, 2020

– Hi, guys, it's Rie

Today, we are making strawberry shortcake

(upbeat music)

So, in Japan, we eat strawberry shortcake

in any kind of celebratory occasions

Birthdays, graduation, Christmas even

When I hear strawberry shortcake,

I immediately think of
sponge cake with cream

and strawberry on top

This is Japanese version,
and I wanna show you

how to make it today

I need four eggs and I'm using warm water,

so eggs become room temperature quickly

I'm already preheating my
oven for 350 Fahrenheit

Set aside

So, you have parchment
paper, fold like triangle,

and this corner to the other corner,

fold another corner, find the
middle and cut right here

And you made a circle,
perfectly fits in the mold

Line on the bottom, and then you also want

to line on the side

So, cut, nice, and line the side

And ready!

And let's move on

I have 40 gram of milk
and 40 gram of butter,

and I'm gonna just use microwave
to melt butter completely

Okay, so, prep is done

I have room temperature
eggs and hot water bus

Let's crack the egg

So, the reason we are
using room temperature egg

because it's a little
bit easier to whip up

I have 95 grams of sugar

Whip this until kinda pale color,

like five to eight minutes

I want to make sure the temperature

is about 85 Fahrenheit

I'm adding honey

So, you start seeing this is
becoming like very volumey

Kinda draw eight or
like whatever you want,

your initial, smiley face,

and if you can still see the line

and it's kinda disappearing
like a couple seconds,

that's ready

I have been whisking with high speed,

so I'm going to lower the speed

and mix another two to three minutes

so the bubble becomes smaller

so when you bake the cake,
you don't see big bubble

in a baked sponge cake

I want to make sure the cake is not dry,

so honey, milk, butter
helps cake keep moist

Now, I'm going to add some flour

We wanna sift the cake flour

so you don't have big chunk
of flour in the mixture

You kinda wanna mix it with rubber spatula

until flour is well incorporated,

it's about 30 to 40 times if
you never made a cake before

I'm adding milk and butter mixture,

and make sure this is warm, not too hot

So, I'm kinda using spatula,

spreading milk and butter mixture

another like 40 to 50 times

Okay, batter is ready and I'm
going to put it in the mold

and bake the cake!

Just pour all the batter,

and then you want to drop like high place,

like two or three times,

kinda removing big bubbles

And I'm going to lower the
temperature, 320 Fahrenheit

Bake the cake for 30 to 35 minutes

until it's nice brown color

While the cake is baking,
let's prep decorations

We are going to use strawberries,

take off the top, and
if you have bigger one,

we gonna cut, kinda same size

When I bake, I like to
listen like old jazz music,

kinda channeling old grandma
who is good at baking


Cake is beautifully baked
and it's rised nicely

because of the power of eggs

And I want to make sure
it's cooked through,

and it came out clean so it's fully baked

You want to drop it two times

so it will prevent shrinking

While we are waiting for cooling down,

let's whip some cream

500 gram of heavy cream, 75 gram of sugar

and I have vanilla, one teaspoon

I like whipping cream with whisk

so I can control the texture

It's gonna take time though

And you want to whisk until stiff peak

Why it's stiff peak, why
it's not, it's a hard peak?

The other day I said, "I'm introvert"

And I told Alex, "You are outrovert"


Getting there

I feel like my right arm is gonna

get bigger than my left arm

All right, cool

So, I'm gonna just keep in
the fridge until I use it

and let's decorate the cake

So, cake is cool to touch, so
I'm going to flip and peel

I'm going to cut it in half,

moving the blade little by little

Yeah, nice

We have turntable, it's easy to decorate

And we have cake board, so the cream

doesn't get on too much of the surface

This is kinda ugly part, so
I'm going to put on the bottom

so nobody sees it

And I'm using bowl scraper

We have small offset spatula,

I'm gonna just spread the cream evenly

You don't want to put too
much cream at this point,

just like a nice, even layer

And we have the cut strawberry

Laying down

Want to make sure eat bite
has a strawberry, you know?

You get strawberry, you
get strawberry (laughs)

So, strawberries laid out

and I'm going to put more cream on top,

and you're going to put the last one

and then whip a little more

Kinda spread with little offset spatula

And I go down

Make sure the sides get enough cream

This get a little bit
trickier than buttercream

because it's all whipped cream

And from now, I'm going to just clean up

This part of cake decorating,

when you kinda make it look really smooth,

it's very satisfying

Put the bowl scraper close to you

and kind of like rotating,

and don't move your right hand too much

It's kinda like a first coat,

we are doing like second coat

I think decorating cake is something

you have to practice many times

You have to be very patient

I'm still learning how to decorate cakes

but, you know, this is
kind of handmade cake

so it doesn't need to perfect, I think

If you are also stressed,
don't stress too much

We have some leftover cream,
so I'm going to pipe on top

So, I have a piping bag

I'm going to twist and
insert into the piping tip

You can hold it with your hand

or you can use tall
glass and add the cream

I'm gonna pipe

All right

And put strawberries

Okay, just simple as that, we
made a strawberry shortcake

All right, cheers!

It's just like simple but delicious

I love this shortcake
because it's not too sweet

and it kinda reminds me
of my birthday, Christmas

and just happy memory

I highly encourage you to make it

When you make it, tag me on Instagram

and thank you for watching

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