How Quit Your Job and Start a Phone Flipping Business

by birtanpublished on September 27, 2020

I gotta get close to the mic for this one there is nothing worse than going on the internet and watching people's talk about things they have never done in their life let me say that again never done in their life believe it or not there's people that actually go on

YouTube okay they search a couple of articles read a page or two in a book and then act like they're the expert and literally make money off of that now it's funny because I've done it before in the past and it just doesn't feel

Right and the fact that somebody would go on the internet and do it day after day after day scares me hey guys in this video you'll get the real deal no spill okay I actually quit my job and created an

IPhone flipping business and I'm gonna show you the proof keep watching what's going on everybody Alex back with another video and like I said I'm gonna show you proof that I originally quit my job this was one of my first business

Ventures I quit my job you know I was a server I'll tell you the story I quit my job and I went and I made a iPhone flipping business I literally was buying iPhones on Craigslist flipping it on eBay so in this video I'm gonna go

Step by step step by step how you can do it yourself literally make an extra hundred dollars tomorrow if you wanted to and you know creating your own business I lived off of this I lived off of this for a very long time and I'm

Gonna show you proof okay this is not you know I'm not reading an article and chilling information to you guys um I actually did it and I'm gonna show you proof first but before we get started guys if you have already subscribed to

My channel my name is Alex and I talk about everything internet entrepreneurial I'm primarily crypto currency right now cuz that's what I love but again I've made multiple businesses five plus businesses I know

About marketing I know about entrepreneurship and this is the channel for you so do me a favor hit that subscribe button as well as the push notification bell so you can get videos like this all the time okay guys let me

Jump right into it so first thing I want to show you guys is my eBay history so this is where I would primarily sell look iPhone 6 16 gigabyte you know I saw I got into galaxies Samsung Galaxy outselling those right

I would sell everything man I had a steam controller steam link sold that another iPhone I would sell my PC games back in the day iPhone 6 you see that right do you guys see it for yourself look you can sell

These phones online the great thing about iPhone is that once you have a solid iPhone and you know the IMEI is legitimate and verified and that's the hardest part then they sell almost immediately on eBay there is a huge

Market for iPhones if you have them they're going to sell okay and by the way I got sold some Jordans you know eBay is the best website to build your credibility if you don't know any marketing and you just want to sell

Stuff eBay definitely do it like I was selling my clothes you know but primarily iPhones right I even had multiple eBay accounts if it wants to show it this was one of my old look I sold my Apple watch now

Majority of my cells was coming from I would say Craigslist but I would definitely sell a lot on eBay doing quick flips on Craigslist they're pretty easy and you know I made a pretty good living off of it I was doing it for

About eight months you're not gonna disclaimer you're not gonna get rich off of this stuff if anybody's promising you riches off anything you know it's BS man let's just be honest you know there is no get

Secure way to get rich you know like they say 90% of people get rich in real estate that's not the case right now and you know there's a lot of up and downs and things guys what I would say the best

Skill to acquire to get rich is yourself build yourself up learn skills and assets that people want right and learn skills and acquire assets that people want right and one of them is iPhones and you can flip them on eBay and I did

That right so let me just show you some more proof so look my friend Stephan barceló long-life friend created this beautiful this is like the best the best you know I would say logo I've ever you know had

For sure I buy rotten apples amazing he made up the whole name and everything I came up with the I buy but he put the rotten apples great you know I love this logo amazing everything you know I even had the back of the business card all

That good stuff and then he made this amazing flyer for me I literally went to campus you know I was in UF I went to campus me and my girlfriend and we went and hand out flyers you turn your unwanted iPhone into cash as simple as

That great simple graphic if somebody sees it they know exactly what's gonna happen you know and I did make sales off of this specific graphic by just going one day and the game here was is you know getting these iPhones that nobody

Wants to deal with right let's say you have a new you bought a new one you have your old iPhone 6 or whatever and you don't want to deal with it the game is getting those phones right with clean IMEI is not getting scammed I got

Scammed like six times okay get the clean I am Yas and then flipping it for cash on eBay because they sell for top dollar on eBay so and you could fix them right that was one area where I would make money is

Where you know I'll get a phone with a broken screen fix the screen and then sell it on eBay right another thing I used to do is fix people's phones for 50 bucks hundred bucks charge it cheaper than you know one of these phone repair

Shops and everything like that just be cheaper and just run through it I mean guys there's YouTube tutorials all over the internet about how to fix whatever model where to buy your pieces from you can buy it on eBay right so you just

Literally buy your screens on eBay aftermarket screens is so cheap and get like the iPhone 7 or the new iPhone 8 for like 50 bucks and then charge them 100 and you charge them 50 and you're like okay you got to buy the screen

Yourself and then they pay 100 bucks get the it's way cheaper than anything else so they're gonna do it right I did it look a little mobile repair I'll Drive you I'll fix your phone up and you're good to go right and then sometimes you

Know I would say the majority of my money came from buying iPhones broken iPhones fixing them and selling them on eBay now there is a couple of red flags you want to look for so let's say you're buying a new iPhone okay there's no like

Visual visual representation that I can show you here well what you want to do is you want to go to the store so if you're buying like for example they claim it's a Verizon iPhone go to the Verizon store that was one of the

Mistakes I made I try to use these you know IMEI check ups all right these stupid websites where you can go and like check up your arm yeah but they are not legitimate people can finesse through that and and do stuff with their

IMEI so that it checks out here right so avoid these websites do it the right way and always meet the person at the store so if you're buying a t-mobile and go to t-mobile if you're buying Verizon now Verizon was always the best because if

You were to buy a Verizon phone you can technically unlock it for any carrier okay so do your research understand these phones understand I'm not gonna dive deep into that I'm just gonna show you how to make money you guys want to

Make money right now all you have to do let me show you let's go to a Craigslist in my area I'm just gonna run through it now there's a lot of there's a trick to this right so when you're looking for iPhone there's a lot of guys already

Doing this very competitive market but if you know what you're doing you know you can see like this is obviously a scam a new iPhone 7 in perfect condition for 50 bucks okay stay away from that so you look i

Phone 6 16 gigabyte unlocked now this is a very professional picture so I don't know because it looks like this guy knows what he's doing and he's probably charging it too expensive so one thing you could do is go and search

And add like old listings old listings of people that look like they just threw their phone up there so for example iPhone 6 right here right so it looks clean got the box it looks like it's some random dude just selling it it's

Not like a store or anything it could be a store don't get me wrong it could be a store but it looks like it so what you would do is very simple okay so this guy is not descriptive you need to figure okay Boost Mobile right there he is

Descriptive when you switch to boot this looks like it looks like a business this looks like a business but you want to find people that are not if you do this on the Facebook marketplace look we buy phones you can even put up your own ads

Like that right that's what I did you put up your own ads on Craigslist saying that you buy phones and people will come to you now that's unlikely but it's a it's an option right so this looks a little saturated okay this person looks

Like he's selling iPhone 7 128 gigabyte okay what's wrong with the phone it looks clean there's nothing wrong with it not that much information okay it says AT&T now for this person I would look up and see exactly you know what

What's wrong with it because there's it's just not putting enough information alright see if there's a box and then you can also buy you know the actual chords right so like I would buy like bolt cords and bolt boxes like the

Chargers and then I would sell it as a kit on eBay and increases the value of how much you could sell it for so for example in this situation right here iPhone 7 1 128 gigabyte let's copy that and then let's go AT&T so we come here

And this is a very I learned this the hard way guys I learned this the hard way ok don't make this mistake let's say you went and bought that phone and you checked it IMEI you went to the 818 C

Store you made sure it wasn't stolen you made sure the IMEI was clean right once you do that and you buy the phone for 200 bucks now you got to figure out what the resell value for for it is okay and I used to have a certain threshold you

Know I would not I would not buy phone unless it made me more than like 50% profit okay so you make your own threshold if you want to make less but keep in mind sometimes you're gonna you're gonna mess up and you're gonna

Lose that money and you're gonna have to sell it for parts you know it's not completely worth it worthless but what you'll do if you mess up and you buy a phone that has a bad IMEI you just break it down into pieces

And then you can either sell the individual pieces on eBay right because the original OEM pieces are valuable though they're more valuable than aftermarket because technically you can't buy original pieces from iPhone

Right you could only buy the aftermarket version so some places will pay more for OEM that's what om means right the original okay so you could sell it for pieces if you buy a bad IMEI or you can keep the

Pieces and when you fix somebody's phone use those pieces right so it's not the end of the world if you buy a bad phone but you can see here now this is the mistake I made before I would list my stuff on eBay for the same price here as

You can see the same price as what you would see here why oh they're selling for 220 – cool no do not do that stay away from that what you want to do okay is you want to come over here and you want to go to

Sold listings these are what people are listing it for now this is a gem right here man I lost hundreds of dollars not knowing this trick but now you guys know it okay again do me a favor hit that subscribe button if you're looking to

Start you know that the iPhone business man giving away free jewels here but you click right there right look pre-owned this is what it sold for this is what it's sold for unlocked now there's a difference between unlocked

And actually being on AT&T so if the person paid off the phone and it's all good then and it's unlocked then you know that it's a little bit more valuable but if it's just AT&T right so there's a difference between

Unlocked AT&T and regular AT&T unlocked AT&T you can go to other carriers regular AT&T you can only go to AT&T and if they paid off their bill you can just simply call AT&T and this works for all carriers and tell them hey they paid off

Their bill unlock my phone and they will do it I've done it with Verizon before Verizon is the best because it works on all networks you always want to get Verizon phones right so look you can see here it's selling for not 261 this was

An outlier here let's see why it sold for 261 okay it's not going to tell you but you know typically these as I see it here it's only around 175 to 200 so as you can see you know with this with this eBay listing or there's a

Craigslist listing or is it Craigslist listing you know this is a little bit too expensive I would not pay $200 for this so what you can do is you can go to the guy and you send them a text message or give them a call be like

Hey I'm interested in your iPhone 7 get all the details or whatever but I can't pay 200 for I'll pay 125 okay you bargain with a now a lot of people if they just posted a listing they're gonna ignore you but that's the trick right if

You go to old old listings right if you go to old listings you can they and they haven't sold the phone yet then you can get it for a discount wait this is not a lot there's not enough listings here but you can get it for a discount you can

Look in other cities right I don't know why it's taking me here but let's say if I wanted to go to South Florida alright you can go to other cities and get these phones so you look i phone x5 95 now look up now if you're just starting this

Stuff I would stay try not to spend $600 on the phone and make a 600 all a mistake all right work your way up start working with maybe sevens and then go to eights and then eventually you can start going

To X's and start flipping those but look I phone seven plus okay this is factory unlocked factory unlock comes with everything in the box it looks like these people own a business so it's not gonna be cheap right so you want to look

For the ones that are look like someone just put it up there right so like this one silver unlocked iPhone 7 he's selling it for 240 brand new condition we saw that the iPhone 7s are going for 200 on ebay he's over pricing it so you

Can send all you to do is literally spent three hours sending out email I mean uh you can send emails to emails text messages phone calls hey guys I'll buy your phone for this I'll buy your phone for that you know I would i would

Say they'll get a logo and go to college campuses or places where people will have phones and they're trying to make a quick buck and put some fliers out because if they're lazy and they don't want to go on ebay i mean on craigslist

Then you can they'll come to you and then you can buy from them directly and nobody else you're not competing with anybody because you know it's an actual you know they're coming to you they're not going on craigslist right so those

Are a couple ideas for you guys you need to go to the facebook marketplace look all over the internet that's the game find a cheap look even like this broken iphone here well this is screen repair service you

Know the broken ones are the ones I like the best because that's where you can usually make the most of your money you just put it after market screen on it or something like that right screen repair they're just offering screen repair

Services but keep in mind you guys are doing this is a side house it's not something you do for the rest of your life in my opinion because apple doesn't like it you're directly competing with Apple so

If you want to make an extra five hundred to a thousand bucks you know this might be for you you know a month I lived off of it and I learned the hard way that you know it's not the best business it's just a

Competing type of business my my opinion I like blue ocean strategy businesses there's book called blue ocean strategy and the difference is that there are some businesses I just strictly compete they're like sharks and it's a bloody

Ocean right all they're doing is trying to undercut each other trying to offer a cheaper service trying to do this this is that type of business it's just straight competitive you can make money and you it's a great side hustle and

Some people can scale it to having your own store and but remember all you're doing is competing but I like blue ocean strategy businesses where you create a new innovative product that nobody else has heard before and you know and those

Are typically way harder so again guys that's like more advanced stuff and that's what I'm trying to do now like for example my cryptocurrency course that's coming out look out for guys I believe I'm dropping it tomorrow so stay

Tuned for that but you know those are blue ocean strategies where you make something new that nobody's ever really done and you try to basically get people interested in it and it's non-competitive and then the sharks

Sharks come start competing with you eventually that's like what Apple did you know so Amazon did those types of businesses and I recommend the book for sure but you guys see it for yourself man all you have to do is find a cheap

Phone right that you can sell for more on eBay okay now again the best thing you can do is find phones that are high quality so like copy their listings man like work smarter not harder so like for example if this this one sold right

Selling like this if you know this one sold selling like this and copy the description copy the picture copy everything and when you're doing it to just make sure high-quality to better take if you're

Selling iPhone seven you should make you shouldn't make the front picture like that you should make the front picture like this and then show other options in eBay you have to list everything you have to put the IMEI number so they can

Check it up themselves right put everything there this phone have a scratch at the bottom right take a picture of the scratch you want to be completely transparent on eBay because you know I can come back to bite you

Right but that's it for this video guys find low quality phones all right that people don't want broken screen you know you can go on Craigslist Facebook marketplace you can put up your own advertisements like I did which was the

Best in my opinion look and then look this guy's sold a bent phone like anyone will buy these phones they there's people out there that just want it really quickly so that for what you know for whatever reason their phone broken

Something they want to spend a thousand dollars in the phone will come buy a one hundred and sixty dollar I phone right now right find these phones that are broken that are worth less you know and the people don't want to go through the

Struggle of listing on eBay or Craigslist make it look pretty put some you know accessories with it some nice pictures talk all about it try to get it unlocked if you can with the carrier tip put in as much value into the phone as

Possible and then charge extra one more thing before I go guys PayPal and eBay will take about 12.5% to 15 percent of your overall so if you sell for $200 they're gonna take about thirty bucks of that calculate that into

Your profit so let's say for example I bought a phone for a hundred bucks I'm selling it for 200 that's a hundred dollar profit margin but you're gonna lose thirty dollars to pay Bay and PayPal so then really you only made

Seventy bucks make an Excel spreadsheet get organized make sure you're in profit make sure you're not you know just buying and selling phones for free or losing money on them and that's really it that's how you create this business i

I originally quit my job oh I didn't quit I got fired I got fired from my job and got fed up and I had an extra iPhone just sitting around and I sold it on eBay and that's how I started guys and you know if

You're young and you have the time to do that I highly recommend you're gonna learn entrepreneurial skills you're gonna make some extra money on the side and you're gonna learn about price that you use 95% of the day think about it

What other device that you have in your house that you use as much as your phone all right you're gonna learn all about phones and that's really it's a really good skill to acquire it's funny because right after that I went into selling for

Cellular sales which is the highest paying Commission you know cell phone job in the country and I went on to selling you know I was top in Florida for like four months straight made you know ten thousand dollar monthly you

Know Commission and you know that's because I learned the skill of you know cellphones but yeah guys that's it for this video if you like the quality's content hit like if you don't leave cuz some constructive criticism subscribe

For more video updates and like I always say if you don't get with it you will get left behind thanks for watching this video guys catch you in the next one

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