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published on July 2, 2020

every week here in our style show you

ask us questions and today we've got

some answers so we did a video about GQ

editors and their hair secrets that's

got Jay said a man bun said he only

washes his hair twice a week so Jerry

asked twice a week am I the only male

who wash my hair's every single day I'm

not the only male that's funny if there

was such a thing as a hair doctor they

would tell you don't want to shampoo

your hair every day it'll be frizzy and

brittle and dry you want some of the

natural oil now when we say wash your

hair we mean like using shampoo or using

shampoo and conditioner you can still

take a shower every day you can still

get your hair wet every day but you

don't need to wash your hair every day

it's just bad for your hair I'm a

once-a-week guy but you know different

people have different approaches so we

are going to go back to GQ editors

people on staff at GQ and Hasselhoff and

they wash their hair yeah yeah I was

washing my hair like ten times a week

like almost every time that I worked out

and it's the first thing when I got in

the office is people looked at me like I

was like a serial killer I want to work

to have maybe like three three times a

week every day about once a week never I

don't need to so we have designer John

Eliot in the office to talk about

tailored sweatpants there's a big trend

and Justin Baldwin comments our ass all

caps what if I have big ass legs and as

a very good question because we're all

different shapes and sizes some brands

work for us other brands don't if John

Eliot sweatpants are too skinny for you

or not right for you for other reasons

there are plenty of tailored sweatpants

out there you just want that tapered fit

and they elastic at the bottom I would

recommend Ralph Lauren denim and supply

I would recommend Nike makes sense right

I would recommend champion especially

Todd Snyder for champion which is a

collaboration between the fashion

designer Todd Snyder and the classic

like boxing and fitness brand champion

Justin I hope that

mr binky 21 asks can you do a segment

on how to kindly tell your friends that

they need to up their style and then

there's a tongue out emoticon don't be

passive-aggressive be very direct

hey man I've known you a long time I

wouldn't be telling you this if I didn't

think you needed to hear it you bought

some new jeans and they're funny-looking

you should have just stuck with Levi's

you know maybe it's time you change

barbers as that person who really

doesn't know what they're doing you care

way too much about your sneakers it's

getting embarrassing we're going out to

dinner and you keep looking at your

sneakers and you keep cleaning them off

nobody cares about sneakers that much

man you've gotta stop never gonna get

laid ever commenter jal elite in autumn

is closing in what are the trends color

schemes for 2015 autumn Joe I'm glad you

asked that question what am i named five

plaid business suits the color camel

could be the top coat could be a sweater

shearling coat like a big cheer like

Marlboro Man style coat with lamb's wool

lining we've been seeing a lot of NBA

players wearing turtlenecks which is

like an old Hollywood thing that's being

brought back and last but not least I'm

gonna go with anything that Jean Michel

Basquiat worn you know the artist if you

google him and wear what he was wearing

that'll be good it may sound like I just

named those friends off the top of my

head but I didn't they actually came

from and plug alert ready

GQ style hour it's the 30 essential

trends of the season this is a biannual

fashion magazine that we make every

season so they're all new get it we're


so myself and GQ fashion editor John

teats did a video about how to upgrade

your suit and Julius bass suggests how

about shape and take a bath now I saw

this comment and I went and rewatched

the video and I got to say the man's got

a point

next time we do a suit video I'll try to

smell jacket you know how I smell you

guys keep asking questions in the

comments then I will come on here and

answer them so comment away ask away and

keep coming back every week for our new

style videos thanks

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