How Michael Jordan Spent $2 BILLION Dollars!

published on July 9, 2020

Michael Jordan might have been an NBAsuperstar but did you know that lessthan 100 million of his 21 billiondollar fortune is from playingbasketball sponsorships with Nike amajority stake in another high-profile

Basketball team and his own private golfcourse have all helped make MichaelJordan the richest former athlete in theworld that's why this superstar is ableto afford a twenty nine million dollarcustom compound in Chicago on 80 million

Dollar yacht and over 40 differentluxury vehicles but that's just thebasics of this basketball giants lavishlifestyle here's how Michael Jordanmakes and spends his billions MichaelJordan is best known for his 14-year

Career with the Chicago Bulls but evenearning six championships with the Bullswasn't enough to bring his NBA earningsover the 100 million mark in totalJordan earned about ninety milliondollars over his NBA career and 63

Million of that came from his final twoseasons with the Bulls so how exactlydid Michael Jordan become a billionairelet's start with his sponsorships NikesAir Jordans are iconicbut Nike founder Phil might actually

Nabbed the NBA Rookie for just 250,000dollars a year back in 1984Nikes jordan brand alone now brings inroughly three billion dollars in revenueeach year as of 2015 Jordan wasprofiting off the sponsorship by making

Around 100 million dollars a year fromNike royalties alone that makes up apretty big chunk of the basketballgiant's yearly earnings which accordingto Forbes have been roughly 145 milliondollars each year since 2015

But what really helped Michael Jordanskyrocket to billionaire status is hismove from on the court to behind thesceneshe owns the majority of the NBA'sCharlotte Hornets which he bought in

2010 for 175 million dollars by 2014 theteam had officially made him abillionaire their estimated to be worthmore than 15 billion and he owns 97percent of the equity Michael Jordan isalso a minority owner of an MLB team the

Miami Marlins having been part of DerekJeter's Investment GroupJeeter owns 4% Jordan owns less than 1%but he doesn't need to own a second teamto keep his fortune intact rounding outhis yearly salary our sponsorship deals

With companies like Gatorade upperdeckand Hayneshe's also appeared in a Nike fortnightcollab and he's been branching out intorestaurants he owns 1,000 north inJupiter Florida Michael Jordan's steak

House in Connecticut Washington andChicago and Michael Jordan's restaurantin Chicago and if all of that isn'tenough Jordan also owns a car dealershipthat's right it's a Nissan dealership inDurham North Carolina but the only thing

More interesting than all the waysMichael makes his money is how he spendsit and there's no better example thanhis numerous luxury homes Michael Jordanis a big fan of Florida that's why hespent 12 point eight million dollars

Building his dream house in Jupiter backin 2012 the house boasts 11 bedrooms astate of the art media room appropriatefor cigars which is one of Jordansfavorite pastimes and of course anathletic wing with a full-size

Basketball court the property is alsosurrounded with tall trees for privacyand there's lots of rooms for guests andstaff but the best part of the privateproperty is that it's located in theprestigious Bear Club which is a super

Private golf course for the rich andfamous his love of golf can be fed byjust taking a quick stroll across hisbackyard and he must really love golfbecause this mansion is the mostexpensive non waterfront property in the

Whole areabut Michael Jordan can get his fill ofwaterfront views at some of his otherhomes like this 28 million dollar lakehouse near Charlotte North Carolina thishome is surrounded water on three sides

Plus it has a pool and in traditionalMichael Jordan fashion it's located onthe peninsula Golf Course pair that withthe open concept high ceilings andsprawling staircases and Michael's gothimself a vacation home fit for a king

When it's time to change up views Jordancan always trade water for mountains atis 75 million dollar home in Park CityUtah the home has been on the market fora year but just check out theseincredible views of the Wasatch

Mountains that the NBA star used toenjoy on the regular the 10,000 squarefoot property includes five bedroomseight bathrooms a gym an infinity pooland a home theater theyare also cascading waterfalls outside

And the property apparently has a golfroom too since this one isn't located ona golf course but if the golf roomdoesn't live up to expectations there isa golf club in Spa located nearby but wehave saved the most impressive home for

Last on our Michael Jordan house tourthis twenty nine million dollar megamansion is located in Chicago this placecan't be confused for anyone but MichaelJordan's the thirty two thousand sixhundred and eighty-three square-foot

Home features nine bedrooms and 19bathrooms with a 15 car garage and anNBA quality basketball courtit features an extensive patio and aunique infinity pool with a small islandin the middle for lounging on sunny days

There's also a home cinema an extensivewine cellar and a lounge slash cigarroom in the basement plus one of thehouses many living areas features a pairof unique doors these are the originaldoors of the Chicago Playboy Mansion

Talk about a cool collector's itemunfortunately Michael Jordan is ready tosplit with the property though thatmight be good news for someone in themarket for a mansion at a discount eightyears after first listing the home the

Asking price is down to fourteen pointnine millionit's estimated that jordan has paidabout six hundred and eighty thousanddollars in property taxes while tryingto sell the house and he still pays a

Staff to keep it up and running Jordansstill looking for a very particularclient who loves his specific style ofliving let us know if you would jump atthe chance to own this home in thecomments section below

While house hunting Michael might havesome trouble finding one big enough forall of his cars even a 15 car garageisn't quite up to the job since thebasketball stars collection is made upof more than 40 vehicles the very first

Cars that Michael Jordan bought after hereceived his reported 10 million dollarsigning bonus from the Chicago Bullswere an entire collection of sevenMercedes and Pontiacs for himself andhis family one of his favorites is an

Aston Martin db9 Volante with aretractable roof the car can retail foras much as 150 K another highlight ishis mercedes-benz SLR McLaren 722edition which goes for about six hundredand twenty five thousand dollars thanks

To its high status with a lot ofcelebrity drivers Michael Jordan's alsohimself his own Ferrari 512 TR he boughtthe tetra Rosa back in the 90s for areported two hundred and twelve thousanddollars one of Michael's oldest and

Coolest cars is the c4 Corvette afterbeing drafted by the Chicago BullsJordan made a deal with a ChicagoChevrolet dealer to do a series ofcommercials in return he was gifted thec4 Corvette that's about a $40,000 gift

Michael Jordan's love for cars mightonly be outmatched by his love for golfhe even decided to build a private golfcourse because he was reportedly annoyedby the pace of play at his previousCountry Club the Course in Florida is

Called Grove 23 the clubhouse has a fullview of the gorgeous Course which usedto be a citrus grove and the course canbe played in many ways fast and slow sothat Jordan doesn't have to worry aboutother golfers slowing him down ever

Again Jordan even has a custom Carolinablue golf cart with the Jumpman logowith the construction land costs andcustomizations it's estimated that theproject will end up costing him between15 and 20 million dollars when he's not

On the basketball court or the golfcourse Michael Jordan likes to takeluxury family vacationsJordan customized his own 615million-dollar private jet complete withthe Jumpman logo on the tail when he's

Not in the air Jordan and his family cankick back on their 80 million dollarprivate yacht jordan reportedly paysabout eight hundred and forty thousanddollars a week when vacationing just tokeep the ship operational that's not the

Only huge vacation expense that MichaelJordan deals with on the regular hereportedly never travels overseaswithout a security team which sets himback 1,000 to 1,500 dollars per hourJordan's got a pretty big addiction to

High-quality timepieces his watchcollection is extensive and worthmillions of dollars here are some of thehighlights he has an ER work you are 202a one hundred and forty five thousanddollar piece from the high-end

Avant-garde independent watchmakerit's decked out with sapphire crystalshe's also got a Ulysse Nardin royal blueDerby on this 11 million dollar watchfeatures 48 white diamonds and 12 bluediamonds Jordans collection also boasts

A first edition aylonga and Zuna daggerwith a platinum band and sapphires worth90,000 $700 and of course we can'tforget about his many Rolexes one of hismost expensive pieces from the famouswatchmaker is the Rolex Daytona in

Platinum worth a cool 75,000 if youdidn't know by now that Michael Jordanloves to have fun with his money thenconsider that half of his watches couldhave been bought just with his winningsfrom his gambling habit

Charles Barkley once told Dan PatrickJordan used a wager hundreds ofthousands of dollars on a single hole ofgolf and he also apparently wagered fansand Friends about whether or not hecould make tough baskets while shooting

Hoops but even a mega rich NBA superstaris an immune to some financial strugglesin addition to his Chicago compoundthat's on the market for 14 million lessthan he bought it for Jordan also lost awhopping 168 million dollars after his

Divorce in 2006he's also been known to turn down dealswith companies that he doesn't like evenbefore he was super rich he was offereda million dollar deal with somethingcalled beanie weenies back when he was

Only worth five million but he turned itdown because he just didn't like thename but even a loss here and thereisn't gonna stop Michael Jordan fromgiving back to the community he's madehuge philanthropic contributions

Including a recent 100 million dollardonation to black lives matter in 2019he pledged 7 million dollars to open twomedical clinics in Charlotte NorthCarolina and in 2018 he donated twomillion dollars to Hurricane Florence

Relief efforts he's also a frequentdonor to the n-double-a-cp Legal DefenseFund and he puts his money behind hislove for basketball by donating tosports and mentorship programs for youngathletes it's nice to know that even

After a record-breaking career and twobillion dollars Michael Jordan is stilldoing his part to make the world and theNBA a better place which of Jordansluxury homes would you love to snatch uplet us know in the comments section down

Below don't forget to hit that likebutton and subscribe to the richest formore thanks for watching we'll see younext timeyouyou

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