How KaiOS is catching up with Android.

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

I've got a question how expensive was
your current smartphone some people will
say $600 you might have managed to get
one for four hundred some people might
even say 100 but what almost nobody
would have said is $20.00 and that is
where kos and puffin OS come in two
completely new platforms that are about
to try and change mobile phones forever
so today I'm collabing with tech Alta to
find out if either of them have a chance
they'll be focusing on puffin OS in his
video and I'll be focusing on Kai OS in
watch both and let us know in the
description below which one you think
has a better chance so right here I'm
gonna answer the three big questions
number one how kayo s has created a
completely new category of devices
number two the tricks that kayo s uses
to be able to work seamlessly even on
low-end phones and number three how kayo
s is catching up with Android now you
probably already know we can roughly
sort mobile phones into three categories
you've got cell phones that can just
make calls or send texts feature phones
based on Java or equivalent and then
smartphones that might run Android or
iOS there are three billion people in
the world who have no access at all to
the Internet they might have a cell
phone or feature phone and be able to
call and text but there's no way they
could fork out $100 for an Android phone
but KY OS is bridging that gap rapidly
and I've actually managed to get hold of
one of these devices right here so let
me show you how okay so this is the
Nokia 88 10 inside the box you've got
the phone on top but also a pair of
pretty cheap looking air phones you've
got a 1500 milliamp hour battery and
also in micro USB charger so the phone
itself and when you pick this thing up
and start to use it some things become
very apparent very quickly it is super
comfortable and light and I like the
fact that you can turn the screen on and
off with this sliding mechanism there
plus it has 4G and that is just the
start you've got Google Maps which is a
little finicky here compared to on a
large touchscreen but everything works I
can sit down and plot a route from
Nottingham to London and get
step-by-step instructions on how to get
there which think about it for someone
who's never had a smartphone and who's
just spent 20 to 30 dollars on something
like this is incredible it's got a
YouTube app which is pretty much the
mobile website but
videos load without issues and the
actual speed is better than you'd expect
and maybe the most important addition
with kayo s is Google Assistant it does
pretty much always direct you to the
browser but that's enough it's enough
for you to learn more about something
that you're interested in and it's an
offer it to solve math problems for you
it's not as jazzy as its Android
counterpart but you'd be surprised how
well it keeps up in terms of speed plus
one of the biggest ways that kayo s
devices have managed to save costs is by
opting out of using a touchscreen and
whilst the caveat is that is potentially
fiddly typing on one of those numerical
keypads Google Assistant pretty much
soul to the problem say you're about to
type a message to someone instead you
can just hold the middle button and
dictate it and because that computing is
actually being done by Google's text to
speak engine and not some built-in
proprietary one it is just as fast as if
you were to do it on the galaxy s 10
plus kayo s generally is super fast
because it's built with hardware
limitations in mind performance is one
of the only priorities downloading apps
takes 2 seconds and booting them up
something similar if you think about it
it's really impressive that Chi OS was
able to build a proper ecosystem like
this especially when more established
players like Samsung like Microsoft and
Blackberry have all failed to get their
own platforms off the ground so I'm
gonna hand it over to tech halter now to
explain the tricks that KY OS is used to
really get their OS to take off if you
think about a new platform like Kai OS
really faces jinke challenges one it has
to work with a very little processing
power because of course it is built for
cheap devices with very cheap components
and two it needs an app ecosystem but of
course in 2019 it is very difficult to
convince app developers of all sorts to
port their apps over to a new platform
as Windows Phone blackberry and many
others have proven so instead of having
its own in native app platform kai OS
runs web apps which most app developers
already have but kylus only allows the
most optimized ones into its App Store
so those will be the apps that actually
offload most of the heavy duty
processing tasks to cloud servers
instead of running them on the devices
themselves so for example Google Maps
planning routes on a web server or
Google assistant doing natural language
on the web server for example with 4G
connections becoming reliable and cheap
even in developing countries kayo s is
betting on the fact that even cheap
devices can finally start taking
advantage of the cloud infrastructure so
with this really smart software strategy
kayo s is making feature phones really
intelligent but you might still be
wondering how this relatively simple
operating system is starting to catch up
with Android so back to you on you might
remember an OS called Firefox OS a
completely new operating system built by
Mozilla for smartphones tablets and even
TVs kayo s is actually using DNA from
Firefox when a project was discontinued
but there's a specific reason why this
is taking off when that failed you see
on the mr. who's the boss channel we've
already talked about a whole bunch of
alternative os's Samsung's bada Google's
future and wall is hongmen and whenever
someone is asked the question can this
thing become the next main smartphone OS
the answer is always maybe but probably
every single smartphone OS by its very
definition is going to be compared to
Android and iOS to competitors that are
seemingly so far ahead that it's almost
impossible for a third party to come in
and compete but Chi OS isn't pitching
itself as a smartphone operating system
even though they have got potential to
steal market share from Android as there
will be some people who'll be choosing
between the two because Chi OS is
hitting a price point their Android
couldn't possibly get to it doesn't
actually need to be as good because
they've created this entirely new
category of semi smartphones at the
price of frankly a dumb phone there's
very little competition here and if the
theory wasn't enough the numbers back it
up we first started seeing iOS in 2017
and now it is on over a hundred million
phones if you think about that figure
for a second in terms of percentage
growth that is far beyond what Android
is and ever wors the second thing in
favor of Chi OS is that updates are
coming in first and the kind of updates
we're talking about they're much more
dramatic changes than just adjusting how
icons look or introducing a dark note
the phone has already picked up support
for Facebook and Twitter and just
recently what's up – I'm pretty sure
it's just a matter of time before we
start getting Instagram louver Spotify
and with this you can start to see that
kayo s is not just another piece of soft
it is a potential lifestyle accelerator
especially in developing countries this
thing would be giving people access to a
completely new way of living and that
brings me on to the third thing that is
sustainability kai OS is different it
has an app store just like all those
other operating systems that have failed
in the past but unlike them it already
has the user base to support it by
pitching itself to this almost
uncontested market kai o s has managed
to rack up over a hundred million users
and that itself is the biggest hurdle
the current quantity of apps is pretty
slim but because they have that user
base the incentive for developers to now
come on board and make more stuff is
already pretty strong and that's all
cemented by a fairly intuitive Chi ad
system that can monetize their apps for
them so you've got loads of users who
are hungry for content and loads of
developers who are ready to start making
it all the ingredients are here for a
really bright future but one thing I
would say is that the future of an
operating system like this is a little
uncertain because generally people are
getting wealthier you would think that
Kai OS has really strong a short term
appeal whilst money is short but then at
the same time in the long term when
incomes become substantial enough that
people would rather have the full
smartphone experience with something
like Android as opposed to the cutback
version here so the only way I see Kai
OS surviving long term is by slowly
branching out to more premium devices
and by starting to offer more and more
of a comparable experience to Android
and iOS so that in itself could be
pretty exciting the last thing to bear
in mind about this is that using one of
these phones actually has some
significant advantages over using all of
these phones the Nokia 8810 that I've
got here is lighter it's smaller and it
can last just as long if not longer than
way s10 and I could also see a situation
where even someone who already owns an
Android might prefer to take a chi o s
phone to a music festival or to a
holiday it's low cost means you're not
too worried about losing it and the fact
that it's powerful enough to stay fully
connected whilst not being so powerful
and so capable that it's distracting
might actually strike the perfect
balance for some people kai OS could
also potentially find a market as the
secondary phone for someone who already
owns a proper smartphone I'll have to
see anyways don't forget to watch the
video on puffin OS which is on tech
Altos Channel and once you've seen both
in the comments below which one you
think is more capable and what the being
said my name is Aaron this is mr. who's
the boss and I'll catch you in the next


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