How Is China Uncensored Funded?

published on July 2, 2020

China uncensored travels the globe as

more than a million subscribers but who

pays for


welcome to China uncensored I'm Chris

Chappell when it comes to American media

a lot of the biggest and most

influential companies have strong ties

to China the Washington Post is owned by

billionaire Jeff Bezos whose company

Amazon sells a ton of products made in

China NBC has invested more than a

billion dollars for the rights to

broadcast the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games

as part of a larger Olympics contract a

little-known company called

international media distribution owned

by Comcast controls nearly all ethnic

media broadcasts in the US it directly

broadcasts Chinese state-run television

into millions of American homes and

let's not forget about all those media

that through years took money to print

this China watch propaganda section The

New York Times The Wall Street Journal

the Washington Post and many many more

but how about a small show like China

and censored that tries to be the

antidote to the Chinese Communist

Party's influence and censorship

we are constantly turned down by

advertisers and ignored by major TV

networks clearly if we wanted to get

rich we picked the wrong side wait on

this episode of China uncensored oh look

at the happy Weaver people of Shin GI

concentration cants SHM on centration

camps and now let's talk about American

imperialism ah so since we don't get any

of that sweet sweet Communists money who

really funds China uncensored it's

mostly you looking at our income from

January to the end of April twenty

twenty twenty percent of it has been

from YouTube ad revenue those are the

ads you see when you watch our show like

other YouTube channels we don't have any

control over which ads you see which is

why sometimes you see huawei ads during

an episode where we expose huawei

so thank you hallway for indirectly

giving us money and thank you viewers

for actually watching those ads when

we're not demonetised another 1% of our

income is through the merchandise you

buy like the awesome t-shirts that you

can find in our teespring store we

should really advertise them better 7%

is from sponsors we've had two sponsors

so far this year surf shark and mova

Globes truly awesome companies and they

stick with China uncensored because you

our viewers are seeing their

sponsorships and then buying their

products with our link

and finally 72% of our income comes from

direct viewers support that is all of

you who contribute a dollar or more

through the crowdfunding website patreon

or folks who contribute directly by

paypal Bitcoin or checks now well some

people have suggested we're funded by

the CIA or Falun Gong or the Jews we're

not and with no single big funders no

one can tell us what stories to cover or

how to cover them we have a very small

team it's just me humor ninja Shelly

producer map and video editor Seamus

plus the occasional freelancer and our

small team produces three to four

youtube episodes of China uncensored

every week and on top of that we also

turned those episodes into a half-hour

TV show version which we give to new

Tang Dynasty television the network

started by Falun Gong practitioners who

are standing up to the Chinese Communist

Party new Tang Dynasty doesn't pay us

but they do put Chinese subtitles on

every episode and broadcast them by

satellite directly into mainland China

take that CCP and we assume the CCP must

be watching because Chinese state-run

media recently mentioned China

uncensored calling our content

disgraceful anti-china garbage that's on

a t-shirt now please buy our t-shirts at

any rate this is where China uncensored

money comes from

and the vast majority is from individual

contributions from viewers like you

since times are tough right now we're

trying to save money by recording the

show in a low-budget way which happens

to be a green-screen taped to the wall

of Matt's living room because we want to

use your money for important things

things we need to make better episodes

for you like in 2016 when we hired a

Filipino fishing boat to take us to

disputed waters in the South China Sea

and in 2019 when we spent a month in

Hong Kong covering the protests while

getting tear gassed and this January

when we went to Taiwan to cover the

historic elections and that's why your

support is so important so if you can

please go to patreoncom/scishow and we

do around 15 to 18 videos a month so if

you pledge $1 and set a monthly limit of

15 you won't be charged more than $15

per month and if you can contribute more

you'll get access to cooler perks for $1

or more per episode you can ask

questions that we might answer on the

show just leave your question as a

comment to a recent post on patreon for

$5 per video you get access to some of

our cool China uncensored music that's

not available anywhere else for $10 per

video you can join my monthly live video

chat on Google Hangouts and more

importantly no matter what you


you'll be directly helping us make China

uncensored bigger and better and more

likely to get tear-gassed by Hong Kong


patreon is the best way for us to give

you access to perks but you can also

support us through paypal Bitcoin or by

mailing us a check those options are in

the description below I know that times

are hard right now so even if you can't

support the show thank you for watching

and spreading the word that is really

important for those who can thank you

for your support and to all of you

who've already been contributing you are

amazing you help us keep China

uncensored independent I'm Chris


and please click that big orange button

that's about to appear in the end screen


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