How I Turned $500 Into $2,500 In 5 DAYS – My Watchlist – 3 STOCKS TO BUY NOW!

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

gentlemen I got sir watts is coming into July 10 2020 and the stock market is going crazy but we're gonna talk about how I turned 500 dollars into $2,500 on a recent earnings play and we'll even cover $30 into a hundred thirty and then

We're gonna go over what happened in the market today as well as everything else in the place for tomorrow so I know the titles get repetitive so I will just tell you how much we make every day because it is showing how crazy the

Market is ladies and gentlemen we had a lot of activity no activity today but today was surprisingly big and we saw a lot of weird weird things I'm gonna go over it with you guys with the currency we saw TLT Loki pulled the 69 it's

Getting crazy out here we haven't really seen bonds move like this in a while and if you've been keeping up with the watchlist and all of this stuff we've been talking about this divergence between bonds and everything this was

Very important so I'm giving this to you right away right off the bat this was a weird inflection point I made a big play today we did IWM so we'll cover that play as well too but again similar theme to yesterday there's a lot happening in

The market a lot of things developing but the market is literally stayed flat these last four days we're coming into an important time for the market so things are gonna get interesting I hope you're ready but let us not delay you

Guys know what you need to do drop your thumbs up on the video make sure you subscribe didn't if you don't know we are live Monday to Friday 30 minutes before open it's the first thing in the description and it is pin in the

Comments better see you there in the morning it's free 99 it costs you nothing to join slash stock market you Kapost the place see the place watch the watchlist come to life and tomorrow is bring a friend to cult

Day so a lot of you are familiar and may not be familiar but we are actually at cult organized and recognized god bless you well kind of I mean it depends are very it's very loosely you know widely criticized topic but I

Can spend this whole who's talking about it I just encourage you to tell a friend and I'll see you there in the morning yeah second link huh or somewhere down there and the most important thing you need to do post or

Watch this below let us know what you looking at got any plays comments remixes anything post them below and source that info but right off the bat I'm very very excited today was crazy but not crazy again a lot of different

Headlines weird moves with currencies and bonds like I told you about but there was overall kind of fear of jobs getting cut and economic slowing down which is kind of weird given a lot of the economic optimism we saw earlier in

The week but there was a few different things that happen and we saw some different weird interesting escalations one of those being deaths went up so some are saying it's delayed and we this is very new but pretty much I think we

Saw 189 deaths in California which is crazy because that means the numbers are coming back up again and now that could change a few things so that's getting the market worried again the closures and not the reopening all that stuff but

We also saw some China tension today too there was some ruling on like hallway but then also like talks of tick-tock and then there was even stuff of like Trump's lawyer got arrested again there was like a lot of stuff swirling again

Today was a weird day but this is where things were crazy because oil was really really bad and we saw oil move bigger than we ever have in a not everybody in a really really long time and you guys could see this purple chart is China and

This actually gives you another interesting look but you could kind of see it was a pretty decent read size again like I'm saying oil really after it bounced from $11 I've been holding this 3040 dollar level pretty solid but

We did see oil numbers and oil activity today cuz it dropped and again that purple line is China and that's one thing to notice is that recently as our market was going up notice we've chilled out the last four days but don't forget

How we opened Monday remember trying to gapped up 6% there is a Loki another China bubble brewing so China is kind of in a bubble mode it's it's very very weird to think about so if you guys want remind me will bring up the 20-year sink

Because then this brings up let into 2015 if you guys remember 2015 we did two grand a quarter million there's a lot of different stuff but this China oil thing goes deep baby sorry I really like it and it fascinates

Me shoutout macroeconomics we love you but hang with me here that was one important thing today oil caused some of the movements that we saw again we were down at 460 at one point surprisingly biggert for today considering we didn't

Really move too much and again at one point we were kind of free-falling then it based out this is the oil stuff started coming out oil started dropping but then now bond so this was TLT this was big and if you guys want to even

Bring up the ten-year all of a sudden bonds remember we were saying if they were coming back up and then remember in the beginning of June when TLT had that spike so if you guys remember we called this out again we've been looking at

This for a long time there's your June eight-six movement right there that's around that timeframe so we've been looking at this you remember how bonds were kind of up trending but why are people rushing back

Into bonds and now look at this level and compare this to the peak of when everything was going to crap so this is very very important because it's weird cuz I'm are saying it's like the people with all the money and freaking out now

Uncle's like a lot of people with none of the money for gain I don't know I do country so but this was actually very very surprising and important and then now the second part this is what I mean with currencies when we get into the

Plays you will see this this justified a big play the Nigerian currency was floated now I think it was because of a IMF decision that says that they have to weaken or that they should but even then you could see this currency doesn't move

A lot but you could bring it out on like the 10-year and I know it says Chinese one right here but we entered in the currency this is the Nigerian currency and we talked about this on stream so you guys could see it but over the last

10 years even you can see the currency does not fluctuate a lot even from 2015 to 2016 it didn't even move and then BOOM this happened on brexit and then would you guys notice enough March 15th to I believe he 9th or March 9th he was

Like in the middle of it if we go back into it I remember when this happened but this also preceded the big corona drops they weaken their currency they did it during so they kind of responded later but this is a thesis I've

Documented over the years but pretty much anytime I see a global currency do this especially one that's fixed and is this one's linked to oil because it's Niger I usually the way the way I interpret

That is the foreign country government they are anticipating a shock or in this case if it's the IMF and they're forcing structural changes that means something's wrong just like when the Fed did the stress test with the dividends

They're like no you guys can't keep up like this you got to change something but I'm pretty much expecting volatility so this with TLT kind of snitching doing its thing this caught my attention but now the market move really slow and

Again mark hasn't been doing anything it's kind of in this earnings mode so earnings mode may be the key and here might be the secret for you we're gonna get plays we already got our big plays but be very very careful because now

Market may diverge and if bonds go lower but the market holds up it is just gonna wait till earnings and there's gonna be the grim reaper for q3 but he's gonna strike the individual companies not necessarily the SP so I'm throwing that

Out there let's see how that plays out we'll take a look but that is pretty much it we made a lot of plays we have a lot of place to go over I will not delay so let us get into the plays so right off the bat the first play that I made

Today was IWM but I'm sure you guys are interested in this $500 into 2500 that is the title of this video but it relates to this IWM we talked about this on stream i got these profits but I use these profits to kind of act on this

Thesis where we could get pump-fake by the market the bonds could easily again they're very slow and we're very jumpy considering the market environment but the idea is I'm pretty much parlaying the profit and that's what justified me

Taking some of this risk here so if you guys remember we talked about this at the beginning of the week these were these Amazon's we got these on July 2nd we bought them at 543 I bought three of them that day they shot up to a thousand

Bucks or 920 I sold back to got my initial investment back made this contract free and then I held this one up until today it sucks because I sold it like middle of the day at 2500 and it closed that 41 so I sold early and I

Kind of missed that opportunity cost but what I did was I went to this IWM place so with all this going on my idea with this play you can see here I said I buy it now it's crazy out the money it has a little

Bit more time and again you will lose on this trade again nothing is a recommendation often trading certainly risky loss almost furniture lose often as a resident purse only thing you're wonderful day but we've lost on this

Play we have September's we bought these at $1,900 38 cents a pop they going for seven now so we got clapped on this before but I could pretty much do this every month 2 grand 3 grand and I'm buying insurance

With the $500 hit I just made most of the time if you put it into perspective so I'm going about them strategically however these plays are risky it's out the money my idea with this is buy it cheap now if the volatility again the

Markets been holding up here for the last 4 days let's say it does persist before after the volatility I'm hoping to flip the premium on that or be able to get o spread it cuz I was gonna do a debit spread to open the play but I was

Just like well I might as well buy these naked if I'm right in the next few days because it has enough time I should be able to just turn it into a ghetto spread and then we'll be good to go so that was the first play I did it was big

I bought 200 of the IWM October 60 so I thought I got filled I put in my order at 15 but it filled me apparently at 14 I thought I got in at 15 but I got 200 of these at 60 cents a pop and we're gonna be holding these probably till

October or my exit plan is gonna be ghetto spread them if I could get these October if these 55 s pretty much shoot up in value in the next week or month after earnings if volatility goes up then we should be able to flip out of

That but that was the first play I'm gonna skip to another crazy play because you guys saw me do this yesterday so remember this play was crazy it's a credit spread but giving kind of what I saw in the market and even the profit I

Just kind of I'm not scalping but like the premium cuz just easy I don't know I like it usually I take 50% but since I did a bigger trade it was 30% was like well it was how much I waited two weeks for on the other play so I took it but

Remember this Walmart play from yesterday he sold 10 of these contracts at 53 cents and then today I bought them back at 35 cents so pretty much I sold them for $500 there was 10 contracts on Walmart this stock went up so these puts

I shorted them the puts got cheaper I bought them back at 35 five cents i shorted a mr. dat 50 the 15 cent difference on ten contracts is 150 bucks i made $150 are there like 180 oh yeah cuz i sold it for fifty three so

That's a extra thirty there you go so if you guys remember I closed out this Facebook the other day that's how much I made on this Facebook so I was I and I was down two grand on this place so I was like well might as well just sell

These now and get my buying power back and I could go sell another one but that was another play we made the second one and then we even had another crazy play man again we've had a pretty wild week and even last few weeks if you guys have

Been paying attention here so shout out the coal baby love you chat but we did a MC X so this one I'm still holding it I just wanted to make him free because it's we got a lot of the juice afterwards I thought we were late and

Then it wasn't the option premium but the underlying we literally moved another two bucks after we got in off the first pop off of even bigger volume so it even held up two extra dollar and on a stock this small you know that's a

Pretty big percentage so what we did AMC X got though looking I was gonna get 20 of these oh man at 30 cents when I was like nah I thought I was gonna snake the chain but then it was what's it called I wasn't gonna fill me so I was like I'm

Just gonna go less and get a shittier call hopefully you guys could it's a good this is a good learning lesson just from the alerts not the stream alerts but shout out the screamer these are just my alerts yeah on here but you can

See I put in the first order the news came out that they're hiring somebody to sell their company or they want to be going for sale they have a really small market cap and pay attentions this is a mcx a lot of people traded just AMC I

Believe so a completely different company and trade so keep that in mind AMC X but I ended up getting filled it shot this stock up I thought we were late but we had a big discussion on this and I saw the chain it was the hole if

You guys haven't seen the video how I beat the market maker it was flashing the 480 signal for 40 on everything I don't really like trading these companies when I was like alright man the option chains going crazy you could

See I wanted to spend 30 cents on contracts that was $600 but I was like huh if I didn't get filled on that I cancelled the order went right away I said okay I'll spent 300 budgeted boom got it and within four minutes as you

See here four minutes because the underlying went crazy this had nothing to do with option premium because this was a big enough gain I got 400% almost instantly so what did I do I sold three of these back for a dollar

Thirty for a dollar 33 I got like four hundred something dollars back I spent three hundred for all ten and as you see here those are the AMC X's I got my seven of them left bottom at 30 cents so I'm just holding the rest now I got all

Those for free all my initial balance in cash is good to go so that was the second play we made today I'd watch them again premiums are gonna be outrageous at this point but watch them even watch them for the shares but that's the other

One then the next play that I also have on the list that we made I'm gonna be watching this they're just expensive I need to see how we can actually get a good position because remember I play these earlier in the week in July and

Notice how it's been rotating but it's again we got to burn a week we lost on it we're down lost like 160 or 180 on the first myrna play we made at the beginning of this week or last week but now it's going back in I grabbed another

One I got more time August 9th econ I got one at 275 so still spend a lot of money only bought one contract but not too crazy and then finally the last play that we said watch out for I did a bowing string so we played both sides

This covers earnings I did September like I said Bowen could pretty much do anything and I think they got news earlier today that kind of helped them drop I forgot what it was about I think they were getting probed by the FAA but

What I did I got two of the puts the 110 puts up 155 spent about $300 bought to the September 340 call spent $300 the idea is 600 bucks both ways I'm hoping that the stock is gonna move enough in volatility or intrinsic move to just

Cover $600 so by expiration that means the stock either has to go to 110 or below or higher than 340 by expiration or if shortly after it makes a big move we could profits off of selling the extrinsic so that was the final play

That we added today and then lastly there was in the videos remember we had those August contracts I brought those up at the beginning of the week we got those at 60 there are 150 but you'll notice something I sold out 10 of them

At 126 I pretty much got my initial investment back I bought 20 for 60 cents that's 1,200 bucks I got my 1200 bucks back and now I have 10 of these all for free but they're at 156 and the video ended up closing higher but the thing

About it was I sold these at 10 twelve so I got a 126 but then when the stock was back at the same price later in the day these are going for like 130 or 140 still and even then they're at 150 now so they value weird they have a

Lot of time they're out the money but I think I'm gonna hold these one coming in the earnings that's why I just wanted to get my initial investment back but it's growing a big position but I think I'm just gonna ride this out and hold it but

If you're holding this be careful take profits if you haven't I'm making it free I may get tempted to just snip snip Allah little me if I get like extra five hundred only hold a thousand or maybe

Take a thousand cash hold 500 could be good enough for me we'll see but watching the video told you they were gonna go crazy yesterday and they are going crazy indeed but that is pretty much it tomorrow is gonna be Friday it's

Gonna be fun I still like the Disney play I'm still holding that if anything we're gonna be riding out everything what I'm gonna be looking for is earnings grim reaper plays to kind of setup I got that big IWM put pit that's

Gonna give me the insurance we have the earnings play be cautious of this earnings because I feel like this earnings is getting exciting with some of these run ups but I don't want to get too tricked so I'm gonna I'm gonna keep

My eye out for some opportunity here but we're gonna just be riding out the rest of the plays the Disney's did good if you guys want to see him I am gonna look to sell some premium tomorrow again that's why I did that Walmart I covered

The Walmart I'm tryna at least sell premium once a week to just get some free money if you guys have noticed we've been doing that but I'm gonna look for some premium sells as far as everything else we're just gonna be

Holding the plays you know here's those Walmart's from yesterday that we got I'm holding those those are up 57% though those are January again I like Walmart I think it's gonna go crazy I could sell and get initial investment

Back almost but I'm gonna be riding it out here those a nets went crazy again these were plays we made at the beginning of the week they're doing fine but then where's Disney I think Disney got a little bit claps we lost 150 on

Them today but they went up they went up a little bit then came down yeah they keep holding this for but a lot of activity on these contracts every single day so I'm still holding them I don't know why I'm believing in it I know

Disney's a weird mover if you guys remember but we got a decent amount of time I'm gonna ride it out so we'll see what happens but that is pretty much it as far as everything else ahead that's all I'm gonna be watching I'm gonna be

Watching Spotify Shopify some of the big movers but we already have our hand in the cookie jar on out of the other stuff so remember got Facebook's everything else we were just riding it out watch for these global

Macro indicators but now I think I'm gonna be going on the hunt we got some good calls for earnings run ups we got information and dated today the hunt for the grim reapers tomorrow it's gonna be froggy fraud I bring a friend and Colt

It's gonna be excited but that is your watch this ladies and gentlemen mr. Roger healthy ready to go make sure you post sir watch this make sure we see you there in the morning I need the armor on I need the helmet shining I need you to

Be able to celebrate success on any level whether you got it or you don't BAE because there's gonna be a lot of it with earnings there's a lot happening watch the bonds and currencies it's slow its fast when they X low you go fast

When they act slow fast you don't what to do but I hope the budgets are balanced and I hope you're in the game baby but the cold loves you I love you almost see you in the morning nice

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