How I turned $100 Into $1,000 In 2 HOURS Trading WMT Stock – My Watchlist – 3 STOCKS TO BUY NOW!

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

watch us coming into July 8 2020 and the stock market is already going crazy like I already told you so we're going to talk about how we turned a hundred dollars into a thousand on a play on Walmart today but I'm gonna go over all

The other plays what happened in the stock market today why we saw what we saw today what we're kind of expecting for the rest of this week and I'll tell you now it's very brief but then we are going to go over

All of the plays that we made which will be very important we will talk about this Walmart because even though tomorrow or maybe this week may not be as exciting this next few weeks if you're a traitor especially a swing

Trader especially if you come to the stream every day these earnings moves are very very important and we're actually getting a head start so you are going to see some of that and how we're positioning it if you miss yesterday's

Watchlist the watchlist posted right before this one go watch it and you can see what we talked about and kind of the plays we executed on today this Walmart play was crazy and we will talk about it so I have that the keys the plays all of

That we'll get into that but let us not to let you guys know what you need to do chopper thumbs up about the video make sure you subscribed and if you don't know we are lab monday to friday 30 minutes before open it's the first thing

The description is pinned in the comments we better see you there in the morning it's free 99 it costs you nothing to join slash stock market you can post the place see the place and watch the watchlist come to

Life you saw that on the Walmart and you kid drawing the educational community where the bullies get bullied and we love each other but it's not like that shouldn't believable I'm sorry even if I banned you I'm sorry I love you I really

Do so thank you for still staying with us in all sense of the word and I love all of you guys so let's have some fun and let's make good today okay but don't forget the most important thing you need to know posting my supports is looking

At get any place comments remixes anything post them below and sorts that info I'm accountants been killing it so god bless all of you but right off the bat the first thing with today or well

There's a few weird things I'm saying the market has been going crazy we were down just about 400 points is where we closed but there wasn't that crazy of information if anything why the market was down today is that people were kind

Of worried about reopening zazz virus numbers went off and again some of these closures people are just a little bit worried about the reopening but again we're coming off of good data and kind of a little bit of exuberance more or

Less but as far as this week you're gonna get some fed stuff tomorrow I think you're gonna hear from some people from the Fed but there's not really anything too crazy data headlines or any very very bad news keyword very very bad

News on the virus that we'll be able to move the markets but policy will probably be the most important thing and even anything positive could even boost the market so that being said you're gonna kind of get the market now rolling

In these swings where it's flapping its wings off one piece of news and then gliding off of it and then reacting to the next thing picture that coming into earnings picture the events the catalysts the points and then where were

The points we're gonna glide to until we get to earnings in the next two weeks so the key moving forward with everything is setting up into earnings so that's what I'm gonna be watching the earnings run-up is what we're going to be looking

At so somebody asked about that the earnings run-up is the move that stocks make coming into their earnings report this is what we position for what is that is that usually stocks will sell off or people will buy into a stock

Before their earnings in anticipation there's two things to know one people pile into the stock itself I mean you could see recently we had FedEx and they had their earnings report you see the run-up but the days before the earnings

They kind of had this little pop and then they shot up so again this is the stock but then also now as far as implied volatility hopefully you guys know Ivy as a result not a cause I views a result not a cause I view as a result

Not a cause coming into earnings the Ivy on contracts goes up because people anticipate big moves or certain moves based on certain stocks so what do they do by the options and that drives the

Option price up so this is the earnings run-up we try to set up for this move where right before even a few weeks prior you could get the stocks and as people start to position for earnings it causes big price swings and what we

Usually like to do what I usually like to do is I like to play them trade them coming into earnings make a big game if I'm right again we've been very very wrong I'm again we could put a lot of money into these hoping and runs up and

Then actually does the opposite that is the catch-22 with trying to catch the earnings run-up because if you're not the one catching it and selling the earnings run-up and selling the hype that means you're the one who bought it

Bro I'm sorry but what we're trying to do is get them before earnings if we could get a good gain on them flip them out and get a free play coming into earnings but now even as far as the overall market the market is going to

Respond to this so even if you don't trade options expect the stock market in industries and certain companies to move according to their earnings in fiscal calendar here so you guys are gonna see I want to talk about this play we're

Gonna go over the Walmart the one that we did it was a hundred dollars into a thousand bucks today but we did some other plays the key you guys are gonna have to do it with what we talked about on the watch list yesterday find these

Pre Froggers find these ones that don't have the earnings run-up yet and where the Ivy has not came in to them but they are liable to have some big moves I've showed you guys some examples yesterday I made someplace today you'll get to see

But at the same time now you could also sell premium if you know there's an event right here if you know earnings is gonna kind of stabilize the stock more or less or affect the option price you could sell premium or again you know and

You could play around the event before after but this is going to be an event so set a budget decide if you're gonna play it or not but make those decisions now and make them so it's kind of easy and don't stress too much but just

Control it so that's kind of what I'm doing here now that's why I'm trying to make a lot of early decisions I have been selling the premium but we're gonna see because things could get interesting here but at the same time there is a lot

Of opportunity and things are collectively going crazy and then that brings us to the last point you know we made that Walmart play but it was based off of a rotation so we talked about Walmart yesterday I told you guys I

Liked it on the place they had news today that's the play that we made the dollars into a thousand but a lot of people asked why I won the news came out and I was looking at it all day and I didn't get it but then when the news

Came out I was able to grab her instantly but I was already looking at Walmart prior just because this stock could actually rotate and in general now we saw a few things and what I mean by I can actually rotate is that the SP is up

Walmart is was one of the winners from the virus trade but now in a sense you can see how they kind of aren't at like a crazy high they're not like breaking out kind of the same they're really they're really pretty much near here

They opened that at the year despite some of their success and all that but then you see now this was the main key for today you're seeing the CatDog so even though we've dropped four hundred points today you're seeing a real push

And pull' amazon and even fedex did good a lot of different companies did well while the market pulled in a different direction so I got the Walmart as part of the rotation and now this even brings up the main point that I was gonna talk

About here this would I even have written on the keys but we saw a weird rotation today even with bonds and gold so remember I told you we'll see if things get crazy but notice now the market dropped a little bit of today was

Still a pretty decent day but now Hilti is holding up you know last time TLT was at this point and the bond yields were this low the market was kind of a little bit more panicky so this is telling you something and now watch for that

Divergence to close cuz that's literally happening now because bonds outpaced today but now another thing a lot of people brought up today is gold so watch this but gold g.od the price of spot gold futures everything this is the

Highest gold has been in almost a decade so you're seeing gold go up with the market go up keep that in mind but these are the main things to watch but now for some of these plays keep in mind what we're looking at you guys are keeping

Them Brian mine the macro stuff but that is what we're overall watching some this is what drove a lot of stuff this is what's driving everything now we kind of know the basic areas to watch for but picture the flapping and gliding and at

The same time recognize see the place see these opportunities you're still seeing the cat dogs at push and pulls there is opportunities for plays ladies and gentlemen but that is pretty much it for that so let us get into the plays so

Right off the bat I am very very excited for this one this Walmart play was killer so you guys could see here today we got these Walmart August 21st 1:45 contracts though they got a little bit of time we got them at 14

Cents like I said we brought him up on the watch list yesterday but you could kinda see it what happened I wanted these in the morning and I made like three other place today we'll go over these plays I made big plays and I

Wanted Walmart I talked about it on the watch list yesterday but it was even on the watch list it kind of came up as a secondary but I was looking at it all day I had an idea of the price and then Midway of the day what happened news

Came out and it was pretty much kind of material news or some big change for them that Walmart is gonna be releasing their Amazon like e-commerce type competitor type thing so pretty good news they shot up how did we profit off

This play what was it again I didn't use any special trick we got a decent amount of time I didn't even sell it so we're holding this so there's $100 I'm actually still holding the full thousand bucks on so usually I would have sold

Got the initial investment back but we got in very early and it started to go crazy and you could watch this live to see but the main key with this was just getting the news and getting it fast and we were able to respond to it the best

Thing was I was already looking at it I already had felt out the chain all morning if you were watching the stream so when the news came it was just easy to react to for us so we reacted very very quick shout out to Mars baby even

Adidas in the chat but you can see we executed that trade I executed it at 11:38 so when you're seeing that trade that means my order went in through the market so I've already put in the order put in 10 contracts put in my price and

Did all of that while this was happening but people say where do you get the news where do you get the news I was able to do this I think I was ranting about something I think we were we were ranting about somebody being banned and

I was still able to get that trade executed by the second candle so where did I get the news how I was able to do this slash the stock market we are live Monday through Friday 30 minutes before open trap your thumbs up

On the video I don't even think I told you to do that this time you know I don't know but that's where I got the news it was in the chat room that's why I said shout out to Mars shout out to Adidas they posted it in there again I

Already knew the option chain from looking at it all it was a nice you know teamwork I mean it was beautiful a lot of people got into it I'm still holding it so my plan moving forward is probably gonna be to

Get ou spread this one or get my initial investment back and I'm gonna ride this out what I'm pretty much expecting you've seen Spotify it's gonna pretty much rip for like another day it might cap out tomorrow that's where we're

Gonna be able to judge how much it's gonna move this is big volume it's either gonna go crazy again tomorrow or it's gonna go crazy in the morning gap up sell-off and not be too crazy and then it might stall out for a little bit

And then we'll get the second wave so I really think I might just hold this play it covers earnings we have time don't let me sell this one so we got to pull it back I think it's gonna it's good volume it's interesting timing I mean

Walmart is just interesting in general so again yeah don't let me sell it but that's the play that's how we were able to turn literally I don't know how long this took but we got this middle of the day at what 8:30 in the morning and then

Pretty much by 10:30 it was worth about $1,000 so this is the chart again you can see it right here there's a the 15 cent injury and you can see how it played out very very crazy was even up at 1:15 but that was the first play we

Made today so about a thousand percent within the day but I also made a few other plays we will start from the beginning in the morning the first one I did was Nvidia and I was up a little bit on that but I

Got the August call so why did I go in the video I brought this one up yesterday this had to do with the earnings run-up and the ones that were lagging those lagging frogs that we're talking about are these earning frogs

Whatever I'm calling them a bunch of different things at this point but have you been paying attention I encourage you to pay attention so you get what I'm talking about the video was one of those so the trade

That we made on them we got these in the video August 5 60s and I got these at 65 cents so you guys will notice something about this so again here's that play right there 565 excuse me but I got him at 60 cents they weren't up to much but

You could kind of see I think even at 60 I paid a little bit more let me see the one with more open interest you could kind of see it here yeah I guess if I go to the ones above it you could kind of see it a little bit better but at one

Point by buying them at the price because they gapped up today remember I talked about this if they gapped up but you could see they're holding the same price they've decayed so these contracts have

Time so they were not necessarily the cheapest ones because we were a little late on them but they still had a decent value so that's why I got them I got 20 of them my plan is sell these into earnings so

I'm gonna hold them I'm either they're either gonna come up a lot into the earnings or they're gonna die and I might even average down remember we've played in the video for earnings before but that even answers the question do I

Think it's gonna go to 560 by August mean it's possible but not really probable but my plan with this is I want to play the earnings I want that possibility but I got these 20 contracts I'm not gonna hold all 20 I'm gonna wait

Until or I'm gonna hope at least this is the risk I'm taking that they will increase largely in value in the weeks coming into earnings and then I could get back some profit from that and then be able to play the earnings for free

And then ride the rest of them so it was our second play that we made today okay so as I'm editing this I figured I'd give you guys another example because then the video one you kind of see this lagging frog thing but it the window for

The video for a little bit because again that one didn't have as much open interest but you could really see it on Walmart so now when you look at this chart obviously the stock this option went up a thousand percent but this is

What I was trying to tell you guys the other day where it's like even if you put down these 14-day charts like picture Walmart this is the 14 day chart these contracts are going for 30 cents 25 cents but all day today they were

Pretty much edging around 10 cents so you know if you kind of removed and see the chart you know even up to 25 cents pretty much up around 15 cents even at 13 cents you can see this contract is just really decayed decayed decayed and

Now you can see how it shoots up and then attached Walmart and boom you get that little frog right there ugly little bugger but that is what we're looking for and hopefully that example helps so it doesn't get diluted there with some

Of that activity I really like them and then now there's service now these ones aren't really the earnings laggers as much as even the underlying lagger but I did service now I got five of these August 580 calls for 80 cents I want to

Get the puts and strangle this on the other side and I broke my rule I went too big today I said yesterday the answer was gonna be to go small but I didn't really go some awesome I did make some mistakes

But I grabbed this service now and I brought this one up yesterday again these are just one of the bigger movers for so they're selling off as opposed to going up maybe a-put would have been good in there at the all-time high so I

Might want to hedge that position but they're just one of the big mover stocks I'm hoping as they come close to earnings premiums and they'll get that IV run-up but in this case I think they're pretty much that like breakeven

The contracts that I got today so they didn't really move but still gonna be holding those same strategy as the other earning ones and then i sold out two of mine nvidia july's because i got those August July's so these had a little bit

More risk we got the other new videos at the beginning of the week so I figured I would take a little bit of profit I already put most of the money into the ones with more time it'd be safer and then we'll talk about this Intel player

I was trying to get a hundred only got fifty literally like right at close however I really really like this Intel play I mean I think they outpaced today until Qualcomm Apple I mean I think they could get weird but specifically Intel

And again kind of like Walmart just some of these rotations and how they've played I was gonna be interesting but we made one more final play today again I closed the premium selling on Facebook that's another naked put that we sold we

Made by like a hundred sixty this week though we've been doing at least a couple hundred bucks a week on all those but I did aim it as a strangle man I did two more play that we did a lot of plays today

I forgot I had fat fingers that Disney but I'm cool with holding it but I grabbed these a nets and it was a strangle for earning so this is what I was talking about with ServiceNow but this one is playing anticipation for

Earnings I wanted to get it cheap I got this one on the small account too so even though I went big here I also grabbed them on my small Robin Hood with just one contract cuz it was 30 bucks to play both sides so that's what I wanted

To do I got an August put on a net they're a big mover I'm hoping setting up early now for earnings I got 10 of these at 30 cents and then one on the small account and then I grab the September calls to the three 20s for 25

Cents I got 20 here and then one on the small account and then finally fat-finger trade but again I'm gonna hold this they got news I forgot what it was but I think it makes sense I want to be surprised to see them have an

Earnings run up or genuinely surprised but I think there was some report that Disney's like subscriber numbers are really better but then it also makes sense like Netflix is skyrocketing off of all of this stuff so

I think it's gonna be very easy with some of the negativity with Disney I think a lot of people are gonna underestimate what Disney is already done and even their profit potential even moving forward I meant to get 10 of

Them ended up getting a thousand but then I'd liked it so I ended up I think I got one on the small account I was like alright let's get another one I like it but gravity's 170s at 30 cents they're pretty much holding you can see

There's three standard deviations outside of the money so this is very far out the ideas if they get closer but again same logic as every single one of these plays you guys usually see me with pre earnings I do start playing a little

Bigger that's why I was cool with this one but the idea is who want to sell these coming into the earnings but the only way is if and only if there's a real earnings premium and people start to get hyped on these stocks prior to

The release so these were it these are the ones I'm gonna be watching the main plays again I would watch Walmart tomorrow think Spotify it's that kind of level of news and that was big volume but we have to see how Walmart digests

We're already in that play I'm gonna be holding it that's gonna be a main one watch the Disney again for the reasons I explained and then these companies like a net service now I really do like them but now finally the main plan I'm gonna

Watch tomorrow I did this when I closed I'm gonna try to get more of these I try to get a hundred at five cents wouldn't get filled I was like it was being really really weird cuz again you could have even got the contract above it for

Like eight it's a really awful change so that's why I'm I'm either gonna lose a lot of money on this in the morning or we'll have to see how the prices are but I ended up getting five at eight cents and then I got another 50 here at nine

Cents so I have like 55 total around nine cents August thirty seven and a half puts on Intel but why Intel they were outpacing today again you could kind of see they're like Walmart but I don't know if they're really go up so I

Might even sell premium might even sell puts the kind of hedge this play we'll see but it was interesting cuz I even got the Nvidia calls and the Vidya did very very well today AMD did very well today but it's interesting to see Intel

Kind of hang down there but they might very well surprise to so if they get any turnaround news this could be a play that might even switch to the call side so I could even build a strangle around this but for now I got those put set up

And that was the final the final one I'm gonna be watching tomorrow cuz you could see I didn't really get to fully set up on it so we'll see how it plays out in the morning in the real prices but watch all

Those those were the main plays that we did today bars everything else watch McDonald's I'm considering selling some premium on the put side kind of if they're gonna hang out or cook even around here for earnings but again

You're seeing crazy moves you're seeing what Walmart's doing McDonald's HD these are contracts that could get cheap and could provide a lot of value if they move so watch those watch bowling somebody said they could be the Grim

Reaper and I kind of agree we have those January push but it's burning a lot of theta here even though we played some moves I might want to start setting up around those watch snapchat and Twitter again even with Facebook and the moves

Even Facebook made some moves after our and they were up and then they gave up and they were started tripping out after hours but I even closed that put spread on it or that they could put but watch Twitter and the move they're making but

Then even snapchat I'm kind of gonna get crazy with some of this premium if I can't really find anything I might sell a lot of puts on snapchat coming into earning some we will see what happens and then finally watch TLD TLT we

Already talked about it that whole divergence is very important so keep your eye on it and be safe but that is Russ's ladies and gentlemen make sure Hydra healthy ready to go make sure you post or watch this make sure we see you

There in the morning I need the armor on I need the helmet shining I need you to aim bigger you think it's something like a golf club we're talking about the whole damn Club baby I need you focus I need you to control the budget in

Balance this is an event this is a time don't let the emotions get to you and strike baby set the budget now set the rules now operate within the parameters and stay alive baby but the cold loves you I love you almost

See you in the morning let's go

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