How I Made a Mobile Game in ONE Day!

published on July 17, 2020

So jury summer I made a mobile game in seven days week so we're gonna do it in one day now I already made a game in one hour so I'm gonna use that as my starting point and give myself until 11 pm instead of midnight so let's get started the first

Thing we need is a main menu so I made some buttons in Photoshop and I think it's pretty cool when you can see through the buttons so I usually make them empty inside just like I am and here you can see the buttons in action I

Also added a little end game screen that shows you how far you got and what your current high score is save files I implemented it early so that we can save high scores unlocks and other stuff we might need in the future now if you

Remember from the last video the score counter is kinda wonky and we should probably fix it so I fixed it and now you get points when passing obstacles yep just like in flappy bird and I also made it so the

Score counter pops out whenever you increase your score because I like adding useless features they make the game reflect my life sound effects I'm gonna use SFX R which is a free sound effect generator so I made a little

Score sound that plays whenever you increase your score so let's give it a go and nice wait what stop make stops stop stop fuck and then I added some settings so you can turn off the music and sound effects if you don't want to

Listen to them and throw a few losers with old phones I added a setting to lower the graphics obviously I'm not one of those losers with an old phone my phone is perfectly fine and new and good and fresh and totally not broken and I

Don't know what you're talking about channel engines this video is sponsored by red shadow legends an RPG mobile game downloaded by around 15 million people the last six months which is like more people than living on planet Earth I

Think wait ray shadow legend is one of the top three ranked RPGs on the Google Play Store and was just nominated as a finalist for Google play's fest of 2019 users Choice Award I don't know exactly what that means

But that sounds pretty goddamn good to me I've honestly had a lot of fun playing this game and here you can see my elite team consisting of the strongest champions in my arsenal and I still have not lost a single battle with

This team is that a dragon hey ray shadow legend list has more than 400 champions to collect and is adding more than 16 new champions every month so why are you just sitting there listen I'll cut you a deal the game is

Available for free and that's a great price you can complete missions and earn rewards for just learning how to play and once you complete the missions you unlock one of the best legendary champions in the game the arbiter nice

They also have a huge roadmap of upcoming features which means there's a constant stream of updates full of new content so go to the video description click on the special links and you will get 50,000 silver and a free epic

Champion as part of the new player program to start your journey oh did I want more than 1 million 40 different zones actually but before we go any further time for some quick lunch

And we're back in action baby it is time to make some unlockable characters first I made a piece of Lego I'm just kidding it's a jet as a jet it's totally a jet then I made a flying car which is probably my favorite so far it just kind

Of looks cool and finally I made a snowman but something feels a bit off about him so I made him thick and there we go there's now a playable very thick snowman just in time for Christmas but before we go any further than this let's

Try and export the game for my phone and see if it even works at all because it's probably a good idea so let's build the project and now we wait and it's working just fine but there seems to be a problem with the FPS

It's running very slow I'm not sure if it's possible to see on this recording but it's like maximum 20 FPS so I'm gonna have to do something about that later on but as they used to say back in the day and you know if the FPS is slow

You don't have to fix it right away you can just fix it later or something I don't know I mean it's not really that big of a deal it still probably fix it though but you next up we need to make an unlock system

So you can unlock the new characters but first as all of you know your boy needs to secure that bread so let's put some ads in the game I made a quick add button and you can click it to continue going if you die and then some weird

Stuff started happening I don't know and I did some code and just like that you can now click the Add button to watch an ad and you will get invincibility and continued going your boy has secured the look I then added some criteria for the

Unlock so you can see how to unlock the different characters and if I go ahead and get a good score you can see it shows what characters I unlocked pretty cool we're also gonna add some money you can collect because dub being poor is

Pretty lame so you can now find randomly spawning coins along the map and the further into the game you get the more coins will spawn oh and I also added a goddamn pause button because that's the number one request I get from you guys

On my game so there you go motherfuckers are you happy now you then I made it so when objects go too far off the screen they are destroyed which will make the game run much smoother especially on phones and just

Like that were done with all of the really necessary features that means we can start working on some extra stuff and it's only 4:30 so we have a lot more hours to go first let's fix the FPS issue for mobiles but

To do that I need a new keyboard so and with a new keyboard in my left hand and my wiener in the right it's time to get to work and fix this FPS issue so I

Did what any developer would do when facing a problem like this I started pressing random buttons in the export settings yep yeah I mean yeah sure what was this I don't know let's click it oh yeah keep

Yep and let's give it a go fuck I'd sure like this and that the whoops tape there we go and it works just fine the FPS issue has been resolved and in my runs of a very smooth 60 FPS on my phone good stuff okay back to the game now so first

Off let's add more characters to unlock so I try to think of things that can fly and I figured out I would make a helicopters because helicopters can fly and they're pretty cool and after that I added a banana

Kiss bananas they're cool too so yeah and finally with a lot of imagination you might be able to tell this is in fact a paper plane if you zoom out really far and then you close your eyes so it's all black and then you imagine a

Proper paper plane that actually looks like a paper plane you might be able to see it or not I don't know and just like that we have a lot more characters you can now unlock in the game now as you might know I'm somewhat of an epic gamer

Myself and as such there should be an epic gamer mode you can play so first I made a button for it and then I made it so you can select between casual and epic gamer since most of you babies aren't

Epic gamers like me so I kind of had to leave the casual option in there you know say and so when playing on epic gamer the screen starts to rotate and act weird and you have to use your elite gamer moves to maneuver around it's

Pretty cool which I know I know might be hard for you guys but for a hardened veteran gamer like me it's a very simple task now we only have two and a half hours left and one thing I want to try and add

Is different shapes for the obstacles now adding them is simple enough but the problem is to account for all of the impossible situations with all of the new shapes so I'm gonna have to come back to this later if I find time for it

Then I put an option to select graphics at the very start of the game because a lot of phones have problems with fancy post-processing effects so now it defaults to the lowest graphical setting and one final touch that makes any game

Better explosions so I made some quick particles smashed my keyboard a bit and the rocket now explodes when you lose now we're down to one hour left so we should probably start shipping the game so I built the game made a cheeky little

Logo set up a really professional-looking page with a ton of efforts placed some check boxes I don't know and done now we just wait for Google to approve the app Google Play Store very cool and if we go ahead and

Click open it will open up the app wow who would have thought and yeah everything seems to be working just fine which is awesome so hey if you have an Android you know you should probably totally go download it right now or I

Will watch ad let's get some bread boys Oh don't know right now or I will slap you with a sack so there it is there is a link to download the game in the description down below if you want to

Try it out for yourself unfortunately it's only available for Android as of currently I really want to get my games out for Apple as well but the main problem is Apple makes it very hard I would need a Mac I also need an

IPhone for testing and I don't have any of those and there are also a couple of other things I need to kind of look into but I'm gonna start looking into it soon and hopefully we can get my games onto Apple as soon as possible so stay tuned

For that cuz I really want to get my games for Apple anyway that's gonna be for me thanks a lot for watching make sure to slap like now slappers and subscribe if you liked it and slap dislike if you didn't massive shout out

To all of my patreon supporters as well you guys are all very delightful or something era and yeah don't forget to drink your milk hit the sack and don't be wack

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