How I got into Stock Trading : Part 1

by birtanpublished on August 4, 2020

What's up everybody everybody so in this video i wanted to talk about uh you know i want to have a little story time just wanted to get comfortable with you guys and um you know get to know you i want to

Thank you guys for subscribing to the channel and you guys know we're about we're almost about uh about 500 subscribers away from 30 000 and that's uh that's incredible i never thought that my um

I never thought that my passion for trading would um would make a great youtube channel so that was that was something that uh it came uh as a surprise you know so i wanted to

Make a video and kind of give you an idea of how i got into trading stocks um what what led me to wanting to do it and why it's so important to me and how it helped me a little bit a little bit of background about me

Um and you know so that's what the story this is what i'm going to tell you about in this video so you want to get no if you want to get a little get to know a little bit more about me

Uh you let me tell you you know what stocks i like to buy and stuff like that and why i'm so good at picking out these trades that have such large amount of money in them and

Percentages gains and and also how i have the balls to sit there and wait for it to actually work out uh you have to get to understand my background and where i come from

So we're gonna start with that all right so make sure you smash that subscribe button if you haven't subscribed if you stumbled across this video um on this channel we just talk about

Stocks crypto investing all the way around just about everything that has to do with finance um and we're going to be adding some more stuff later in the future so go ahead and subscribe to the channel

All right so guys you know i'm from detroit man if you don't know my name is gerald uh long you know what i'm saying it's my name so just so you know and for the most part i mean i'm the

Second too like i'm drew along the second my dad is drilling on the first and um i mean i grew up with my dad i grew up with my mom they were married uh and we grew up in detroit michigan so

You know the thing about growing up in detroit is it's difficult it was definitely difficult thing but i didn't grow up in detroit the whole time um only for the first couple years of my life and

Then we moved to a suburban area in michigan um called southfield which had a lot at the time it was a lot more suburban in detroit um houses were at least twice to three

Times more expensive and the way that we did that you know my dad and my mom they were both entrepreneurs so they both uh you know owned their own business my dad he owned his own business

And uh we used to do landscaping and stuff like that so we would we would cut the grass of houses that were big you know really big houses we'd be cutting grass for them uh also my mom she does hair and so when

When she would be doing hair she'd be doing hair of girls who obviously could afford to get these you know expensive hairdos so i kind of grew up around a lot of uh okay people you know people who could

Do a lot um as far as in detroit at some point though my dad he wants to move out to the suburbs and when we were out there we were cutting grass in farmington hills we're cutting grass and bloomfield

West bloomfield so he's getting you know richer clients and um you know it was kind of weird because you know the situation with the uh with us

You know being black and stuff like that it was kind of weird because all my neighbors were white um and they were nice and i never i've never had any problem with them they

Were just the sweetest neighbors so i have a different experience growing up around uh you know white people and how they have been very helpful in my upbringing you know my teachers and everything like

That so um whereas my family on the other hand they didn't exactly ever get a chance to be around you know in that type of environment so for the most part they would tease me

And tease us for you know kind of growing up around that and uh you know and so i mean it was there was there was hardships for both of us that mean depending on where you grew up

There was it was always going to be hardships because a lot of my friends that grew up in south field as well uh who either moved from detroit or even just grew up out there to begin with they also had hardships

With their family members so that was one thing we all shared was having to explain our families that hey we might be living in this big house but the refrigerator is definitely empty and there's no food in here and it's

Always cold because our parents won't turn up the heat but um so growing up around these guys we did construction we did uh i did a lot of construction home

Improvement projects so my dad would always have us and um he would always have us in situations where um i get to talk to the owners of the house and stuff like that and

So i was really comfortable so i'm going to fast forward to a point where i was in college and i was working with a friend of mine and we were doing home improvement for his dad instead my dad was i don't know

What he was doing said at this time he was working at a plant a liquor factory and so i was working with my best friend and his dad but they left me to finish painting the

House i was painting like a mansion this was like a really big uh really big house and the guy who owned the house he was um best friends with george bush the president and or former president

At the time he wasn't i don't think he was impressed i think it was bill clinton at the time but so what happens is that uh this guy um what ends up happening is that you know

One day he tells me to come on downstairs and it was just me and him in the house so you know i was kind of scared like oh shoot what does he want me to come down here and do

But i went down there to see what he's talking about the guy was really cool uh you know and i always had a nice demeanor i mean i smiled i waved and spoke i never was like i never treated people badly you know so

Anyway he took me downstairs and he was like i want to show you something and you know i thought you know i don't know he's going to show me he opens a little cabinet and he has like a little laptop in there

And he has pictures with him and george bush he's like i'm best friends with george bush uh we grew up together and you know he's a friend of mine i would call him but i'm pretty sure he's busy

And i didn't really need to talk to him anyways but anyway so he pulls out his laptop and he tells me a story about his three sons that um one was a doctor well one is the two is a doctor and one

Play football okay and he was basically telling me that his sons um you know one of them got injured the football player got injured and the other two sons were surgeons and they

Were making big bucks and his other son was also a football player for the nfl he made big bucks i forgot what team he played for so don't ask but this guy and he kind of had like a boston accent so i don't know he had

Like a boston accent so this guy was cool but i really don't know if he was from boston or what but so he's explaining this to me and he says to me hey you know so

Um i want to show you something teach you a lesson in life something that's going to be very valuable to you and i was all right so he shows me um his stock account and he tells me

Let me show you this so this is where i started and i don't know what i'm looking at he's just showing me numbers and he shows me that he only had about you know 40 or 50 000 in his account when he started

So he scrolls all the way back to that then he proceeds to tell me that his son got injured and um he had money in his other accounts but he barely knew how to invest

So son got injured in football to the point where he couldn't play anymore and the dad said that the son was depressed and upset because his brothers the two brothers would always be able to be surgeons but he wouldn't be able to

Be a football player anymore and his dad asked him are you more upset that or are you upset because you have to get a regular job now and you won't make as much as your brothers and obviously the brothers said i'm i'm

Way more upset that i just can't make any money like my brothers they're gonna always tower over me and i'm the older brother i should be making uh more money than them and they're

Younger than me but now they became doctors and they didn't get injured and so they're they're gonna always have more money than me now um i mean he had you know he had a million

Dollar contract uh with that he bought a house of course so you still get to live good but trying to keep a house like that um wasn't gonna work if we have a regular job even if it's free and clear

You could you know far as taxes and things like that you'll get eight up so he needed to have a decent job and his dad felt bad for him so he tried to help him out anyway i guess the the

Football player's son eventually decides to uh he didn't want to go back to schools it would take forever and so he took up trading so he took up trading

And he i guess he learned how to trade i don't know what he did with the money he took the little money that he did have and i guess the son traded up to a couple hundred grand and then went to his brothers and his dad

And said hey i need an investment from you guys um i can you know i can triple your investments guys and such and such and such so his brothers gave him a hundred grand

A piece and a dad said that he went on ahead and took a mortgage out against his house and gave him a hundred grand out of that uh he said he was terrified he was scared because this was going to be his

Retirement money um this house that he had been basically paying off so this is so he explained to me that his house was his retirement he was just gonna it wasn't the one we were in at the time he

Said it was a different house and after it got paid off he would just sell it and then he would invest that money and whatnot but he was going to take a mortgage out against it which would take longer

To pay it off and you know you know it works so he gave his son the money he just didn't want to be the only one who didn't give his son the money because his brothers did so he had to do it too

You know that was amazing because you know i'm like you know this guy was you know he was uh he was very smart so he was very supportive of his son and he was able to you know give his son that money and he didn't make up excuses

And talking about like uh how he wants his son to just do it on his own none of that stuff just he gave him the money so he said i was a year and a half ago or something like that

So he goes to show me let me show you where we are at now so he scrolls over to the side and he's adam he's at he shows me 990 000 and then he scrolls over to the last part and he says

I just hit a million today and it was at a million seventeen thousand he said my son like more than more than like tripled the money like he went times ten with it like his money his

Brother's money all of them have extra money and um he had a million dollars in the account it was like the first million i ever saw in my life it was an actual million

Bucks sitting in this account and i was like wow it's a whole million right here and you're paying me like what eight dollars an hour to paint the walls so he's like hey so no matter what you

Do in life he said that um learn a skill like this learn a skill like this because um even if you go to college and you get injured or i don't know why i would get injured in college though

Even if i went to college and decided not to do that degree or that particular thing he said his other sons took eight nine years to become doctors to make big money but now his son is making more

Money than them and he's a traitor and all it took him was a year or so of learning it and i was just like wow so i took that with me and i learned that you know from here i'm not going to

Waste my time and it's not like i'm not going to go to college because i eventually did go to college for computer science and i was in school for computer science and also took it and then finance so i

Kept switching my major because i didn't know what i wanted to do guys i was just all over the place but mostly it was computer science was the biggest like majority of the time i was in college

That's what i had worked on and that's basically what i got my degree in so uh finance was something that i thought i wanted to do but it wasn't so much as finance i just thought that finance would teach me stock trading and i don't

Believe that you learn stock trading and finance courses they just teach you economics and how to manage your money and business finance stuff like that so it's not the same but because i had a computer science

Background um i was able to click by looking at these charts and looking at you know the software and all these different softwares i'm good at using them um i've always been

Able to use software growing up i back when napster came out i was able to take the software i was able to take that software and like download programs and i would download

Autocad and i would download uh c plus plus programs and i would just play around with it because i was a kid i was 14 i had a computer unlike most of my peers they didn't have computers when they were growing up but

I had one so that's kind of one of the reasons why i'm so good at computers and computer tech and why i'm into tech and tech stocks that's why so that has a lot to do with why

I'm a techie and you see me mostly talking or mostly investing in tech stocks or tech brands or seeing the technology or seeing the value of a product based on the technology that's just kind

Of one of my edges that i have in the market and i'm going to make more videos about how to find your edge uh as a matter of fact let me let me type that out because i do

You know i want to make a video about that but i definitely want to you know let you guys know that i've been um i got into stocks because of that moment

And you know there's there's more to it than that but that's just why this is a part one of three parts because there's gonna be a couple reasons why i got in the stocks and these videos you i don't know if you

Want to watch or listen to them all but definitely i'm gonna tell you guys because a lot of people wonder like you know what is my background and i know a lot of people don't do that um a lot of stock traders don't tell you

Exactly how they got into it fully but that's that's part one of it and um so i'm gonna end the video here you guys can listen to part two uh whenever you get a chance and i'm

Gonna link it into the description so you can see but that's what got me motivated that particular story was one of the most inspiring stories all right guys

So anyway smash that like button let me know in the comments how you got into trading what made you get motivated alright guys peace

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