How I Fixed #ETCGDadsTruck Engine

by birtanpublished on August 16, 2020

Greetings viewers eric the car guy thanks for tuning in today if you saw last week's episode which if you haven't I'll link it down in the description you know that the engine in dad's truck was all apart on my workbench and broken by the end of this episode I promise to put

It back together and get it running again so find out how I did let's get to the action right now here is an update I've gone through I clean the block and you can also see that I've installed these studs here on

Some of these mains and I'll show you why in a moment and in addition to cleaning the block I've cleaned the cylinder heads all the gasket mating services and all that and what you might notice here around the spark plug hole

Is I've done some filing and I've done this on all of these and the reason I did that is because there were some sharp edges where the threads came up through for the spark plug and they were sticking up almost like a knife edge and

This is something that I feel could cause detonation in that the sharp metal bits that are sticking out like that can get superheated like a red-hot poker let's say and because it's hot like that it could ignite the air fuel mixture

Before the spark plug does thus causing detonation so I took the time and all the spark plug holes holes the smooth everything out so there's no sharp edges or bits of metal like that sticking up anymore I also cleaned all the mating

Surfaces on the intake manifold I've got my new Pistons which are from Ross and you can see that they're dished and this adds plus 15cc to the combustion chamber bringing my relative compression in somewhere around 9.8 7 to 1 so the

Compression ratio being too high for pump gas is no longer an issue because that's well within the safe range this also opens things up if I wanted to say at a supercharger to this engine or possibly add nitrous at some point so

Having this extra volume in a way is kind of giving me an opportunity or at least an opportunity that I'm taking I just got the piston rings today I was hoping to get a different set those were unpack order I didn't get them so I'm

Going to try these out but what those studs were for this is a windage tray that I spent some time fitting on to here and this back fastener fastens on where the oil pump goes but this will help heap well some of the

Rotation of the crankshaft from moving the oil around too much inside the oil pan so that's that's something you've seen a lot of engines and it frees up a little bit of horsepower and everything else but I'm about to embark on gapping

All the Rings which is going to take me a bit of time one thing I'll mention you probably notice the scale here this is a postal scale it's not a piston scale so it's not super accurate or whatever but I'm

Concerned about upsetting the balance of the engine I had the engine balance with the crankshaft and everything and you know there's a video out that I did on this where you can see it's a long involved process

My theory is is if the piston weights are all the same or similar everything that I'm adding to this connecting rod then I should be okay you know I've got my fingers crossed I'm hoping to be within a couple of grams you know within

Tolerance or whatever but all of these came out to about 640 grams with the exception of two one was like fighting between 640 and 630 but this one definitely came out of 630 so this is my light piston it really sucks because he

Can't really add so much to a light piston it's easy to take away from a heavy one but since the majority rules here I've got one light piston and that's just how it's going to be so I measured all those I measured the Rings

The Rings all measure out exactly the same in fact they all came out at least the oil control rings I haven't done the compression rings yet but they all come out to about that 20 I'm gonna file the Rings and maybe there's a heavy set of

Rings or something actually you got to match the Rings up to the bore there was no way around that but this is where I've gotten to and I'm hoping that all the stuff that I'm doing here is gonna pay off in the end and I will have a

Smooth running engine once again but as I said I'm about to embark on gapping these rings which is well it's going to take a minute quite frankly well and one more thing I'll mention on the windage tray I have already checked the

Clearance between the windage tray and the oil pan we're good one more thing on piston rings I am going to get them a little bit differently I set them up to about 19 last time both top and bottom this time I'm going to do the top at 20

And the bottom ring at 21 22 ish the literature I'm reading is for performance applications having a wider ring gap secondary ring is is a good thing as specifics on that I'm not going to get

Into here but I'll link something to to lead you to that but anyway that's what I'm going for now just in case I decide to add a supercharger or nitrous at some point once I got the ring sorted it took two sets by the way I reassemble the

Engine and installed it in the truck well viewers I have rebuilt the engine and put it in hook to everything up that's important the front end isn't important same thing happening me last

Time there was a coolant leak right here in particular especially on this side and I tighten the snot out of those bolts this time and I put RTV around the gasket but when I set the intake manifold down on top of the engine I

Noticed that there was a pretty sizable gap between the intake manifold and the cylinder heads and I'm pretty sure that's the deal I have a note here about this coolant leak on the engine which is gone by the way I haven't experienced

Any issues since I tighten everything down over here but if you may recall the machinist decked the block to exactly nine inches and I think he said he took off about 20 thousandths of an inch in order to achieve that something you

Might be mindful of and there's some debate online whether or not this should be done or not but when you have the block deck or you have the heads machined in order to get a better compression ratio you may also have to

Mill the intake by I believe half the amount that you use to deck the block so in other words if there was 20 thousands taken off at the block then perhaps ten thousands be milled off of the intake manifold this was not done in my case

Now like I said there's debate online whether or not this needs to be done thankfully this is aluminum and it stretched into place and I don't have any leaks here but I'm mentioning this now in case you are doing something like

That that this is something you should watch out for because in addition to coolant leaks this could also cause vacuum leaks at the intake runners if I have to I'll go back in and put a thicker gasket in like find the best

Ingot gasket I can find but for now I am full of coolant full of oil oil is primed and I'm about to start the engine well I hope the engines about to start and I hope it's about to run and I hope it running okay the distributor's a

Little bit loose so I can set the timing I've got the setup and everything for that ready to go also first thing I'm going to do is I have the fuel pump fuse removed and I'm just going to crank it over and look to see five oil pressure I

Did prime it like ice but I wasn't able to see if I had oil pressure but I could feel it I could feel resistance in the drill when it was turning so I'm pretty sure it went up through there plus I could see you know

Evidence that there the oil was circulating anyway check the oil pressure crank it over for a minute if I do have oil pressure up with a fuel pump fuse back in and it's go time hopefully that coolant leak is not a

Continuing issue really hope so but that's the only leak that I've seen so far yeah and I'm gonna crank it over to see if I have oil pressure okay I know fuel pump is running which is good

Yep there's oil pressure there now I'm gonna install the fuel pump fuse and I'm just gonna turn the ignition to the on position but I'm not going to turn it over I just want to check to see if there's any leaks in the fuel system

Sounds like fuel circulating I'm gonna do it one more time make sure I got pressure I don't see any leaks anywhere all right then I want to connect to the computer via my tablet my dad has not backed up

Asked me if I care okay not connected to the engine ignition is on so should connect unless it come unless I have to start this whole process over which would suck all right I need to get this set up it's gonna

Take me a second so give me a minute can't get it to pair and I'm not gonna start this up without having the ECU paired so I can look at things so I can adjust timing so I can do all these other things it's late it's like quarter

After 8:00 I don't feel like calling the tech line and dealing with all that right now hopefully the sealer gets a chance to set up that'll be cool anyway such as hot rodding well followers I've come back it is the next day I've got

Myself some rest and some food both helpful things when you're at your wits end good idea to take a break anyway back this morning it's cold obviously I haven't had the heat on for very long but oh it's abel

PCM – pear see a little green checkmark by the engine there so we're hooked in and i've primed the system and reprime the system meaning i cranked it over and made sure it had oil pressure it does so I'm gonna start it up now when I do

Start it up and maybe running be running around checking things looking underneath all that kind of stuff to see if there's any leaks or anything I need to look out for once I'm past that then then we'll come back wish me luck

Erik what was the issue with the elder Brock Pro flow for system I needed to input the pin in order to get the Bluetooth to pair again job one will be to reinstall the fuel pump fuse but first I'm gonna turn the ignition off

Cuz it's on at the moment at first I'm gonna turn the key and let the fuel system prime and then I'll start it and like I said I may be doing a little bit of running around hopefully we don't have like massive coolant leaks

Or anything like that to deal with it's a big moment it's been like a couple of weeks a lot of work and you're here for it right no wait

Vexing oil pressure don't stroke I'm gonna back it outside for the rest of the warmup sounds good couple of small exhaust leaks ii's

Gaskets instead of RTV this time because i chewed up the manifold just gonna let it warm up the temperature says a little louder on this side maybe not think I need to raise fuel pressure a little bit

But otherwise live alright facetiming a set basic fuel pressure is set it seems to be running good and smooth and there are no leaks underneath the few exhaust leaks that I

Can deal with those in the bed I'm gonna bring it in put it back together and then take it out and break into rings I'll go pro so you can be there with me one more thing that I don't know if I've mentioned

But I rewired the cooling fans with diodes so now they're working properly I've got one cooling fan that comes on when it's supposed to and then the other cooling fan comes on when it gets hotter so now it's being

Controlled like I'd intended longer this thing runs the smoother it gets more I like it but again you have to deal with some exhaust leaks and junk like that we'll bring it in get

Some stuff sorted take it out for a drive now I'm gonna back the timing away off

And probably only put it like total timing of like 18 or 20 degrees which isn't a whole lot I think that's safe but this will allow me to well do some full throttle poles and stuff to break the Rings in which is what I intend to

Do hopefully I don't blow it up this time lessons learned and well we'll see if I'm right and I know once I get the Rings broke in I'll bump the timing back up to like say 28 or 30 degrees total timing it starts out at 12 degrees base

Timing by the way and then you can adjust it with a computer anywhere you want well before I do that I don't know if you remember I mentioned the adjustable proportioning valve that I now have I'm gonna go out in the dirt

Parking lot out front and hit the brakes a few times and see if I can get that adjusted where I want it before I take it out this way I'm sure to have brakes brakes are good first stopping all right

As much as we can that's gonna be traffic we'll wait uh get past this road well tend to pull out right over there I'd rather not had that happen but I had

The brakes adjusted still can you smell still doesn't feel like they're really doing their job not sure what the deal is with that I've got timing backed off to about 20

Degrees total timing we'll see if that does the trick pick it down

Oh she's happy so much happier well okay that ah

That's more like it yeah shame pinging down uh-huh she goes and I haven't even got the timing all dialed in yet smoother now like that a lot

nice I got I got the truck yes

We love it absolutely we love it so my truck yes no more of that blowing oil stuff I bet

You now we're gonna check when I get back just to make sure still inside the tube because I didn't lock it down this time me smiling ear-to-ear

Tam's good heavens is a cold day and I mean I was thinking after a run like that it would be oh not you really feels it feels good I

Mean it always felt like it was hurt from the first time I took it out this time that is let's go let's go let's go I'm a truck let's go

Oh all right I gotta find a place make sure everything's still there well dipstick popped out a little bit

But there isn't any oil behind it that's a good sign I'm gonna take it up to 28 degrees total timing just leave it there for the moment air feels good

That games good like about 15 inches air feels like well according to this gauge is 12 and a half and this says 13 so there's always been a discrepancy between what the gauges on my dash say and what this says

Exactly sure what the deal is anyway let's shift it ourselves my parking brake works really good

truck is good got my truck back yes ah of course I never had the truck you never had your truck

But it's a goodie well we'll get it back to the shop check the leaks rails and stuff words fail me as to how exactly I'm feeling right now

Elation might come close but man that was that was a long strange trip you know to go through all that and the power tour and get it all together and the only thing I can attribute this issue to is the compression was too high

For pump gas because now the compression is down I'm able to drive and I'm able to flog it even at 28 degrees of total timing which you know probably be a good idea at some point to get this thing tuned so I can get every ounce of

Horsepower out of it that I can but here I am with a running and driving truck which doesn't blow oil everywhere I mean just opening up the hood right now and not seeing oil everywhere was I've never experienced that since I built the truck

So I'm I'm pretty happy that we're in this place real quick before I close this one out I got a couple of shout outs and the first one is going to be two elder Brock tech support now you might remember in the initial series

When I started the truck up for the very first time I was on the phone with them and they were instrumental in helping me to get that taken care of this is the ignition rotor that was in the truck and while I was removing the engine I

Accidentally broke this my sleeve got caught on it and I went into pieces like this I was having trouble finding one I called up elder Brock tech-support and they're like you know what Eric we're just gonna send you one and I was like

Thanks guys well in addition to elder Brock I'd like to give a shout out to Summit Racing who has been instrumental in this entire truck build so I'll put a link in the description of them so you can go check out their stuff anyway back

To the closing of the video I hope the information in this video was useful to you if not entertaining and that you might be feeling the joy that I'm feeling that would be awesome automotive questions air at the car guy

Calm and be sure to like like how could you not like this video comment subscribe be safe have fun stay dirty thank you so much for watching I'll see you next time


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