How I Built MY First AORUS Gaming PC!

by birtanpublished on October 5, 2020

Can somebody that's primarily a mac user build their very first pc without either burning down their house or becoming the laughing stock of the internet let's find out what's up everyone on the everday dead and if i can figure it out you can figure it out so i am super excited to be building my very first pc and i would like to thank gigabyte oris and nvidia for sponsoring and providing the pieces and components for today's video so i very recently started doing my video editing on a

Windows laptop and i really wanted to see why use a laptop why not see what experience a desktop can do because there's there's a very big reason for my transition over to windows and even though nvidia wants me to tell you this i've been telling you it for weeks anyway the brand new touring cards from nvidia have an end bank encoder in them which is uh it's crazy good it is insanely good and i'm excited to put this to the test today so very first off

Today let's cover the components that make up today's build so for the processor we have the amd horizon 3900x which is a 12 core 24 thread processor that can go up to a 4.6 gigahertz max boost and a three point gigahertz base i chose this because amd is absolutely rocking it as far as processors go anymore so the point of the build is not necessarily hey gigabyte please send me your most expensive pieces it's not that i'm trying to show that at a reasonable budget especially if you

Consider reasonable of what else is out there you can get a crazy powerful computer so we picked these components for a specific reason for the graphics card we have the gigabyte geforce rtx 2080 super yes there is the 2080 ti which is the more powerful it's got the more cores um in it from what i've read this is still an excellent graphics card that will not i mean it's still expensive but again we're trying to like have a certain level of budget here

This does have eight gigabytes of gddr6 memory it is of the turing family ray tracing cores i'm so excited to try that out and it has rgb fusion 2.0 something that we'll find out for the rest of the video there's a lot of rgb in this build when it comes to our ssd we do have a aorus nvme gen4 ssd this is a one terabyte drive and it should be like crazy fast i think i've said crazy three times so far we're not allowed to say crazy anymore if i say crazy again leave me a comment down below this ssd is hefty we've installed quite a few m.2

Ssds and laptops before this one weighs the same amount as like all of them and then for our system memory for our ram i didn't actually know honestly i didn't know that gigabyte made all of this stuff but we are using the aorus rgb memory which is i wanted 32 gigabytes they don't have a 32 gigabyte kit so they provided me two 16 gigabyte kits of their ddr4 3600 megahertz memory and this also this just looks great team up fight on it's got that rgb

We're gonna have so much rgb is gonna be going on this memory feels amazing it doesn't matter how it feels i know it doesn't matter how it feels but i like if you're gonna spend the money you'll want your stuff like you want your tech to feel good this feels good i cannot wait it's so nice when you click ram in anywhere i'm very excited for the clickings that we're gonna be doing with this ram for power supply we will be using the ap 750 gm from gigabyte which is a fully modular 750 watt power supply there's

Not too much more to say of the power supply other than that it's also big and heavy i would hope so because it's got to power all this stuff we haven't talked about the motherboard yet which is maybe we'll cut this the other way so that we talk about the motherboard first so if this is the first thing you're hearing yes i recorded it this way and didn't make a mistake that i had to fix in post so we are using the gigabyte b550 vision d motherboard and i'm very very excited for this motherboard this is their creator style which means

Less rgb but also a few really good benefits when it comes to like having extra m.2 drives having pcie by 16 slots they're all pcie 4.0 slots on the back of this thing i am incredibly incredibly excited and it's got usb can you see this it's got usbc with titan ridge i think that's code for thunderbolt 3. i don't actually know i think that's code for like thunderbolt 3 cough cough nudge nudge and a lot of my stuff like a lot of my

Infrastructure now is thunderbolt 3. so if this works with all my existing infrastructure with the power of a desktop mines will be blown mines will be blown today look at all this cool stuff look at all this cool stuff and we will not be using the stock cooler for the 3900x that would probably be a whole lot easier and make this job for me so much easier this is my first build maybe we will use the stuff no we're going to use liquid cooling because if we're going to if we're going

To have rgb we're going to be as gamer as possible so we have the aorus liquid cooler 280 which means we've got two fans of 140 millimeters it's liquid cooled it's got this cool little display on it 33 degrees celsius my laptop runs much hotter than this so we can get this desktop to be nice and cool even though it's going to be very complicated probably to get it to work and then last but certainly not least we've got the case this is the c200 glass from gigabyte also now you will notice that i've taken

Off the front i've taken off the back i've already taken off the fan um because again first build i want this to be as easy to operate in as possible so now that we've talked about all the components of the build let's get to the build okay so step one of this build is we are going to prep the motherboard the b550 now if it looks like some of this stuff has already been opened it's because it has been i was too excited to wait um for all the components to come in because they like just

Came in and so i opened some of this stuff because this is my first build it's kind of like being a kid in a candy store or it's like christmas morning when you're like check out all the cool presents i got let's make sure that we ground ourselves first before we ruin our brand new motherboard all right and here is the b550 that is a beautiful beautiful piece of technology okay so let's quickly install our ram our cpu and

Our ssd look how beautiful that is okay this should be the easiest part of today of all the things we're going to do today and some of them will be difficult this should be the easiest man that also has some weight a lot of these components have some serious heft to them you can see so what we're gonna do now this isn't a build guide this is just like me trying to fumble my way through so some of this is going to be me talking to myself

We've got this little gold triangle and we need to line it up with the triangle here on the socket so i do believe that it goes right like that oh it just fits right in boom yeah we're done man building a pc is easy what's everybody what does everybody complain about that took like 10 seconds he says before everything falls apart in like the next 10 minutes next up let's do all the clicking and clacking that i was so excited about okay this these are already open so it

Goes just like that click and clack it i love it i love it man if this turns out well like if this ends up being easier than i thought it was going to be maybe we'll do like all sorts of builds maybe we'll start doing like a monthly build or something like that if you want to see that uh again leave a comment below i love if a computer build could just be all clicking in ram i would definitely do it okay dang that

Was smooth so easy look at this we're already three steps in we're already three steps in okay and we will put our ssd in next move this this is a pretty serious if we weren't using such a big ssd and we were using a more standard m.2 nvme we'd get a nice little it's got a thermal pad on top of it something that i'm noticing initial impressions of the b550 and just all this gear in general

Is it's got heft something that i equate with quality in the tech space is not not necessarily heavy but if it's got heft that generally means good craftsmanship and all of this stuff so far today has had heft which means all of it so far i have enjoyed let's put this guy in here okay m.2 drive whoops m.2 drive is installed man we just did three things in like two minutes expert we're expert level computer builders

Actually that's probably all the easy part we've now prepped the motherboard the next thing we're going to do is we're going to put the motherboard in here my original plan was to do the cooling system and then hook up the cooling system to the motherboard but i do think i want to have some more room for the motherboard because i think this is a smaller case and it will be easier to just make sure that we've got all of the right pieces in here laid out already so we'll install the motherboard

Then do the fans and then we'll get to the thing that i'm looking for at least all of the cabling so something you may have noticed if you are a keen eye observer is i did already uninstall the original bracket for the b550 it normally comes with a bracket for a different kind of cooler i did just get too excited and then i forgot to mention it uh that i installed the bracket for the cooler that we will be using so if you notice that the cooler is a little different that is why

There is so much io on this uh on this motherboard i'm really excited one two three man this is going i'm nervous now this is going way smoother than i thought it was gonna go um not that i thought it would be impossible i mean i've never built a computer before but i've always like i've had pcs in the past where i've upgraded the components inside of it i didn't think this was going to be like impossible but it's definitely going it's going way better than i thought it would maybe we'll run

Into a problem here in just a little bit he knocks on wood to chase away that particular demon that he just unleashed okay motherboard installed oop nope nope nope we missed one we missed one you thought i was gonna let you go there you go motherboard installed io shield ready to go man we are making we are making some progress okay next i would like to get the fan situation sorted out so i think what we're gonna do we're gonna try this

This way first and if it doesn't work we'll go the other way i'd like to have cool air come in from the top with the radiator and the fans and then have the hot air blow out the back i don't necessarily want to use the front i don't know just because i don't i think it'll look cooler okay we're giving in to the rgb temptations i think it'll look cooler if we do it that way so i did uninstall these fans um when i tore everything off of the the case just to make it a little bit easier so this is the gigabyte fence we'll set this

Up right there we'll set this right like this making sure we run our cable because we want to have nice cable management if we're going to build this pc for the first time we want to make sure that it looks good if it doesn't look good then what's the point if it doesn't look good i should just keep using my laptop that's going to upset all the laptop users out there i'm a laptop don't don't get me wrong i've been using a laptop for a while now um since i decided to move away from my imac pro which is kind of like i mean if you

Think about an imac and imac's really just the next evolution of a laptop right it's basically a laptop for your desk because it has a screen already built in it comes with a keyboard it comes with a mouse i'm that's i'm sticking with that that might be a tagline or something imac it's like a laptop for your desk all right here is the area it's already got some thermal paste on it the fans now how are we gonna let's reach over here to get these now how are we going to do this because

We want like one of the weird things if you've seen any video about this cooler is these fans are kind of wonky because they they're like shaped oddly i do want so we want the air to go this way yeah we want the air to come in so we're going to set this up we want these to be hooked up like this with the tubes coming out to the right which means this has to go like this and okay so we need those fans yes they need to be like that i'm gonna

Be second guessing myself all day welcome to the welcome to the build so what i'm hoping is even though these wobble like this a little bit once we actually get our all four corners screwed in that that wobbling will stop because with how big when you see the graphics card when you see how big the cooler is like all the fan there's going to be so many fans in this build it's going to be crazy so i guess i'm not overly concerned with the thermal performance

Inside of the uh the case yeah it's not it's not moving that's fine that's totally doable i've plugged in ram before none of that's what's got me nervous what's got me nervous is trying to do all of the uh plugging in the fan headers all these cables these cables are what got me nervous we'll have to that's the part of the video where the everyday dead where gary here um starts crying and maybe starts drinking i've watched so many youtube

Videos on how to install a computer and do all this stuff over the last couple of days that hopefully i'm good but we'll see okay so we got this good but we're gonna set this down again to get all of this stuff good all right we want this to be like this so that these tubes are coming out the right okay everything is currently according to plan hopefully the plan survives first contact with the case now cable management is gonna be

We'll have to fix all of these cables when we get this in here okay there we go everything seems to be good fans are spinning freely all right all right i think by jove i think we've got it if you i don't know if you can see it but like right here um there was we got kind of caught up on that but it looks like there is just enough room i think if we had the fans the other way it wouldn't work but since the fans are this way it works i don't know i'm not really

Thrilled with this because it is kind of stuck now okay oh no yeah it's just like something's caught so no we're gonna i think we're gonna have to abandon doing it this way yeah it's the way the motherboard's set up like there's not enough space you can see we definitely started scuffing this up a little bit can we we'll try one more time and then we're going to abandon this plan i did really want it to be on top but i also don't want to like

Damage my components to make it work all right we're abandoning it abandoning the plan so now the plan will be we'll put the fans in the front does that still work the way that i wanted it to where if we do this yeah this should still work we'll just have to do it like this and then the tubes will have to come out the bottom i guess we'll live with that okay okay we got it off if you're curious we definitely we definitely got it off

Okay let's how can we set this up so that you can see okay right there maybe this will look cooler i mean rgb in the front maybe it's a better maybe this is you know when life gives you lemons sometimes you have to install your water cooler radiator to the front of your computer now what's really going to drive me crazy is in 10 minutes when we try to install the graphics card and it still doesn't like the graphics card then is too big

Because these i don't know if you remember and saw the box this graphics card pretty ginormous okay we had a problem where we didn't have the radiator up high enough so we have now fixed that the thing that i'm noticing so far um and again we haven't gotten to what i would consider to be the challenging part is and something i'm really liking is it seems like building computers it's like its own little problem-solving test where

You meet a problem and then you got to figure it out as you're going because you can't stop like we already have the components we have to build the computer yes there's like a million guides out there and i have consumed an awful lot of guides on building pcs but it seems like as you're coming up like yes it's a playground it's legos for grownups it's a neat problem-solving exercise too where it's like well i wanted to do it this way well you can't do it that way because uh you know physics and things are in the way something else i'm

Noticing about building your own pc is half of the game is just not losing little pieces when you drop them okay fans have been installed so it looks like instead of cold air coming from the top going out the back we are going to have cold air come in and then go out so maybe in the future we'll have we'll install another set of fans i don't know yet maybe the sky's the limit the sky's the limit on our fan situation okay so the next step is we've mounted all the fans we've got everything set up

Let's get the cooler on then we'll start plugging everything in which is the part that we probably will cut away from because that's the thing that i do not want to get too embarrassed about today so we wanted it like this it's not going to fit poor planning on our initial build um can we do this will these go nope so it won't go that far so we have to do not exactly what i want i kind of wanted a cleaner look

Than what we got going on here but i think with the way that the mount is we're just gonna have to live with that so let's we can make this work i know it's the internet and everything has to be like perfectly cable managed but this is our first build i get some slack right because this is my first ever computer build right we could we get some kind of slack we'll put this it'll go somewhere i mean the cables right now are kind of all over the place but we will we'll clean it up a little bit okay so

We've got the cooler on let's actually take these speaking of cable management let's run these out here okay so we've now got everything plugged in we've got the case we've got all of the front panel stuff plugged in which is a big pain in the butt like it's five separate cables which you'd think could just be simplified into one cable we plugged in the usb 3.0 we plugged in the cooler stuff we plugged in all three fans we did have i'm glad we cut because we

Did have a big pain where i had to take off the radiator because one of the fan led cables i didn't realize when we were doing this but i had it set behind the fan so we had to take like everything off because it got stuck so good thing we we cut let's now put in that graphics card here we go with this beautiful the graphics card the 2080 super gigabyte man that is a big honkin graphics card look at all these fans oh that might actually get in the way

Well we'll have to we'll have to exist with it so this is going to go right there so we have to take off the top two the top two of these things now something that i don't get is why oh we should have done this beforehand because look it's gonna bump into that i don't get why you have to break these off like shouldn't this just be like something that comes that just slides on and off let's set the graphics card down there we go nice satisfying click

And the gigabyte rtx 2080 super is now in its spot we definitely want to screw this thing down because this is a big honking graphics card i assume it's not designed to be supported by its weight alone okay that is out of the way that is out of the way you can see we've now got everything plugged in now we're gonna run the power which is another thing that we're gonna cut because between plugging everything into the motherboard and then running the power those are the

Two things you probably don't need to see me do on my first time but i'll walk you through it afterwards okay the moment of truth the moment of truth i grabbed a monitor i grabbed the keyboard i've got we've got everything plugged in oh very first computer ever okay don't catch on fire don't catch on fire don't catch on fire come on oh man look at that that's probably a good sign that all the glowing stuff's turned on the fans are going the little design

Okay we'll have to fix that that's not as big of a deal oh look at all the led fans are turning on that's incredible oh and look we've even okay i think it's working all we have to do is install windows and then get our programs going well i can't i can't believe we did it team wow look at that we're gonna we'll change the colors around and we'll change all that stuff but very first pc build didn't catch on fire

Yet i mean whether i'm the laughingstock the internet we'll we'll still have to see but i think we got it i think we got it okay i'm gonna go install windows install all the programs then we're gonna run some benchmarks checking out those end bank encoders and if it's as good as gary's been talking about for the last ever and we're back so it's actually full disclosure it's been a couple of days i installed windows i got everything up

And running i installed all of my old programs and this thing works fantastically i am so impressed over the power and performance on hand here it's it's wild it's it's wild for example i edited monday's video of the macbook pro versus the razer blade 15. i edited that totally on this and what i really want to mention here is the nvidia graphics card because what's important about this build and the reason again that i've switched over to windows is the nvidia

End bank encoders over me talking right now i'm going to show you a couple of comparisons on what you can do with nvenc as opposed to what you get without invent the hardware and coding of the new turing graphics card which the 2080 super is of that family you have the ability in both premiere and davinci i use davinci to set software encoding or to set hardware encoding when you choose hardware encoding that's when the nvidia graphics card is doing your encoding for you with but

If you used hardware encoding before one of these graphics cards what you're using is intel's hardware encoding which is called quick sync which is fine but it's not nearly as good or as powerful as nvinc so the way i tested this is the video up to the point where we were right here with this setup at this desk i edited and rendered that using nvenk and then using the software encoding so when i rendered i have to have my phone here because i saved it to my phone

When i rendered the video without the nvinc encoder it took 23 minutes and 53 seconds which was roughly a little slower than real time however when i then used nvenk and i turned on the hardware encoding of the geforce 2080 super that video rendered in seven minutes and 45 seconds like that's a huge huge difference that speeds that you will not find on any other consumer level video editing or rendering platform like

What nvidia has done with nvenk it's very very impressive stuff and they want me to tell you that but i've been saying it for weeks now just how amazing this stuff is and if you liked this video and you would like to see more leave a comment below i really i had so much fun making this video and i would love to have this is like something we do regularly maybe making budget pcs making all sorts of pcs if you really like this build video let me know in the comments below if

Nobody likes it then we won't do it but if a lot of you like it we'll keep doing it thanks for watching

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