How I Actually Survived Military Combat (True Story)

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

In a few short seconds the world had gone from right side up to upside down and submerged in two and a half feet of water our humvee had been roaring along at a decent clip next to an irrigation ditch when my driver panicked swerving to

Avoid incoming fire he cut the wheel too far to the left and misjudged the distance between the humvee in the ditch and moments later we were upside down and rapidly filling with water it's the dry season so there's not much

Water in the irrigation ditch but that doesn't matter much when you're stuck upside down in the narrow confines of an up armored humvee i felt myself panicking the humvee was too tight a fit

To squirm my way right side up and the water was rising fast already almost to my elbows my head was completely submerged and in the shock and surprise of the accident i'd inhaled a large gulp of dirty ditch

Water when we landed roof down i forced myself to calm down during training i'd learned to hit a place of nothingness as i called it a place where i pushed everything out of

My head pain fear anger all gone and replaced with a semi-calm sense of purpose the rising water threatened to rip me straight back into the real world though and i had to move fast the heavily armored humvee door took all

My strength to open with half of it underwater and i barely managed to make it out before passing out thankfully the open window made it so i wasn't pushing against the full weight of the water or

I would have never made it out gulping fresh air and fighting the stars exploding in my vision i struggled to retain consciousness and after a few moments immediately started assessing the situation

The humvee was upside down and buried to just below the bottom chassis leaving the wheels and part of the body sticking out across from me my driver had managed to crawl out and i spotted the rear passenger side

Door being pushed from the inside immediately i ripped at the door helping our assistant gunner to crawl out of the drowned humvee our gunner though hadn't been so lucky he'd been in the turret when the humvee

Flipped and now lay crushed under the vehicle no chance of saving him he probably died on impact or shortly after the sound of a world gone mad brought us all back to reality

Overhead apaches were flying fire support missions all over the insurgent held city and getting back about as good as they got the entire war we'd enjoyed almost complete superiority on the ground and

In the air but this city was an enemy stronghold and they've been preparing for this fight for weeks heavy machine guns reached up to meet the apaches their armored canopies

Ringing out with the sound of heavy impacts and forcing the choppers to pull back for safety damn tough birds that they were i'd heard that we lost at least one

Today shortly before my personal world went upside down the insurgent fighters were taking an absolute pounding in the air and on the ground and just about every weapon in the u.s

Military's arsenal was being brought down on their heads like the wrath of god himself they would lose this fight eventually both sides knew this but they didn't care

They just wanted to make this as costly a victory as possible for the americans and their nato allies how could you truly win a war against an enemy that doesn't count success by objective seized or destroyed but by

The sheer cost in human lives they can inflict on their foe with no regard for their own losses in hindsight i guess i knew back then that we wouldn't suddenly the abrams roared firing off a

Canister shot into a nearby building the grapeshot munition is like a giant shotgun shell and absolutely devastating against enemy infantry a few bad guys had appeared on the balcony but the gunner had spotted

Them before they could open up on us sending hundreds of steel pellets their way at the speed of sound the small building was effectively turned into swiss cheese we've been part of a small two-vehicle

Convoy and the first humvee finally noticed that we weren't following anymore they probably tried to reach us over the radio but our radios and a large amount of our gear had been lost in the humvee

Mine had gotten ripped loose from my body armor as i struggled out of it underwater and realizing that i was completely unarmed i hopped back down to fish up my rifle from inside the humvee

I was glad i couldn't see much through the murky water knowing that the crushed remains of our gunner were still sitting there our lead humvee returned and took stock of the grim situation

We were officially down a man bringing our nine-man force they were carrying an extra passenger down to eight our objective was simple in the situation on the ground so damn chaotic and out of control that it was

Determined only two small teams would be sent in effect making us little more than an oversized squad our small size would make us more mobile and would have to be if we were going to

Be successful somebody in the city was coordinating enemy radio communication and despite the electronic warfare guys doing a hell of a job suppressing enemy signals

You can never be 100 successful with such a large area to cover every time a drone in the air zeroed in on the suspected transmitter it went off the air and popped up 30 minutes later somewhere completely different

They wouldn't stay on the air long enough to get a good lock and have one of the flyboys drop a nice j dam on their heads either and despite the entire city being a war zone there were enough civilians on the

Ground still that command absolutely forbade anything less than precision strikes in a way i was proud of that decision u.s forces shouldn't be slaughtering civilians

But in another way it also meant that now the eight of us had to find our highly mobile transmitting friend and silence him personally and it had already cost one life luckily for nato forces the

Equivalent of a city administrator had brought us detailed info on the city's infrastructure early in the fight it was his hope that the intel would save civilian lives and he was dead right

The intel however also let us pretty quickly figure out that our insurgent radio dj was using a series of sewer and irrigation tunnels to move around we guessed that he was receiving general

Orders over cell phone or even satellite radio both of which can be a lot harder to jam and then relaying orders to fighting units over regular radio before disappearing again

Preventing us from pinpointing his location with the city plans though we were able to dispatch several small teams to sewer entrances throughout the city and start the hunt most of them even

Made it in one piece we re-geared up with spares from the first humvee and took off on foot our assigned entry points not too far from our present position besides with so much lead in the air was

Actually safer to move on foot vehicles were drawing too much unwanted attention from anti-tank weapons and rpgs thick foliage grew near the irrigation ditch giving us plenty of concealment as

We pressed forward finally arriving at a large metal grate a circular saw made quick work of the old rusty metal and in moments we were plunging into the underground darkness

I remember hearing stories about the tunnel rats of vietnam and i shuddered every time i heard them i had no problem jumping out of airplanes swimming through snake and croc infested swamps

Or doing any number of extremely unpleasant things but going underground now that was terrifying if i was gonna buy the farm i wanted to do a top side not in a hole in the ground barely big enough to squeeze through

Luckily these irrigation tunnels or sewers were rather large big enough to stand up in and for two men to walk side by side still it gave me the creeps down here though the air was at least

Cool and the sound of the fighting above was muffled by the earth occasional blasts probably air strikes sent dirt falling from the ceiling though and i worried about a collapse i took point along with one of my own

Guys he was a loner from british sas but we'd gotten close over the last few weeks i could tell he liked the prospect of what we were doing about as much as i did but we pressed on anyway

Flashlights were out of the question the water was waist deep here and would reflect the light around corners and give us up from a mile away instead we slipped on our night vision and lit the way with infrared flashlights

The water level gradually dropped as it shot off through smaller exits cut along the stone wall finally reaching to just above our knees we were moving as silently as we could but sound does strange things

Underground especially when mixed with running water up ahead there was a major intersection and i heard the sound of men talking far away only to suddenly see three men with

Flashlights appear at the intersection from another tunnel they hadn't been far away at all they had literally been only meters away from our location but the strange tunnel acoustics made

Their voice seem very far our two groups were equally surprised but we reacted first with such a narrow tunnel only us two at the front could open fire without hitting the person in front of us

And we both hit our marks unfortunately we had been aiming at the same guy the other two turned runners shouting a warning but we dropped the second guy almost immediately the third managed to run out of our line

Of sight and down the tunnel he was traveling originally but not before one of us wounded him the jig was up he was rushing to warn somebody of our approach no time for stealth now so we booked it

No easy feat in knee-deep water i actually laughed i remember back in training having to run through this thigh deep water for pt and thought to myself when the hell would i ever need to do this

I think that sometimes i laugh at inappropriate moments because the only other option is sheer panic and bowel emptying terror here we were running down a darkened tunnel and chasing a guy warning the entire world

That we were coming just one bad guy with a machine gun could gun us all down in the tight confines for a wounded man that sob ran fast and hard

Always just out of sight enough to prevent a clear shot finally he broke into what through our night vision looked like a large room and we could hear the sound of many other men angrily shouting and likely preparing to

End our day in the worst way possible when you've trained with a team long enough there's little need for words and it's sort of a beautiful terrifying thing i often wonder what we could accomplish if men could cooperate

So closely together so efficiently in anything other than murdering each other with just a few short words those of us in the front dropped to a knee and those behind

Us hurled a combination of fragmentation grenades and bangers into the room ahead of us the room erupted into a staccato burst of explosions only partially muffled by the grenades

Landing in what was now ankle deep water but the bangers still put out one hell of a light show i'd squeezed my eyes tightly shut to avoid ruining my night vision but could still see the brightness through closed lids the

Moment the light went away we charged forward light was coming in through the holes in the roof of the large aqueduct so we ripped the night vision off our heads the contrast between light and

Dark though made it incredibly difficult to see targets as my eyes fought to adjust to the new lighting conditions the bad guys though had it far worse than us who'd been prepared for the incredibly disorienting blast of the

Bangers in such a tight space though i'm pretty sure my hearing was permanently damaged for it compared to the bangers going off the roar of rifles and tight confines sounded like angry popcorn noises

Those things always seemed like an eternity but actually only last a few seconds if that the large room had practically no cover to hide behind only a few large pipes crossing through the opposite side of

The room it was in effect like shooting fish in a barrel for both sides we however had the advantage of having deployed a generous amount of disorienting flashbangs and frag grenades before entering

By the time it was over their guys were dead but two of our own didn't look good an enemy grenade had landed right at the feet of one of them and curiously enough i don't remember this happening at all it happens like that though you lose

Entire sections of your memory in these situations that's why after action reports are so important his feet were shredded he'd ended up losing everything below the knee on both legs but he'd live

The other guy had taken several ak rounds straight to the chest plate of his body armor and they hadn't penetrated the impact trauma though was too much for his heart to handle he'd die

Shortly after from internal bleeding and trauma to his heart yeah you can still die in body armor even if your armor holds up another team ended up finding iraq's most wanted dj

And permanently taking him off the air and my best guess is that the guys we found were a security element waiting for him to show up make his transmissions and then help him get away again i guess we accomplished

Our mission and i guess we had a pretty good loss ratio to boot far better than any of us had expected underground fighting is just ugly and costly but to this day i can't stop thinking about my turret gutter

Crushed to death by a flipped humvee i think about being trapped under that filthy rising water i can't do those closed up water slides at water parks anymore you know the ones with the black tube that you slide down

In as it twists and turns i can only do the open top ones the one time i tried a few years ago i ended up breaking down into tears some teenage kid in line laughed as i helped down the stairs back to the

Bottom i guess everyone just assumed i'd reached the top and been too scared to take the plunge did you miss the first parts of the how i survived combat series go check it out

Now or if you're all caught up then go watch this other one instead

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