How Hong Kong and Anime Received Taiwan’s Election

published on July 3, 2020

taiwan's election results are in and the

real loser

is the Chinese Communist Party find out

how Hong Kong protests played a big role

in the elections welcome back to China

uncensored I'm Chris Chappell

coming to you from Taipei Taiwan

Taiwan's historic 2020 presidential and

legislative elections happened over the

weekend and like pretty much everything

in Taiwan the elections were adorable

see adorable adorable adorable – okay

not everything was adorable the election

was targeted with the disinformation

campaign from the Chinese Communist

Party and people were feeling it the

biggest catchphrase of the election

dried mango strips refers to a feeling

of impending national doom but even with

the impending doom that Tsai campaign

still found time to release an anime

adventure game called

what I a Taiwanese third-year high

schooler from class 2 suddenly fell into

a different world and met the president

why don't American presidential

candidates release anime adventure games

but back to the non animate I want

election in which current president

sanguine won in a landslide against her

opponent hon Guo you in fact as I got

more votes than any presidential

candidate in the history of Taiwan's

democracy and sized party the Democratic

Progressive Party also won a majority of

seats in the Legislative UN the election

was a major defeat for Hans party the

KMT one of the biggest differences

between the two parties is how they

treat China the DPP has been a strong

supporter of Taiwan's sovereignty and

resisting pressure from Beijing the KMT

has pushed for stronger ties with China

with the goal of boosting Taiwan's

economy as the votes were counted it

became pretty clear early on that this

election was going to the DPP and

sighing when that created a wave of

euphoria at the DPP rally and not so

much at the KMT rally we watched the

ballot counting in Taipei's district for

traditionally a kmt area in the last

election the DPP didn't even bother to

run a legislative

candidate this time the majority here

voted DPP a year ago few people would

have predicted this the KMT had had a

surge in popularity especially as

economic issues became a focus in

Taiwanese politics in the 2018 regional

elections the DPP lost big to the KMT

and sighing Lin was forced to step down

as the DPP chair at one point it looked

like she might not even be the DPP

candidate for the 2020 elections so how

did this happen well there were a lot of

factors including the fact that people

either really loved really hated hanbok

you and then this hour for months

Hong Kong has been embroiled in protests

against the Chinese Communist Party the

Communist Party and how Taiwan should

deal with China is always a big focus in

Taiwanese elections but the Hong Kong

protests gave Taiwanese voters a clearer

picture of what they did not want to

happen here have the Hong Kong protests

affected how you might vote today yes it

made me think I have to vote today why

because we don't we don't want to be

Nestle Kong we don't want to be the next

Hong Kong the Chinese Communist Party

considers Taiwan a Chinese province and

has vowed to get Taiwan back under its

control if they can't do it economically

then they'll do it with the military and

while hanbok you called for closer

economic ties with China promising that

it would help average time wienies

people get rich sighing when made

Taiwanese sovereignty and comparisons

with Hong Kong a central piece to her

campaign strategy in Hong Kong

protesters even went to

rallies to witness Taiwan's election

we're from Hong Kong and we are Kok

going to come in to Taiwan to support

the freedom and democracy in Taiwan and

while KMT supporters showed plenty of

enthusiasm at their rally there were no

Hong Kong protesters in sight it's not

hard to guess which presidential

candidate was Beijing's favorite so

people were very worried that the

Chinese Communist Party would try to

interfere with the election sanguine

actively made it an issue during the

campaign honk oh you not so much

it means it was an idea oh that's it ha

I met you no indeed but the landslide

victory for Tai and the DPP shows just

how concerned the time these people are

about China the Chinese Communist Party

obviously was not too pleased about the

election results in fact the official

Xinhua state-run news agency blamed

foreign forces including the US for ties

win in the Taiwan regional leadership

election so glad we could be here for

the Taiwan regional leadership election

but what happens next is the real


the Chinese counties party trying to use

money and intimidation in Hong Kong and

that failed in the recent Hong Kong

local elections the Communist Party

tried to use money and intimidation in

Taiwan and that failed to will China

resort to more brutal tactics in Hong

Kong and Taiwan

how will the United States respond one

thing is clear supporting the Communist

Party is no longer a good choice for

your political career the chairman of

the KMT was forced to resign after the

humiliating defeat

and while Hangul you will now carry on

as the mayor of the southern city of Gao

Xiang he's likely to face a recall

election and I just have to say

personally I was moved seeing these

elections and how passionate the

Taiwanese people are about democracy I

hope that's a spirit we can all bring to

the 2020 US presidential elections

well that and an anime adventure game


what I an American third-year high

schooler from class 2 suddenly fell into

a different world and met the president

thanks for watching and once again a big

thank you to the fans who support China

uncensored on the crowdfunding website

patreon we wouldn't be able to come here

to Taiwan to cover these elections if it

weren't for their support so please

leave a thank you to them in the

comments below once again I'm Chris

Chappell see you next time


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