by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

What's up everybody I need to make sure that everything looks good on the livestream how you guys doing today today is January 30th so if you're in the chat right now do me a favor and just let me know if the sound is good

And we will go ahead and get started with today's featured presentation all right so it looks like we're good to go what's up people today is January 30th 2020 we are looking at Bitcoin BTC to the USD

On a 343 complements and a boss method and I think the elevator might just be getting started I've been saying for quite some time now I believe this is a macro shift in the market from down to sideways to up and you know today we're

Going to be looking at the charts and a few other tools that you can use to help you make money in the market so without further ado if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my

Name is became known as the crypto trader I'm the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you can profit

As a result and today is no exception so what we will do right now is show the new people to the community the free crypto trade and tools and resources that we have available on boss of Bitcoin dot-com scroll down you can

Click this link on the right hand side that will take you to my trading view page I wanted a top published authors on there and I will also be posting this chart free of use to everybody that follows me on there so click that link

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$50 free just for signing up with crypto comm all you need to do is share this post right yeah and then click that link right there up top to get $50 for free right so this is what we're talking about today I think it is a shift in the

Market when you look at how high Bitcoin will go well the shift from the USD Fiat slave-labor debt paper to black chain based equity has already started right and this is this was actually confirmed back in like 20 2009 2010 when one

Bitcoin became more valuable than one dollar if you're unfamiliar with the current status quo those green pieces of paper that we've been indoctrinated to value actually have no value they are essentially private own debt notes right

If you actually read the fine print it says to all rights public and private and essentially it refers to the private equity or debt placed on each note which is claimed by a private interest or trust ie the Federal Reserve who

Actually has the rights to the interest on those notes so same prime example you go to a restaurant you know you eat you a nice a nice meal and then at the end of that meal they come and give you a bill right it could be twenty dollars

Could be fifty dollars could be a hundred dollars but nonetheless it is a bill it is an amount due you owe that money is the exact same thing with the denominations in your wallet 5 10 15 20 you owe that money

Right that's not your live asset that is someone else's right to the interest on that note it is an amount due it is a bill the $20 bill is a debt it is not an asset it's a liability essentially right because it has a cured

Interest you know that someone else has the rights to that you don't even see you know we're just passing the bill passing the book so to speak right and so again we got these resources for you free of charge other people for the

People by the people to help you make money in the markets and this is what bitcoin looks like right now bitcoin you can see this is on a month this is a crypto bubbles one of the cool little tools you know that I found that's been

Developed and built out over years to give a nice visualization of the market in real time right Bitcoin on the month is up 30% when you go to a year let's see it's up a hundred and seventy four percent year-to-date going back I think

To January 2019 you know and the rest that all coins are haven't been far behind right one thing to note is that when you actually look at the dominance this is what I'm mostly interested in Bitcoin is still claiming 67 percent

Dominance over the whole market that means of all the money on the blockchain point-blank period 67 percent of it values Bitcoin more than any other asset out there right and so you kind of have to go where the money's at when you're

Talking about what should you value when should you value it BTC has been literally you know the granddaddy of them all and so when I do a lot of these videos oftentimes more than likely I will be talking about Bitcoin only

Unless I see something you know in the charts in the market that shows one of these other coins is about to make money and get get a big chunk of that money in the immediate future right and so again you can see like just clicking

On this now you can see the top 10 top 20 coins are the ones that have received the most value over the year again this is a reflective of trickle-down economics where when new money flows in it comes in from the top down so those

Are two major things that you want to be cognizant of is to always play the top coins but most importantly use the boss method when you do some we're gonna be getting into that here in a second this is Google Trends right one of the things

I like to try to do is show you guys like when a shift happens January 26th you can literally see it looks like we bottomed out here and we've had this spike like literally the past week to where the interest the Google sentiment

Has increased from 55 to 80 it doesn't seem like a lot but to be honest the top of that chart is 100 so this thing is you know well on its way to hitting again macro recognition within the market let me see how do I do this wipe

That off and then another thing you can do right this is just simple trendline analysis is when you take like a straight line you know and make it from the top of those highs you can see like once we hit this area right here that's

When this whole thing broke out right and this follows technical analysis we'll get into it on this chart but you can kind of see just using Google Trends this is a whole new cycle basically that we started towards the end of January a

Couple days ago technically and that's why I'm doing this video so we can open it up to the chat real quick I want to get some live interaction 30 people rocking out with me what's going on see how you do it throw throw some

Numbers in the chat how high will Bitcoin go on this next run we literally since the beginning of the year hell of a 343 since the beginning a year we started this run down here at 7,200

Dollars and today we are at ninety four hundred dollars which is a gain of more than 30 percent in 30 days like a boss yeah I'm saying the dollars not gonna do that if I pull up let's do it real quick let's pull up DGI a DJIA

Right Dow Jones Industrial Average let's look at what they did since the beginning at 2020 which is right up in yo they're up half-a-percent comes in at 30 days right now keep in mind keep in mind

Using the boss method that you actually would have jumped in down here and you would have got you a whopping seven percent for six months right so you can see you know hand over fist BTC is the better option it's a it's a

More valued asset around the world black fang technology is the future bitcoin is the longest working prototype facilitating the transition of recognition from one paradigm to another and as a result it goes up much faster

Much quicker much longer much stronger young-sam and so a bitcoin is definitely in a new cycle one way we know this is because our 77 right I'll tell you guys back in a day I would say you would need to do the white ball test right and what

That is like you just play skee-ball right now and you just kind of take off a couple of e's right yeah right you would literally roll this ball down and wherever it starts to slow up at a lot of times you probably put like the 77 up

In there you know just to give it like some friction wherever it starts to slow up at and it comes back down and it sinks right wherever that happens at that's where your reversal is in the market and that's where you can start to

See these new patterns emerge right and again this is the boss method these are three simple moving averages a 777 and a 231 and then when you freestyle on a Fibonacci take this one put this one right here these are the new levels that

We have basically that have been resonant going back to February of nineteen on a 12-month cycle right and so now that we more or less have a new cycle confirmed right there with white ball

Test if we want it to also confirm that on a Fibonacci this is what that would look like I just did one cycle right there zero to one and right where you can see it behind it but right where that last white line is that last white

Line right there that basically starts the new cycle that's the 6/4 a lot of people don't even know what that is but I do because I built this system six four basically tells you where the new next cycle is gonna start and that's

What we're in right now and so let's jump into the chat and see what you guys think with regards to the future price I see my man Alan Watts said twelve five where's 12 five that twelve five is up damn does about throw

You guys predictions on this thing so that's my man Alan let's see man Alice say it twelve five what else we got the STOVL said 14 k nothing stops until 20 k is it possible we passed 14 k well let's throw you up here too

And then we got another one jerk Industrial Average yeah you're right if we get one more up there you guys up there all right so I'll leave you guys I put you guys in like purple or something there you go I so this is what this is

What I wanted to do I'm gonna build down to a 77 minute because that will give me a couple more intersections to look at to really draw out the fine details finite details of this one of the things to note you always want them an anchor

In to the major intersection of change and that's gonna be that right there a lot of times you want to do a trend line just to get like the baseline bottom support and because I want this to be more dynamic with the quick money I'm

Just gonna do it from the bottom of the seventh to that intersection right there right and when you get a good trend line you can literally just copy and paste it and then throw it back on the last intersection right you know and that in

Turn gives you the new channel that you're operating in right now now keep in mind we are technically outside of that channel but this is kind of like a very quick baseline comparison if I wanted to like get the bottom of that

Seven you know right there right there you can see it's like fractions factions and now we're back inside of it right so a lot of times you just tighten up the angle that you take these different intersections from to really refine the

View that it shows you right and so this is the channel that Bitcoin is in right now you see you on a 343 this is what it looks like we're basically inside this channel moving up into the right which is

Exactly where you want to be when you're talking about investing as long as you're going up into the right you are by definition increasing more of that asset over time right I always tell you guys as three parts to any cycle break

Out break down and then flatline and that's exactly what we did now what comes next breakout keep in mind because this is a quick reversal we will not I repeat we will not continue to run through this

Channel and run all the way up here in a straight line to retest my man Alan to retest this $12,000 limit that's not going to happen what will happen is we will hit pressure we will consolidate and then the market will decide if it

Wants to send it up or if it wants to send it down right that has not happened yet but with respect to this trend I think this is more or less that area that we will be looking at for the market to make a decision and this was

The three-two this is about $9,500 technically another hundred dollars higher than where we are right now I think we could see that as a quick money ceiling but then also I think when this point comes into play at the second part

Of that line that's when Bitcoin will have to make a decision at that point you will either see us run up to 1100 or come back down to 800 to again get this flat flat line in you know consolidation before we hit the next run which would

Be coming over here right and so it's basically two dates that I see which will be pivotal for predicting bitcoins future average the first one is going to be March 3rd the

Second one is gonna be May 9th this level right here kind of serves as our initial long-term resistance for now right but then once we run or once we decide to break through that then you can see this thing go as high as 11,000

Before March 12th right you might get a couple candles up in here you know to meet Alan you know up at is 12,000 but more than likely we'll hit this 11 maybe get a candle tick up there and then come back down to confirm that 3 2 because

What just happened is we're literally testing this thing right now and so if we break and more than likely it will have to come back to confirm it before it starts to hit another big run up here right and that's where that would happen

A lot of times you really just forecast these levels out if we want it to do one going down that's what it looks like put it all the way up top right and you've seen this little Golden Triangle right here that's basically your apex that's

Kind of weird this whole thing started to reverse it that's where negative went to positive and all I did was took two trend lines moved them down copy and paste at each other and that gave us this center of the chart right here

Where things start to turn around it so this is all just one part of a natural cycle again I think 9,600 should serve as a resistance right now we could fall as low as 83 to 8277 even that wouldn't necessarily be bad as long as it

Happened before March 13th after March 13th I think to continue this trend we definitely need to be above 83 and that's when you'll see Bitcoin retest this level here at 94 before May 9th right so again it's like it's like

Low-risk high-reward you buy it up here you value it down there you have a chance to lose 10% over the next three months or my man Alan come through on his 14k you're looking at another 28% and once

Bitcoin gets up here to retest you know these highs this is when the see JB's are really gonna start to look at it because they view it you know from a quarterly perspective from an annual perspective they're like men if we would

Have just got it right there you know or if we would have just you know bought it at the beginning of the year right here you know they would have got probably ten times what they did on Wall Street and so once an asset you know surpasses

The expectations of the market is when you start to see a lot of new money running into it so I notice chart is a little bit convoluted and uh you know it's a lot going on I don't think we'll be getting to 14,000 right away at least

Not until this day right and that's taking it out into the summer probably gentler June July if we wanted to look at it daily yeah that's like mid July is when I think we have a chance to peek out at that 1,400 right but it'll be a

Lot happening before then and also it will be a lot more money coming into the altcoins I think you should value Bitcoin at this point because bitcoin is outperforming dollars and has been for quite some time the simple economic

Design of it as as a machine of value is much better with regards to equity you know and so it will always be dollars over time and so in doing that you can really see the breaks and the shifts you know and I

Think the chance to accumulate the altcoins is right now if you want to go back one of the things I did let's see if I can find the thumbnail where is it let's just do this one of the videos that literally just did a week ago was

On my coin LTC right like pointing to the moon shout out to the people that watched it you know I'm saying bought some like coin highlight – boy that's how you get paid this is when I jumped in and I gave you guys about 39 minutes

A nice small dissertation on why litecoin could easily be one of the biggest coins of 2020 when I did this video and I say that like coin was a buy the price was still down at like 6600 satoshis like 57 bucks 57:34 6600

Satoshi's when you look at light coins price right now let's see the date on this video this was January 2020 right right y'all anywhere 2020 I'll make the video today is up 8% in 10 days that's how you get paid man young-sam Wall

Street ain't gonna make you 8% in 10 days right but B cake a do it on the blockchain and so this is what we have we have the opportunity to make a lot of money in a short amount of time by understanding these different cycles I

Said it once I'll say it twice three parts to any given cycle break out break down flatline what comes next right 800 views you know I'm saying maybe if I had a bow tie you know and I was I was uh you know I was uh pumping

Out pumping out you know a little uh 10 minute 10 minute snippets every day then I could get 28,000 years but I started with 800 so that's what we go work up with this is the real deal man like coin is one of the top coins in the market

Right now I think is one of the best coins of 2020 I just released another profit package today and I'll tell you right now LTC is on that list so shout-out to you for making it this far in the video you're getting a free

Snippet information the profit package is that top seven points to swing trade every seven days litecoin is on that list this week I also got another coin that I'm not gonna get you right now but that coins been on the list for two

Weeks now and it's already jumped up it actually jumped up more than my coin did in this past week and I think it's just getting started and because it's a lower cap coin than litecoin it's not a top ten coin when it goes up it goes up a

Lot faster and a lot more violent because it doesn't have as much of an economy to weight it down and so those are the big things to keep note of I definitely think Bitcoin BTC is on the way up we could see 14,000 by July

However I think we do definitely have to break through this $9,800 barrier right this was this is a major area of concern in this chart because essentially that yellow line is where we fell off from right here

Right and so basically all that money has to has to be filled out on the other side right and so if that was the floor over here then it will be the ceiling over here and that's why you need some time to get through it and that's why I

Could see Bitcoin kind of capitulating between ninety five hundred ninety six hundred eighty eight hundred you know kind of just traded sideways for the next month or so before we see a big pop come in the middle of March right so

There you go people if you want to chat right now shout your country out I appreciate each and every one of you if you think it's quality content hit that thumbs up button from me I definitely want to get this word out and again

We're giving away $50 free $50 from crypto comm first Friday so that's coming up next week all I'm gonna do is do a little randomizer and just jump on here pick somebody and you will be getting paid live on the air so all you

Need to do in order to enter that contest is to share this post right jump and then what I'm gonna do is pick a randomizer pick the day you go back pick that day's video and then just scroll through and pick somebody you know that

Shared that post right how do you see the having playing to this it's already played into it the having started playing in it down here when it didn't drop below 6,000 that's when the bank's realized that because if it would have

Dropped if it would have dropped right there then it was gonna go back down to probably 4,800 right and that's a lot of money to take off the top and because that didn't happen that's more or less that 30% didn't drop that's basically

The premium that the banks are willing to pay in the future the halving has already taken place now having wouldn't occur for another two years then you could have saw Bitcoin drop to probably four grand for the rest of 2021 and then

Started its run probably right around the same time probably about a year out six months out you know for the next for the next run right so I think it I think it's already taking place we're watching it unfold right now and then we're also

Watching the biggest transition of wealth in the history of humanity coming from a pumped-up you know what do we call it circle-jerk Industrial Average NASDAQ right this thing is just running hat like it's retarded it does

Is that doesn't even make any sense right what new value has the world put out in Nasdaq over the past year and a half to make it you know go up that it does it's not supposed to work like that so this

Is fake money you know trying to save face because they know that once they pull that thing now BAM all that money has to go somewhere and actually you get a nice head and shoulders which means it'll drop like that and then you form

Another head and shoulders which means it'll drop down here you know and this legging is literally like a house of cards just stacking up waiting to fall so the biggest thing is to be fearful when people are greedy and be greedy

When people are fearful this is greed right no value in the world has been produced inside the past six months on you know an asset-based exchange that has been around since the early 1900s to make it make it go up that high like it

Does it doesn't make any sense so there you go smash that like button if you haven't done it already I see somebody asking about et see I will be doing a video on them this week et Cie times three again that was your

Time to buy it back there when all the when when that thing gets suppressed you know that's when you need to look at it and that's what I do honestly that's what I do with the profit packets it's not pick coins you know that are right

Here before the big breakout comes and that's when you get paid we have we've been looking at – for like a month you know and and it just hit ADA is another one let's see what else we got what else gos is another one these are

All coins that my people on the profit package all the money team are very cognizant very tuned into and have been profiting as a result somebody just threw out that in the group today nobody's talking

About that but guess what guess what that's a continuation pattern and you know it's very very hard to lose money you know when you when you have these different levels built into it right so it's not a matter of if but when that

Will start to come back and you can probably see that thing before the end of February right breakthrough that price level here hit that right there and if it keeps running like the rest of these coins have go up to hit that right

There right so that's it man that's all I got balsa Bitcoin calm for the different products and packages we have available for you the elevator looks good you know 9000 is one floor 10,000

Another floor 12 12 and a half I think is the top for the time being into the mid summer until the market confirms that it wants to take it higher once we reach this 12 and a half that's when you'll start to see a lot of new fresh

Money coming to the place but again I don't think that's gonna happen until May right now we played a middle we played a market you know we understand the different currencies and the currents and the sea that are literally

Effervescent and floating around us and we use the different tools and packages and products available to make this money right so with that being said everybody is that time of day signing out both boy became no matter

Where you stick Brazil to Bay California all the way back out though jerk money good night good morning and good day thank you for joining – thank you for your time hit that thumbs up button for Playa one time do that for me

If you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic go like a boss

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