How have our purchasing habits changed? | BN Podcast

published on July 9, 2020

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Kind of like in the last couple of weeksand they need to be like an alarm ofsome description that's like you're notrecording anyway so we're doing a chattyvideo today we're talking about sort ofour purchasing habits our experience

With makeup because we did do a QA acouple a week or two ago now we filterjust before they saw we don't know whenanything's going up but it goes up Ithink it was up yeah this yeah but wedid have a few questions that we didn't

Answer in there because they were askingabout like our makeup collections nospending habits and why do we projectpan any tips well you know declutteringand we just thought it'd be a good timeto talk about our sort of makeup

Journeys because our spending habitshave completely changed over time yeahthe way we sort of view the consumerismand what not has changed over time andwe thought it was an interesting topicbecause everyone has their own journey

Mmm we just thought would share ourjourney yeah um and that's what we'redoing today it is so where did we starthow old were you when you like I hadyour first proper makeup items look Iwould say that because I was

Unfortunately a teenager with a lot ofacne I got on to sort of face productsfairly quicklyit started with like blotting sheetspowder I got onto Maybelline Dream mattemousse classic good shed and so I had to

Do it for function like I I found thatyou know I wanted to minimize issuesmind you dream matte mousse clings tobreakouts like there's no tomorrowdoesn't hide it no that stuff you knowleast I could leave the house with my

Head held a little bit higher than mychin on the fucking groundyes so I sort of got into makeup thatway but earlier rewinding like I wasreally interested in like my mum'smakeup my mum used to you know put on

Red lip and do it makeup and nice to belike fascinated and I remember the timeswhere like I bought my first likemetallic blue nail polish and we likenine or something and I thought I waslike the coolest shit yeah she's yawning

Yes also we did just film like an hourand a half before this so coming up totwo hours of non-stop talking it doesactually get quite tiring that's true soyeah so so pretty much I was sort of Iknew I was gonna be well those kids that

Like oh good looking back I knew allsort of gonna be fascinated by it but Igot into it more out of function yeah ifthat makes sense so about 13 I would sayyeah I would have been about 13 it wasaround year 7 yeah when I started

Getting into it and like the firstthings were like mascara black eyelinerwas very important was powder foundationconcealer and like colored lip gloss notjust like a clear lip gloss so that wasaround when it started for me when I

Started going out like when I turned 18I was you know going to bars and clubsand stuff with my friends that's when Iwas getting into like buying more youknow like a fancy eyeshadow paletteit's like my favorite helots were like

The Revlon quads yeah well don't worrythe old mine they were they were likeyou know they were the fancier ones atthe drugstore not fucking cheap I cantell you that much price I know that'snever been cheap and wearing things like

You know blush and doing your eyebrowsand stuff like like I didn't get intoeyebrows I didn't do my fucking eyebrowsin high school I look back and I'm likeno I started doing my eyebrows won't be10 years ago right yeah not even know

Probably a little bit later yeah Istarted doing eyebrows after I got intolike blogging yeah so eyebrows I wish Ilook back and I'm like you fucking idiotdo your eyebrows but no after like Ithink after doing covering trying to

Cover I was also into the eyeliner andthe mascara things I got into lipspretty early on I think it wasdefinitely when I was more about 18th Igot into a shadows and lipstick likeyeah go out go out and I wear a red

Lipstick and I'll you know where my sortof like khaki green or you know goldeyeshadow feeling fancy still I rememberalso I remember the time this is quitefunny this is probably about ten yearsago now I remember the time that I a

Friend of mine did a consult she wasworking for a brand and she was like canI do your makeup just just like aconsult kind of thing and I was likeyeah cool and she put eyeshadow into mycrease and I was like what I'm doing

Yeah what yeah oh just put the eyeshadowon the lid yeah yeah yeah yeah I wasjust like I feel like my eyeshadow wasup to my eyebrow yeah listen it's justthat I wasn't used to when I should arein the crease yeah this was the time we

Could just use one color of shimmer allover the lid yeah so all right that wassort of that's how I sort of operatedfor the longest time I did get intowinged liner at the end of high schoolpeople often say like when they say that

I you know video if I do a wing likethat like you do it so quick like I'veliterally been doing it for at least 15years yeah so you do get used to it yeahyeah it's also once again because I feltreally self-conscious when I was a

Teenagerand probably still these days but I hadquite not quite very but I felt like Ihad quite down turned and hood guys so Ifound that I would always in the mirrorbefore I'd have a shower I would sort of

Do a wing on one side and then a wing onanother side and see which one a littlebit better and you had me feel betterabout myself yeah and I would also thisis the time we used to look at magazinesand look at hairstyle or like makeup

Inspirations and that was around thetime those that sort of like the doughI'm yeah yeah big yeah um probably whenI was about 17 or something and so Iwould be like how do I do this yeah andI used to just practice it take it off

Practice it take it off jump me theshower you know do it again the next dayyeahand then you just throughout the rest ofthe week or the month you try toreplicate it yeah and then you end up so

People wouldn't want tips and tricks andfast ways to do it it's a lot of processvery much practice yeah and what you seeon one person sometimes you can'treplicate on yourself so you have toadjust it so Allah shapes different and

You actually need different techniquefor all eye shapes so that trick isfinding out what works for you bypracticing and trying stuff out and thenlike perfecting your techniques yesactually

Yeah which takes a lot of time luckilyaround that time I want to say that wedidn't have much social media mm ourphones didn't have a camera no so wecould do it without much repercussionsyeah we could yeah we could have really

Really fucking hideous makeup days atschool and it was fine and it was fineno one remembers them no remembers themand everyone looks shit exactly so wewere sort of blessed in that regard yeahwe were really lucky yeah I think we

Grew up with a good time we did wereally did we we grew up like itessentially we got the last window yeahand then everyone who came after us wasdoomed to be suffocated by social mediacorrect because we're in time when it

Was before and after social media andalso the good thing is that we grew upwith enough technology that we're notpotatoes when it comes to technologyyeah but we also aren't so reliant onsocial media so I think it's we grew up

In a really good time yeah we're luckywe don't have to weigh the end of an eraI know our Wow look at that we're gonnabe those people that'll like back in myday we didn't have twitter we didn't saystupid things we said it okay I used to

Fucking meet people face to face andinsult them and I would never rememberit 10 years later yeah good times goodtimes so no wait no no me a crotchetyold bitch God so when did your likelaughs not large amount of spending but

When did you start buying like your peakmake up purchasing start look I reckonso I went to uni twice so straight outof high school I went to uni for fouryears and then I took a year off and Iwas working full-time and then I went

Back to uni to do it another degree inthat time where I was working full-timeI found myself having a lot moredisposable income that I never had so Igrew up not very well-off so for me itwas luck sure like it was a credible oh

Yeah – bye yeah make up and so wheneverpeople they come from that perspectiveor they say that in the comments like Ican't afford that I I totally feel likewhy I was there I lived it for a verylong time but when I was working

Full-time all of a sudden I realizedthat I sort of had money to spend and Ididn't really know what to do with it sothat was around the time where I wasgoing out most that was around the timewhere I was you know buying more clothes

Buying more makeup you know you'd gointo Mac for you know the first time andbuy a thing or whatever happened to bethat was also around the time they movedout of home what ended up happening wasI I moved out of home and then I went

Back to uni and then I had even lessmoney than before so I still had thatsort of urge to want to try new thingserr experiment with makeup but I justdidn't have the funds to do it so what Iended up doing was I would buy myself

Always researching online so this wasbefore urban decayand all these other brands came toAustralia I think to face was probablyjust in Australia and I used to ah toface you used to be able to buy it at

Mile or your David Jones and then theypulled out for a few yearsyeah and they come back yeah so you knowI used to pretty much do a lot ofresearch because I wanted to you knowwhen you want to buy something but you

Can't afford it so you just want to comehere look things up and so I still a lotof research about makeup and I comeacross these really cool things thatjust could not by install oh yeah Iremember when Lime Crime first came on

The scene seen me like oh my god anorange lipstick that's fucking amazingyeah I would spend like a day on myweekends scouring all the shops andstuff for an orange lipstick and theyjust didn't exist yeah um so I remember

Like I used to do a lot of research manthey were depressing days they were byeye when you are not depressing theAustralian dollar was stronger than youall right I know that was a good time soI used to do a lot of research and that

Got me into this sort of beautycommunity and I used to read a lot ofreviews because not having much money ifI'm gonna spend $20 on a product I wantit to be a good product and then I foundmyself because I heard it half the time

By a dud and be disappointed with mypurchase I ended up starting a blog so Istarted a blog I think it was in about2000 and I think early 2011 or late 2010and I started a blog because I thought Iwill add my reviews to the pool of

Reviews because I couldn't find a goodlike a decent review on this product butI won't tell people that it was notworth the money yeah that's how Istarted getting into the beautycommunity

Yeah trying to find good deals trying tofind good products that were worth mymoney and warning people of you knowshit products and also raving about goodproducts and that's how I got intoreviewing and that's sort of as time

Went on just buying more and more yeahso I am quite similar to you I did a Istudied makeup in 2012 and I did have ablog before that but it was I mean againit was just like you know doing littlereviews here and there but I always sort

Of stayI didn't get too deep into the beautycommunity while I was blogging it wasn'tuntil I started YouTube that I sort offell deeper into that rabbit hole andthat led to where I am today

But I would say 2015 16 and 17 were mybiggest purchasing years yeah this waswhen I was like buying all the cool shitbecause we could get it here yeah wecould have it shipped from overseas andour dollar was strong so it didn't cost

A lot and also web sites were opening upto international they work yes and writeit part of that web sites like the Lordbrands didn't have web sites no webslike stores and a lot of them wouldn'teven ship to Australia or anyway yeah

Yeah I was I think there was a timewhere it was probably the early 2010'smaybe like year 2013-14where most things yeah yep yeah andprior to that you just couldn't get itmmm

But yeah I think also around that timeyou know brands will bring it out somuch cool shit yeah so much cool fuckingshit and it was just exciting to buy itall and try it all and it was so muchfun then you start to realize this a lot

Yeah look I started feeling like that acouple of years ago I think because ofmy because I had to wait until I wasworking for me to be able to justifybuying like another like buying decentmakeup or regular makeup that was not

Just an eyeliner here and a powder thereI think for me where I realized mypurchasing habits were getting a littlebit out of hand was what I didtransition to from having a blog tohaving a YouTube channel and I actually

Started that because I was doing likeunboxings of like subscription boxes andwhatnot to know that I was putting intomy blog content so I started YouTube toadd a different element to my blog butthen they ended up going in different

Directions but when I started reviewingmakeup and I felt the pressure that Ithink a lot of smaller creators feel tokeep buying new things just to createcontent so around the time I startedworking or working more I would

Prioritize buying a new item every otherweek just so I could create content yeahand that happened for maybe a year ortwo and then I looked back and I waslike what have I done like yeah whathave I done

Yeah and that's sort of the reality hitthat I was just buying stuff to reviewit yeah and I think a lot of people getcaught up in that and I see youtubersthat are starting out like today or likehave been around for about a year or

Something and they just buy buy buy buybuy and I'm like they're gonna look backand be like yeah whatever I dug yeah soI think yeah so I think for me thebiggest catalyst was having a YouTubechannel yeah feeling like feeling the

Pressure to keep creating content yeahon you release stuff yeah so if we lookback like two years ago a year ago andthen today at our collections and ourpurchasing habits how would you say it'schanged over that time I think I just

Have been buying a lot less yeah I thinkI've been just a lot more aware of whatI will be using yeah well because Ithink learning the hard way which is youspend a lot of money on these productsand they sit in a cupboard and then you

Have that guilt of I've got a trial userof makeup and I can't even use that Ithink that sort of weighs on you after awhile and you end up not losingexcitement for makeup I don't thinkthat's necessarily the case but you look

At a product and you're like how muchuse am I going to get out of this yeahand so I think over time like this yearI haven't bought too much all last yearI think it was fairly good year beforeit was a year we did our first low buy

That's true yeah so I think the last fewyears I've been a lot better buddydid take almost the harsh reality of mmmyou could have lots of money in yourbank account but instead you have a lotof makeup makeup going off and your

Cupboard yeah for me but I think look Ithink there's a balance though because Ifeel like we're they are buying all thatand trying all that I wouldn't know whatI know today correct and I think for ourjob like if we hadn't tried a lot of

Brands like if we'd never triedsomething from Urban Decay you'd be likewhat the fuck why are you talking aboutmakeup so I feel like we almost neededto do that as research I mean at thesame time it's very expensive research

It's very wasteful research yeah and butI think also when it comes to tryingespecially colors these days it's sopopular it's so much easier buying anude palette and then deciding how muchyou're gonna use it but you actually

Have to experiment with color to realizewhat colors what well is here so yeahwhat you will reach for a daily basis soyou know you do end up having graveyardsof colorful lipsticks and colorfulblushes and colorful you know eyeliners

And color eyeshadows and you have tosort of try that yourself to come to therealization of what works of me and whatwill I continue buying more of and whatwill I steer clear of and that that'sjust again experience yeah I agree

You you actually you're never going toknow what if you have a bit of an issuewith buying makeup where you buy a lotof it you're actually never going tostop that spending until you've sort ofdone the damage yeah you have to do the

Damage all mostly did you work it outbottom gray yeah so it kind of it iswhat it is and I know that like we allhave that sort of realization eventuallyyeah you know you've got to go throughthe spending and then you go oh okay

Yeah this is a fucking waste of moneyand I can't possibly use it all do youthink like that's probably the biggestthing that caused the change for youjust the realization you have like yeahyeah I think it would be and yeah so

Like even thoughI am NOT a minimalist in any way shapeor formI do get overwhelmed by a lot of stuffhmm I'm the kind of person that like ifmy laundry is everywhere I they'll get a

Time where I'm just like I feelsuffocated yeah and I there was a timewhere I was walking into my study andI'll just be like this causes me it'sfucking this dress yeah I don't evenwant to be yeah I don't want to be in

Here it makes ya uncomfortable andmakeup shouldn't and it's all somethingthat you really enjoy shouldn't give youthose feelings yeah which is where Isort of started focusing more on or everwith the year we did the low buy I sort

Of took it and the good thing was thatit was also at a time where Beauty newswas taking off as a channel so I was nolonger fixated on I need to create morecontent for my channel I need to grow mychannel because you don't need to grow

Anything by now there's a if you'reputting in a lot of work into somethingyou really want to see it do well and soI prior to that I was fixated on I needto do three videos of my channel than Ineed to do this and if I review the

Latest eyeshadow palette within threedays of being launched you know peopleare gonna watch it and it's gonna begreat for my channel and I was reallyfixated on that I hated that pressure Ihated worse it was the last I chasing

That oh shoot its time so I I I wentfrom that to feeling that because Beautynews was doing it so anything withoutmeaning to buy a whole bunch of crapjust a review I sort of was getting thesatisfaction of seeing a channel grow so

I then pulled back the content on mychannel less about the latest reviewsand more about content that I justwanted to create with the makeup Ialready had yeah so I sort of tried tocreate series and video ideas on you

Know using what I currently had and Ijust had a lot more enjoyment out ofthat so it worked at a really good timebecause I think if Beauty news wasn'tthere and it wasn't a channel that wasgrowing I would probably still be

Chasing the viewsmy channel yeah and buying the fuckingbehind the product yeah there is now Idon't give a fuck no I watch my contentyou think Beauty news had an effect onlike you're purchasing yes yes so do i I

Think no massive lie yeah I think therewas there was a two-phase effect thoughI think firstly when you're talkingabout new releases for the first timeespecially probably the first six monthsor so yeah of having the channel Utah

Bye-bye-bye yeah I like that's excitingon a buy it on a Buy and you end up weused to catch up and just buy shitmm-hmm and then like be like what thefuck were you done why are we having butwhy don't we buy all this makeup yeah

Why do we buy for eyeshadow palette yeswe need these three highlighters youknow yeah so yeah I think it a start ittriggered spending yeah and then I thinkwhat happened is as you sort of say thesame things come out week in week out

You miss out on buying that palette butthen around the corner there was anotherone just a pre-release yeah yeah so thatrepetitiveness really made me realizethat I don't need to buy buy buy buy buyso yeah it sort of paint and then like

Totally drop Josh I'm falling asleepjust thinking about it yeah you'refalling asleep things but it's truethough like you you watch oh you look atall of the releases and it's a lotconsuming them yeah already yeah it's

Like I can imagine exactly what I looksup can create I can imagine how that'sgonna look on the lips yeah or you cango oh that looks so similar to the thingthey brought out last year yeah that Istupidly bought yeah went to your

Lipsticks that look like that and I'dnever use them yeah it's yeah yeah soyou do like I think that they're justand I think that's what we've heardfeedback from as well with some of ourviewers is people that come across

Beauty news alike oh my god this is soenabling I really want everythingand then people start realizing ah Idon't actually feel like I need to buythat because I saw something verysimilar last week exactly no I forgot

Something very similar in my collectionI'm gonna kill this blow first it's justdoing laps oh I know and it's gigantic Ireckon if it hit us in the right spot onthe side of the head I'd knock us outhow do we view our collections now I

Would still say overwhelming yeah Iagree it's not at a level that I wouldI'm comfortable with but I think look ohI almost got it there where I could puteverything away and that's sort of likewhat I'm okay with as long as it all

Fits into the drawer system that I'vegot set up yeah yeah are all good but Ithink because what I'm currently tryingto do is move my makeup room into whichis my office as well I'm trying to alsoincorporate baby room into there that

I'm finding reducing the space stressfulyeah sorry for me it's still at a stresslevel but if not as bad as it used to beyeah yeah mine look you can attest tothis you saw my I had my basically mywhole makeup collection and my filming

Set up in my bedroom and you can't dothat it was just you you couldn'tbreathe in there it was so so so bad andI ended up converting my garage into afilming space and suddenly I had allthis beautiful space and beautiful

Drawers and organization to put mymakeup into and doing that reallyallowed me to see my collection Idiscovered products that I forgot I hadthings I didn't even know that I fuckingpurchased things I'd never used and I

Was really able to see the forest forthe treesyeah once it was all organized and thatagain made me go or I've got a lot soI've been working on making it smalleryeah but also like I've done

You know I've done big purges in thepast and I know they don't work for mebecause I tend to have the regret orI'll then go out and buy stuff so for meI'm like I'm trying I'm going throughthe process I'm doing what I know works

For mebut what so let's talk about the processthat you're you're doing to minimize yesso I I'm not really I'm just trying tobe like a mindful purchaser so the nextquestion is about like low by mindful

Purchasing our opinions and how wepractice it yeah so I've done a low buyand it's not for me yeah I'm not reallyinto it I don't I find that when I'mlike you cannot buy more than X amountor you can only buy or you can't buy

Anything I can do that for a littlewhile and then I'm like fuck you yeahfuck this don't tell me what to do yeahit's my money I fucking worked hard forit and if I want to buy a fuckinghighlighter or a lipstick or a new

Foundation I'm gonna matter if I can doit yeah so that doesn't work for me butwhat I have found works really well forme is buying the things that excite meyeah like if you know if there'ssomething released I have like twofold

If something pops up in Beauty news andit like lights this little flame insideme I know that I want it straight awayand then there are other things whereI'm like that's really beautifuland I can see that being a super

Functional product and you know it comesfrom a brand that I know is good thatsort of goes on the wish list and thenI'll like buy it eventually and also Ilike I make videos about what I buy andnow I'm recapping my last year's videos

Which is proving to be very interestingbecause I still got a lot of shit lastyear yeah yeah I think look I think I'msort of similar in the sense that Idon't think low buyers or no buyers forme work and it's it's a psychological

Reason and what happens is that I'm thekind of person and I'm sure people dothisall different ways but I'm the kind ofperson that if I'm having a particularlylike shitty day or if I just feel like I

Want to like feel special I'm like Iwouldn't buy that you fucking lipstickyeah tell me what to do I want to buy ityeah in the scheme of things like what'sthe heart I'm spending $3000 yes andI'm going out and taking drugs like you

Know it just it makes me everyone hastheir thing later some people like bagso shoes or they fucking buy a newwardrobe everyone dancing oh yeah – likereally fancy dinner yeah it's been like$200 and a meal exactly will they buy

Really expensive bottles of alcoholbecause it makes them feel boozing itlike we buy makeup yeah so so I thinkdenying that some people gamble that'struesure sorry buddy mate yeah so I think

Denying my outlet to do that yeah it'snot healthy it does actually yeah for meyeah so I just found that strictly beinglike you can't buy anything doesn't workso what I tend to do is I'm really bigon project panning I like yeah trying to

Use what I currently have and what'sreally helped me with project panning orthrough doing project panning over thepast like four years is that I know howlong things last yeah I know that if Ibuy a foundation I use it everyday it's

Gonna last me about three months so forme I can really factor in do I need thishow long will it take for me to use itif I you know love it or don't love itor whatever happens to be like how manyof these do I need in my collection yeah

Realistically so I don't think I'vebought a new blush in a year because Ilearned that panning a blush tastes likeivory yeah and literally Tangela andknowing that know like I don't actuallywant to add any more brushes to my

Collection what I've already got is fartoo much as it is but knowing that likefor example yeah a foundation mascarapowders I can use within a couple ofmonths I and more confident going okayif I buy this

Like you said yeah and so I think justknowing your habits how much you usewhat you use how long it takes you touse it up has really shaped how I buythings yeah and I think that has just itmay be more mindful but again like like

We said we're talking about makeupday-in day-out and researching makeupliterally every single day seven days aweek you get sick of itanalysis paralysis yeah yeah it's justlike yeah

Yes very few things that I come acrossI'm like wow that's really amazing andgenerally I will even like whatsomething or look at something we'lldiscuss it in business I'm like yeahthat's alright and I'll see you in store

And I'm like wow that's actuallysomething that I would use on a dailybasis I'm gonna treat myself todaybecause I want to yeah and so sometimesI buy things I don't even expect I'mgoing to buy yeah but it's more about

Being aware of how much am I actuallygoing to get use out of this yeah andthat's how I sort of purchased thesedays but what are the triggers for thatlike make you actually buy aquaduct Ithink there's probably two triggers yeah

One is if it's something that I don'tthink I've got sorry if there's aparticular something like a eyeshadowshade or a blush Thornton a blush blushand yes but like like a highlight for melike yeah or a new lip formula I think

That I'm like oh I really likehistorically I love that brandsblah and they've just brought out thisnew color story yeah I the qualityversus combined with the colors I don'thave that yeah I'm really excited for it

Like it's gonna be something that I feellike I'm gonna use a lot of somethingthey potentially don't already have inmy collection or something that makes mefeel good yeah I'm much the same likefor example the hourglass confession

Lipsticks I'm I'm obsessed with them andlike I whenever they release them I'mlike I have to own itlike I have to own it I'm also a littlebit of a magpie where I like I saysomething

Ugly yeah and I'm like ooh I kind ofwant that like the JD glory multicoreLana's and like sparkly lighters andstuff like that and like how do I reducethem but mostly like anything that issort of I look for things that are

Interesting that like you haven't reallyheard of before like one that came tomind that I don't mind it's noteveryone's favorite and it's not amazingbut the synchros skin from Shiseido thatfoundation where they were like it's got

A formula that refreshes itself so itdoesn't crease and stuff like that i wassuper interested to buy that and youknow i got it and i tried it should havereviewed it could have reviewed itprobably never will review it but that's

The sort of stuff that like interests meI like to try new things and you know alot of people ask us you know what's amakeup item that you could never livewithout oh no like what something yourepurchase over and over and over again

I'm like no much yeah I'm more inclinedlike if I finish a powder even if I lovethat powder I'm more inclined to go andbuy a new powder that I've never triedbefore because I love trying newproducts yeah I've got that I've got

That bug as well and I think that comesfrom having the sort of reviewbackground and wanting to have knowledgeon a lot new release things that Ireally do value trying new things yeahwe had a lot of questions that we didn't

Answer in the Q&A it was like if allyour makeup disappeared tomorrow and youknow what would you repurchase or if youcould only save three things yeah whatwould it be if everything worked outlike what would you buy

Oh yeah how many like repeats do youhave things and there are some productsin my collection that I willconsistently repurchase like I love thatMaybelline fit me yeah yesin oh sorryfresh and flawless powder yeah

See now that I just sort of will repeatlike if I see it on sale at a drugstoreand you know I'm nearly out of it I'llbuy a new one because I know I canconsistently rely on it yeah but if itcame down to you know I've used up my

Fancy whatever foundation do Irepurchase it no I'm always on – oh yeahabsolutely I agree yeah like there aresome foundations that I buy backups offbut for the most part I'm alwaysthinking about like what's yeah I'm

Always on the lookout for a newfoundation I love trying new foundationsyes and even then I would probably thinkif I was to buy a backup I wouldprobably still use new things in betweenI sold and then I'm like oh those five

That I've used still on isn't as good asthat other way I'm gonna buy another oneof those next but yeah there are anysort of backups that I buy consistentlya generalist skincare ones I always buyschirmir a cleansing oil sometimes I've

Got a few backups of those because I'vebeen using that for about eight years orsomething every single day to remove mymakeup I also buy backups of likebiodome micellar water cuz I use that inthe morning to cleanse my skin so there

Is only a couple of really functionalthings that I will have backups oh yeahwhen it comes to makeup like if if Ilost a red this red lipstick tomorrowwould I replace it no I'd buy anotherred like one so I can try a different

Formula I'm always looking for what iscoming out next what's interestingwhat's better than what I've alreadytried so I'm yeah I'm definitely one ofthose I'm seeking yeah me too the newestthing and what's better than what I've

Already got so it's only yeah it's onlyreally when I've tried a bunch of stuffand I guardwell that concealer was actually waybetter yeah go back to it yeah andthat's generally when something will

Stay in my collection for a long timebecause I know it's reliable buteverything else I'm like my if mycollection disappeared tomorrow Iwouldn't cry about itI know where to start I would cry about

It because I'd be upset my god the moneyat the money I spent that's been wastedyeah but if someone said I'msnap my fingers and turn your collectioninto money yeah back in your bankaccount that I would agree like let's do

It no hey I'm going shopping for a niceyeah me tooI would have to leave yeah I wouldHIGHLY there are some things that Iwould be like mm-hmm all right well Iwill be sad that you're gone but we did

Have some time together so I appreciatethat but see yeah give me that moneyyeah I think also with them as and thenI know some people have reallycollectors yeahmindset so I know like I hadn't had a

Friend who used to do YouTube and shewould never buy a new sort of range ofsomething cause she'd have to buyeverything if she liked it that's crazyand I I understand that there are peoplethat'll like that yes collectors out

There are you to be fair I've been likethat yeah well some say I think when Istarted and I treasured my makeupcollection a lot more than I do now um Iused to try to complete collections yeahyeah whereas no I'm jippy to face

Palettes over here hey palettes stufflike that I know Stassi of Beverly Hillspalette until they brought out thelatest damn rosy one and they lost me tome yeah you're right there's like oryeah yeah so you know there are times

Where I've fallen for that but I lookback and I'm like I don't actually valuehaving that collection mm sorry for meyou know I'm not gonna cry river over itI would be upset if I lost some of mymakeup but yeah yeah I would say it more

As an opportunity to try something newso that's that's sort of where I'm atwith makeup I still love it and I stillwant to wear it I still want to put upmy face every day but does it have to bethe sentimental thing that you know no

It doesn't rule it doesn't rule yourlife like it's functional these daysyeah yeah and if something works reallywell and even if my collection wind I'mMichael fuck curvesI love I love those lip stains and I

Miss them oh I'll buy them but yeahwouldn't cry over it no just makeupmm-hmm what about panning yes so how doyou do it why do you do it yeah and doyou have any tips for panning yeah sofor people that aren't aware

We a big project pan is not big as inlike we don't have multiple multiplemultiple different project we just haveone big project pan yeah and you'redoing a I should I shadow one this yearyeah yeah so some people have channels

That are just dedicated to differentproject patterns yeah whereas I have wehave one project pan that we're doingall year long so project panning ispretty much targeting certain productsto try to use them up or to hit pan on

Themand a lot of people find that such areally confusing thing to do because alot of people if you really love aproduct you like I don't know yeah yeahmake it last as long as possible and

Don't worry we have those products inour collection as well yeah and againlike back when I could not afford muchmakeup at all the idea of hitting pan orusing up something was quite a yeah Ithink so I totally understand that that

Is a weird concept for a lot of peoplebut if you do have an abundance ofmakeup and you also find that over timeyou make up something to get oldnow makeup does have expiry dates onthem so you'll see a little dates in a

Little jar like a little twelve monthsor 24 months whateverso technically makeup does expire somepeople ask me like do I use old makeupand the answer is yes if I was a makeupartist I wouldn't use old makeup on

Clients but on my face I'm fine with itif it doesn't cause me any issues I willcontinue to use it if it hasn't changedcolor texture tint whatever applicationyeah weight a texture yeah so if itdoesn't change then I generally say that

It's fine to use but there are timeswhere you might pull out something likea old lip gloss and you like this smellstinks and then that's really like lookchocolate but if you are the type ofperson that's finding that they've got a

Big collection that's a little bit outof hand or a lot of bit out of hand orit's an aging collection you will itfeels really good to know that you canstart using up those products so theseare the projects you target certain

Amount of products in our project panthat we do which is the hashtag teamproject pan20 we do a full face so you take oneitem of each step of your routine andyou target that to use it up and you'll

Be surprised at how many products youcan actually use up in a year I thinklast year yous don't like the 60 or 70of items yeah it's a lot of us a lotit's a lot a lot so I really enjoyeddoing that because I find that I get a

Lot of use out of my products and all ofa sudden I'll have like a drawer offoundations and face powders and it'sreally nice to actually see that dwindledown to a manageable collection ofproducts that you really like so with

Tips on project panning if you want todo it firstly I think you've got tostart pretty small because it can beoverwhelming forcing yourself to use thesame thing every dayI find it quite refreshing I love it I

Mean like a full face is the easiest wayto do it because I've got a full face ofproducts that I can put on my face andyou don't have to do it every day nolike if you if you go to work five daysa week and there's four weeks in a month

And that's 20 days where you're goingout if you wear makeup to work that's 20applications from a product you couldn'tyou can burn through a foundation in twoto three months – you're not you can ifyou have just like a compact powder of

Like face powder you can probably hitpan on that in a month and a half twomonths yeah like if you're using a lipgloss and you're taking it to work withyou and you're reapplying it three orfour times a day you can burn through it

In a month like I think the hard thingabout project panning is people peopleget into it after watching other peopledoing it and think oh I should do thatbecause I have a lot of makeup yeah andthen they try it and they're like still

Buying makeup they wanting to use newmakeup they're wanting to play with thisokay with that they're not makingprogress on their project pan andthey're like it doesn't work for me it'stoo hard what am i doing

Then you get into this headspace whereyou're like project painting is shit Ihate it I think it's better to like youknow try it for like shorter periods youknow can I do a year long because weknow that works for us but we also

Refresh every quarter so anything thewest stick off we can get rid of we canswap stuff out whatever we want to do ifyou like want to try a full-face maybepull out a full face products and usethem for a month yeah or two months and

Then see how you go if you like you knowwhat I have used this fucking browpencil every day for a month and I hateit get rid of it yeahor if you're like I actually like usingthe same foundation doesn't work for me

All month long because my skin changeswith my hormones or something then maybepainting foundation isn't for you maybeyou need to have two in there to panlike it's a matter of like adapting theconcept of using what you have to what

Works for you it's almost like look atyour makeup collection like yourrefrigerator yeah do you just let all ofthe food go bad in there or do yousometimes like Frank and Mille somethingyeah just you shade up because you don't

Want to waste it yeah and I think look Ithink what you were getting it at thestart as well is is really important ifyou're the type person that still wantsto use heaps of new makeup in my newmakeup you're probably not at the stage

Where you're ready for a project so yourjourney your makeup journey where as ourmakeup JD we're saying sort of likestarted pretty slow built up and thenthings like online shopping anddiscovering the beauty community really

Triggered our spending and now we're ata stage where we're sort of fatigued byall we look at our collections and itstresses it us out it doesn't cause usjoy it causes us causes us anxiety sowe're at a stage where we get more joy

Out of using a product than we do buyinga product correct so if you're not atthat stage you're not going to enjoy theprocess as much as other people will andyou look at people that are redlike there at the stage with like I'm

Ready to use up my stuff before I buynew stuff and you might look at that andgo that looks so easy they're makingsuch great progress it's not easybecause they're mentally ready for ityeah we're and even then it's not easy

Like project panning is like it's achallenge yeah and it's like the moreyou do it the easier it becomes but it'salways a challenge and when you startyou you're gonna struggle and now you'renormal see I would say start like I

Started when I was working full-time andI would use my project pan stuff everyday of the week week day and then on theweekends I would play with other makeupit was sort of like okay get your shitdone and the good thing is if you've got

A routine that you know how long ittakes to apply you know it down to a teeyou know how the concealer and thefoundation the powder work together andyou can actually streamline your morningmakeup right yeah which I found really

Helpful so that's how I got into sort ofusing the same products and then on theweekends I'd be like now you can use theglitter and the fancy shit and do it andthe new foundation and you know enjoyyourself that was like my little treat

So I really saw as being like functionand then like play so that's how I sortof got into the routine of it but Ithink it's important if you're startingto look at what you're happy to use on adaily basis for me I can use the same

Foundation concealer powder bronzerblush highlighter brows mascara everysingle day does not bother me the thingsthat I struggle with panning eyeshadowsand lip products because that's what Ilike to change up that's what I find in

My routine gives me most joy alternatingso I don't put much pressure on myselfpanning the lip products and eyeshadowsI will put them in my project pan justbecause but if I don't use up aneyeshadow in a year I don't care because

I probably used up six foundationsbecause I know I can consistently usethe same one time and time again so it'sabout like just knowing your routinesome people use the same a lip glossevery single day without batting an

Eyelid but they can't use the same blushyeah and that's totally cool you got towork with your habits yeah but toactuallyanalyze and learn your habits you sortof have to force it after yourself to do

It yeah yeah that's true that's trueyeah a project panning isn't somethingthat you're like just you don't have anyit's not your instinct yeah like it'snot built into you you have to actuallylearn about who you are yeah to

Effectively project pan yeah so I alsosee project padding as being theequivalent of going from a job that issort of casual dress to go into a jobthat has a uniform mmmsome people like that because they can

Wake up and they know exactly what towearsome people hate that mmm so you know itis just depending on how you sort ofview it as wellyeah whereas I think another big tip is

Don't like you can do this as achallenge and I sometimes do this as achallenge but I try not to do it toomuch don't project pattern things thatyou hate yeah yeah that's it sometimes Ilove to do it sometimes I love to do it

As well a challenge but that is one ofthe biggest misconceptions about projectdon't do it when you're just startingout people people believe that you areproject planning things to get them outof your collection because you hate them

No you hate them throw them out or passthem on to someone that will like themproject pan things that you know maybethe shade is not going to work for youin winter maybe your skin is getting alittle bit more dryer and you want to

Use this matte foundation while you're abit more oily pan something you've got afoundation that's been sitting aroundfor a year and a half and you know it'scoming to it's used by day those are thethings that you focus on padding things

They don't actually enjoy wearing thatdo work but they're not your likefavorite favorite favorite favorite ortheir that I just see it as being likeif you wanted to declutter or streamlineyour collection what makeup does work

For you but you don't really love panthat yeah it works but you don't love ityeah it wouldn't repurchase it youwouldn't reboot it yeah but you're gonnathrow it out yes so pan that stuff keepthe best of the best

Yeah and the stuff that's absolutelytrash and doesn't work for you get o itout yeah throw it out because you havepeople oftensee as being able to suffer throughusing up a whole concealer that like

Lifts my foundation and looks like craplook so you take you on my under eyes noI don't like I need to pan a whole browpomade that's the wrong colorno don't know get rid of it yeah it'sjust gonna make your life a misery

Speaking of throwing shit away this isthe last topic we're gonna deliverdecluttering mm-hmm all right how do wedo it what makes us to clutter a productyeah how often do we do it yeah and whatdo we do with the stuff that is a big

Burning question we get it all the timelook I think decluttering you're gonnago do it your pace do you think it iscathartic sometimes if you have thislike especially when you start to wantto purge some of the excess stuff it's

Quite cathartic to sit down with yourwhole collection and just do a bigdeclutter yeah declutter everything sitdown the floor pull out all your lipproducts mm-hmm put the ball on thefloor and then do big like swatch fest

And decide what you want to keep andwhat you want to get rid of and you knowso doing a big purge is a really goodway to start just be aware that ifyou're to go home oh you might have someregrets yeah and then it might lead you

To purchasing more products so I wouldsay you know be a bit cautious don't betoo gung-ho but I also feel like what Ilike to personally do is declutter as Igo I find that to be just a lot moreorganic so if I try something and I'm

Like that lipstick what was I thinkingyeah I will just I'll put it on and I'llbe like no and I will put in the B putit in the bin so that's how I tend to doit yeah I my decluttering has evolvedover the years once upon a time I used

To take all of my collection out of itsdrawers and I'd put it into categoriesand then I would declutter by categoryI've also decluttered directly out ofthe drawerand I found like decluttering out of the

Drawers is fun because you get to seethe whole collection but I found if Iwas putting things back into the drawerthat I knew I wanted to declutter thatwas bad cuz I'd open that drawer and I'dsee it not just be like yeah this is not

I hate that thingso I've started something new wherewhenever I use something and I decidethat I'm not keeping this I have adedicated draweryeah that it goes in there and when the

Drawer is full I film a declutter andthat I found works for me yeah and Ithink that that's a better way to do itI if I wanted to film a video I justsometimes have a little like box andyeah put things in there yeah but I

Actually found that that hindered mefrom decluttering right because I feltlike I needed to account for why I'mgetting rid of every yeah and I sort offelt like it's none of your businessyeah see I don't even care so much you

Know I'm like I'm just getting rid of ityeah whereas I'm just more flippantwhere I'm like I went through my drawerlike my lipstick drawers the other daybecause I was trying to like justorganize things and I'm just like look

If I haven't used you in a year and I'vegot no emotional attachment to you knowI've got no real I don't actuallyforesee myself using this lipstick inthe next year yeah I'm you're gettingrid of it yeah and I just feel like you

Know sometimes it's hard becausecreating declutter content like it'sgenerally very popular content yeah butit can also have a lot of backlash whereit's like yeah oh my phone yes yes yesoh that

Where can you send me that makeup lookgod yeah Julie emails yet after that somany lipsticks no and you're likefucking help so yeah so I just foundthat for me I was I had to like I almostfelt like if I was just if I was

Decluttering something for a video Ialmost felt like I had to justify ityeahwhereas I just preferred now to goyou're going in the bin yeah that's fairgoing in the bin and I'm not creating a

Declutter because none of your businessyou go with my Amish you go in the binyeah so I find that maybe even once aweek there'll be something that will goon to bed yeah I can I line that I'mlike you're not creamy anymore yeah

There's something that goes into mydrawer onceyeah so I planned it more cathartic yeahin the bin yeah no that's fair so whenit comes to the items yep anything oldgoes in the bin yes are there anything

Like is there anything else that you dowith stuff that's not as all if makeupssort of heavily used it's in mycollection it's getting oldyeah if I declutter it unless it'ssomething that's fairly new yeah I will

Chuck it out because I know it's alreadyold I know it's already got backtogether all over if it's a year and ahalf old and half use yeah I know it'syou know not giving that to anyoneno it's grudges what I might do is give

Things like foundations and stuff to mymum yeah and I also I'll pass them on topeople if it's something that's veryvery lightly used or watch somethingsticking your fingers in or putting onyour face yeah like yeah yeah so if it's

A pump thing or an eyeshadow palette orsomething that is lightly used I willput it in a you know container and Iwill like a box and I will make myfriends friends and family go through ityeah I've got one of them yeah so it's

More of it yes it's a lightly usedfairly fresh sort of box of makeup and Iwould say friends family take what youwantand then what we also do that a lot ofpeople don't realize is that when we get

PR in that we don't we know we won't useso for example we might get a collectionof a whole colour-pop collection ofsomething and we don't actuallygenerally swatch it on camera or swatchit in a photo because we end up donating

It yeah so I'm now mindful whensomething comes into my house I think amI going to use this yeah or will Haleyuse your will Haley use it or vice versayeah and if the answer is no we actuallymainly donate and not to touch it we

Will take a photo of it or somethinglike that but we don't actually touchthe product so we donated at a woman'sshelter so I find that by doing that Ihave less that's going into mycollection yeah so whatever comes out of

My collection is generally old yes I'mhere and it goes in the bin but I try tofilter like if I've been if I've beentrying like um you know I've been sent acollectionof lipsticks or something and i swatched

Them for an instagram photo or somethingbut then I look at it up great I'm notgonna use those five shades yeah I willput those aside for friends mmmbut if I if there's a completelycollection that comes out and I'm

Actually not going to use thefoundations at all they go to donationsso I'm yeah I'm just a lot better atorganizing where these things are gonnafit in my life before they get old andbefore they get funky and before they

Get used before they even come into yourclass so what goes into my collectionare the things that I actually want touse yeah I'm the same yeah I try not toI try not to use anything unless I planon yeah like using it and keeping it

Yeah yeah won't do like lip swatches oranything with products that I'm like Ijust know yeah like I do another issomeone who can use it yeah like I did adabbler review and even though I wastrying a bunch of the lipsticks

There was one shade that was like I'mnot gonna use that yeah I'm just notgonna use it it's a pink I don't like ityeah so I'm not even gonna open it and alot of ladies do like pinkyeah there are a lot of labels can use

It who can't fucking access stuff likeyeslet's donate it and hopefully someonewill love it yeah or you know if mymom's like loved that she'll be like itis yours

Honey it's fresh and it is new take overthen enjoy my funky thing and you gottapick them like here's off laughs my godfluff yeah a cat flaw for what the lidcame up in my handbag and yeah you knowso yeah decluttering for me in the true

Sense of decluttering I chuck it out butI try yeah I try to prevent things fromgetting into my collection if I'm notgoing to use it yeah okay I quickly sayas well that some people would wind upbased on that why we accept PR the

Answer is most of it is my unsolicitedyeah PR so if a brand comes to us andsays do you wanna try x y&z will eithersay yes or no hmm but often you'll justget PR they get said to you yeah and younot be like I have no idea what this is

I didn't expect it to arrive will I useit yes or no yeah so you know we couldprevent brands from sending us thingswe're not going to use we'd be more thanhappy to do that but that's not the waythe world that's another way PR works

Unfortunately we're sort of all in orall out yeah yeah that's truealright guys so that's it for us todaywe hope you enjoyed it feel free toleave your comments about yourpurchasing habits and you know they've

Changed down in the comment section andwe'll see you in the next one bye

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