How Elon Musk Made History

published on July 2, 2020

humanity's journey beyond Earth is a

significant event for the whole world

though despite the importance of space

exploration it occurs quite rarely the

last time America successfully launched

a shuttle with people on board was back

in the year 2011

but when SpaceX began developing manned

spacecraft the world froze in

anticipation is Elon Musk capable of

doing what everyone's been waiting for

yes and this is what came of it as I

said America's last space mission took

place in the year 2011 at this time the

ship Atlantis went into low Earth orbit

on the mission sts-135 there were four

astronauts on board they were only in

space for 13 days more than 4 tons of

payload was delivered to the ISS after

which the crew returned to Earth a long

time has passed since then until May

2020 only expeditions from Russia and

China had been sent outside of our

planet why not

from the US there were various problems

equipment failure financial problems

insufficient technology but finally the

team up of NASA and SpaceX led to a

breakthrough on May 30th the crew Dragon

was successfully launched on the 31st of

May it docked with the ISS these events

can be considered as truly historic

spacex demo2 is the first manned flight

to the ISS performed by a private

aircraft of course there have been

attempts at doing something similar

before for example by Virgin Galactic in

the year 2018 the via

says unity VPO three sub orbital

spaceflight with two pilots onboard

reached an altitude of 827 kilometers

or 514 miles by US standards space

starts at around the mark of 80 point

four seven kilometers or 50 miles good

job but alas not by global standards the

spacecraft didn't reach high enough to

garner worldwide fame therefore the

title of the new conquer of space has

been granted to the crew dragon the

demo2 mission also faced difficulties

the initial launch of a man ship into

space was planned for July 2019 but when

testing the super Draco engines there

was an accident the test was very


the engines were part of the emergency

rescue system but when they were

activated an explosion occurred which

led to the destruction of the return

capsule of course after the incident

SpaceX and NASA conducted an

investigation it turned out that the

failure occurred just a hundred

milliseconds before the engines were

ignited the source of the problem was

the fuel system and immediately after

the incident work was carried out to

improve its design despite a failed test

in April it was successful in November

and in January 2020

a final in-flight abort test was passed

then there were several more important

tests and they assigned at different

launch dates in finally something

happened that not only NASA and SpaceX

but the whole world had been waiting for

for so long

the crew dragon went into orbit using a

Falcon 9 launch vehicle in the latest

black 5 modification interestingly the

launch took place from the legendary

launch complex LC 39 a it was from here

that Apollo 11 set for the lunar mission

and many other space shuttles took off

symbolic don't you think and now it's

time to learn something about the team

of the crew dragon who are these brave

people who decided on such an incredible

feat while the original maximum capacity

of the ship is 5 people only 2 went into

space NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and

Bob Behnken are not just a lucky few

these are real professionals each of

them has already had two flights Curley

has spent a total of 28 days and 11

hours in space while Behnken has spent

29 days and 12 hours in space its

planned that the astronauts will stay on

the space station from 30 to 119 days

this is not yet comparable to the

achievements of some members of the ISS

crew but it is possible that the mission

will last longer

what if they become new record holders

one way or another it will be time to

return to Earth despite the

sophisticated design of modern aircraft

accidents sometimes occur and of course

NASA doesn't want to lose its astronauts

as I said earlier the ship's emergency

landing system has been successfully

tested therefore in case of problems and

in general for its descent the crew

dragon is equipped with special

parachutes with their help

the ship's capsule will be able to land

in the Atlantic Ocean

the first launch attempt on the 27th of

May didn't take place precisely for

safety reasons the weather was bad that

day this upset everyone who had been

waiting for the countdown but for the

sake of saving the astronauts lives

can't we wait

in addition NASA calculated the

probability of losing the crew it was

only one in 276 which is a very small

number by the way

unlike shuttles the flight of the crew

dragon takes place in automatic mode

however the crew is able to take control

in an emergency situation what's next

for SpaceX what happens when the

spacecraft successfully completes the

mission and returns to earth this flight

will be the last test of the crew dragon

strength if the device reaches the end

SpaceX and NASA will begin preparing for

the full operation of the ship's simply

put the crew dragon will become fully

certified it'll be used as transport to

replace ISS crew members the Russian

Soyuz spacecraft is currently engaged in

delivering astronauts into orbit and it

will probably have an assistant very

soon if the mission is successful the

next man flight will take place on

August 30th 2020 a crew dragon ship will

be sent with a four-person configuration

this time three Americans and a

representative of the Japanese space

agency JAXA will be on board the mission

is planned to last 210 days at the

moment there are no plans to reuse crew

dragon ships for crewed flights after

the necessary repairs they'll be used to

transport cargo but this isn't the end


Bish's plans the next launch of a man

ship is planned for 2021 and it will be

the crew dragon again it'll take four

astronauts to the ISS where they'll

spend about six months and another

mission also set for 2021 would not be

complete without the participation of

this ship but this time a pilot from

axiom space with three space tourists

will go into Earth's orbit and in late

2021 they plan to launch the crew dragon

without astronauts on board this flight

will be fully paid for by tourists while

the ship will be operated autonomously

at the end of the video I've left some

interesting facts on the historic launch

of the crew Dragon the broadcast of the

spacecraft's flight was the second

largest broadcast in the history of

YouTube at the peak moment in the fourth

minute of launch more than 4 million

people were watching the stream on the

SpaceX Channel at the same time but Elon

Musk has outdone himself here you can

say that one of his devices took the

title of the most viewed from another

the broadcast of the Falcon Heavy launch

at the peak moment was watched by about

two million three hundred thousand

people do you now understand what SpaceX

is truly capable of if you like this

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