How Do I Attract More Women? | Kevin Gates Helpline

published on July 2, 2020

forgive me hold on let me do one thing

i mean yeah

i just had to do that i had to cast a


taiji where you from

lebanon you lebanese

god so you understood the prayer i think

they've heard me ought to be

not a lot sorry i don't remember how to

be switched with i gotta learn

hello everyone welcome to the kevin

gates helpline i'm kevin gates this is

my best friend og

black and what we'll be doing today is

taking calls from people all over the


using our infinite wisdom to help aid in

this issue with whatever life's

hardships you've been dealing with

let me do it again not life's whatever

hardships cause life is easy


say hey who we got on the line we got

cece from oregon

from oregon yes indeed it get cold up


yeah we had fun in oregon put them in

what up cc you on the phone with kevin

gates and booby i'm being good

what can i help you with i am a bisexual


um personally i've only ever dated men

but i would really love to date a woman

how can i attract more women

romantically in my life

i mean i should be asking you that

because you're a woman

right you're being great

but you are what you attract you know

whatever type of energy you give off

that's the type of energy you attract

i must be giving off some real masculine


well it depends on what kind of

masculine energy because

yes you know i used to be a tough guy

at one time like her and i thought that

that was

that that was masculine until i realized


masculine energy is not supposed to be

toxic it's supposed to be sacred

and i wasn't giving that love to myself

that i was

so freely given to others and at the end

of the day i feel cheated like i'm

giving more than

than is being reciprocated back to me

but so when you say you want to date a

woman like

the bisexual part of the body you like

the nurturing aspect

cause women are yeah i feel like they're

comfortable with them

yeah it's it's nurturing it's gentle

it's soft it's

it's beautiful it's feminine energy cece

they have a lot of women i should think

in the same way you're thinking as well


so don't don't don't don't just put

yourself in a shell like

you know you feel bad about how you're

thinking it's something that you want

and it's something that somebody else

wants to so

for real just go to a lot of you know go

to a lot of outings go

go to some places where they have a lot

of women at and they're doing

things that women do or do the thing or

do the things that you love to do

right the things that the things that

you love to do and you'll meet somebody

that y'all may share similar interests

and i'm gonna tell you this

a wise man told me i love this man to

death he told me you'll be amazed

what you can get people to agree to if

you just ask

right yeah right that is true i should

put myself out there more thank you guys

it ain't going to take no time just be

yourself they got people that notice you

i will thank you guys so much thank you

hey man we've been having some

interesting conversations

amazing she loved loving men but

she want to be with women now yeah she

like dick and yeah she

she ain't no you know i know more going

both ways

where you want to go live your lifestyle

this is a good cigar

say boo boo we got on the line man we

got gina from alaska

yeah from alaska yeah she's from alaska

she went to polar bears everybody step

in the council


gina what's happening you on here with

kevin gates and bob hi there

so after a few attempts to get sober i

finally made it happen

i've been sober for a few months now but

i've noticed that it's more difficult

to make new friends without you know

having alcohol as a kind of like a

catalyst for connection

so my question is how do i connect with

people from a more

sober headspace and branch out and make

new friends

hey this don't sound crazy i had the

same problem when i left alcohol alone

alcohol made me friendly it made me

social it made me like hey what's going


like so i understand but i'mma say this

when i started engaging into fitness

and on my fitness journey i met some

amazing people

and our common goal was fitness instead

of drinking alcohol

and i'm gonna be honest with you those

relationships are much more healthier

because you're dealing with people that

are health conscious

when you live a healthy lifestyle you

have healthy thoughts i guess i just

since i'm newly sober i

kind of like struggle to branch out and

try to bring people into my friend's


one thing about it this is that you that

you you're sober now

you just got to stay focused and stay

sober and i'm not trying to be


but it it it's not healthy for anybody

and i had to let a lot of relationships

go because a lot of people that was in

my life that were still practicing

negative habits you know our

conversations would just be

off the energy was just off gene i want

to let you know something

you're doing damn good stay sober

okay thank you appreciate all your

guys's words

so he's encouraging i'm gonna tell you

you have some fun when you're


yeah and you know drunk people be like

zombies bro

you know they just talk crazy do crazy

you're not yourself

and when you get too many other

together my god

you develop a dependency for it you

thought you needed it but you yeah i

thought i did but i'm

already having a good time oh me kevin

gates was a hell of a drug

nature is my inspiration they had a claw


bigger than my hand like a big old

it looked like a tiger

check the phone line who we got called

in there now man we got jay from texas


me trying to holler what's that let

me take this phone call

yeah jay what's happening you on the

phone with kevin gates and boba

what's up kevin what's going on man man

i'm cool and bro what's happening i'm a

single father right now

i'm i'm trying to get a proper vehicle

man how old are you

i'm i'm 26 and are you currently


yes sir of course you know i'm a

supervisor for a roofing company that's

trying to get it you know

everyday struggles man you know i

already know and how many children do

you have

i i got one boy i commend you on that

being a single father

does your does your child stay with you

no he doesn't

do you pay child support man i'm i don't

pay child support because i'm a

dedicated father

i understand how difficult that could be

but i can say this

making music for like 16 years and i'm

still nowhere close to where

i think i should be i'm talking about i

used to go to clubs and perform for a

hundred dollars 200

didn't even have enough money for the

hotel room used to have to sleep in the

car me and my wife

this back before jump drive this is when

you had to take your cd and

pray that the dj would play your music

in the club you know this was these days

and one of the most hardest things in

life is when you're in the pursuit of


it seemed like that's when all the

obstacles come your way

but i can say this wherever there's


that's where your greatest opportunity

lies is is

easier said than done but you got to


what you deserve and you got to know

what you want and you got to put forth


every day into that direction you're

right i would say this we have to have a

budget with

with mostly everything that we do you

know we have to have a budget we have to


have a set point to how much money we're

going to spend on how much opposing on

to how much money we're making we have

to always save

but look man don't take this i have

something to say kevin

and and don't take this the wrong way

but if you got a vehicle laying around

that could just help me get to those

booths running around

i honestly appreciate that let me tell

you this

and i make you this promise i really

i'll sincerely take it into


and i was already considering that when

we talk that's crazy

you know what i feel our energy just

connecting yeah

i could see you being a strong man jay

thank you

all right brother thank you kevin um

hopefully you have a good day

all right um thank you i'm with you papa



all right all right jay

hey get his number yeah

man what we just talked we did was

talking about

he just gone through a lot you know


because he can't he him that things be

the way it's supposed to be

i like him yeah i like him make sure you

take his name and his number down


this is the kevin gates helpline i'm

kevin gates this is my best friend og

bowie black

and if you need help with any of your

issues follow the details below

and let me leave you with this blood

doesn't make you related

love makes you related and with that

being said i love you

with me yeah

hey just listen sage it's feminine it's

a female

she's on the go bird as long as she

needs to then she's going to go out

it's not for to be smokey in here it's

for the cleanse the energy what

sage does it kills all airborne

pathogens in the air

it's holy

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