How dangerous is jihadist rap?

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

as a heads up some of the content in

this episode is a bit intense and a bit

violent we're talking about a genre that

extol the virtues of terrorism someone

explicitly and it seemed like a good

idea to let you know off the top when I

first heard jihadist hip-hop it seemed

disturbing but ultimately harmless in

the last month the brutal killing of two

American journalists is proving me wrong

the 23 year old London rapper Abdul

Majid Abdul Bari is in fact a leading

suspect in the killing of James Foley we

first touched on Muslim hip-hop in our

episode about Mexican drug anthems and

government propaganda British government

has attempted to popularize moderate

Muslim hip-hop in the wake of popular

songs like this the video in question is

from 2004 called dirty Kafar by sheikh

tara and the sol salah crew while

extremist muslim hip-hop may have

existed before this was the first viral

piece of jihadist rap what they called

the digi ha

around the office I joked that that

episode was the closest I ever came to

getting fired for researching this show

at one point I was at my desk watching a

music video the juxtaposed images from

9/11 with hardcore pornography and for

context I also work somewhere where

people make videos about how to create a

hot tub that will flow at your cottage I

didn't expect it to work that well at

all the water was hot the air was cold

so different vibes checking to see what

sheikh tara has been up to over the last

few years which apparently includes this

music video from 2008

do not dare us but even these videos

extremist parts of them are do not

compare to what happened six days after

we posted that episode the victim was

freelance journalist James Foley who was

kidnapped in 2012 while covering the war

in Syria the brutal video of Foley's

beheading brought worldwide attention to

Isis and within a few days the primary

suspect was this man fucking papers man

when you mention engine a

I'm feeling twisted from the Hannay I

need to risk it for the ballet

yeah a few years and I'm calm Abdel

Magette abdel bari found himself on

every news network in america as a

rapper he went by Al Ginny and suddenly

Foley's killer didn't have a name he had

a voice and a backstory it's hard to

focus in the future with a damaged past

I still I tried to count my blessings

and I thank Allah see nothing is used

got no reason to be out on hustle I

still need jump on tracks and check

talking my struggle el Ginny was doing

well enough for BBC Radio 1 airplay in

2012 but by 2013 he had left Britain for

Syria and Isis piece just let the

brother of his lab in peace may be super

Claus picking on that lamby green mr

Fogg pushing on a time machine the Foley

video was uploaded to YouTube on August

19th two weeks later this video surfaced

I'm back Obama and I'm back because of

your arrogant foreign policy towards the

Islamic state steven sotloff was

beheaded by the same suspect who appears

to be al jinn II and the resulting media

coverage has shown a light into the

extreme corners of Muslim hip-hop what

the hell's going on I built a day long

you spit of religious education

fundamentals 2006 album always war the

benefits of jihad was called suicide

bomb wrap by newspapers and according to

the group's brain trust aqui na res it

led to a split with his record label and

threats of arrest four members of the

British Parliament it's been that dog

but I won't get my cut beside this

federally cut for spies

Desa dog was a popular german rapper who

turned to radical islam in 2010 becoming

something of a celebrity recruiter for

Isis in Europe his later music rejected

instrumentation in favor of the acapella

sounds of traditional Muslim machines

not unlike Omar Hammami blow-by-blow

climbed back I'm only going to add to my

van james rhymes invasion by invasion

attacked by attack only going to bring

sweet on a better Hammami was an

american who ended up on the FBI's most

wanted terrorist list in 2012 he also

made a habit of uploading terrible

acapella rap music made you have with me

alone what book is some more booty

attack America now martyrdom a victory

it goes without saying that there are

many many more great Muslim rappers both

in mainstream hip-hop and the more

political underground than in this tiny

fraction of a fraction but as jihadist

rap jumps from embarrassing acapellas to

breaking news on CNN it is a genre worth

understanding what do you think is the

media blowing the connection to rap out

of proportion how do these songs make

you feel let us know in the comments and

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this exists every week be excellent to

each other last week's episode asked if

you remembered Nintendo core last week

was a more innocent time let's see what

you had to say Daniel Gow along with

many of you were wondering why I didn't

include OC remix the website in this

episode and for those of you who are

fans of that I think you know that it's

so sprawling and substantial that in an

attempt not to just flit over it and

barely really give it the time it

deserves in that episode I feel like OC

remix probably needs its own episode in


insert name here was one of several

people who wondered why the Protomen

weren't in this episode and unlike OC

remix where I have an excuse actually

kinda have no excuse Pearlman maybe

should have been in last week's episode

they are a fantastic band that is

basically a Nintendo core band who write

awesome concept albums all about Megaman

so they probably should have been there

at least as an honorable mention they're

great check out proto man since there

was already a warning at the top of the

episode I feel comfortable saying that

my favorite comment from last week came

from minion metal who in somewhat

explicit detail described an early

sexual experience while listening to

horse the band I this is really it's a

good comment it's very funny I liked it

gl Knight was bummed out – we didn't

delve more into the history of yellow

magic Orchestra and I'm inclined to

agree a lot of times in these videos

it's hard to give every single thing

that we talked about the attention that

I personally think it deserves and I'm

sure that many of you think they deserve

so check out that comment and definitely

if you found anything about that episode

interesting I'd encourage you to read

more about and listen to not – yellow

magic Orchestra but all of the groups

that were spawned and the solo albums

that came out of that in many ways that

group forms the base of so much of

contemporary pop and hip-hop so if you

ever listened to either of those genres

it's an important sort of stepping stone

to understanding why music sounds like

it does today also may be deserving of

their own episode down the future I'm

gonna say that about everything but I

don't include it but thank you gl night

for addressing some of the more

fascinating aspects of why Moe's career

little league records wanted us to give

some love to chip prog and specifically

the band crow melodeon great band name

great genre name yes Pokemon blaze two

three four great name was the first

person to call me a shitheel in the

comments last week I think I apologized

have you called me a shitheel before

pokemon plays did but it's very funny

very funny to call me a shady Oh Jen

down we had the one comment this week

that I did screengrab inside of my

friends which was you look like a hairy

Ben Affleck which is something I've

never been told before in my life

something I didn't think was possible

because I'm pretty sure when Ben Affleck

has a shirt off in Argo he is a hirsute

fellow and three led my girlfriend to

say I wish in the call for suggestions

for names for the bookie segment at the

end of this video

eazy-e D 4:20 had my favorite suggestion

which was Sam's Club which for whatever

reason I think is genuinely hilarious so

for now we're going to call it Sam's

Club but I would encourage you to

continue to suggest names because I'm

not sure I'm a hundred percent committed

to the founder of Walmart as the

namesake for the section on books this

week's book is a little bit of a cheat

because I have not read it yet and it is

on hold at the library and I'm waiting

for it

a rebel music by Hashem ID details the

history of Muslim music not just in the

traditional sense but as it connects to

modern and global sounds that obviously

includes hip hop and a sham ID has been

writing a lot of articles in the wake of

this book coming out for publications

such as the Atlantic that have helped to

connect a lot of the disparate pieces of

Muslim music history the history of

radical Islam and the ongoing

propagation of extreme Muslim hip-hop

and jihadist rap so three articles he's

written for places like the Atlantic I

have been able to learn a lot more about

this and I'm super excited to read this

book so if you have read it maybe let me

know if it rules which I'm sure it does

or we can read it together and talk

about how good it is because based on

all the excerpts I've read it is super

awesome and a lot of his work informed

this episode just from articles he has

written in the past so hashem ids rebel

music check it


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