How Chinese language Folks REALLY Really feel About Their Authorities | Chen Guangcheng

published on July 3, 2020

he's the real like daredevil and he's

out to defeat the Chinese Communist

Party welcome back to China uncensored

I'm Chris Chappell

this is Chinese human rights lawyer Chen

Guangcheng he's blind but that didn't

stop him from teaching himself law and

then advocating for the rights of

China's disenfranchised in 2005 Chen

organized a lawsuit against local

authorities in Shandong over the forced

abortions they used to enforce China's

one-child policy did he win the case no

authorities simply arrested him he was

sent to prison for four years for

damaging property and disturbing traffic

yes disturbing traffic Chen was also put

under house arrest for years during

Chen's house arrest Batman star

Christian Bale tried to visit him that

didn't go so well but in 2012

Chen escaped in the dark of night he

evaded his guards scaled a wall and with

the help of other activists fled to the

US Embassy in Beijing basically he's the

real-life version of daredevil Chen's

incredible escape made international

headlines now Chen Guangcheng lives in

Washington DC where he continues to work

on Chinese human rights issues Shellie

John sat down with him to talk about why

the rest of the world should confront

the Chinese Communist Party thank you

for joining me today mr Chen thank you

in your view what is the biggest human

rights event happening in China today Oh

Judith um coercion defeat other than the

enjoyment is thumbkin

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uncle Jamie teaching we talk is really

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the value system Oh Quinton Tao tie

gelatin what a father

like to to Moana me change no way she'd

had a training system tray when you were

in China you were human rights lawyer do

you know what the situation with rights

lawyers are now Susan don't want

financial Iranian children to that

Robert has to you to Nevada which renews

should we change our critical language

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finally circuit on the channel yes hey

could you do it fashion don't you

experience that kind of house arrest

yourself can you tell a soul over about

that Susu zona de jongen Geneva transit

Jesus Asia jang geun watch engine don't

use of hash it on a team decision when

up call her so the culture Ginga a hand

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astrally who teach you could easily

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that she was power to make and do a

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meet you are sparkly stop what haughtily

does it really matter

so jutsu to Montana how do you deal with

a party like that don't worry I mean she

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no matter you don't wanna didn't Wafaa

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top we generally and color to moon John

Titor one those who want another

profession forward dot ala jami'a one so

a lot of Chinese you come to America to

come to University and they seem very


is that what Chinese people really feel

like temperatures Oceania John Guare

Noguchi we taught us yet she for me to

watch are the two minute I shall

illusion which other sheets official

Freda actually door telling you cannot

so she ended you man how to Lamborghinis

similar life to lead as you can see on

the varsity at your house commandos like

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tikka taco was required at you

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and the ordinary Santos Asuma can

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moon there lyosha lyosha cancer my

concern you can take a big leap

you too doc don't worry me your

tolerance and the highest concern I had

made engine goons and a massive engine

the gym freeze remittance mucho para la

mejor decisión de San Jose CA Osasuna ho

this is the animal time important

autonomy one shampoo never to bottom

here wonderful immersion cannot handle

CC do some work on that you honor me who

operate in Tasha Quentin's we push a

pavilion senior it does it kind of the

super to whom Sancho session call you

brother but I mess up which you cannot

hear the tram but she literally with

your cousin sister Khun chanon I had him

to an opposition so how do the protests

in Hong Kong how are they affecting

mainland China right now or traditional

face hunky Santa Shangaan ax windows

onto the water Union that lady Chiyo

signature the nation Jang Jae dong to

the following insert a PTA de cebú

Quatro fire Chi Chi yo yo Kwon Yong Tae

Yong ha ha P Giada tokenism cha-cha 1

Coulomb one who were the villainous

aberrant accessibility chances of my

father you trying but we try it

here that had a Martian page in southern

China bunny chinchilla na koto mo yan

xishan a compliment on to know what you

ate the song

quando morning fasten the switching hand

hula conforming see the community on

ecological conditions library Sangha the

children so much almond coefficient many

to the touch with each other

gyeongwan 82 is Shangaan fashion

incision wine chain the orgy I'm feeling

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any transgender Tomkins occasion 2000

Yahoo Tommy

Eurovision fans in honey quick change

and then Denisova will join that we will

evaluate we are totally personalization

su-gyeong Guillemin mucho tiempo de Joie

Dhammapada Tom Apple member wynjym have

you heard this from people inside China

Donna oh ah eh ah gwaan intention may

yet change inshallah kannada men jon

paulien see me i tiempo de un poco name

meant a total fashion same attitude a

soul mate Roman de tous Maranello see

Italian – Italian de jager te aho

mango Tommy Chong Guang moochin

attraction to enter a mini MP Nanami

third iteration today's engine engine

transition tránsito de agua so hope

okuni some common ratio yo thos equipo

con your change your tone Watoto tell us

you want peace with y eso going time

trying to touch on what a senior jiiva

tabu the way that children pages a

medium being as important to us so

America recently passed the Hong Kong

human rights and democracy Act what kind

of effect does this happen mainland

Tata – day 10th – a to make way go way

Tata Tata Tata Tschida yonago fauna John

Lane McConaughey hot region collection

quandra camellia cheetah meg WA

nan goal is to you PO fan Kunta

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una dos de fondos se siente que de

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teen GCN de coco de de agua pay

solutions Angela Chen kun a min foundry


min to change horses for trying so

Vegeta that would help our tour another

said would help or attend the uncle

question to the shop impaired pork we're

quoting women's issue

now she told we don't wanna swim in the


– mwah agua vitamin each other PA system

we're aiming turned him into a pheo

saiyans lesion donated stamina ha na

such a certain God for you so you make

okay for typos Teng Chuen hominem votes

in the cheeto familiar – I don't imagine

Angela what in the world do to confront

the Chinese Communist Party

oh what a pheasant angel baton thousand

Luigi through Toledo to market and

generate opposing Horatio in Persia

Sahara could have used the sierra de

Kock repair her communication attention

she transiently

to heighten transversal was not with

civilization hobby NASA children ran

Shauna's vision IOC oh sorry to you what

is aqua water the English into the

census area not to see archery the

search is over

je te Tumu Paeroa thornton is Luigi

share – don't worry me her to marry me

gender issue a pure desire to conquer

the Sutra don't worry me don't you mean

to tell the child putonghua

programs at home work sugar ranch Inga

Yahoo since the Quenya the solution

quadrant wins jihad John Tomkins the

transition 2030 that taught her gh who

invented terminal velocity

– muah and what ocean enjoy sir Sir John

female cones and trying to do

immediately sorry poor well P Mia will a

poll question I mean you could have

ended at a certain hotel and go poopy

Khun Jan 24 know ye there you go

so for ordinary Americans how can they

help people in China no Donna you're

tired what head with the fun part

tele virtual economy oh Linda challenges

a change to put hundred and they put on

a wish okay you put on pharma beautiful

put on our I think we ought to make with

a colloquium in that area that's Kwangju

to model enjoyment like

jurors who make war to eat all hydrants

and reaching your family if our changes

to some call crazy be show maybe two


units only the father and simple tornado

jodieandandy hand washable genuine Chico

quarters had system whether we challenge

our quarters for a new should undergo

for me

what is the you tell you attended

adjudicate or sha-na-na McConnell

mission to granulator you should make

what you make with a Cody use 30 Twitter

to mundo one of Uncle John Co children

little went is John Barrowman iteration

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one know that you can't woman doctor I'd

a higher chance to teach and I have to

be so their camera machine as a panel

design just want me to see a solar we

don't make what we don't really care


Thank You mr Jeff thank you and if

you're interested in hearing more from

Chen Guangcheng he has his own YouTube

channel in Mandarin I put the link in

the description below thanks for

watching this episode of China

uncensored I'm Chris Chappell see you

next time



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