How Are Your Paxful Bitcoin Trades Going ? AMA Coffee Time!

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

What is up Hustlas ninjas crypto life stylers and everything else in between I hope you guys are doing great this early morning I'm still trying to get up myself I'm not gonna lie I got this extra large cup of spicy coffee I'm gonna wake my butt up so I just wanted

To check in it's been a long time since I went to a live from the ride one of these casual random live streams most of you guys seem to enjoy just want to touch base with everybody I've been getting a lot of private messages as you

Guys know we've been covering a lot of content on paxville I got the private chat going on for people who are serious people who are we're trading there so on and so forth hey what's up Thomas Taylor thanks for

Joining man so yeah I've been getting a lot of questions just from people messaging me so I figured I'll Google live and by the way I hope you guys don't mind I'm probably going to go for a drive I gotta go get some groceries so

We probably just cruise and do the live stream all right so feel free to share this if anybody from the private Paxil chat is here right now or even from my regular TCL private chat yeah share this link over there please that's that'll

Help me out because everyone's gonna go I miss your stream bro you gotta tell me I normally have my other phone I'll send the link so anybody here in those chats kindly do share this okay it's really early we got a couple people here and

We'll probably wait a bit more until a couple people start to roll in remember you guys need to understand there's what three hundred and eighty nine different ways to trade unpossible right also known as 389 different ways to bank some

Claim all right how do you look at it is a glass half full or is a glass half empty I don't know what's your perspective right I mind you these are the only like the methods I demonstrated are only the

Methods I have investigated for the past week and a half so you know the crypto gods knows how many other ways there is out there so what I'm trying to say is like you guys need to really like you know like from here you could use your

Brain and you can see what other methods work for you right some people like the bank ones some people alone you know they like the blocks you know and they like to stay on the blockchain but for me personally I like the one that's just

Making us 20% of day yeah that's all right I'm not really I don't know I mean like the bank one is good the Interac online that what I tend to I like that one better because we're exempting other unnecessary third parties right which

Means less fees so yeah yeah I'm a youtuber I am live bow everybody looks to me like if I'm so weird when I'm talking like this on the phone I don't know why I don't they finished I'm rightly like as I tell people live

Streaming is just as normal as just talking on the phone so why are you give me this weird look for bail anyhow so yeah so now I'm experimenting a different payment method but I would love to hear what methods are you guys

Using I'm by the way smash that like button smash that like button um yeah and about five minutes I'll probably drive down to where I gotta go and I'm going to Whole Foods by the way and you guys know how I got that right

Gift cards a gift card baby you know so that's what it's all about we got a few people in here do smash and like and let me know if you guys got any questions remember this is eme right as I said in the videos there is a learning curve

Here and you know not only just like you I like the user interface but also like negotiating right dealing with people because that's really like the the skill you're gonna have to have here it's pretty much negotiating detecting

Scammers from genuine buyers and also cash flow and management right so like it's not just easy money right you're going to have to take if you want to take it serious you're gonna have to look at those things um you're gonna

Have to excel there as well a lot of guys been telling me oh yeah I'm for people who are new to this be careful because what these guys do is they can tell what they like and you know your profile shows when you open

That account and how much you're trading with and you know what have you so these scammers what they could do is they can actually they know that you're new so they're going to message you and they're going to try to scam you so when you're

Starting off just be super super careful right the extra extra precautious what else I can tell you guys oh yeah so these are the tips are like this is what helped me right a lot of people are asking me how do I get good reputation

Right I'm now starting on so the thing with that is you're pretty much going to have to you can start off by messaging other people right first like so as a seller you post the actual offer or the order whatever you want to call it and

That kinda like gives you right off the bat the other leverage because now they gotta follow your terms okay but when you're new it's kind of hard right no one's gonna really want to look at you because of your rep and whatnot so what

I would tell people is to do this this is this is a technique you can use I'll definitely get you some sales without having to be you know I was gonna say something but I'm trying to keep this pg-13 without without I'm you know just

Pretty much going to the seller and being the buyers this is what you do if you're now starting on unpacks well and you want to get a good rep okay you want to look at the market that you're trading so if you're training gift cards

For example which I like because it's um it is risky but it's also the most lucrative now if you're trading gift cards for example if you look at the people out of selling gift cards I'm do smash like guys a couple of people to

Join you would see that how a lot of them have limits right so they'll only sell out like 500 minimum a thousand minimum but there's a lot of people especially Nigerians or in Africa I would say got a guy from Cameroon and

Also Ghana that um that are looking to buy a smaller denomination so they may want $50 cards they may want 200 all the cards they even may want 20 $25 cards so but you guys just starting out don't worry about like reputation all that

Kind of stuff right don't worry about that just try to get the experience down pat you know try to get a few Street's down and that's all you to build rep by selling to the people that the bigger sellers aren't catering for if that

Makes sense right and then on you would see you would get a lot of these seals act like say 25 bucks and gift cards you know 50 gift cards because the big guys don't want to sell to them right so that makes

Sense let me know in the in the live chat box that makes sense because we're after back and then what you do also after the Train I mean you know you went through all the steps physical card cash fluently right those are the tags and

Then you have your terms laid out I could share out with everybody who's done the chant I don't mind you guys could use minds word-for-word you verify indeed like the last four digits do it match right on the receipt you clean the

Card right so and that's also part of that so from there you can take that step and somebody did see something here yeah I know om you're late to this party to bring on the wave about three years bro dude I

Know and that's yeah sorry Adam sorry guys and that's what really like surprises me I've been in the space for like about almost three years like literally actively every day and I haven't even really heard of packs well

Alright I mean obviously local bitcoins there is a bit more popular but I've never even heard of paxville on this whole you know business that's been going on so like even up till this point it blows my mind still what's been going

On it really does so still a lot for me to learn right I'm just sharing with other people what I've already learned on what I know right and that's crypto in general they're like you never know it all man I just that's just life in

General you never know at all you're always a learning man this I am I try to Thomas Taylor says made it oh shit what's up dude I'll see you what's up I mean it's the game plan what would be the least riskiest way to train up

Actual hey guys I really got to start driving out the way I gotta go but we could do this for two more minutes but I am gonna be live still obviously I wouldn't be able to look at questions while I'm doing it but I'll try my best

I'm sorry let me just repeat what you asked what would be the least riskiest wheelchair impacts well okay so the thing is this like that's a loaded question in a sense because a lot of people they don't want to put the point

One BTC bond because sorry because um either they don't have it or they don't trust the platform right they just don't want to put the point 1 BTC bond because of that so if that's what you're talking about if you don't want to deal with

Like gift cards and such um you're good then you're gonna you're gonna have to resort to like you know for me I don't know you could try Bank wires I've never done it I'm also obviously the Interac online what I said there's a

Bunch of online payment applications to a bunch of them so I and this is the thing what I tell people is this my next video I'll probably do this but depending on what country you're from well if you listed by if I'm in Canada

And unless my currency si has um on the Australian dollar or whatever it's called down there it would tell me the top five payment methods that are popular right so that's what you probably want me want to look at because

What's popular here in Canada may not be popular in Australia and England and whatever whatever so that's what you guys got to do I actually did a bunch of that yesterday I looked for the top countries people that I subscribe to me

So America I looked at Canada looked at India I looked in Nigeria and I looked at Australia Netherlands yeah I can definitely sign up for you but to answer your question if you don't care about the BTC thing gift cards are risky so

Don't don't start off with that but if you follow the steps I said you should be okay right that being said now if you can't afford the point one BTC try you can try your bank whiners I think there's an app call

Was it Zelly or something like that alright but once again all right these things you guys I'm not an advisor right you guys know what I say I'm not a financial adviser nor my a legal counselor right so you guys might want

To check with them as well because jurisdictions Dewberry and you know I'm in Canada so that's on the other side of the world but we're getting two whole different bunch of questions turning on my bad well yeah

Just let me know though what's your risk tolerance what do you mean though because to be honest if you compare this to trading Bitcoin like Futures Trading like the risks are not comparable right cuz you're actually dealing with people

Here we're not dealing with the market can't get liquidate and all that so for me I'm negotiating the only risk is yeah like scammers that you could probably give your BTC to just never release your Bitcoin from escrow okay until you have

Payment confirmed than everything so if you're using the the online interact as long as that money's in the bank at least the Bitcoin right if you're doing some people do Western Union actually um in in in your country their Australia

Western Union was pretty prominent they how's that the top two or three payment methods so you might want to look into that I want to get the video today but I got a bunch of running around to do so I figure I'll just go live instead

And answer any questions you guys may have any other questions please let me know right now so om tell me how okay so you said three years what do you normally trade our packs well if you're still here or limb let me know that'll

Be um be great if you can share that with us because I know people been doing this for years and they're making a lot of money doing that some different payment methods have limitations and some don't so yeah if you could share

With us what you've been messing with that'd be great a lot of people – you guys really love the Amazon giftcards because I get it it's Amazon right and you can get anything you want from Amazon that's

True but you should do not overlook the one vanilla cards I'm telling you guys don't overlook the one vanilla cards okay yes there's a little bit more steps involved because a lot of you guys already have an Amazon account so it

Makes it easier but if you yeah literally forty messes it's all it's gonna take to get that point-of-sale terminal set up that virtual terminal literally and you didn't wanna talk to anybody you know it's like an online

Application and it's electronical and all that so it's pretty straightforward check that out one of another cards is worldwide again I'll briefly go over that if you're not straight you're only dealing with ESD or whatever the local

Currency America USD canvas EAD right the if you're in Europe any European card one vanilla card you can use England you gotta use that particular currency yeah that's about it that's about it for those are for those gift

Cards um so what I what else to do is I could make videos sharing with you guys other payment methods that does not require the point one BTC bond because a lot of people are telling the same thing right I don't want to put a point one

BTC and remember you're not given them this bond right yeah giving them that point one BTC it's just a temporary thing so yeah I'm after I can clean mines right now but I love the gift card market I just love that market so I'm

Not gonna I'm probably gonna have that in there forever also when you guys are trading and you're asking these people for pictures and whatnot do not write the way you upload a picture in the chat it's actual

Thumbnail it's never a link so if you ever see a link that means they're trying to Keylong you okay that means trying to kill all of you so just don't click the links anyhow it seems as though you guys don't

Got much questions so I am going to drive in the mean time down to where I gotta go cuz I'm gonna do with a lot of traffic whoever comes in comes in whoever goes goes but I'll still talk whatever comes to mind so yeah as I was

Saying guys there are about three hundred and eighty nine ways it's a trade on paxville I've only really tapped into about four or five right and I've only really tested about yeah three or four so again this is something we're

Like I'm sharing with you guys what I've learned on that I would love to hear from you guys what you have learned as well right that's part of a community we have a shared belief and we share these things that we come across right so um

The guys in my chapter going to work and they're coming up with all kinds of stuff if one is super shaky but whatever it is what it is so yeah these guys are coming up a little with all kinds of stuff if you're not in that chat and if

You did I'm use my links once again I'll be more than happy to send you the link once you probably message me and for those who are just joining please do I'm asking anything that are concerns paxville okay again this channel of what

I'm doing I'm concentrating most of my content will be on paxville there's not a lot of youtubers talking about it I don't know why maybe you know they got they got their thing going on those guys love the futures market and whatever

They're doing that but for me this is the way to trade Bitcoin alright you know it's like you're going like guys trust me trade future do spot market even that you're going to get screwed you're gonna get screwed you cannot

Predict manipulation and I know it's all like a broken record but we're talking about I just gotta say it for those who are new to the channel I do rant about people on YouTube and futures market and what-have-you but anyways this is a real

Way to do it man okay you don't have China analysis you don't know when when the markets are gonna you know dump on us I think it just happened what last week the markets went down by like 500 bucks or 600 bucks in a matter of like a

Few minutes you can't predict that I don't care what indicator you have bro yes sir well paxville you have to you're not gonna get liquidated that's another perk that's another benefit why I love it what are you guys up to we got

A quiet bunch here you guys are just stalking me a stand there all quiet watching it's all cool let's turn the ship oh yeah so I'm actually officially part of the pair program with paxville so that entails a bunch of other stuff

Right like I gotta do minor duties for them whatever I think I told you guys in my first video when I first heard about packs Willa and I emailed them how does it look you guys got a nice service there I'm is there anything you could

Offer my subscribers on myself and they're like oh well you know there's this peer program and we can do a five five buck each thing you get five bucks they get five bucks I was like all right cool whatever so a long story short um I

I registered to that and on my profile I got the this thing that says pure battle of them was it pure badge or something that it's like a purple badge and it says appear on it so pretty much anybody that wants to trade with me like I'm

Talking with scammers wise if there are potential scammer they're not gonna mess with me and I in my terms I clearly see it I said yo do not waste my time and do not waste your time and if you attempt to scare me it probably would be your

Last attempt okay you see that pair badge there yeah I'm part of the peer program and I would immediately report your but to the to the moderator and this will be your last attempt to scam someone in packs well so I had a couple

Guys come look at my profile yesterday and if you guys use known you started trading already you know unpacks well if someone looks at your profiles you got a notification and normally I would say out of five people that look at my

Profile I got like three people to open a trade when every single buddy they come they look at my profile and they leave so they probably saw the peer badge on my profile like I write a messing with this guy you know

We can scan this guy now and somebody was asking me how to get into the prey program here man just email them that's what I did I nee mailed them and I just asked I inquired about you know if they had any sort of like program going on

And sure enough they told me about the pair program I guess for a seller it would help you right it would help you with them with potential scammers to solo and that's the thing man hey look let's be honest um you know it's like a

Hammer you can use that to build a house or you can use that as a weapon right possible and like Krypto is no different right the crypto can be used for good things and bad things right anything anything a car it can be used for good

Things or bad things right so um what I'm trying to say is there are scammers there on paxville but again that's that's the nature of this business you're gonna have to like be an expert of detecting them right so yeah that's

Something people gonna have to deal with also customer services in the greatest okay Paxil probably yes improve in that regard and as a pair we can like tell them certain things based off our experience and be a softwood people are

Telling us so that's definitely an area man because a lot of times if you guys are trading and you notice that guys would come in into the trade and not say a word its strategic right it's not this is not

Ancient knowledge that's been handed down from generations paxville generations and it's coin walkers so it's pretty much your competition who are also selling the same in the same market as you or if they're just some

Bitcoin or whatever they would come in but it is Bitcoin to lock in your coins they can't lock your gift cards but um they'll come in and they'll just pretend like they want something and that's why for particular markets I'm only putting

A certain limit so see I'm trading with like I'm just giving an example one Bitcoin is my capital I'm not gonna have that full one Bitcoin in my limits right so see like $20.00 to $10,000 I would probably put half of that so if a coin

Walker comes in I still have other Bitcoin open up other offers okay so for example if I have my limit again from you know one bit corner and sit back ones 10k I'm a lemon minimum limit it's $100 at

Ten thousand now I could come in and right away and lock in my entire capital and you know that that timeframe could be a couple hours so I'm screwed I will not be able to do ceil for a long time right and sometimes

If they really want to be bi TCH yeses they're gonna hit the paid button and what's going up in we got a heck of a longer wait until those coins are released until the moderator comes in and and intervenes right by the way guys

Do smash like we got 14 people here and only 7 likes that's very rude of you very rude so yeah these are just a few things that I'm share with you guys what I picked up as well right so the corner market thing

Oh yeah once again so the whole big thing when thank you for the like when they do that and they press the paint thing right you guys are tripping out don't worry the moderators yes they do take their sweet time you know they're

Pretty much swamped up so this is what it is I think they were saying and there's three million buyers or people looking to buy pick on on paxville and there's only 7,000 plus sellers so within 7,000 so they're swamped up

And that's why the customer service isn't the greatest right I mean it could take this here 12 hours to solve it a dispute so for example since we're live and we're talking about this let me share with you guys something I got too

Much police down this week so I'm gonna continue going straight so yeah so anyhow what's that gonna say yeah so this is what I want to share with you guys so I actually I won't say I got lazy

So my first 10 trades in a row were pretty solid smooth nor no issues I didn't really run to know scammers when I can't see that because you know certain people I told them hey it has to be paid in cash they're like why I'm out

Because I don't want to get scared and they're like I'm not a scammer I'm like well show me the receipt pay the guys I mean it's like I can't I'm like you're a scammer so they go so what I'm trying to say is if you follow those protocols you

Can filter out the scammers right so anyhow I thought I was the shit blowing on my tenth trade you let have a turd I'm like yeah man I got this down past I got lazy okay I did not look when I was doing the Amazon giftcard

I did look for the last four digits of on the receipt the cereal bar that matches on the receipt so he gave me the claim code and I got even lazier turns out the guy was showing me because I was just quick

With it alright I was like okay this is easy what are people talking about scam is right turns out the guy gave me another card sorry picture the card it was a used card okay but also what I noticed there

After the card was in a physical card it was an actual Elom electronically generated card an e gift card stupid me so I didn't look at that so it wasn't working and years ago dude I've been here longer than you he's been on the

Platform for two years so that's his like is that what you call it is his case why he's not a scammer I'm like girl it doesn't matter if you're here longer than somebody you could be here for two years and decide two years later

You want it to be a scammer okay so it doesn't matter and this was before my parish was shown so this guy was going on and he called me a noob the guy called me a noob he's like he's a kaha noob I'm like what a dick but whatever I

Guess I guess he was right because I didn't man I did kind of mess up there belong story short the reason why I bring this up is because after the dispute within about 12 hours the guy didn't see anything so normally when

Scammers are doing this and it goes to the disputes yes it does take some time but don't worry you could rest assure as the seller being the b2c seller we automatically have the benefit of the doubt not to say that we're entirely

Right so you automatically need to take screenshots from your phone and have that can you usually in your phone you're going to have the time at the top so just you know make sure that's in the picture as well I provide that provide

That and the moderator would look at these things we normally have the benefit of doubt and more times in the 10 these guys don't even like trying to dispute their case they don't even show up it's like going to court on that and

That you know the defendant isn't there right so because they know the moderator knows they're there only there for one sole reason and that's the scammers so yeah I pretty much got back my bitcoin within a few hours that's what I'm

Trying to say all right so you guys don't got none of the questions for me today that's on that's the first pretty rare normally there's all kinds of questions especially for something like paxil I

Figured I you guys would have some questions for me if you do now just a chance for those who are just joining I am on my way to get some groceries from Whole

Foods where I got 40% off thank you very much packs well making my life a heck of a lot easier you know and I you know the thing with me is I just love sharing information it's like certain things like I just

Can't keep to myself I just got to keep it to myself you know I guess I can't keep secrets to myself – I'm one of those people I just got to tell Pete I'm just gonna share with other people I don't know why

Okay I gotta make a left on this confirms yeah so that's pretty much all I got for you guys right I went over the disputes I went over the different things I'm testing out obviously you guys saw my videos so I saw I got for

Y'all I'll probably make another video of them from the next video okay how about this you guys tell me um what's your recommendation or suggestions for future videos on packs well what would you like me to cover I'm probably gonna

Do the next video on ways how to trade back on packs well without the point one BTC right a lot of you guys are saying that you don't want to give up point one BTC the trade that's fair enough I think that makes sense I could be a

Video also I would love to do a video on the most popular payment methods in your region okay so you guys can explore those on your own time it's but it's not really ideal for me to go over three on an 89 different up payment methods you

Know what I mean so you guys gotta explore that are we good here should I go should I go should I stay are we good let me know hey man this is eme you guys know I could talk forever

But I'm not gonna be asking myself my own questions right oh by the way so I'm just came to mind I actually might be on someone else's show sometime this week so I'm gonna be clapping with somebody he's actually part of the packs world

Program as well someone had to pick his brain he's been impactful for longer knows the ins knows the outs I probably had him on the channel and he could share with us what he's learned all right so for the people watching right

Now how many of you guys are in paxil or you guys will still watch it from the outside looking in we've got a bunch of looky-loos too there I think it's a new subscribers here I'm

Just watching like I'm doing shiny talk that's all good you guys not to talk got some traffic here okay guys I think we're done here I don't want to just be on air just for the sake of being on air right so yeah my next few videos I'll

Definitely do that on the point one BTC without having that how to make trades payment methods in your region I think that's it okay I'm probably been running for another minute if you guys got anything for me I've been getting pretty

Ramped up with a bunch of private messages guys in my private packs which other than going to work within our sharing thoughts I'm pretty much masterminding there so if you do want an invitation there message me but you

Gotta be part of my team because it's only fair to the rest of the guys alright so once again you guys got about thirty seconds if you got a message for me if not you know I'm gonna say you're on your own

Anything at all passionately related now is your time you got 20 seconds ten seconds five four three two one all right guys thank you for joining the random livestream and I do watch out for my

Next few videos you know I'd be bringing the fire content and I'm also bringing value okay that's what's missing in this piece people are too damn selfish you don't bring valuable content that's

Gonna add value to people's lives and that's what I'm trying to do I'm trying to bring goodwill back into this marketplace so you know what they really must have to say other than until the next video your ass is on your own


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