How Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Will Make 1 Million Dollars During This 7 Minute Video

published on July 2, 2020

right now the richest person in the

world is one Jeffrey Preston Bezos with

the founder of Internet commerce giant

Amazon money as of June 10th 2020 Bezos

was worth approximately one hundred

fifty eight point five billion dollars

that's more than the gross domestic

product iceland luxembourg and cyprus

combined Bezos was born in 1964 to 16

year-old Jacqueline niece an 18 year old

Ted Jorgensen when young Jeff was 17

months old his mother divorced Jorgensen

in 1968 she then married a Cuban

immigrant Miguel Bezos who adopted Jeff

growing up Jeff Bezos was a good student

receiving straight A's on his way to

becoming valedictorian of his high

school he then attended Princeton

University where he graduated with a

degree in electrical engineering and

computer science

Bezos got the idea for Amazon when he

was 30 years old living in New York and

working in finance he saw how quickly

Internet usage was increasing every year

and anticipated that a digital book

store could be a big hit while the

company began by only selling books

it has since expanded into a store for

almost anything including groceries

furniture in even coffins in addition to

the website most people associate with

the company today Amazon owns many

brands that may surprise me such as the

Internet Movie Database which TV Zappos

Whole Foods mark Goodreads audible

ranked a 100 turbine wind farm in West


not to mention dozens of apparel

and Amazon Studios which is 115 Awards

and the most recent and these are still

only a fraction of the company's Amazon

ponies online commerce Research Forum

emarketer estimated in 2019 that Amazon

would make up 38% from all ecommerce

that year in the United States on top of

their retail and entrance by


the US Amazon is the largest cloud

services in the world I mean even if

you're not buying anything while surfing

the internet you're likely to be

visiting websites that pay Amazon

suppose discontent while most people

never think about AWS 2019 it's

responsible for more than 12% of

Amazon's consolidated sales in 2019

Amazon saw record success more than 230

billion dollars in revenue corresponding

to more than 115 billion dollars in

profit as the CEO of Amazon Bezos

receives containable salary of just 81

thousand eight hundred and forty dollars

he also receives security services of

paid for by Amazon that are worth more

than 15 million although seem like

large numbers we do not become the

richest person in the world with a five

figure salary alone most of bayes's

wealth is in the form of his 111% state

in Amazon as of this writing Amazon as a

company is valued at one point three two

trillion dollars meaning Bezos estate is

worth more than a hundred and forty six

point five billion dollars note that

while Bezos may be worth nearly a

hundred and sixty billion he does not

have that much money in the bank as

we've discussed his worth and mostly in

the form of Amazon stock when you want

to buy things for instance on Amazon you

use money not stuff you can't buy things

with stuff in other words Bezos has to

sell his stock to actually have that

much money for instance on January 30th

of this year

Amazon published its 2019 fourth quarter


Wall Street's expectations for the

company because of that news over the

span of 15 minutes Amazon stock price

rose twelve percent increasing Bezos his

wealth by thirteen point two billion

dollars in that time over the next 11


Bezos sold 41 billion dollars worth of

stock essentially converting it to camp

in addition to 11% of Amazon Bezos owns

the Washington Post which he purchased

in 2013 for 250 million dollars and Blue

Origin an aerospace company with the aim

of making space tourism possible space

and space exploration was a childhood

dreamed for Bezos and Bezos has claimed

to sell a billion dollars of Amazon

stock every year to invest in Blue

Origin today a billion dollars of Amazon

stock is 07 percent of his holdings in

2019 Business Insider calculated that

between 2017 and 2018 Bezos his wealth

increased seventy eight point five

billion dollars that means that year

Bezos made over 215 million dollars per

day or eight million nine hundred sixty

one thousand one hundred eighty seven

dollars per hour that's more than three

hundred times more than the median

annual pay for a worker at Amazon

breaking that number down further it

means that every second whether it was

during a work day or while he was


Jeff Bezos a two thousand four hundred

and eighty nine dollars every second for

comparison this is a second Jeff Bezos

made almost twenty five hundred dollars

while that to him played over twice with

a median US worker makes in a week in

2018 Amazon raised its minimum wage for

workers to $15 an hour those workers

earn around thirty thousand dollars per

year an amount of money it takes Bezos

eleven point five seconds to earn this

unequal distribution of wealth is not

just found in Amazon but all across our

economy and it's getting worse according

to the Federal Reserve at the end of

2019 the richest 10% of the country

controlled seventy point two percent of

the nation's wealth meaning the bottom

90% controlled twenty nine point eight


for contrast at the end of only 2002 the

wealthiest 10% controlled 612% leaving

388% to the remaining 90% at the end of

the day people who are already wealthy

continue to make more and more while

workers on the bottom of the economic

heap are left to fight for scraps one

way workers have historically been able

to secure higher wages is by unionizing

and organizing strikes amazon

notoriously fights against attempts

their workers have made to unionize this

year a vice-president at Amazon quit

after several lower level employees were

terminated for what the vice-president

described as being whistleblowers

without collective action employees who

make as much in a year as Bezos makes

him 12 seconds are at the whim of the

world's richest man to increase their

salaries and to not be fired for trying

to secure more rights meanwhile business

consulting firm comparison has estimated

that Jeff Bezos is on track to be the

first-ever trillionaire in as soon as a

short six years most of us will never

have the billions Jeff Bezos has it his

disability most of us won't even be

millionaires that means that during the

time you've watched this video not only

has Jeff Bezos made a million dollars

he's made more money than you'll ever

have in your life




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