How am I JUST finding out about this sandwich???

published on July 17, 2020

You know when I have to bite off this and be very critical if you don't mind welcome back to season 2 of the sandwich series where I find the most popular sandwiches from around the world and recreate every single element from scratch if you're new to this series

Don't worry I've got the entire first season all 12 episodes on the pro home cooks front page the YouTube page but before you check those out you're gonna want to stay tuned because for episode 1 of season 2 we've got a very special one

The most requested sandwich of all time from all of you out there the doner kebab but what really threw me off was that everyone requesting the sandwich was German and I always thought the sandwich was from Turkey so on top of

Making the sandwich today we're going to be doing a deep dive into the history and how it became so popular in Germany but before we do that we got to get on the ground and sample this thing and there's really only one place I know to

Get a proper German doner kebab check check check my name is Eric on Emre and I am the owner and founder of cookie Berliner doner kebap first give me the pronunciation let's get that out of the way oh if you do not go Bob

It's done ever done okay your Mantic Turkish way to say it is doing that but if you say it in German we say do not do not so you could say the Turkish which is donated or you say the German which is Doudna so why were there not many

Kebab places in the US or in New York specifically and what made you open up this way you know I do not know the answer to that my history and my background is not in the cooking field or the restaurant field I am actually an

Architect for about 15 years I was an architect I became a developer later on and at one point I was so hungry for the Berliner style doner kebab that I went off to Google and typed in the words Berliner doner kebap and I got zero

Result I was astonishing and later on I acknowledge that maybe there was a history of the dinner came up that could be slightly different from what I'm used to mean and I saw several dozen restaurant I went to a few of them but

None of it would serve what I grew up with the Berliner dinner came up which is this delicious poke at you like Turkish pita bread that is lightly toasted with sesame I missed all this and I said if no one doesn't I'll do it

I've purchased a small it's about a foot and a half tall vertical rotisserie and I made one for myself I had friends over and they said this is incredible this is one of the best sandwiches we've ever had so it really fueled me and we

Applied to small gisbert which is an incredible outdoor market and it served almost like a springboard for us you know we were three people now we're 25 people we have two full-time locations we have a third one coming up at

Brooklyn Navy Yard by the summer of 2020 we couldn't be happier with the residences so far it's just like the perfect damage right got soft they've got me we've got good brain it said you're fixing for the urban dweller and

Germans are busy just like Americans are busy they wanted to have something quick something helpful of the go and that's really how the inspiration for the doner kebab came about so this bread is about 12 inches in diameter okay

Lightly crusted with Sesame's you can see how I'm pressing on a little pretty fluffy bread it goes into our toaster so we basically cut them first in halves then we cut them into quarters so it was brought over in the 70s and then I think

Over the course of the last 40 years it also changed and evolved the Turkish immigrants quickly noticed that Germans love sauces I think it is fair to say that inspiration and the roots are Turkish but it is a German staple Bible

All right and then we grabbed the chicken that is thinly sliced and we distributed carefully tomato cucumber with thin top Dylan so you go in here red onions raw red onion feta cheese crumbled feta cheese white sauce I was

On the architecture path as well you were you're an architect now you're on a food business what's your favorite part about it I mean I tell you I get up every morning thinking how many thousands of mistakes am I gonna do

Today so I love the learning process yeah I love being with people and I think I acknowledge that very soon not just to be with my own staff but also to be with people who are customers you know I hang out at the cash register I

Serve foods I meet people like yourself that are interested in this so it allows me to get an insight from their point of view and also to help them understand a little bit where I come from right I am almost a Turkish inspired person

Yeah but born and raised to Turkish people in Germany so that food that is a Turkish inspired sandwich right is the same thing yes German in all of its fibers right so aircon was nice enough to give me an entire bread loaf right

Here for recipe comparison cuz I love this bread and you know when it comes to sandwiches it's all about the bread the rest of the stuff is important but if you don't get the bread right you're not gonna get the sandwich right you made me

Promise to not give up the source though but this will be huge and what I really love about this bread is that it was super flaky on the inside and I studied a ton of different Turkish bread recipes online and there's a lot of ways to

Obtain this type of result so I figured I would just kind of wing it at this point I'm pretty good at making bread from doing so many different breads on the sandwich series and I have an idea of what I want to do for the bread the

First thing you're gonna do is warm up some milk and some water then take a large bowl add your warm milk in water a little bit of sugar your instant yeast and then I added a little bit of sourdough starter just for some extra

Flavor in there but that is completely optional and then add one cup of flour and give it a good stir and remember I'm doing this all by field so I'm just gonna keep adding flour until I get more of a dough mass and it's gonna be super

Sticky it's gonna be a wet dough but that's exactly what I'm going for I want that fluffy crumb and that's gonna come from a nice hydrated dough let this rest for 20 minutes and then you're just gonna perform some gentle

Stretching folds you can't really need it because it's so sticky so you're just gonna stretch and turn the dough over a few times and then you're gonna let the dough rise for another hour until it's doubled in size once your dough is

Rested and it's visibly puffy take it out of the ball onto a floured surface because it's gonna be super sticky so you want to make sure your surface is nice and floured then cut your dough ball into about two pieces I did one big

Piece and one small depending on how big you want your bread and then give them both a rough shape into a small dough ball now place your dough on to some parchment paper on a tray and just start flattening out your dough you don't want

To roll out your dough because you're gonna lose all of that air so you just want to gently push it down until you get that circular shape and then the last step is to egg wash your dough to get some really nice color when it's

Baked and then we're gonna sprinkle on some sesame seeds and then some Nigella seeds which is classic for Turkish bread now you're gonna let those proof for about an hour until they gain a little

Fluffiness and in the meantime you're gonna pre-heat your oven to three eighty five and then once that up and is preheated and your dough is nice and fluffy you can throw those and we can bake you can almost tell that if you you

Put up this bread well first of all the size I thought this was similar but this is actually a lot bigger but I like the size of it these are pretty massive because you cut them in four for the actual sandwich and you can kind of tell

That this it's super airy and it almost deflate s– a little bit like this one it looks like it was area at some point and then it deflated and created these little four glasses so we'll see what happens to this as it sits the bread

Deflated a little bit and it does have these crevices now just like this these breads are very similar but you can see I used in egg wash and the milk on top of this and it looks like they don't use any type of coating to get color for

Their bread check that out it's a little fluffier but there are some nice holes in there there's some area pockets and you compare the two this is definitely a little more dense more pockets but I am I'm very happy with the way this guy

Came out look how that holds out just like from the restaurant a nice pouch to just stuff and really solid not falling apart perfect bread right there now of course humans have been grilling

Meat over fire for thousands of years but the word doner kebab doesn't show up until the 18th century in the Ottoman Empire now turkey the word doner translates to rotate or turn and the word kebab comes from the root to fry or

To burn so basically you have some type of turning grilled meat or rotating roast and the first painting of this was actually found in 1616 in the Ottoman Empire but the massive transformation of this dish happened in the 1850s when

Ottoman chefs realized that if you turn the spit vertically that the fat would drip on the meat and you wouldn't lose all that delicious fat over the fire which makes a ton of sense that is delicious and you want it basting your

Meat so in Turkey lamb would be the preferred meat which is sliced thin and served over a plate of rice and salad but there are other styles of the dish like donor durum which is meat wrapped up in Turkish flatbread the doner kebab

Continued to spread throughout the Middle East becoming shwarma and Arabic countries and even tacos al pastor in Mexico but the question is how did this sandwich become so popular in Germany possibly even more popular in Germany

Than in Turkey well if we jump forward a few decades to post-world War era at that time Germany decided to bring in guest workers from other countries to increase the labor force the largest population of these guest workers being

Turkish and of course they're gonna want to bring over some of that Turkish deliciousness to Germany it's believed that the originator of the doner in Germany goes to one of those guest workers named Kadir nerman who was in

The printing business but quickly realized there weren't many good quick and delicious lunch options for working Germans so he decided to start slinging the doner kebab in 1972 but rather than serving up a big plate of food he chose

To make the dish more portable wrapping up the meat and the salad in a Turkish flatbread making him much more convenient for the workers to eat so basically he helped transform the doner kebab into fast food in Germany and if

Fast forward today the doner kebab is the number one fast food in Germany and it is a late-night staple when it comes to choosing the proper meat for your kebab you really can go with whatever you want if you're in Germany you're

Gonna see mainly beef and chicken but if you go to the Middle East you'll see a lot of lamb you can use pork as well it's really up to you I'm gonna use chicken thigh because chicken thigh is delicious and it's also fatty so it's

Not going to dry out when it's rotating on that spit but we do need to make a marination for this to maximize flavor we're gonna let it marinate overnight so I'm just gonna head over the spice rack pull a bunch of spices rind them up

Marinate this delicious chicken here are the whole spices that I'll grind up cinnamon coriander chili cardamom cumin seed thyme and oregano and then I'll add in some powdered spice now once you turn those spices into a powder I'm just

Gonna add a few more ground spices I've got some garlic powder and a little bit of smoked paprika now get your chicken thighs into a bowl and make sure they are boneless and skinless you can keep on the skin if you

Want but I doubt it's going to render out at least on my machine and to the chicken I added some lemon juice a little bit of olive oil and three heaping tablespoons of that spice mix and made sure to coat the chicken evenly

And then you can just let that marinate overnight for maximum flavor so we're gonna get this thing well sort of who did a review on didn't look half bad and I figure if we're gonna do proper kebab we need some sort of

Property even if it's not the best this is my donor machine we've got the electric coil back here and then you kebab up the chicken and that rotates heats it from that back coil and then you get that nice sear from the outside

On the chicken and that's what you're going for that's the key and it's really hard to do it unless you have some type of machine so I'm interested in how this works so aircon also gave me a little sampling

Of the white sauce I really liked their white sauce it's you know it's a basic Street neat style white sauce the main difference being it's yogurt base but when I taste it I get a good bit of mayo so I'm gonna split the

Yogurt and the Mayo and I think when you have a Mayo and a white sauce it really balances out the tangy nests of the yogurt so I'm just gonna do a standard white sauce but this right here if you don't get this right your sandwich

Ain't gonna be that tasty you need a flavorful white sauce it's really simple to make this classic white sauce in a mixing bowl I'm going in with about 3/4 cups of yogurt to half a cup of mayo I thought that would be a nice ratio and

Then I added the zest of a lemon as well as half of the juice of that lemon and graded in 1 clove of garlic on the microplane so it's nice and fine and then some chopped up dill added a little bit of salt and then stirred that

Together give your sauce a sample to adjust to your own taste buds and if you like it a little more acidic you can add a little lemon juice if you like it more salty of course add a little more salt and then just pop that into a squeeze

Bottle and let that sit and really marinate and develop its flavor overnight forget making a kebab this is just something you should have in your fridge at all times so good and this is just gonna get better as it marinades

All that garlic all that lemon juice keep it in the fridge and that should keep for awhile maybe a month I really wanted to make a homemade harissa sauce it's so important to get a nice spicy sauce on your sandwich so I have a

Really simple recipe for just a spicy harissa i preheated my oven to around 450 degrees and took out a pan and threw on one bell pepper along with a bunch of red chilies I'm using Fresno chilies and I just coated them in a little bit of

Oil threw them in the oven for about 15 minutes to 20 minutes until they were super dark and roasted up now you're gonna peel off the outer skin of your chiles you don't want any of that in your sauce and then to

Pending on the spicy level you want you can remove some of the seeds of your chilies I'm gonna remove pretty much all the seeds except for one or two of those Fresno chilies now to a blender you're gonna add in your peppers 3 cloves of

Garlic an eighth of a cup of white vinegar and just blend for around one minute next I'm gonna add in the spice mix that I made for the chicken I want an extra layer of flavor rather than just having those chilies all those

Spices are really gonna help out this sauce but you can use whatever spice mix you have lying around the house and I'm also gonna add one tablespoon of olive oil and then just blend that smooth for about three to four minutes until you

Get a beautiful Arisa sauce and of course you got to add that to this squeezy bottle so this has been cooking for a good hour I'm not getting the brown egde that I am looking for but you're getting some serious at drip edge

Fat infusion which is really the point of the rotisserie so I'm gonna slice some chicken off for the sandwich and we'll just keep it going and see if it Browns a little more

there you go the completed sandwich all that work but I would say that that's a F costal masterpiece and look at the sauce

Similar to when I tasted air cons it's very light mm-hmm yeah now the bread is light you've got pretty much a salad in there and that's what makes this thing so great it's very balanced my only issue is just the meat not really

Getting the sear it's you know the meat is juicy and it's delicious but I like more of a picture yeah more texture a little more flavor from the coloring but the bread I'm proud of the breath it's almost like a

Salad bread ball like yeah it's a bread Cup for salad basically it really they created something special we made this and it was delicious but aircon is actually gonna come over he hit me up on Instagram

He wanted to judge it himself so he should be here in about 15 minutes and I'm excited to see what he thinks the man is back he's come to sample this machine well you might love it now it's working

That wasn't read for like the last hour now it's working great this is where homemade meats store prepared we've got you get the master it's very presentable yeah it looks like the donor it seems like it's perfectly

Executed I can see the meter I see the sauces I see the red cabbage I try the meat by itself first I made a homemade spice marination for the me the meat is incredibly the sourcing of the meat is critical hmm it's perfectly

Seared and grilled it has a nice mix of spices in there I'd love to know what spices you used my secret your secret my secret no Chinese no but I have to light up this and be very critical if you don't mind this man traveled all over

All over from Germany but obviously how many how many shops you think you've been doing your life maybe three dozens Justin Jordan okay it's very flavorful you have a texture that is both crispy there's a softness of the bread the

Outside is slightly crispy I wish it was a little bit more crispy then let's go I like it well you know I said I think it's time that I invest in a panini machine yes but I think this gets away as a nearly perfect – doner kebap meat

Oh what's your biggest critique I would say the bread is such an important part of this meal it really delivers the product in this case it might be a little bit too fluffy mmm see this was a huge difference I couldn't figure out

How your bread it's almost like a sourdough consistency or it's it's it's not so fluffy like it's not made with baker's yeast but I couldn't that was hard but you did an amazing job I thank you you did it overnight it

Feels like and you this was two days I feel this is a perfect 8 out of 10 okay okay well a perfect day eight out of ten that that's doesn't make sense is pretty close to the tensile

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