How a SUPERCAR helped create the OnePlus Concept One HIDDEN Camera! | The Tech Chap

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey guys Anton the tech JEP and this is
one of the craziest days I've ever had
at the office as you can see I'm not in
the usual studio I'm actually at
MacLaren's Technology Center just
outside London not just on any normal
day but actually they've just revealed
their 2020 Formula One car the MCL 35 in
a gorgeous-looking new matte papaya
orange now I do love my cars but
obviously this is a tech channel so
while I'm here for the McLaren launch as
well I also want to talk you through
this a bad boy it's the one plus concept
one phone you may have seen some videos
of this some photos from CES but I want
to kind of get a bit more of a deep dive
and it show you how this very cool
invisible camera works you can see that
it's actually using tech from the Sun
roof of this McLaren GT here but it's
not just a pretty face because actually
this also acts as an ND filter before we
talk about the phone and the tech I do
just want to fire this up there's not
many times you get a chance to start up
a mclaren CC
they can't tell me off this is very very
cool so it's not all about playing
around though it's a little bit about
playing around so if you happen to have
fun a Noah spare a hundred and sixty
grand or so you can never go of this
yourself but in both the McClaren 720s
and the McLaren GT that I have here at
the touch of a button you can adjust the
tent of the glass sunroof
it's called electrochromic glass and
basically there's a thin layer of film
inside that conducts a low voltage of
electricity and as the current passes
through the film the particles are there
align all they disperse which then lets
more or less light through so basically
oneplus took that technology shrank it
right down into their concept one
smartphone it's just for the camera at
the back here so you can see first of
all it's completely smooth and if I turn
it off all the cameras that disappear if
I double tap the power to turn it back
on the camera lenses appear again now
you might be thinking well is that just
a bit of a gimmick like who cares if the
cameras disappear well I actually think
it's quite a big deal and not just from
a design point of view although I must
admit I really do like the look and feel
of this with MacLaren's signature papaya
orange leather cover and the glass strip
running through where the camera lens is
hiding underneath plus you can just
imagine if you can make the whole back
of your phone transparent so you can see
everything inside a bit like something
jerry-rigged everything will make that
would be pretty cool but what I'm most
excited about is how it also works as an
ND or neutral density filter something
most professional photographers use on
their cameras I actually use an ND
filter on my main video camera and it's
a lifesaver when shooting outdoors or in
bright light and it works by reducing
the amount of light that reaches the
camera sensor so I can keep a low f-stop
and have that nice depth of field
without everything being really blown
out until now the only way to really
replicate this on a smartphone is with a
third-party little clip-on filter but
it's not exactly an elegant solution
which brings us back to the concept one
and in the camera app if you switch to
the pro mode you'll see the little nd
eight icon at the top right which you
can integral on or off a quick caveat
though because this isn't a retail
product you would actually be able to
buy the concept one and the software
isn't final so right now the photos and
videos have a slightly unnatural blue
tint to them I asked oneplus about this
and they said it was simply down to the
color tuning but aside from the color
you can see a difference using the ND
filter we get more detail in the bright
areas like the clouds for now the
one has a fixed nd8 filter but their
proto designers have told me that
they're also looking at variable filters
going forward as well so answer a couple
of questions that I had about this going
in firstly it takes just Noor point
seven seconds to transition which is
actually quick and the time it takes to
open the camera app and second it does
drain some battery oneplus didn't give
me an exact figure but they said it was
less than say how much battery your
phone uses for 4G data
so while megapixel sensor size and AI
processing are all important when it
comes to the camera I can't wait to see
built-in ND filters in next-gen phones I
think it could genuinely transform
smartphone photography I maybe even lead
to some really unique phone designs it's
so cool seeing different brands like
oneplus and McLaren working together and
coming up with all sorts of innovations
I mean it's crazy to think the trickle
down obtained ology that starts off in
maybe at for me the wall or supercar can
end up in the phone that you and I might
have in our pocket so what do you make
of the oneplus concept one and the idea
of having an ND filter built into your
phone's camera let me know in the
comments below a huge thank you to one
plus a McLaren for working with me on
this video and giving me the chance to
see the unveiling of their car meet
their incredible drivers Lando and
Carlos and just being able to you know
no doubt for a day with cool cars and
next-gen tech I really hope you guys
enjoyed the video hit that like button
if you did and subscribe if you want to
see more from me I'll catch you next
time right here on the tech jam

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