How 4 Small Businesses Are Coping Amidst a Crisis | Essentials Episode 1

published on July 2, 2020

Saturday March 21st 2020 and folk is

reopening today at 10:00 am as a mini

market how does it work let me tell you


with a restaurant cafe and then it was

legitimately instantaneously we have to

become a market we have to sell

groceries we were 10 and now we're 2 and

we interact with each other as much as

we interact without cotton is that hard

my business is not what it was

the full-service sit-down element of the

restaurant that we were on March 15 is



twenty-eight years I've been doing this

28 years I still love it I'll be honest

with you it's very strange it's very

surreal when nine-one-one happened that

was a big shock to the city but the city

didn't really stop this is so different

because everything is closed you know my

company probably about 80% of our

clients stopped but my biggest client

basically kept us going so I realized

that even though more than half my crew

was gonna stop working

I could still work and I could still you

know make enough money for groceries and

rent and stuff like that so I feel

blessed for sure

all right everyone I just got to work

and I'm the first one here so let's go

inside so recently we've started taking

our temperatures normally someone else

would be taking your temperature but

since I'm the first one here I have to

take my own temperature and I am safe

I'm good to go

this is vection suds where all the

laundry is done we are a boutique

laundry service that employs autistic

individuals like me

I have high-functioning autism or

Asperger's it's okay I figured I started

show the world the help we do laundry

we've been doing laundry for all

healthcare workers and frontline workers

for free so this is some laundry from

North White House an EMT worker and he

is gonna steam them in a little bit

I've been with the Chelsea collaborative

I started as their receptionist when I

was only 22 years old I'm 52 now it was

an organization of white men fundraising

for our growing Latino community and I

moved my way up so these are all those

years all of them would recommend again

check for temperature we spray them we

will provide all the vegetables here all

these cold baths all this that you speed

will be gone today and then in the front

we have the vegetables this is a very

immigrant community and since yesterday

we have two thousand five hundred and

seventy confirmed cases I believe that

we're close to 5,000 because many people

would now go to the hospital because of

the immigration status we're City of

service workers that's it

with no savings at all and now we copy

19 everybody being on employee and not

working has made it all work



I wanted to capture my end of day today

it happens every now and again since

covert hit I have some really intense

overwhelming anxiety and fear about what

the future holds and how unstable

unstable sorry our world and our

community and being a small business

owner feels right now


today my husband said to me just do what

you're gonna do and every day would be

happy and what you're doing and if it

works you'll know that you've fought

really hard to make it work and you did

it the way you want it to and if it

doesn't it's okay

you'll just move on and figure it out

and I know that that's true it's not

ready to give up quite yet it's just

really really really hard


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