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published on July 2, 2020





welcome to NTD news I'm Tiffany Mayer

here are today's top stories

president Trump visits a shipyard in the

battleground state of Wisconsin he

speaks about nationwide efforts to test

for the virus and the importance of

stepping up to defend the US the

partisan divide rares up again this time

as House Democrats passed their policing

reform package but Republicans say they

weren't allowed any input they say the

Democrat bill was more about making a

point than progress the US House of

Representatives is voting today on

whether to make Washington DC a state

Democrats argue that locals should have

representation but Republicans say the

district doesn't have what it takes to

be a state and the FBI director says

over the last decade there's been a

1,300 percent increase in investigations

related to the Chinese communist regime

currently over 2000 cases are being



the president speaking in Wisconsin

about taking care of our communities he

says virus case numbers are higher than

countries that do fewer tests president

Trump speaking to hundreds of shipyard

workers that build combat ships for the

US Navy in Marinette Wisconsin

he spoke about nationwide efforts to

test for the virus which hit about

500,000 per day in June we have the

greatest testing program in the world

we've developed it over a period of time

and RUP to almost 30 million tests that

means we're gonna have more cases while

pointing out that reported virus case

numbers would be down if less testing

was done if we didn't want to test or if

we didn't test we wouldn't have cases

but we have cases because we test he

also said the US has gone from having

very few ventilators to becoming a

provider of insulators for other

countries that need help

he said production was at thousands a

week the president spoke to a crowd of

engineers and ship builders about taking

care of communities and defending the

us when called to we stand tall we

stand strong and we always stand proud

of the United States of America with the

help of everyone here today this

shipyard will continue to prosper this

state will continue to thrive in April

this year Wisconsin's Marinette Marine

shipyard won the deal to build the US

Navy's newest surface combatant a

contract worth up to 55 billion dollars

making the shipyard a major player in

the us Navy ship building some polls

have suggested the president has ground

to make up in Wisconsin but President

Trump similarly trailed Hillary Clinton

in polls conducted in Wisconsin in 2016

before going on to win the state House

Democrats new police reform package has

been passed by the chamber but some

Republican senators are questioning why

it was put forward without any open

debate that's after they've said the

bill is going nowhere it once it reaches

the Senate House Democrats passed their

police reform package largely along

party lines with just three Republicans

voting in favor of the bill the yeas are

232 nays are

181 the bill is passed

the vote comes amid weeks of unrest in

the streets following the death of

George Floyd and police custody

some are protesting against alleged

police brutality some campaigning

against racial inequality while others

are rioting looting and vandalizing

property Democrats say their bill is a

response to his death

it was spearheaded by Congressional

Black Caucus chairwoman Karen bass the

justice and policing Act establishes a

bold transformative vision of policing

in America the package would make it

easier for courts to find officers

personally liable for any violations on

an individual civil rights it also seeks

to amend federal civil rights law so

that prosecutors no longer need to proof

that an officer's harmful actions were

willful House Republicans were not

allowed any input in the process of

drafting or amending the legislation the

bill is not expected to pass in the

Senate nor is a president expected to

sign it did you choose to make a point

rather than make a difference all while

putting politics before people and

slandering Republicans in the process

the vote comes a day after Democrats

blocked a vote on the gops police reform

package in the Senate the House of

Representatives is voting today on a

bill that would make Washington DC a

state Democrats support the bill but

Republicans and the White House oppose

it the Democratic controlled House of

Representatives will vote today on

making Washington DC the 51st state

Democrats argue that DC residents pay

taxes but don't have voting

representation in Congress the option is

to recognize seven hundred and six

thousand people as full and equal

citizens of the United States of America

with voting rights in the capital in

their Parliament most other legislation

has been delayed because of the virus

Democrats say making DC a state is even

more important now following recent

unrest the bill is expected to pass the

house but it's unlikely to advance in

the republican-led Senate Republican

Senator Tom cotton argued against making

DC estate

putting aside these practical and

constitutional problems with DC

statehood though we return to a basic


Washington is a city with all the

characteristics of a city not a state

cotton says Washington doesn't have the

size or diversity of interests of even

the smallest of the 50 states

he said the largest group of workers in

the city are bureaucrats and other

white-collar professionals this state

would be nothing more than appendage of

the federal government not separate from

the government as a state ought to be

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

said the bill represents a chance for

Democrats to gain two more seats in the

Senate President Trump said he will veto

the bill if it comes to him the FBI

director says the agency is dealing with

over 2,000 investigations tied to the

Chinese Communist Party and edie's

Miguel Moreno has more on those numbers

and how the regime is using an economic

angle to influence the US government is

fighting a generational FBI director

Christopher ray says they're currently

investigating over 2,000 cases linked to

the Chinese Communist Party a 1,300

percent increase in economic espionage

cases since a decade ago ray noted that

the CCP relies on non-traditional

collectors such as businessmen

scientists and scholars who are bribed

into stealing US information not just

government officials The Epoch Times

senior China reporter Joshua Phillips

says the regime's espionage goes even

further than that it's not just the

direct stealing of information using

spies from different US companies things

to prop up the Chinese economy it also

takes the form of things like

ideological subversion takes the form of

things like infiltration in Tuesday

different elements of influence in the

society news outlets think tanks

research facilities you name it in

recent months the Justice Department and

the FBI have ramped up their counter

active duties against the CCP a review

of DOJ press releases by The Epoch Times

shows that it brought more indictments

related to Chinese infiltration since

2019 and during the entire eight years

of the Obama administration Ray called

China the most comprehensive threat to

and innovation economic security and

democratic ideas Phillip says it's an

accurate statement there are other

countries that have similar viewpoints

on the us there are other countries

that carry out similar say operations

against the United States but none of

them have the whole of society threat

that the Chinese Communist Party brings

the United States and the eyes of the

Chinese Communist Party is its

number-one enemy when it comes to things

like economic theft when it comes to the

different forms of espionage it's using

all of these are part of its plan for

the United States Rae also says the

regime is now trying to interfere with

us politics by trying to steer them in

a more pro-chinese Communist Party

direction Miguel Moreno and TV news

coming up next New York City restaurants

reopened for outdoor dining some are

happy with the East restrictions but

some want even more freedom for now

indoor dining remains off-limits

and almost 800 movie theaters around the

country have reopened already but

there's more to come theaters are

preparing for a mass opening next month

more on that when we return





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stay truly informed in New York City

restaurants are finally allowed to

reopen for outdoor dining again business

owners are happy to be serving up

customers favorites and restaurant goers

are eating it up but some restrictions

remain New York City is now in Phase two

of its reopening including lifting some

restrictions on restaurants 1 new

restaurants grand opening was delayed

once the pandemic hit the owners can

finally welcome customers now but must

follow the outdoor dining only

guidelines a lot of guidance but we were

able to instantly get approval to have

the outdoor seating so we know they have

to be six feet apart chair to chair

groups of up to ten can be together

restaurants with the proper permit can

now use sidewalks roadways backyards and

other outdoor spaces to keep customers

apart as they eat one diner owner feels

the changes aren't enough and are still

restricting the healthy operation of his

business I don't like most of these

strictures now we cannot serve after 11

o'clock a night in a store is open 24/7

we open all night I don't like that but

you know

I gotta listen to them some residents

are happy to see at least some of the

economic activity in the city restart

you know that we're in a decline here

you know with with cases and and you

know it's time for the economy to get

back and we have to move forward during

the full pandemic lockdown and phase one

of reopening restaurants were only

allowed to offer takeout and delivery

indoor dining is predicted to resume on

July 6th if the city can move into phase

3 but restaurants will be restricted to

50 percent capacity almost 800 movie

theaters around the country are back

open but that's far from all the

industry is hoping to have a mass

opening in July moviegoers still have

mixed feelings about venturing out when

the 60 seater arena cinta lounge in Los

Angeles opens again for the first time

in months more than a dozen chairs will

be filled by cardboard cutouts of James

Dean Charlie Chaplin and other Hollywood

icons almost 800 indoor cinemas have

reopened around the country but

officials in LA County the largest

movie-going market in the United States

have not yet given a green light New

York City the country's number two movie

market also has not set a date for

cinema reopening the industry is hoping

for mass openings in July

that's when nationwide chains AMC

entertainment Cinemark and Cinna world's

Regal Cinemas are scheduled to be back

in business all plans safeguards

including limited attendance extra

cleaning and face masks for guests and

workers although there is still some

health risks involved one moviegoers

said he would take the risk if it was

for a good movie movies but our favorite

actors that withdrawn me that might be

willing to risk in coronavirus ago see

but others still have mixed feelings

about heading back to theaters

yeah it's obviously better to go to a

theater for certain kinds of movies it's

more fun it's more engaging like you

know but at the end of the day I think

that's probably the least important

business that kind of needs to reopen

currently the first widely released film

on Hollywood schedule is unhinged a road

rage drama starring Russell Crowe it's

set to debut on July 10th

coming up the Senate unanimously passed

build a punish Beijing over Hong Kong

here what one of the sponsors has to

save and in a newly released video young

protesters from Hong Kong's

pro-democracy movement are speaking up

about alleged sexual assault

they say the abuse took place during

police detentions that and more after

the break





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every week

a new bill could mean sanctions against

China's communist regime if signed into

law it would dole out punishment for

China's draconian national security law

over Hong Kong and for the people and

banks that support Beijing's efforts to

control the city the Senate passed it

yesterday the Senate passed a bill that

would impose sanctions on people or

companies supporting the Chinese

regime's efforts to restrict Hong Kong's

autonomy the Hong Kong autonomy Act

passed unanimously senator Josh Hawley

sponsored the bill he said it sends

Beijing a clear message that its

attempts to steam wall to steamroll and

destroy the liberties of the people of

Hong Kong will not go unnoticed and will

not go unaddressed the bill also

includes secondary sanctions on banks

doing business with anyone who cracks

down on Hong Kong's autonomy it could

cut banks off from American counterparts

and limit access to us dollar

transactions Senator Holly said the free

world stands with Hong Kong but the free

people of this nation and the free

people of the world are with you and

that we will not sit idly by that we

will stand up that we will take action

and that your cause for your basic

rights your cause for your basic

liberties is our cause as well the bill

almost passed last week but the Trump

administration requested late technical

Corrections the delay shows how

complicated it can be to pass

legislation pushing back against the

Chinese regime President Trump started

the process to eliminate Hong Kong

special status after Beijing's move to

impose the new security law Hong Kong

special status separates it from

mainland China in matters of trade

investment and visas is what allowed

Hong Kong to remain a global financial

center to become law the House of

Representatives has to pass it and the

president has to sign it Hong Kong's

pro-democracy protesters are facing more

than just tear gas and batons some

alleged sexual assault by the police but

few victims have spoken out for fear of


as Hong Kong's fate becomes increasingly

dire under Beijing's aggression more

victims are starting to speak out after

this traumatic experience I was often

terrified to tears when I heard loud


more victims are coming out to accuse

Hong Kong police of sexual assault

committed during last year's

pro-democracy protests similar

allegations have been circulating since

the start of the protests but few have

spoken out for fear of retaliation

however that's starting to change in a

newly published video victims are asking

the world to stand up against what they

called the raping of Hong Kong 1 17-year

old student who appears in the video

recounted her experience during a press

conference I also started to get

nightmares I don't want to admit I had

an emotional breakdown because of the

police's sexual harassment Sonja young a

student from the Chinese University of

Hong Kong is also featured in the video

the 25 year old used her real name to

make the allegation last October in a

heartbreaking speech on campus she

pleaded with school officials to support

the students


concerns over the assaults made global

headlines last year when a 19 year old

woman filed the complaint in October

against Hong Kong's police force she

said she was gang-raped during detention

and later discovered she was pregnant

but last month Hong Kong's police

commissioner issued orders to arrest the

teenager for giving what was called a

false testimony the teenager has since

fled Hong Kong Hong Kong's police force

denied the allegations but last November

South Korea's public broadcaster one of

the area's biggest television networks

interviewed an anonymous Hong Kong

police officer the policeman said that

cases of sexual assault are not only

real but more widespread than people

realize a Hong Kong organization

conducted a questionnaire last winter

almost 70 responses were received all of

them alleging sexual assault will in

detention nearly half of them decided

not to report it because the

perpetrators are police or other law

enforcement staff there's a widespread

suspicion among protesters that some of

the police are not local law enforcement

but police sent from mainland China in

the end of the video the victims voice

concern over Beijing's increasing

crackdown on Hong Kong and as the us

for help

we are prayer to you America

the leader of the free world please

stand with us and we will light the way

for a new China to come into the world


reporting by penny Joe and TD News





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