Horse Hoof Issues | The Unimaginable Dr. Pol

published on July 2, 2020

love the smell of horses

Hold still, sweetheart

Don't ask me what it is, but
the smell is just fantastic

NARRATOR: Dr Pol and Diane
have three Friesian mares

DIANE: Oh, my goodness!

that, like Doc, hails

from his native Netherlands

Hey, you want some more?

the Friesians because they have

a very beautiful gait
with a lot of knee action,

as they call it

At the same time,
they are docile

Their temperament is so good

DR POL: Throw some
grain out for them

me, they are big pets

that I love to take care of

[horse neighing]

Come here

Hey, sweets

NARRATOR: Their mare, Alicette,
needs some of that care


This morning, I
pulled into the clinic

and I noticed that one of
the horses was limping

So I went in to the
pen to check it out

It's the front left right there

Whatever it is, it's painful

It's definitely some sort
of injury, so how bad,

I don't know yet

Dad really likes the Friesian
breed, likes having horses

To my dad, they have a real
special place in his heart

It was something
he grew up with

I got something
you gotta look at

Alicette– I noticed that she
was limping in the front left

She won't put weight on it

At all?

I used– no

I used the hoof pick, and I got
all the mud pack out of there

DR POL: OK, let's
go look at the horse

She has to be examined and
find out why she is limping

Look at how bad
she's walking on it


Come on!

I know you're hurting

What's the matter with you?

Oh, that stinks

Most of the time when horses
limp, it's in the hoof

There's a stone there

That's it

Didn't you see that
stone there, Charles?

No, I didn't

Lo and behold, he found
a pretty good sized stone

that was packed in the mud
up underneath in the frog

of her foot

OK, see what she does

Come on

I hope that didn't
cause an abscess already

Come on!

I'm glad that we found
out what it was so quickly

I'm hoping that that's
all that it's going to be,

but I will have to wait and see

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