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by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

what's up everybody today is Saturday
March 30th my name is BK crypto trader
also known as the boasts of Bitcoin and
my people my people it's about that time
live from the USA helping you get paid
every day this is the boasts a Bitcoin
the crystal of crypto is your boy BK and
if you don't like me you must not like
money thank you for joining me everybody
today again I'm going back into the
comment section somebody requested
horizon so haven't done you know video
on this in a while I actually am good
friends with Rolf ver solace who is one
of the CEOs and founder of horizon it's
formerly known as Zen cash so you could
go back in my video just type in horizon
and you'll actually see I did a tour of
his mining farm and this guy first of
all is a genius when it comes to a
crypto mining and you know engineering
and building on the blockchain and also
did an interview with their team as well
so if you're not familiar with what
horizon is as far as crypto market cap
is concerned it's you know right on the
border of a top hundred coin about forty
million dollars market kept six dollars
right now it's a utility token built on
the Z cash network and it's specifically
for privacy and this is what I think is
actually really value about valuable
about the utility that this coin brings
again I actually this is my interview
right now this is their YouTube page
right so you type in horizon and you can
scroll down horizon interviews this was
my interview with Rob Rob big Leone you
know we were what was this this was like
over Christmas or Thanksgiving break we
were both at like our parents house oh
he did an interview talking about you
know there's new product so it's pretty
cool I think these guys definitely have
a lot of integrity I can speak to that
personally so it's not always about you
the money and what the charts say really
it's about knowing the team behind the
product the mission of the team you know
and and being able to speak to the
credibility and the validity that they
have given through their own action
right so without further ado let's make
it do we to do
go ahead and make this money this is ze
into the BTC on a three forty three
compliments of the boss method if you
don't know now you know if you're
unfamiliar how my method work what it is
what these three you know different
areas in all you got to do is type in
how to chart like a boss into Big
Brother and they will tell you exactly
how to do it I've got a playlist right
there about 50,000 views altogether and
you can go through video about video and
learn how to make money in the markets
forever so ze in has not been listed
that long right I think it's only on one
or two exchanges we got finance we got
bid tricks and hit BTC I really don't
look at bid tricks as charts even though
this might be okay because it's like a
longer timeline i normally use by hands
mainly because they have so much more
liquidity but you can kind of see if
even if you just do like a simple you
know step up step down analysis we had
this run up here and then is run down
over there right so all we know from the
past is that it you know was wavy and it
ran up and ran out of gas and broke down
so let's go back to finance where we can
focus on the interim right of what's
happened there right this is kind of
like that breakdown zone right and this
is fine because now we can actually zoom
into this breakdown understand where the
floor would be and where we can protect
positive energy moving forward sometimes
I like doing these negative poins
to show the exact same tools Fibonacci
you know and all this stuff just to show
you guys that it is indeed possible to
make money on the down when you know
where the floor is right and so
as I look at this I'm doing this in real
time I haven't like made the chart ahead
of time but kind of got to different
areas three different areas of the chart
you got this area which was actually a
slight positive area we have this area
which is a big negative area and then we
still got this area over here which is
another slight positive so any analysis
I want to do I want to be able to
pinpoint that area right there as our
floor right and so what I'm gonna be
looking to do is create a Fibonacci
analysis that identifies that segments
early 2019 as the end of negative energy
and the beginning of positive energy so
let's see how we're gonna do this we're
gonna start with a sideways Fibonacci on
this positive zone that I just showed
you up there we're gonna start with a
sideways Fibonacci and we're gonna do
also a bottom Fibonacci right um could
do that this is on a 343 this is one
thing you know the nuances of the method
so a 343 you notice my zero is at this
big intersection right there that's a
powerful intersection I'm gonna keep
that one I'm gonna play with this up
there to project down the negative I'll
show you how to do that in a minute
but I entered it into the top the macro
of the 231 the reason I did that is
because on a 343 that will actually tell
you where the maximum amount of money
stops right so if we have the top of the
231 which is where the wails started to
leave the market then on the other side
that will give us the bottom where they
started to come back in you see how that
work and then we confirm it on the 3/2
we get this nice little intersection
right there that little pop in swing
this is kind of like one Bowl in between
1 6 and a 2 2 and it was all negative
basically we did get a little pop
between the 3 2 and a 3 6 this is
actually a positive zone so you see even
is brief Fibonacci we have a lot of
concurrence and agreement that this is
indeed a solid scale to tune to right
and so now I'm okay with that
put that down for a second now I need to
go down now that I went out this way I
need to go down this way right how do we
do that we take same Fibonacci scale it
down like that that didn't really give
me what I wanted so I'm coming right
there and you see what I'm doing this
side over here was too long that's break
out to break down if we were going
positive then that would have been fun
you know what I said okay cool we could
reverse this up here you know and zinc
ass is gonna be up here somewhere but we
broke down so what I need to do is I
need to go break down right there to
break down right there flip this thing
upside down and now we're starting to
cook with some gas and remember I told
you that I'm gonna play with this fine
tune area up here because that's like
the amplifier so watch this when I go up
to the top of this thing

if I go to the top of that peak now look
at this now our three two confirms the
macro floor you see that and so that's
just one thing to keep in mind like the
Fibonacci is you literally a drawn to
looks like a whiteboard a canvas that
you can use to tune into a different
frequency so what does this tell me this
tells me that the 4 2 2 2 4 6 is a solid
floor for Zen cache right
and as a result normally I do like a
amplifier up to 1 6 you see it came back
positive right there and then also you
can do something like that if you want
it to show that the macro positive is
generally positive on this trend that's
why we're going up here we're
identifying this 4 to section again this
blue triangle right there that's kind of
gonna be like our floor our bottom point
for zinc ash so what it is mean let's
let's jump into here now that we're in a
positive cycle a positive segment even
though it's slowly positive we could do
a quick Fibonacci right there and this
we can remove that one and this shows us
the different scales that were operating
now right now we're between the 2 6 and
the 2 2 which is kind of limbo Lin
anytime it gets in this yellow zone
right here that's really just you know
kind of like middle-of-the-road
undecided catch a breath and recover but
what do we got here we got this cross
this big macro cross and I think with a
positive market that's where Zen cash
can get if we do break down in between I
think this is a great buy back what you
have is you have three on three right
now you got the 231 making money to 7
and the 77 making money so if a candle
falls under that or one of those moving
averages fall under that two beats one
and you will still continue to
I'm hire at least to retest this to six
area I could actually see that happening
over the next month so I would say
anything under point zero one five would
be abide to play Bitcoin on the bounce
knowing that zinc has a
middle-of-the-road and that's why it
hasn't had like a huge run like you know
number hundred on the list forty forty
two percent isn't bad but higher coins
have made like a hundred percent so you
can see how the money starts to slow
down as you trickle down that list but
again I do think anything under fifteen
hundred is a buy so you could even you
know maybe set a limit by under that
going into May for the month of April
knowing that will will retest on
positive energy will retest seventeen
hundred and once we break seventeen
hundred will get the eighteen three
ultimately with a macro ceiling right
around two thousand right and that's not
given today's market so if we hit that
boom boom let's say we pin it right
there I'm going to now that I notice
line this the six-four line I'm gonna
put a vertical marker on that one and
I'm gonna take away this sideways so I
can really zoom in on this one
I'm gonna do another quick sideways
right here
look at that now you start to see where
this thing will fall into so that way
across it's right there we almost hit
this one nail on the head with that with
that Fibonacci zone so I like that right
there now you can kind of just fine-tune
it to you know the different levels that
it would be right so ultimately I think
that day should be given positive energy
and this day will ultimately be the peak
this is a longer trade going out into
May into June but in the mean in-between
time between now and May
you should seize in cash ideally come
back down here to 15 you buy into that
knowing that positive energy is gonna
take you higher in the market and then
you can lock in 39%
like a boss and that's how you do it
people that's how you turn like a boss
you know I'm saying I know it's it's not
it's not what they teach a wall street
that's cuz the CJ bees don't want you to
make money but uh I used to work on Wall
Street I just never wore soup you know
what cuz I gotta wear no ties hey man
they got a you got a hang yourself from
that time you don't even know how this
magic work that's why I got it not in it
cuz that's what you not gun to do you
know you're not living you're a part of
a corporation what's a corporation a
corporation is a dead entity legal
fiction it's not even real right and so
what can we do now that we know this
information now that we say okay BK show
me same guys gonna make about 40% over
the next 40 days what can we do well now
take that information learn to trade
like all boss and you join the different
communities we got the number one
Bitcoin group in the world click that
button right there BAM twenty thousand
of my best friends come together it's
seven days a week e pizza other empower
than in profit in the marketplace come
on in the doors are always open and if
you try to pick up two and pick up six
like a boss this is how you do it
ten coins at a month I'm coming out with
that list tomorrow so stay tuned
everybody eight broke first actually I
think two days April first we'll have
that list updated top seven coins every
seven days I've been hitting them over
here with this one about five ten
percent a week
BTC you know even when Bitcoin ain't
making no money we could still make more
Bitcoin trading the altcoins so if you
know that jump own up to the boss alert
messages VIP trading group 250 a month
like I said put down to and pick up six
this is where you have direct access to
me I'm actually making a private discord
group this month as well so everybody
will be together everybody will have
community and continuity to keep each
other empowered and in profits in the
market so if you made it this far in
this video I appreciate you hit that
thumbs up button if you appreciate me
leave me a comment down below let me
know what coin you want to see like I
said I'm coming on this thing seven days
a week cuz the markers on sleep and and
I need your help to make this whole
mission possible right each one reach
one reach one teach one and with that
being said make sure you stay empowered
stay in profit and most importantly stay
cryptic y'all peace

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