published on August 1, 2020

Hi everybody this is crypto rich working with you to get richmond's crypto filling our pockets with crypto profits i have with me crypto rowan i mean that's not really his name crypto name is rowan though and he's one of the team at horizon

Pick a symbol zen and we're going to be giving uh getting an update on what's been happening with horizon as they roll out their platform and their products and stuff now before introducing

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Rowan how you doing thank you so much for making yourself available no thank you for having me doing really well thanks how about yourself i am very very well you are in uh that is such a great backdrop and

I know you've got it to absorb the sound but it just looks you're in a nightclub in panama my very own personal nightclub this room was this room was literally just my my desk in the corner and nothing else

So it was just an echo chamber but now it's uh a little bit more dampened a little bit easier to have a conversation like this without horrible audio great and what we're going to be doing

Is finding out about what's happening with horizon and i think a couple of months ago i had robert robert on from the team yep rob is uh team bleed

And co-founder yeah rob biglioni so i had rolf on a few months ago and the first time i've had him on and we're going to have an update on what's been happening with horizon since then do you want to start by saying a little

Bit about what you do at horizon sure can do um so i look after business development and operations so that's essentially making sure that zen is as useful as physically possible

And ultimately making best use of the technology stack that horizon's building bringing into the market and getting a variety of different enterprise businesses developers and different people involved and actively

Using it okay and then at the operation side i get to do uh some of the fun stuff so let's make sure that we are actually working as a complete full

Full-stack business and we have clear metrics and what good performance looks like and we're managing our budget correctly and all that sort of kind of back of house process type

Type stuff that's super essential to a well-oiled ship very good okay and then what is horizon please give it to us in a nutshell in a nutshell so horizon is a technology platform

And one of the kind of main differences at least from my perspective is that we are providing technology to enable uh developers application developers end users to build things on top of the horizon ecosystem um

So we are an enabling technology platform okay what do you mean by enabling are they all enabling what makes you distinct so for me there's two kind of routes

Here when you create technology platform you can either create a suite of technology and then charge into the market with a variety of end user focused products which is kind of the more

At least in this market that we're in the more standard approach um but for us doesn't seem to be the most scalable way to do it so we want to instead of creating all of the end user products ourselves we want to seed the

Market by showing what this technology stack is capable of by creating a few distinct kind of reference applications and simple applications that are almost going to act more like a

Case study or a walkthrough so having like a set of instructions of this is how you use the technology and the set instructions has an output of a simple application and that really demonstrates to a

Developer how to extend the sdk into different use cases so rather than us creating all the end user products we want to have a technology platform it's very much self-service

That enables developers to create whatever they want to create using the core technology and the core infrastructure of the horizon network right and then people can then

Then choose to go and develop and build on that as they wish to exactly exactly and for us that's much more scalable because we're only a small team i mean we have a pretty large team to be fair but

There's only so much that we can achieve ourselves so rather than trying to create a suite of different end user products in lots of different individual business verticals from supply chain or

Automotive to oil and gas to whatever business vertical makes sense it makes a lot more sense for us to partner with developer houses and kind of individual developers provide them the technology and have

Them go out and develop whatever their expertise is so developers that are are well versed in the supply chain sphere working on those applications gaming developers working on

On things for the gaming ecosystem and so on so forth right okay but how does the economics work i'm going to ask you a question then attempt to answer it myself right sure

Assume your technology is open source because that's the the tendency in the blockchain space so why couldn't a project come along and say hey listen they're just going to use the open source technology

Themselves how is horizon as a project gonna derive any revenue from that so that's a really good question we have um a sidechain framework so when we're

Talking about this technology platform what we've built is the first properly decentralized sidechain system so typically a sidechain system would have a small federation of trusted nodes or trusted

Parties or certifiers lots of different terms for essentially the same thing and how it works is transfers from the main chain to the sidechain go through this

Centralized party and this centralized party has control over whether a transaction is valid or invalid so they can essentially call the shots and for us that kind of removes the core value prop of

Blockchain the whole point of blockchain for me is it decentralizes trust and it creates real digital immutability but if you have this centralized kind of source of truth um you've killed both of

Your your main value props so what we've built instead is a completely decentralized version of a sidechain framework and you're right it is completely open source um

However there's a small kind of caveat that will explain a little second so anybody can come along and they can take our sidechain sdk and they can take all the different libraries that we've built and we've open sourced and they

Can use that to create product services applications um where it becomes a little bit difficult and time consuming is one of the core pieces um that's really really quite

Technically difficult to put together is the kind of proving system so in our open source delivery we have a relatively simple and basic proving system and this is because we're in beta right now so

We're showing here's the framework here's the types of things that are possible and here's an example proving system um that you can use for this first draft of whatever you want to build now if you're

An application developer you can go away and create your own proofing system and extend our open source kit to use whatever you want to use but that's quite a significant amount of work it's a

Large undertaking even for the most experienced developers and we recognize that and for us it's not good enough to have um a kind of part-baked solution so we went a step further and

I don't know if you remember previous conversations but we have two organizations there's a zen blockchain foundation which is the the not-for-profit open source uh community-driven organization is looking

After the core blockchain that's where the 40 000 nodes and the actual main chain of horizon kind of live if you like and then there's also a for-profit software development company called

Horizon labs kind of like the ethereum consensus relationship same deal here and horizon labs is basically going to be like uh an accelerator type for um for horizon sidechain so it's out in the market

Selling solutions and actually guiding enterprise businesses through the process of launching their own sidechain but it's also going to develop its own unique proving system and it's going to offer that as a

Product and that product will ultimately kind of fast track the launch of a sidechain so that will really accelerate the ability for businesses developers to launch

Whatever they need to launch and the monetization side is really quite interesting because it's actually one of the most attractive parts of the entire framework that we've built

So we recognize that if you're a developer and you want to build an application typically the way it works for monetization is you have a bunch of consultancy time

And you're going to charge a business to write or to program whenever you're making uh and then you're probably gonna have some sort of recurring maintenance fee that'll go to the business

Um but there's nothing there's nothing kind of long-term there's no real scalable upside if that product that you build becomes massively successful your upside is locked at whatever you charged for the

Development of it plus whatever your maintenance fee is so the model we have slightly different um every time a transaction is made in a main chain to sitechain there's a tiny transaction fee

And although we're talking about really micro micro amounts that are practically irrelevant we've given developers the option to configure a kind of profit splitting mechanism so for example they if you

Backtrack a little second here get myself modeled up so if you use horizon labs proofing system you use the product that gets your your side chain up and running really really quickly you're going to have a

Tiny little transaction fee that goes to horizon labs but the cool thing is as a developer you can decide how much of that transaction fee you want to take for yourself so if you build an application and it

Becomes successful and it has a large number of transactions you're going to have a really nice scalable revenue coming directly from the application itself in addition to whatever you charge to

Build it and wherever you charge to maintain it so from a developer's perspective very very attractive and that's also how we monetize as well very tiny transaction

Fee on each time a transaction is made and that goes back in to try and make sure that there's more funds there to develop the ecosystem further okay very good thank you for that so rod how does the

Zen coin factor in with the side chains so zen is essentially the fuel so when you create use the ethereum reference again when you create a smart contract in ethereum you're going to fuel that smart

Contract with gas very very similar method for horizon sidechains if an enterprise business or an individual or developer or anybody wants to launch a sidechain they need to fuel that sidechain with

Zen and that'll pay for the transaction fees within their own application environment so what we expect is that as the demand for horizon side chains increases so too will the demand

For for z as a as a coin and like with gas and ethereum it's micro micro payments right you know we're talking tiny transaction fees yeah and that comes back to what i mentioned before

Developers have that incentive where they can take a percentage of these gas payments for themselves right tiny tiny micro percentages of micro payments over time and as more and more

Applications are being used the demand increases all right absolutely i mean we're talking micro payments but it's really important to understand the magnitude of scale because for example one of the the use cases

We're working on has the potential to add something like 250 million transactions to the horizon blockchain per month so a phenomenal amount of transactions that's one

Application one application so i mean that one application is the biggest stress test ever we've worked we've talked a big talk we've been we've been building for the past two or three years

Um and we've been talking about building a truly scalable truly decentralized side chain framework now this one application is going to put that talk to the test this is going to be

Uh a real make or break and we're confident we think we know that it's going to work but this is what the beta period is for it's for it's for really pushing the boundaries of what's possible with the technology

We've built so that we do move to production we have a kind of an edge we have an edge of the box where we know beyond this boundary is is too far and everything within this boundary is fair game

But specifically when we come to transaction fees even if we're talking about 00001 which is a standard transaction fee on the horizon blockchain if you times that by 250 million it's

Still a significant amount of revenue so if you build an application that gets real-world adoption you have the success of putting your hat on something like that in itself but you also have a scalable revenue

Source coming directly from the application you created and then you want to start by letting us know what's been happening we've got hde and he ap and the wonderfully named zendoo which

We haven't moved to the end a lot of acronyms i'm kind of seeing that's maybe a little bit overkill um they're pretty good actually heap i like keep a lot i think it's a little bit

Silly but it's it's a great acronym so what are these so hde uh horizon developer environment super important we're building a developer framework developer toolkit we're building an application platform

So without developers actively interested in building stuff we've completely wasted our time so it is imperative that we get some really good engagement from the development community

And we show them that the technology we built is very robust very flexible and super easy to use and a really great option for them to build their product services on top of

But the kind of first stages of this is really to build up the size of our existing developer community clearly we're open source um but like most open source projects the majority of the work that's done on

Horizon is done by the core team and that's really something we want to try and shift we want to try and get to a point where we have a real

Decent participation from the entire development community and horizon developer environment is kind of the first step in that process so we want to make it fun and easy to

Contribute right now there's no difference contributing to horizon from anything else you just jump into github you can raise an issue you can fork off a library make some changes

Request for it to be merged back in you can do whatever you want to do in the standard open source environment but we want to really open the door and welcome people in and make it really

Simple so we've created a variety of different initiatives to do that with things like the zen improvement process which is clearly just a kind of modified version of the bitcoin improvement process but

With our own spin on what we deem to be a suitable process for for merging improvements or suggesting improvements so that's kind of one of the core parts but ht itself is a platform and it's a platform where if you're a

Developer and you're interested in taking part you can jump in you can see a variety of open bounties you can see things that we are actively welcoming participation in and ultimately we want to get to a point

Where this is a gamified place so we want to make it really fun to take part we want to have things like leaderboards so you can start off as a recently junior developer you can kind of learn as you go and take

Care of some really low level problems but then as your reputation builds within the horizon developer environment you'll get exposed to more complex problems uh and so on so forth and we'll have

Kind of leaderboards and things like that and layered through the bounty program so we just want to make it fun and easy for anybody to jump in and participate in in the development of horizon and

People can connect to that through the main website yeah there's links through on the main website absolutely and i can provide a direct link after this that you can stick underneath on the youtube great

And the zen improvement process so that's uh kind of the framework that we've laid out i don't think you heard me i got it right zip i like that you didn't exactly

All right okay um all right so any anything else on hd if people want to get involved in that or anything else you want to say hdehorizonglobal come and check it out plenty bounties there that are active

Uh welcome as much participation as as you're willing to do okay and when did it start up and what sort of response have you had it's super recent uh this started maybe lying if i gave you an exact date

But i think we're probably around about two or three weeks in and we had a pretty good start up we had about 200 220 developers signing into it um but that's a tiny fraction of what we're

Looking for we're aiming big here and we really want as much participation as possible yeah and my understanding is that good quality developers are very thin on the ground globally

For sure yeah i mean there's there's an ever expanding demand for good developers and as the demand grows the pool of developers available isn't growing so yeah for sure it's difficult to get

Really really good talent something that we've struggled with a lot in the past um our director of r d alberto is a fantastically talented software architect and developer

And he has uh i think if for for most developers coming across him and having to go through an interview he has kind of impossibly high standards which is brilliant for us it means that we really

Whittle out uh most of the kind of run-of-the-mill developers and really end up with the best of the best and we're really proud of the engineering team that we've built now

Based in milan in italy really really top-tier fantastic quality team all right okay all right thank you another fantastic acronym so heap is the horizon early adopter program so if somebody's

Interested in finding out before the majority before the masses about what's being built how it's being released and how to actually get involved and participate then heap is where they

Should go they can sign up through there and they'll receive all the information well in advance everybody else and they can also really help us hone our product offering because

We're building a really generalizable framework and the aim from our perspective is to make it as applicable to as many different business verticals as physically possible but to do that we

Need a huge amount of feedback from people that are specialized in each of these areas so they can tell us what we're missing what could be done better how could the flow work better how could it be more efficient

What would make it easier to use things like that so keep is a great way to to get a heads up like i say on new product and it's also a great way to provide feedback which will ultimately help us

Improve the product as we go along right and what sort of person are you looking for so for heap it can be anything from a reasonably junior developer right up to the most senior developers

We're really looking for feedback from all different ranges and all different skill sets and that's important because we want it to be accessible it's no use us making a system that is only useful

To the absolute best of the best that have lots of experience and we want to really lower the barrier to entry and get to a point ultimately where almost anybody can jump in launch a

Sidechain quite easily and then start extending uh the framework out to suit their application now to be fair we're a very long way away from that right now we're aiming for kind of modularity so we're able

To have different components or different reference designs for example the first reference design is a side chain using auroboris proust essentially a modified version of cardano's proof of stake

But the aim would be to have a suite of of reference designs for different purposes just so you can kind of jump in and have something that's a pretty close fit for what you want in terms of

Blockchain and then you can start building your application on top of that right and that's track the development process these people that join they don't have to be in companies or businesses

Representing them it can be individuals absolutely who's got some at least some basic developer knowledge all the way through to virtually buttering and satoshi nakamoto if they wanted to join as well

For sure and it doesn't even have to be developers if you're just interested in the technology deliverables in the roadmap and what the team at horizon are doing then you can still jump into the early

Adopter program and you can still get a stream of news as and when it comes out so it's a great way to see what's happening under the skin as well right okay and this but how is this different say from your

Medium from your medium articles or your twitter feed or announcements on discord and stuff so uh the early adopter program is heavily technically biased so it's all about the product it's about

The sidechain ecosystem and it's about the components and the libraries that go into that to make it possible so things like ginger lib which is a zero knowledge proof library it's it's showing the development

Community what we're building why we're building and asking for feedback to try and make sure that it's fit for purpose and that the product market fits can be right when it actually launches and

There's a stream of news that's available in horizon early adopter program before it's available elsewhere so it's kind of a sneak preview of what's coming right okay all right and then how's has it started

And how's the take-up being really good so far uh really really good as i said our development community at the moment is relatively small uh completely open and honest we don't have an enormous

Development community we've done a really good job of building a community full stop uh but the development community within that is a small subset and this is really our us

Um putting real focus and real attention on growing and maturing that part of our community okay all right thank you anything else you wanna let us know about heat no we'll provide a link so you can check

It out directly underneath the youtube video all right thank you and then finally and this actually may not be friendly and now what about zendu so zendu is actually the name of our sidechain

Protocol and if you go into github and check out how it's written you'll kind of see the the little um i guess a little trick there but it's it's zen underscore d and then

The infinity symbol because we're creating a framework that can be extended to any use case so that the possibilities are endless all right so what does zendoo do what does zendoo do that's awesome i

Usually then do um you can launch a sidechain of your own with zen do zendo is the protocol that makes it possible um and one thing that just came along with our

So i remember we spoke previously and i mentioned that we're moving into something like a beta preview we did a bit of a microsoft stunt where we we did a preview of beta and now we moved from preview into into full beta

And the main difference between preview and full beta is that now we have a section within sphere by horizon that allows the launch of sidechains right excuse me so making it much easier to both launch

And manage a sidechain from the main application that we have which is sphere our essentially our wallet so who are you looking for to try out zendoo so initially we're looking for experienced java developers

It doesn't necessarily have to be java developers but the sdk is written primarily in java java and scala so ideally somebody would have a good understanding of java and be familiar

With it so they can really uh take a deep breath in and understand what we've built and how it could potentially be extended into whatever application they're looking to create so for us if you're an experienced java

Developer we would certainly love to hear from you and we'd certainly love to see you join the horizon and early early adopter program and get involved okay and then

What will they get out of it to people that join xendu so they're getting early access to the first decentralized sidechain protocol and they're going to have their opinion form a core part of that product

So we're really taking all feedback very very seriously we're in beta at the moment and we're probably going to be in beta for something like the next say six months realistically because we

Really want to make sure this is battle tested and robust and that we have a variety of applications running in testnet to really iron out all the kinks and soak up as much feedback from the

Community as physically possible so that we'll move into production we've got a mature product that's fit for purpose and has a good suite of documentation to back it up so

In terms of feedback if you're interested in the open source development space this is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in really cutting edge technology right when it's being uh going through a

Really critical time in development the brunt of the work is done it's now about honing it and making sure that it's actually fit for purpose and talking about the rollout framework so how do you actually launch a

Sidechain what does the process look like how can we further automate that how can we make it easier are we missing components that are critical for certain business verticals

For example at the moment i'm talking to a gaming development company based in the uk and they want to use sidechains for one of their pretty large mmo games and

Already in that conversation we've unearthed a whole suite of different things that they would really find critical to extend this technology into their own applications

So these types of conversations are hugely beneficial to us and ultimately hugely beneficial to any developer that wants to make use of this technology in the future this is your chance to really make it applicable to

Your business needs right and zendo's live now and how's the take-up been it is live uh take-up has been good although as with any brand new technology it's difficult to get the word out and

It's difficult to uh bring people up to speed with exactly what we've built um so that's what we're doing right now we're going through a variety of different initiatives we're doing things

Like this interview to to tell people that we have created the first decentralized sidechain protocol super generalizable use whatever language you need use whatever consensus mechanism you need

And most importantly make use of the horizon uh blockchain make use of the fact that we have 40 000 active nodes around the world make use of the fact that we have a completely liquid

Currency that's something like three and a half years old and can be traded on all of the top exchanges so these are really attractive propositions for somebody that's looking to build a

Blockchain application things that you don't get when you go with a more typical private offering right right okay and then something else that i remember that that if you given what i think is coming

With the next build one bitcoin halving happened all the bubbling up by the altcoins and stuff is uh horizons educational program so just yeah linda that you know if you as because i was talking to somebody

Yesterday who wanted to know what a friend of mine wanted to know what is this cryptocurrency stuff how do i i don't understand it just occurred to me now talk to you around that i can send them a link to

The horizon website and then they can go educate themselves and there's going to be more and more demand for that sort of service anyway as more people come into the space just a little absolutely

Decided just to be clear that's not a horizon shill website so we created it but we created it because we kind of feel well i think we all understand that we're not going to get anywhere with

This technology if we don't educate people as to why they should care about it why should you use a cryptocurrency why should you care about blockchain why should you care about your online privacy

None of these things are the very the very top of people's minds typically uh so it's kind of our job as people in this industry to really take the initiative and make the effort to go out and educate people on why they

Should care so the academy website we made is just academyhorizonglobal that takes you through a suite of educational material it's not everything related to horizon

By any means we've got things like what is a wallet how does the utxo model work uh what is a blockchain really simple things right the way up to much more complex how does a sidechain framework work um

We've also got things about online privacy so we've got why should you use a vpn what's a strong password really simple things to people like us that have been in this space for a while but really beneficial things for a lot

Of people that don't pay attention to this type of thing um and we've also got eli five so explain like m5 so we've got some quite complex um topics really boiled down and distilled into super easy to digest

Quick one-liners of of exactly how things work and the cool thing is it's completely free and it's split into three sections so you can jump in as somebody that's never looked at blockchain technology

Doesn't have a clue about what cryptocurrency is and you can read all the beginner material and you can actually go through it almost like a course where you go

Through every single topic in the beginner category and then once you kind of get your head around that and you go okay cool starting to figure it out you can go back and you can do the same with

Intermediate to get deeper understanding and then eventually the expert material to really get under the skin of what's what this is all about yes it is a fabulous free resource if you want to learn or develop how much

You know about block joint blockchain or you want to introduce you want to introduce it to somebody who's asking this is a really great introduction okay so we've done we've done hd heat

We've done heat we've done zendoo we've covered the academy there's a little surprise anything else you want to let us know about yes um so we are in the process of building

What we're calling a community hub and if you're new to this space and if you're interested in in running through the academy and bringing yourself up to speed with what technology is

A great way to trial out for yourself without any kind of monetary risk if you like is to go over to the community hub and the address for that is get zen dot cash and

We've basically made a gamified faucet so you can follow the instructions download yourself a wallet you can then follow some additional instructions to uh verify the wallets yours and then

Every 24 hours you can go into the faucet you can pass a quick i'm not a robot type test and then receive some free zen and then that zen is yours to do whatever you wish with so you can send

Transactions you can try out the messaging service you can do whatever you want to do to just really see for yourself how these how this technology works real life set not pretend then not test

Nets in no we're talking micro payments so you're not going to you're not going to become rich with the horizon faucet but it's a great way to

To try the technology for yourself especially if you're going to run through something like the academy okay all right thank you ron and then how's it going uh rolling out the horizon offering to

Businesses and getting them to take it up are we anywhere near we are we're actually making some really nice progress um so i wear two hats i do bde for

Both organizations i also do business development for horizon labs and i'm going to start by saying it's not easy uh we're we're at very very early stages of

Mainstream adoption for blockchain technology so this isn't just let's rock up to nike or let's rock up to a large business and say hey guys let's use blockchain for all your stuff um the technology from the mainstream

Perspective is still not proven so we're fighting an uphill battle but there are enough uh innovative companies out there that are on the forefront of technology and are willing to take

Uh what they perceive as risks eventually with new technologies to really try and bring efficiency into their organizations so it's this type of business that's an ideal customer essentially for

For a company like horizon labs so we're working with companies like interfactura excuse me um interfacetuda are a digital invoicing company based out of mexico and a huge company actually they have

Something like a third of mexico's gdp coming through their system so a really large e invoicing platform and they're looking to create a suite of of horizon side chains and i won't go into too much

Details of exactly what that partnership is because it's a little bit too early to discuss completely openly we're also working as i hinted a little bit earlier with a gaming company and that's actually one that's quite

Exciting for me uh smaller use case than into factoria so less exciting monetarily short term but in terms of scope i can see it being really really popular so if you're a game developer and you

Want to monetize your game typically you would contract with someone like stripe or paypal and you would pull them into your ecosystem and you would create digital assets so say you create

A skin or a sword or something and you charge five dollars for the sword you're going to give away a dollar or so to paypal or stripe or whoever in transaction fees and ongoing management things like that

And then the digital asset itself the user that buys it it only exists within the game so they log into the game and they can see their asset but they can't take out they can't do anything with it

They can't go somewhere else they can't trade it for another asset it's kind of locked there so what uh what we're looking to do and what we're collaborating on is the development of a gaming sidechain

And that would have specific functionality that would work specifically for that business vertical that would allow uh the gaming company to effectively own the payment rail so rather than giving

Away transaction fees to paypal or stripe or whoever they would actually earn an income from both selling a digital asset and from the transaction itself and also it would give them the ability to mint

Digital assets on chain so rather than just having a an asset that exists only in the game they can have a real digital collectible that exists on the blockchain and they could

Withdraw that have it in their mobile wallet they can take it with them they can trade it on an exchange whatever they they want to do with that asset so it becomes a little more interesting for the user

And it becomes more profitable for the game developer so i'm quite excited about that we have a kind of quite ambitious roadmap in terms of what we want to do with that product offering

But for the time being it's going to be application specific for one particular game i'm quite excited to to see how that relationship develops and when is that likely to be available

Publicly we're early days super early days so right now we're at the drawing board stage where we're thrashing out exactly how it would work and you've got to remember that the

Sidechain system is in beta so we've got at least a six-month horizon which is great for us because that means we have six months of development and testing before we can really move into production

So you won't see anything available for the public for at least that six month period unless of course we go into public beta with particular applications in which case

You'll be using test zen rather than real zen other than that the applications will work as intended right okay all right anything else right i don't think so no i mean the main message here is is dive in

Check out we're building and get involved yes absolutely absolutely and uh zen cash is one of those projects that's been around for so saying cash i call it zen cash horizon

Horizon is one of those projects that's been around for a few years uh building building building with a settled team quietly quietly building their products and their applications so if you're

Interested in that sort of project go join the discord group go check it out for yourself and uh thank you ron very much for joining me for this conversation and between now and when i see you next

Please keep filling your pockets with creative profit this is crypto rich and crypto rowan signing out all the best bye-bye that first makes things interesting by allowing you to make a living just by

Playing your favorite games you can make anywhere from one percent to 1 000 return depending on the difficulty of the game

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Hello the cubicles and welcome to another video maker of the currency event over the series the aim of the series is to find any upcoming the currency events an...
I have to apologize to everybody because I've been promoting a company who only has their best interests at heart top salesmen best interests at heart and n...
It is Monday and you know what that means another episode of Krypto segments what's going out everybody it's your boy Krypto Bobby I hope you were havin...
What's going on everybody Alex back was another cryptocurrency video but today we're going to be talking about how to control yourself how to emotionall...
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Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this stuff boasts a Bitcoin the crease though of creeped up is avoid BK and if you don't like me you must no...
Okay come down here boom that would be picture-perfect beautiful guys look at this we actually have this candle come down right on this line right here right ab...
Wow you guys are going to want to check this out guys as you may know Bitcoin has decreased a few hundred dollars as of about midnight last night we have some i...
What's going on guys crypto jeremy here back with xrp video hope you guys had a fantastic day thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video today&#3...
Hello tokens and welcome to another video nice update now today's third of June and I'm looking at news that happened from 28th of May until today I alw...
hello it's Brad Lori or blockchain Brad and today we're speaking exclusively with icon many of you know it you've known it for years and they'r...
People what's going on this an update on Tron all right so the market right now market cap is 431 billion we've got a Bitcoin dominance roughly 34 perce...