‘Hope We Don’t Drift Back’ on Discrimination Movement, Says Project Include CEO

published on July 17, 2020

You're here because so many people clearly aren't feeling included right now we're seeing the momentum behind the black lives matter movement you know now it is immigrants with some of the actions that the president has taken to stop immigrant workers from working in

This country and we've seen so many companies come out with messages of support new commitments to the black community to immigrants do you think this is a moment where we can make real change we will make real change or once

This passes will things drift back to the way they always were hope they don't respect I feel like we've seen so much now right you've seen what systemic racism looks like and it's been proven again and again and again in this very

Short period of time and you can't unsee it so my hope is you know now that we've seen something you know they say see something say something we've seen it we've said it and now it's time to do something and I do feel like the

Generation coming up into the workforce now is much more activist they're much more aware of how systemic racism and discrimination works and they're much more willing to speak up and to act so they're willing to confront their

Employers you see the workers at Google and Facebook and Amazon pushing their employers to change bad policies and you see them also willing to boycott and to you know and to use their spending dollars to impact change meantime you've

Got so many work forces sheltering in place in the middle of a pandemic and you've been examining online harassment in the midst of the quarantine specifically and I'm so curious what trends you're seeing how does sexism

How does racism surface in a remote situation now we're just starting the research so we don't have more than anecdotal evidence but we are hearing from companies that they're seeing more interactions on slack and zoom that are

You know that they don't want to see that there's racism and that there's sexism and you know and if you think about it it makes sense like all of a sudden in my personal and professional boundaries are bleeding together I'm

Working from the same place in my house and I don't have as many boundaries so the behavior that I'm you know using for my social media presence it's the same type of behavior on bringing into my online workplace platforms and so we're

You know concerned Carolyn cinder Caroline cinders and I are working on this together we're concerned that there will be you know the same problems that we see with all these social media platforms all of a sudden coming over to

These workplace platforms and you know we'd love to get more information and we're working on pulling together information on like what do those forms of harassment look like what can companies do to make sure their

Employees are safe and that their other employees know on what's acceptable and what's not acceptable and then what can platforms do to provide better you know better experiences for employees who are using them meantime you've also taken a

Close look at online harassment on social media and I know you've experienced it yourself we're in the middle of a massive ad boycott of Facebook over how Facebook does or does not moderate hate on its platforms how

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg is responding to this it's you know it's more of the same I feel like and it's not just mark it's all of the social media platforms they've come out to you know say that they support black lives

Black lives matter to them but then when you look at what happens on their platforms it's a mess and you know once they get called out they'll make a few changes but it's often than minimal and then they want to look err so they're

Trying to figure out some way of doing it that ends up being very ineffective you know this requires a lot of change it requires a new team of people doing the work because clearly the people who have been doing it in the past are not

Doing a good job and it doesn't seem clear that they want to or can do a good job so let's get better people in there let's figure out how you put metrics to it to see if you're being effective to see if the measures that you're taking

Or working and then let's also have you know more people who are directly impacted by the harassment on your site making decisions so instead of you know instead of having this team that is very homogeneous let's

Make sure there are some black and brown men women and non-binary people actually in the room actually having an ability to help guide the changes and make sure that they're working and improve the products meantime you served a CEO of

Reddit for a time reddit has now banned the biggest pro-trump community on reddit of course these are some of the things that you were fighting for for a long time but we also saw a co-founder Alexis Ohanian resigned from the board

And a man that he'd be replaced with a black director Michael Seibel of Y Combinator has now replaced him what do you think of Alexis's resignation I think reddit has a long way to go and it's about doing the work it's about

Making better decisions it's about getting people to actually care about these changes it's the same problem that we're seeing at Facebook the same problem we see at all these other platforms like there is no

Accountability for all the bad decisions that got us here how do we understand how the changes are going to be made going forward to completely turn these platforms around I'm you know I don't see a path when the boards don't push

And when the leaders don't care of change right I see incremental changes that are that seem more PR oriented I think it's great that advertisers are now getting involved because that's just yet another pressure point on these

Platforms but again like you know one person changing isn't gonna make a difference it's really you have to change in a way that's like much deeper than that right I'll believe it when I see it

Right now they've done some work but you know you you can see there's still so much more work to do and and it's not easy and it's not something that is you know something that's fun right it's not it's it's work

And it's hard and it takes time and your users some of your users are gonna be happy with anything that you do and you just need to like have a guiding principle that you can follow and point you and that people know where you're

Going and if they don't like it they can get off and go someplace else meantime Allen talking about new commitments as we've been talking Salesforce has said it will double its number of black leaders by 2023 and

Double its representation of black workers in the United States by 50% what do you think of commitments like that I think it's great to set targets right like you know we've seen that trying to do it without targets doesn't work and

If I have targets then I can see how I'm doing against them I can see if I'm making progress and then all of a sudden I can also start finding out where the trouble spots are like where are the areas that I'm not being able to succeed

Like is it on my engineering team is it with a specific engineering manager is it with a specific function and vice-president like where are their trouble spots where I'm not able to succeed I hope that you know they're

Looking more broadly and that they're thinking about you know black men black women and you know black non-binary people right because otherwise you know you you end up solving only a piece of the problem and you're still not solving

The bigger problem but I think it's a great step I think it's something that I wish more companies would do you know set targets for all your groups you know make sure that you're also improving your whole hiring process and getting

Out to broader networks of people not just in the black community but also in you know the Latin X community the indigenous community like if you can improve your whole hiring process and make it fair

You will get more people from all of these groups to be in your company and it doesn't require you know it doesn't require focusing on just one area you can do up more than just one area at a time so

Speaking of that there's been some interesting conversation about how the black lives matter movement is being felt by the asian-american community obviously asian-americans are a minority themselves have their own our own

Complicated story an issue around race and sometimes feel they have to be silent about their struggles other Asian Americans have been coming forward and talking about how their they feel their own parents have been racist I'm curious

How you're dissecting this yeah it's um it's hard as an Asian American to always feel very clear on on on emotions right we've had you know a much easier time in tech you know you see the numbers are much stronger for Asian Americans in

These tech companies except until you hit the bamboo ceiling and you reach a point where you know people don't see Asian or Asian Americans as leaders they don't see them in management roles they don't see them running companies so that

You know there's there's the you know the model minority myth and then there's the bamboo ceiling and you know there are all of these things that are components of white supremacy that you know often we buy into like the world is

A meritocracy if you study hard if you work hard everything will come your way and then we realize it doesn't work for us and then we see it's actually working even worse for for for black people for a lot next people and how do we you know

Work together with these groups to really help support them and to help change change our tech industry and change all of these different areas where systemic racism has been such a huge problem we see though that you know

There's a lot of pressure to get um Asian Americans you know decide against other groups it's the you know there's anti blackness in the Asian American commute which doesn't help so how do we really

Try to take action and Michelle Kim and I are working together to outline like what are the steps that you should take as an asian-american to learn about you know how black activists have helped change law and help change you know the

United States culture in ways that have really helped Asians and Asian Americans you know and how do we you know learn about our history and learn about our own anti blackness in a way that allows us to be great advocates for everyone

And understand that you know until we until we make things better for everyone we're not really helping ourselves as much as we could be

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