Hop on the Bitcoin Roller Coaster – Crypto Happy Hour

by birtanpublished on September 11, 2020

Hey what's going on everybody it's your boy Krypto Bobby hope you enjoyed our good friend as always Carlos Matos what is up our sea phantom what's up ax man what's up wolfbane I hope you guys are

Having a good day a very interesting day in the world of cryptocurrency so there's there's a lot to talk about a lot of fun things to dive into today and as always I mean the majority of time we spend here kind of shooting the and

In talking and answering QA and having a good time so and yes to the point of YT no wonder we went down to 12 K it's it's happy hour I was actually brainstorming happy hour I had a call for work at the call four

O'clock I have the call for work go down to the mailroom after that to send some stuff out and check my Twitter and then you see all this crazy stuff about Bitcoin dropping $2,000 in 30 minutes was like oh okay

Okay but to kick things off as always it is crypto happy hour and since you know I'm in a good mood we had Bitcoin at close to 14k but now it's at 12 we got the frosted mug again we're going for that move got my Montauk cuz it's the

Last one out of the six pack that I have or all that I remember but we got that and ain't complaining about anything if you guys are drinking anything good definitely let me know and as I pour this we'll make sure to take a little

Get some of these questions as well just popping over to to coinbase pretty interesting with some of the things that have happened already I saw a lot of jokes online that hey you know we've already hit

We're already hitting all season things are heating up you had coinbase down you had a number I believe by Nance was down temporarily as well a number of cryptocurrency exchanges were down just because of a absolute blast off of

Traffic and treating that happened today numerous exchanges across the board add all-time highs for volume which is pretty incredible I believe bit Mex had one of its best days ever crack in which is a regulated

Exchange in the u.s. I believe had its best day ever really across the board a very solid day from a volume standpoint see if we head over to head over Dena mcc's a lot of times core market caps stuff is

Brash pull it up yeah I mean you had five billion dollars in volume on Finance today two billion on dare bit which is pretty crazy to see DARAB it is a bit Mac's competitor coin based pro doing 1.8 billion dollars in 24 hours

Bid home doing 1.5 you have cracking close to a billion dollars in volume really really impressive stuff obviously a lot of it due to the fact that Bitcoin is going absolutely berserk but this is the type of stuff that you know you like

To see if you're going to expect positive things to continue to happen in the market as a whole what's up Evelyn nasty J what's up brother so nasty J mentions an interesting

Question have you seen that ledger X was approved for Bitcoin settled futures in the US retail and institution but looks like minimum 10 K to trade I've heard mostly positive reaction to the fact that ledger X was approved for these

Bitcoins settled futures and I personally don't have I would say I personally don't have enough knowledge on the main differences and the main advantages between you know Bitcoin settle futurecast cash little future and

How one might benefit a trader versus the other I think that's a kind of a topic that a trader would be able to speak better on but from some of the telegram groups that I'm in that have either the you know crypto fund managers

Or the traders and that we're talking about it it was mostly positive mostly positive feedback seeing that a lot of people had you know thought it would be a just overall a good event for the market and

Also maybe clear the way for other organizations as well even if leisure X doesn't bee doesn't end up being the main kind of company that that's utilized for this that it still opens up the door in a positive direction

To that point too I mean even with so we mentioned let's see any Bitcoin really across the board CME had I believe one of its highest days ever as well pull that up where they're at right now

And even it's pretty funny too of course I don't have a wall street journal subscription at least I'm brave but the big story which was on wall which was on the front page I believe of the business section in the Wall Street Journal was

The big short that is occurring in Bitcoin right now in the big short referring to obviously the the movie with Steve Carell and a number of other people there but and Brad Pitt and all that stuff but basically you have a

Number of firms that are apparently institutional players that have started to bet on the fall of Bitcoin in bet in a very significant direction after you've seen Bitcoin rise above you know ten eleven thousand dollars firms have

Started to take out some pretty serious bets would would be curious to see how that's panned out for a lot of them so far obviously not too great but it's interesting to see you're you know starting to see the futures market

Really pick up on CMA which I think also lends additional legitimacy to the cryptocurrency markets for sure you and I think the big thing that a lot of people are looking at right now and in

Many respects wondering is the the Bitcoin to altcoin cycle that has been a big subject of discussion recently I think on crypto Twitter and for a lot of people because I would say that there's certainly a subset of individuals that

Are the either the Bitcoin maximalist or that have gotten burned just from coins and said you know what I like the space but I don't like I don't like all coins i they don't have a big use case I'm gonna ditch it I'm gonna throw my

Money in Bitcoin and if you've done that you've done very very well for the most part especially in the past few weeks past few months however you started to see you know the cryptocurrency market as a whole go up really led by Bitcoin

Bitcoin dominance has been increasing and increasing and increasing and then you have a lot of the alt coins that are really bleeding out against BTC some of held value against USD okay but many of them have been bleeding out against BTC

Pretty significantly and that's happened really in the past 24 hours especially for the large cap crypto currencies aetherium is held okay but you have a theorem down two and a half percent the past 24 hours against Bitcoin ripples

Gotten smoked down 7% Bitcoin cash down 6% litecoin down 10% this is against Bitcoin which is up 7% yo stem 13% bsv down 10% by Nance coin down close to 9% basically everything in the top let's say 30 is down against Bitcoin bitcoin

Is really sucking the the volume and the money out of these all coins and the question becomes and I think a lot of people are looking at now is you know the risk reward for some of these all coins might not be the worst thing in

The world it might not be so bad so that's it's something that I think is pretty interesting would love to hear your thoughts on in the comments as well so it you know are you looking at the the market right now do you think

Bitcoin is gonna continue to run continue to crush the all coins or do you think on the other end of the spectrum do you think that you know we're going to see some maybe chill out with Bitcoin we're maybe stay steady

Maybe pulls back a little bit but that month some of that money might flow into all coins would love to hear your thoughts on that as see that brain although what's going on brother thank you very much for that

Super chat and again there's always guys if you need a question answered throughout in the super chat and I absolutely will get to it but otherwise we'll try to get to as many as possible Ronaldo says what's up happy Bitcoin

Pump yes absolutely what if this is the run from 2013 to 2014 would be nice no I it's interesting because I do think in the past the market has been extremely the market has been extremely cyclical regardless of

The ways you've looked at it and I am betting for history to repeat itself I think that that is the most likely scenario and I don't see anything that's necessarily changed really outside of the infrastructure and outside of some

Additional level of sophistication I don't see a lot that's changed like human nature wise in how things move and I was having an argument with somebody a nice respectable argument with somebody saying that you know people are done

With altcoins they have no interest in altcoins and bitcoin is going to pump and because the institutions because larger investors are putting money into Bitcoin that these larger investors are putting

Money into Bitcoin and that retail will invent retail oil as well retail investors will as well I disagreed with that I think that even if you have these large institutional players larger investors putting money into Bitcoin

Because they believe in the thesis behind it or they just believe it's gonna pump whatever it might be I think that by the time the vast majority of retail gets in and for the people that are listening on on this right now

There's 265 you know watching right now I don't think that the majority of retail I don't think that the the mass retail mania has started again at all yet it just does not feel like that I mean there was it there was a time we

Have two hundred sixty five people on right now there's a time I think it was December January of 2018 where there were four thousand people on one of these crypto happy hours live and I was probably not sober but that's four

Thousand people I that's incredible it was nuts it was the craziest time ever so the fact that like that level of I think involvement was around I I haven't seen that necessarily come back yet from a retail perspective

And when I look at that I do think that Bitcoin by the time people in the in the retail space are kind of getting back into it Bitcoin is going to if Bitcoin continues to move Bitcoin is going to have run so hard that the majority of

People will look at Bitcoin and say I can't afford an entire Bitcoin or it's already run I've already missed the boat now what's the next Bitcoin what is the next thing is it this ripple thing that is that you know the the bank coin is it

Aetherium is it you know Bitcoin satoshis eyeballs I I don't know but that's kind of the I think that is that's what happened in the past and I still do think that will happen in the future I think people over overestimate

The sophistication of retail investors and also how much they drive the market what's up and I only hope all is well thank you very much that super chat it is very much appreciated you

And so Morel says I agree that the maximals notion of dissolving alts is wishful thinking it's the way we maximize B's BTC gains we why would we change that I want more BTC you HDC more BTC is so it works yeah

I mean I think part of it and and I have nothing against Bitcoin maximalism nothing I have absolutely nothing as pickle in maximalism but I do think you know that's saying an altcoin season or an alt season is is never ever going to

Happen is somewhat you know confirmation bias as the Bitcoin maximalist although at the same point in time I have coins so me thinking that chickens will will move in a positive direction is also confirmation bias on my end a bit

And something worth thinking about too I Spock Lex what's up to you thank you for that super chat if you have a question man let me know and I will happily answer that but that's a very generous very generous tip brother and

Then find me another 12-pack of these bad boys you thank you for the buffalo chicken fund and crypto diva as well thank you for that – yeah I I actually haven't planned

Out dinner yet so there is a new cheese steak place that is pretty close to me and somebody mentioned it previously there's new cheese steak place that's close to me it's actually an import from Philly I think it's like Tony Luke's and

They have a buffalo chicken cheesesteak that's pretty pretty legit I enjoy it but I like to get actually two cheesesteaks and do half regular half buffalo chicken so you get a little bit of everything it's a nice sampler and

Then get the Old Bay seasoning fry 's not exactly the healthiest thing in the world and my stomach probably feels like the next day but it is it's a wonderful wonderful time and I'll pull this up too so I haven't

Talked about this too much before so we can let's see so some of you guys noticed I put it out on on YouTube previously but I updated my portfolio on the website a lot of people were out looks like that's broken okay yes the

Page is somewhat broken but the actual picture itself is correct so I updated the portfolio right now for me about 40 close to 40 percent of my money is in Bitcoin around 30 percent is in eath and you know I got my money

Where my mouth is with Leo and I have about 25 percent of my portfolio and Leo right now and then a little bit less than 10 in in Tasos and hanging on to my my ast so yeah right now for me personally I am still majority in

Bitcoin and eath and then my big big like moonshot bet outside of BTC Neath because I think those are kind of the core two outside of of that is Leo and that's something that I'm still pretty positive on still pretty excited about I

Think it hasn't done incredibly well as bitcoins run but it also hasn't really lost USD value which has been good to see and I think if in one Bitcoin ever chills and and slows the hell down I will see a nice little little baby Leo

Pump so I'm sure let's see what do we got here I know a da in your portfolio I thought she loved it I mean so so for me personally I just had to kind of consolidate things I I

Had maybe 10 different positions I wasn't super confident in all of them and I wanted to stick to what I know and what I had you know some level of the thesis about and I think bitcoin is here to stay

Personally I think a theorem is also here to stay I know you know there's there's definitely some contention and some kind of rivalry between Bitcoin and aetherium but honestly I really like them both I think they serve very

Different use cases and I like having my bunny in both Bitcoin and eath and then Leo is you know the other one that is kind of like the third-largest bet for me and I've talked about that before it's the

Exchange token for Biff and X a lot of people hate it a lot of people love it but the token economics around it are actually some of the more I would say impressive pump phenomics of any token out there so that's at a very high level

And of my investment thesis with that and then tezo's i've been baking tezo's for a long time we'll continue to break it as this has gotten absolutely worked against Bitcoin though so speaking of tokens at it have not done well against

Bitcoin Tesla's did pretty well about a you know two months ago and has since literally walked to the edge of the earth and then hopped off and not come back Ross what's up brother thank you so much

For that super chat very kind of you do do you think 20k Bitcoin will start the next real bull run it's possible I do think that there you know right now it's it's funny cuz like the $10,000 mark I think was previously psychological

Resistance and we absolutely smoked that but when Bitcoin hits $20,000 that that's kind of like the perceived all-time high at Bitcoin hit $20,000 for like half a second but I do think that if you see Bitcoin blast like if Bitcoin

Goes through $20,000 just probably to blast through 20k because that'll be psychological resistance granted we have to get through 14 15 16 17 18 and 19 first before we worry about 20 but that is when you're gonna start seeing the

This that that's the narrative and that's the media that kind of gets around things is you have that that subject of discussion around Bitcoin if now Bitcoin is at an all-time high it's the subject now is not Bitcoin is at an

All-time high its Bitcoin is up 10% but then there's always the counter-argument if well Bitcoin was that $20,000 18 months ago or 16 months ago or whatever it is and people dismissing it that way so once it gets to all-time high once it

Breaks through all-time high once it makes new all-time highs that's when a media cycle really starts picking up and going nuts and you start to have some interesting conversations around Bitcoin again so I do think that that would

Obviously be something that could really drive FOMO and as much or as little as people want to you know agree with it FOMO is is really a big propel you know component of these markets as a whole Anthony sir Ross do I still dollar-cost

Average into Bitcoin yes I do my dollar cost average two for one Bitcoin and E so let's just say every week I'll put it just for example every week I'll put $100 into Bitcoin and fifty dollars into eath and that's my dollar cost average

Strategy yup clean-shaven Bobby's back he's back Dale Thomas is no maker I'm actually pretty bullish on the mkr token but I only have so much money to go around and I just kind of want to concentrate

My concentrate my funds in a few different places and you know I sold I think a lot of other tokens and encrypted to get into Leo and tried it to going with with some with some power so that was the move for me

You let's pull up some we can pull up some stuff here as well interestingly enough – I saw sure it was mentioned a few different times as well but Jane willing was added to coin based Pro which is I

Think somewhat interesting – to think about chain link has been chain link has the strongest 4chan armie on the planet and it's funny if you guys like it is it is now known in many respects for the you know for the army of people that are

For one reason or another extremely extremely passionate about decentralized Oracles so and the token itself has done incredibly well ah mall release is this what would you tell a relative who is not invested into

Crypto to invest in crypto I would say that you can start dollar call what I would recommend and the kind of always original recommendation that I do have for individuals when they invest in crypto were looking to invest in crypto

Is to buy Bitcoin I think that is the best way to get started whether it's with coinbase whether it's with square whether it is with Robin Hood whatever it might be I would recommend to buy coin bait or to divide

By claim base that might be a few billion dollars I would recommend to buy Bitcoin and I would recommend two dollar cost average I think that is the best strategy for me personally I think that is one of the the more intelligent ways

I think just like Ellie's psychologically to go about it because like let's say you have let's say your mom has a thousand bucks and she wants to you talk to her about you know your whatever you're an 18 year old kid

You've talked to your mom forever about crypto and your mom finally turns to you she's like I got a thousand bucks what should I do with it I would recommend you tell her don't put it all in one place and don't put it all in one time

For the most part and I would just say hey you know look you know maybe buy a hundred bucks at Bitcoin today maybe wait a few weeks maybe buy a hundred bucks a Bitcoin then and just kind of slowly work your way in slowly

Familiarize yourself with the process there are certainly benefits if you go all in at once as in you if you went in all once a month ago you are in a much better place likely it then if you dollar cost average but let's say you

Know the market went down it's it's scary anything it's frustrating for somebody that's brand new to the industry to see the market drop with all of their money into it so that's why I recommend our cost averaging to

Individuals who are new to the space paint that shirt team you don't think XRP is going to make it in the future and all caps I am I'm not a massive massive XRP fan a lot of you guys know that about me those that don't

I'm not a big XRP gosh it's not my cup of tea I don't see a ton of use case with it I think it's also in a very competitive field and just like the valuation of it I'm not a big XRP guy however if we do get if we do get a bull

Market back if we do get kind of a lot of retail investors back in it I think admittedly ripple is one of the most like pumpable crypto currencies out there because I think it's a very easy sell for people and that's that's what a

Lot of this breaks down to is like what is easy to understand for the you know the average individual what's the easiest thing to understand for Bitcoin you could say digital gold for aetherium it's kind of stuff actually sometimes

But you know you might say a decentralized computer you might say decentralized finance whatever it might be for ripple you're like you know it's it's the the bankers version of Bitcoin its banking Bitcoin it's it's fast and

And that that resonates with people and that's easy and that's a lot of I think this this industry is kind of creating like me mobile strategies and and narratives and and that works xrp is going to top eath in 2023 well

Yeah four years ago I don't know what a meeting from breakfast tomorrow let alone four years from now you video lover I've tips some p80 to crypto Bobby thank you I appreciate that yeah

I'm a verified publisher I think on unbraced brave with the website and twitch and YouTube as well so if you guys ever want to toss me uh toss me a bat go for it I'm all yours

And a heads up I'm gonna pull Justin some I already pull the Justin song on Twitter but I have an announcement of an announcement tomorrow I am announcing something so that's gonna be fun I'm really excited about it

I'm pretty stoked I'm actually really really pumped about it so tomorrow if you're on Twitter and also on the YouTube channel I'll make a video about it but now I'm pretty pumped up it's

Something I'm really excited about I've been working on for quite a while and I put a lot of energy into it putting a lot of time into it and I think it's really gonna benefit the crypto space in in some respects so stay tuned it should

Be fun it should be a good time gonna pull the Justin and just you know you build the buzz it's the announcement of the announcement it works every time right and no I'm not launching a coin buffalo-chicken coin already exists I

Created it nobody owns it not even me I just created it to create it but no there's no cryptocurrency nothing to pump uh yeah blunt you with Ilan and Warren Buffett actually at the same time as the

Announcement it's it's big stuff I paid four point five 4.7 million dollars for it for that nasty J interestingly Bobby as someone who publishes content has brave had any impact on your

Finances good question I would say not a ton yet its YouTube is still the big like Daddy in terms of if you're a youtuber Google Adsense is still actually pretty profitable and it's still helpful like if you put out a lot

Of content you get a decent amount of views like you're making some good money as a youtuber for sure and it is you know admittedly I haven't been doing the daily videos like a lot of people have I just have been like I said I have the

Thing that I'm announcing tomorrow I've been working on a lot for the past two months it takes up unfortunately a lot of my time so if you're trying to work on that as much as possible and obviously some other things too so with

You know with the with brave as a whole though it is definitely not anywhere near as like you know you might let's say you earn a hundred dollars with YouTube maybe you earn four with brave I would bet five

With brave for every 100 bucks you would earn with YouTube that's Daniel Barnett no I'm not going to be a paid group leader we're back you know I'll say one thing we're back in a bull market because my

Man's DDK is pulling the old Bobby's drunk trick where Bobby's actually had less than one watermelon session ale from Montauk brewery Montauk brewery four point nine percent alcohol so if you think my 180-pound ass is drunk off

Four point nine percent alcohol you got another thing coming I could I could take like two of these that being drunk talk about sparkster oh well let's sparks you're still alive Oh sparkster what a hall-of-famer what a

Hall-of-famer is it up Oh where's this even traded Black Sea some might say this is the Hall of Fame ICL I don't know if that's me but some

Might say you mark Croft how bad is credits I am NOT a fan of credits I don't pull it up I'm not a fan of Kratz it

My not really my cup of tea it never has been I thought it was like weirdly shield during the ico just a lot of different things that like seemed fishy to me about it and in addition to that the big

The big thing about that fast so there's the problem with credits and the problem with a lot of these other things is that you know when I'm looking at it it's it's the the fastest the most scalable number one prove it to me you know it's

Pretty easy to make it quote unquote fast blockchain how secure is it especially if you have any level of value ingrained into those so ingrained into the smart contracts so no it's I'm not I'm not gonna get too

Much into it I've just hit me up a lot and I don't respond just now my cup of tea thank you very much Anthony I appreciate that dude you

Bob lazar Bitcoin was created by the advanced naval research lab in a top-secret site called s4 where I worked in 1989 hey Alex Jones oh that's awesome this is great are this euphoria reminds me of when I

Discovered I would be working on reverse engineering a nuclear reactor housed in the lower level of UFO well it's more of an ominous feeling I that's that's great a stuff that's that's really good stuff you

To shoot away on the question is trying to get to as many of them as I possibly can a couple different people asking about litecoin I don't own like one I think that I've

I've said this before and I'll say it again I think that fast transaction cryptocurrencies and block chains are among the most easily replaceable block chains and cryptocurrencies out there however let's pull this up

Arts appear to date so the median Bitcoin transaction fee is is up pretty substantially since I would say April it is right now it's at was at

About about $2 a little bit over $2 went all the way up to about 3 e 30 and I do think that that is something worth keeping in keeping an eye on or for litecoin and for some the other cryptocurrencies out there if this

Continues to move up going back to the point of easy narratives transaction fee is amongst the easiest narrative for somebody to understand if somebody is brand-new to cryptocurrency absolutely brand spanking new to cryptocurrency and

You go to them and you say something like this you're like you know what hey you can send $100 a Bitcoin and you're gonna pay I bucks just send $100 a Bitcoin and they're like why do I have to spend fight you

Know why do I have to do spend 5 bucks and you're gonna say well that's the transaction fee and that's what you need to do or somebody can buy litecoin and they'll buy $100 for the light coin and you say you know ok you can send $100 of

Like coin and it's 5 cents or whatever it is and I do think that that resonates with people and they're like wow you know like coin I have a hundred bucks like I send it it's five cents this is better you know there's obviously

Trade-offs there are security trade-offs there are issues there are reasons that it is cheaper to send that cryptocurrency I like coin then it might be you know something with bitcoin there's there security issues they are

Things like that or at least not issues but considerations same thing with Bitcoin cash maybe with Bitcoin s for you whatever it might be ripple as well other other crypto currencies that have the kind of

Advertisement of we send your money really fast usually there's always a trade-off there however the trade-off becomes worth it for the average person when you have the price of a Bitcoin

Transaction fee you know getting really big and now very much happened and you know you can kind of see that as really peaking alongside of the speaking alongside of the kind of mass mania and the alt season of twenty 2017-2018 where

He had Bitcoin transaction fees rising too from all the way from four dollars all the way up and not a very long amount of time to thirty four dollars and then pretty much right back down within a month or two so it's something

That you definitely want to consider and think about especially if you are like in LT Siebel I again I'm not but this is something this is the Bitcoin median transaction fee the chart I would keep an eye on that because I do think that

Is a massive driver of success in price for things like LTC and some of the other more transaction fee based crypto currencies you and word on the street is bitcoin is ooh

Poof this is I mean what kind of market are we in it Bitcoin is up out $600 yeah couple hundred bucks two hundred sixty bucks maybe since we started that's that's a different that's a different time it's a different may be word it's

Uh welcome to the twilight zone folks you uh-uh and then Morel says same point goes to nano for all seasons what you're saying yeah I would I would say Nana would be in the mix with the like coins

And the Bitcoin caches and you know there are certain crypto currencies that are just a soos Meishan burp certain cryptocurrencies that are just associated with low transaction fees as their main selling

Point and I do think nano is one of those obviously in addition to the white coins and the Bitcoin caches of the world you what do we got here

So this is a fantastic question from our man the mad cow in all caps when the are alts going to pick up or I do the when the are all its gonna pick up so alts are going to pick up in my humble estimation guesstimation I have

No idea alts might run with Bitcoin ever chills out Bitcoin continues to move the amount of money it takes Bitcoin to to have a pump and basically there is there's a flow and the flow of money is right now

Out of alt coins into into Bitcoin and I do think it's interesting and I think it's kind of funny to seeing that you know individuals chasing at least for me when I look at the risk reward of some of these of some of these plays you

Have a lot of people chasing maybe smaller moves on Bitcoin to bait your excuse me exiting all coins that have a yes they have that they have an inherent risk to them because they're basically coins they're chasing the move on

Bitcoin exiting out of there all coins that a significant loss and chasing that run and then come throwing that away but I do think that there is going to be a point where you'll see alts move in a positive direction

I'm Christopher Abbott says made BTC my primary holding a couple months ago smart move brother smart move you you played it well and I'm sure you're sitting wells in addition to that so that's an interesting question Jay

Bags what's up brother always good to see you my man so Jay back says seeing polls on Twitter like do you like bitcoins price being driven up by teather could it be different this time I remain neutral so

There are a lot of people out there let's blow up Twitter there's one Weaver's River yeah so I think there are a lot of people that look at Bitcoin and look at the inflows of tether if I pull it up

And I did something about it and it you know there's kind of a if we got it there you got this is from yesterday and today during the last bull run this is from Nicholas

Weaver somebody who not a fan a bit the next not a fan of tether it doesn't have that many like so thank you for what it is but this is the type of thing that's starting to circulate a little bit more and you should at least know both sides

But so he says during the last bull run tether was about one third of the new money needed to support the price a lot of the rest was miners holding a set of selling because they're making profits on paper but you would actually doubt

You had actual dollars coming in this bull run is all tether you need five hundred million a month of new money flowing in support the 10k price that is to absorb the newly mined coins since unlike a stock bubble there is new

Supply and there is more than that in new tether a month right now which basically says he means the system is actually hemorrhaging a huge amount of cash to pay for mining costs and and really attributing the run to tether and

I think that personally and from I've started to speak to a few different individuals that are maybe more in tune with the crypto space in Asia and this has also been published recently by places like the block as well but

What the you the US and I would say I guess like the the Western world has a hatred maybe in some respects for tether and really does not in addition does not like BitFenix however Asian traders and and folks in

Asia very much are happy to trade with tether and and it is the stable coin of of choice out there and I think that there is kind of a it's it's a little bit of a I don't want to say a misconception but I do think that

There's kind of like – there's a dichotomy between what the the the Western world looked how the Western world looks at tether and how the eastern world looks at tether and the truth is probably somewhere in the

Middle but a lot of the I think things that are kind of spoken about it I don't know it's I would I would have a hard time attributing the entire move to tether I I don't think anybody you know you have people attributing the the

Bitcoin move to to Libra and Facebook and saying everybody is interested in Bitcoin out because of Libra on Facebook yet Bitcoin pointing to you know you have people pointing to tether you have people pointing to institutions coming

To the space and and more sophisticated investors things like that really across the board there's there's no accurate way for the most part of knowing it's pretty difficult to to point to a specific reason at least in my opinion

As to why the price of Bitcoin is moving in a positive direction box mining so Zoran says box mining talks about tether being more of a reflection of Chinese running to Bitcoin I do think that tether is also involved

A little bit in capital flight out of China as well but yes traders and China traders throughout Asia I think are pretty positive on the utilization of tether and you might not like it in the United States there might be a number of

Other alternatives as you know as we've seen with a massive kind of influx of stable coins in the United States in the past and and now globally because of that but you know you have the Geo SDS you have the you have the tus DS you

Have the USD C's you have the Paxos there there's a new there's a variety of alternatives now that somebody can utilize as a stable coin so you Dale Thomas says have you read the

Bitcoin billionaires book great read yeah let me see if I can get you guys a link of the let me go for you Bitcoin billionaires is a pretty pretty fun read I would say it is from the author of the it's from the author of

It's from the author behind the social network it's Ben Mezrich so I think he's a pretty pretty enjoyable author to read he tells it he tells a good story whether or not there's any like embellishments in the story or anything

Like that you know it kind of remains to be seen but I do think that the story Ben Mezrich tells is always a good one and so Bitcoin billionaires really hovers around the Winklevoss prose which is something that I think a lot of

People maybe have some element of misconceptions about some of it seems like a little bit of a Oh for you guys second I'll uh put the link there in the comments and the restream so to click on

That now Amazon link to get you to the book but basically with Bitcoin billionaires you have the Winklevoss brothers who are actual billionaires now because of because of Bitcoin and what they did was they really went freakin

All-in and I think it was about 2012 they bought one percent of the total supply of Bitcoin when Bitcoin was between like 10 around ten dollars per se they bought one percent of the entire supply of Bitcoin granted you have new

Bitcoin mind on it on a consistent basis but let's just say for examples sake they own about 1% of all Bitcoin so right now they were doing about they what is it 2.2 billion dollars worth probably

Around there maybe a little bit more in addition to their stake in Gemini and all that type of stuff so it's a really enjoyable book I liked it Jim X is quite expensive so I have inaudible subscription so I actually

Listen to the book but it's also kind of cool to hear so there's a couple different characters within the book that you might be familiar with as well you guys know Charlie Shrem Charlie Shrem is a pretty prominent figure in

The book Roger ver is also pretty prominent as you might guess maybe not the Winklevoss twins and Roger ver did not get along at all kind of funny story the wincle so Charlie Shrem who was basically like the first Bitcoin guy to

Go to jail kinda sucks I I feel like Charlie Shrem was just like a kid and got railroaded and really didn't know what he is doing and just kind of Charlie Shrem got rich on Bitcoin at like 22 years old and started the

Company that was basically in exchange didn't really know how to operate it didn't really abide by the laws and just got carried away and was like making so much money hand over fist that he made some submit some errors and the kid

Went to jail for like a year to two years now he's not a kid obviously but his company was bit instant and with bit instance you had Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss invested in and also Roger ver invested in it as well interesting

Story to Roger ver I think didn't even meet Charlie Shrem he just wired him like a hundred fifty thousand dollars he I think I heard about him or heard him speak somewhere and sent him like a chat message and literally like within like a

Day or two sent Charlotte Ram like a $150,000 for 15% stake in his company and then the Winklevoss twins later invested in bitinstant and the Winklevoss brothers and Roger ver did not get along at all Roger ver said they

Were like part of the establishment they were status and all this stuff and the Winklevoss brothers basically said Roger bear was somebody who you know uh who's a felon and with the jail and all the type of stuff so it was it's a good book

It's an entertaining book if you're familiar with if you're familiar with Bitcoin if you're familiar with a cryptocurrency world and you like to hear about the background it was a cool story about like that the 2011-2012

Timeframe of the crypto world really focusing around how the Winklevoss brothers got into it as well as like Charlie Shrem and kind of how the industry maybe grew up a little bit Naomi thank you so much have a buffalo

Chicken wrap on me I absolutely will do thank you that is very very kind and yeah if you guys need if you guys need a link I'll it's in the YouTube chat on the side so you can click on that and that'll take you there

Daddy – by 0.55 Bitcoin will I be wealthy you'll be wealthy if Bitcoin goes to a million dollars but will and I have no idea what what do you have besides 0.55 BTC crutches what's up brother did I go live

At thirteen nine nine 20 no but I thought about it I I did think about it but it did not go live then but I think my thoughts were enough you the sprinkler ninja says I gotta say

This guy's feathercoin you guys feathercoin what is just like 2015 um Thomas what's up opinion on Pareto and betokened so I don't even it's Pareto it sounds familiar but I have no recollection at all IDO rewards

Yeah really uh Thomas is diving in the dumpster for for those low caps three hundred thirty eight thirty three hundred thirty thousand dollar market cap traded on ku coin with the 54k I bet you I bet you this is a beautiful

Example of of wash trading let's see where is it pull up Google and give it to me ah yep hit me with a volumizer boys hit me with that volumizer let's see I'm a daily you

That's what happens when you stop paying the market makers proper Gaul damn I was censored cool well sometimes YouTube has this algorithm where it picks up if you have a shitty comment and you're not funny

And it will either you know take you for that comment or maybe I'm talking and also removing your comment at the same point in time because it's also not funny and you need to be more original if you're a troll like if you're a troll

Be a good troll if you're an idiot that's fine too you're just an idiot so we're here for both that's fine we accept everybody regardless of intelligence on the crypto babi channel always happy to have you

But yeah being censored is is beyond your scope bud nobody cares about censoring you you oof Thomas I bought the parade oh I see Oh money went down the drain in Bolinas

Suggested it and her ad the top I see oh sorry Thomas he apologies this shirt is not financial advice you prince hooter says would you rather be

Neighbors with McAfee or Craig Wright's best friend well if your neighbors with McAfee you might get killed allegedly your neighbors with McAfee allegedly you might you might get offed if you are

Craig Wright's best friend you might actually try to kill yourself so either way death is kind of inevitable so it's a it's a it's a coin toss at that point you

Stephane said even Robin Hood had load issue stay pretty wild yeah I mean I think there's obviously a there's obviously some some people that are getting back in the market I've had friends that I haven't talked to you

About cryptocurrency and they've actually held Kath out to them just gonna holding on throughout the entire bear market that are texting me out of the blue and yet what do i do do I start taking some profits what do I do with

This stuff and that's been happening you know on a pretty consistent basis recently so it's been it's been an interesting thing too you know it's been an interesting thing to see and

I think retail is definitely starting to slowly and slowly get back into the game for sure now it's it'll be different this time but at the same point you know you want to say last time in 2017 you know you couldn't you couldn't get kyc

You couldn't open up a buy Nance account or a bitch Rex account people who are selling buy Nance accounts for like couple hundred bucks on on eBay in places like that and now you have exchangers crashing again things like

That one thing I do think is kind of funny is every once in a while on Twitter somebody's like you know bit Mex is down Dara bit is down coin basis down finances down XYZ exchange isn't down it's like yeah cuz nobody's using that

Exchange you idiot like yes nobody's using whatever chick go in exchange the heifer for a link to nobody's using it and that is why it's not down that's the reason not because it is superior design or it has better tech or they have

Genius engineers that have provided incredible infrastructure it's not down because nobody's using it so you um a hot tip neckbreaker and anybody else I don't censor anybody I don't care

There's 390 people here right now and I don't have time to simultaneously go through the comments as well as a stream so I am not censoring you you sensitive little baby just just write better stuff and maybe YouTube will figure it out but

Outside of that the AXI exchange so I've just been keeping an eye on this I have no account be AXI was shield hard on crypto Twitter because they have a ref link program I don't know all that much about the

Liquidity yet let's just see let's take a tour let's look at it see what's happening I I'm pretty sure the only pair with a ton of ore with a good amount of liquidity was was really the biacks II the BSD

Pair two Bs he actually two BTC pair was basically the the pair with the most liquidity let's see how much is being traded on BTC 2 USD see a ton yeah there's I mean there's there's not a lot of order booked up there at all

That's the second largest market eath BTC as well also not a lot of of depth so you know for me I would wait until that figures out I do think the actually is somewhat lucky that the stuff of buy Nance is happening as it is because if

Finance does shut down us accounts and if they I would say aggressively geofence it's something to keep an eye on because if they are too aggressively geofence they start banning people who you know even IP and maybe once from aus

Just if they aggressively go after it then I do believe that you're gonna start seeing some out flow into exchanges that are friendly with us users and I believe be AXI is is one of those if I'm pronouncing it correctly

But they definitely need to get the volume up like the the volume right now is the only volume that they have it all is on their own token trading pair and they have 40 BTC a volume which is 400 K and volume which is not all that much

For a centralized exchange so you want you want to keep that in mind I would not say to move your trading activity there because if you want to you're probably not gonna be able to trade anything there's not a lot of not a lot

In the order both maybe they'll take some time to get populated maybe they need to get some makers on board we'll see what happens you Morrell says YouTube user a decent

Indication of retail participation yes I think they are for sure low participation with high means we haven't even begun yet well that's you know if we're specifically looking at every detail but I also do you think there

Definitely has been a bounce off the bottom you know the I think the big and the consistent youtubers out there you know yet like the guys like gay – – and and some of the other folks out there you know they're back to getting 20 40

Thousand views of video and on it on a pretty consistent clip the guys are doing it on a daily basis so I do think that that that's actually pretty close to pretty close to – bull market territory it's not it's not the days of

Dougie polecat and 100k you know views on on a on a video within five minutes of putting it out probably but I you know I think we're moving we're definitely trending in the right direction because there were certainly

Times where you know you had people with 100 plus thousand subscribers getting you know a lot less than 10,000 views on that on a daily basis so I think we've definitely bounced from her from a retail standpoint but nowhere near where

We were previously either so Freeman youngsters any news that might spoil this run I mean there's always news that can spoil a crypto run there absolutely is what that news is you know III don't know otherwise I

Would be preparing for it and I mean outside of of taking money out of the market there's really not a we're going short which seems like a terrible idea right now there's not all that much you can do to it but III as far as near-term

Issues that I think it could affect things I don't have anything off the top my head you Naomi says just finished reading the book yesterday referencing I believe

Bickle and billionaires the link is there in the chat if you need it but Iommi says she just for the book and it was interesting and easy to read yes it's an it it's like a it's an easy read that you can enjoy or if you have an

Audible subscription like I do you can listen to it as a fun lesson totally you so a good question Dylan what are what's the better crypt what's the better book

Crypto assets by Chris Byrne iski or Bitcoin billionaires so I would say crypto assets by Byrne s key is educational and Bitcoin billionaires is you're going to learn a little bit but it's mostly entertainment so if you want

To be entertained but you want to like read about the Bitcoin topic but just get a little bit of like a story and entertainment go with Bitcoin billionaires if you're interested in like investing in cryptocurrency and you

Want to try and learn and like think things through the mind of a quote unquote you know an institutional investor read crypto assets by Chris Byrne s key Freeman young said should I go all in on

Leo certified financial advice yeah you boy go all in baby guys at this point in time I have not eaten dinner yet and I'm starving so I think I'm like go ahead and a buffalo maybe not a buffalo chicken wrap but a

Buffalo chicken cheesesteak sounds like a pretty solid move so I'm gonna go ahead and do that as I said before special announcement coming tomorrow a big big time partnership with Tron JK and a partnership with Tron but special

Announcement from from yours truly tomorrow so stay tuned for that I'm really excited about it and and hope you guys are as well and hopefully I can help you guys some hope I can help some of you guys out with it in the near

Future as well but until next time crypto Bobby signing out hope you guys have a go on ace

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