Hooded Man: who is the Ghost in Winterfell?

published on August 2, 2020

The hooded man is one of the strangest mysteries in Game of Thrones in the latest book the Bolton's have Winterfell but Stannis Baratheon's army is coming to attack them so the Bolton's rallied their own army with a phrase and northern allies crowding thousands of

Soldiers into Winterfell and as a snow storm falls tensions rise because these northern houses say they support the Bolton's but most of them actually hate the Bolton's because the Bolton's and frays betrayed the Starks and killed

Hundreds of Northmen at the red wedding the North remembers these Bolton crimes so some northern Lords plan to betray the Bolton's we know Wyman Manderly is against the Bolton's and the umbers and Dustin's might be too Ramsay marries a

Girl who the Bolton's say is I a stock though she's actually a girl called Jane mance rayder and seek swaddling women infiltrate Winterfell to rescue this girl and Theon Greyjoy wanders the castle like a ghost

Broken by Ramsay's torture and all the while Stannis and his army her camped in the snow nearby so there's a lot going on in Winterfell the Bolton Frey Northern Alliance is dangerously unstable the castle is full of plots

Secrets and lies and a mysterious murderer walks the castle at night one morning they find a dead man in Winterfell a Riz well soldier with a broken neck half buried in the snow then a dead Frey Squire is found naked in the

Castle graveyard and a dead Flint soldier in the stables then one of Ramsay's friends is killed a man called yellow dick his penis was cut off and stuffed into his mouth so hard that his teeth broke these murders get

Everyone suspicious rumors fly and tensions rise between the Northmen and the phrase shit really hits the fan after the 5th murder because this victim isn't just some random soldier it's little Walder Frey the 9 year old

Grandson of Lord Walder Frey the phrase accused women of the murder and the phrase and manda Lee start fighting so to stop his army destroying itself Roose Bolton orders the phrase and manda leaves to go out and attack

Stannis which is actually exactly what Stannis wants Stannis seems to be planning a trap for the phrase which is explained in our pink letter video so these Winterfell murders may be a deliberate plan to create conflict in

Winterfell to lure the Bolton's into Stannis's trap because these five murder victims aren't random they seem very deliberately targeted because most of the houses in Winterfell hate the Bolton's the only ones that seem

Genuinely loyal to the Bolton's of the phrase and the rizz Wells and those are the houses that get murdered Roger rizz wells groom a nice phrase Squire and little Walder and Ramsay Bolton's friend all these victims are

Close to a lord who's loyal to the Bolton's except for this Flint soldier the Flint sir of manor house and we don't know much about them maybe this Flint guy really was just kicked by a horse in the

Stables and he wasn't murdered but overall these murders seemed deliberately targeted to piss off the Bolton's and phrase to create conflict to help Stannis beat the Bolton's so the Lord's think the murderer must be

Working for Stannis or working for Wyman Manderly some think that Theon is the killer but they decided can't be Theon because he's too weak in the books Ramsay's torture destroys Theon's body he starved and

Frail with missing fingers and toes and he's psychologically broken he doesn't have the strength to murder five men so who is the killer amidst the murders Theon wanders Winterfell aimless and alone and one

Night he sees a mysterious man in a hooded cloak the man recognizes Theon and calls him a turn cloak and a kin Slayer many Northman hate Theon turn cloak because Theon betrayed the Starks and took Winterfell calling Theon a kin

Slayer is unusual but it's because everyone thinks that Theon kill bran and Rickon Stark who were Theon's foster brothers so even though Theon and the Starks weren't kin has in blood relatives it's still kind of kin slain

The hooded man puts a hand on his dagger as though he might attack Theon but when Theon shows him his disfigured tortured hands the man laughs and leaves Theon to his fate so Theon thinks this hooded man might be

The murderer in Winterfell why else would he be striding around at night with his cloak and dagger but the hooded man might not be working alone there are only three characters in the whole series who called Theon a kin Slayer

First is the hooded man then there's Rowan one of the wildlings who helps Theon and Jane escape Winterfell then there's crow food umber Northman working for Stannis who rescues Theon and Jane outside Winterfell so

It's very convenient that crow food just happened to be outside Winterfell to grab Theon right after Rowan helped him escape so there's a theory that Rowan and crow food are connected Rowan really hates Theon for supposedly

Killing bran and Rickon she spits in Theon's face and says he wasn't punished enough for killing the Starks which is weird because Rowan is a wildling the Starks and the wildlings have been enemies for centuries yet

Rowan makes a respectful comment about Lord Eddard's words why does this wildling respect Ned Stark it's mentioned that crow food umber once had a daughter who was carried off by wildlings thirty years ago so maybe

Rowan is that daughter the umbers are loyal to the Starks so if Rowan was raised as a number that would explain why she respects Ned Stark and why she hates Theon for killing Ned Stark's sons and why she's willing to

Risk her life to save the girl who she thinks is Ned Stark's daughter if Rowan is Crawford's daughter they might have been working together on this rescue and that's why crow food was outside the walls at the right time and

The hooded man also seems connected because the hooded man peers on the same night that crow food arrives outside Winterfell maybe they came together and Crow food calls Theon atone cloak and Kingslayer just like the

Hooded man calls him a turn cloak and Kingslayer maybe the hooded man and Rowan and crow food are all working together to rescue aya and to murder soldiers to help Stannis beat the Bolton's remember that

Rowan and the wildlings were sent to Winterfell by Melisandre who works for Stannis just like crow food works for Stannis so how does the hooded man fit in this conspiracy and who is the hooded man one possibility is Robert Glover

The brother of Lord galbart Glover the Glover brothers fought for braaap Stark in his war but then Robert was screwed over by Roose Bolton who sent Robert into a trap at dusk and ale meanwhile Robert's wife and children got captured

By Asha Greyjoy who still has his kids as hostages on the Iron Islands in book five Robert works with Wyman Manderly in his secret plan to betray the Bolton's and help Stannis so Roberts already in an anti Bolton conspiracy

Maybe he came with Wyman to Winterfell and became the hooded man committing these murders and maybe working with crow food and Rowan when Robert plots with Wyman Robert was a cloak and uses a dagger like the hooded man has a cloak

And dagger and it makes sense that the hooded man really hates Theon tone cloak cuz the Greyjoy invasion of the north cost Robert his family and home so Robert Glover fits he could be the hooded man but there is a problem with

This theory because Robert Glover knows that bran and Rickon are alive so if Robert is the hooded man and he knows Theon didn't kill the Starks why would he call Theon kin slayer he could argue that Theon is a kin slayer because he

Got some Ironborn killed at moat Cailin and there is a crazy theory that Theon killed his own sons which we'll get to but it doesn't make much sense for Robert to call Theon Kinsler so who else could be the

Man Harwin was one of ned stark's guards he used to help our John and Rob learn to ride horses he's a trusted and loyal servant of House Stark in book 1 Hoenn was sent on a mission with barrack and Thoros but they were attacked and the

Group became the Brotherhood without banners when I Amit's the Brotherhood she reunites with Harwin and it's an emotional moment with ayah and Harwin reconnecting with their past lives at Winterfell Holland's fond of iya and

Protective of her but they split when Isle eaves the Brotherhood in book four horns in the Brotherhood group led by Lady Stoneheart the resurrected corpse of Catelyn Stark stone heart seems to be searching for her daughter

Are you questioning captives about her and by now stone heart must have heard the news that Arya has married Ramsay Bolton so maybe stone heart sent someone to rescue aya and Harlan is the perfect man

For the job he knows aya he knows Winterfell he's loyal to the Starks so maybe Harwin went to Winterfell and when he realized that Ramsay's bride isn't really aya he could have become the hooded man murdering

Bolton's getting involved with Rowan and Wyman's conspiracies since Harwin knew Theon and the Starks as they grew up together it makes sense that Harwin would see bran and Rickon as Theon's brothers and so would hate Theon as a

Kin Slayer an argument against Harlan is that he and Theon knew each other for years so why doesn't the on recognize Harlan it's not like the hooded man's hood covers his face because Theon and the man come face-to-face and their eyes

Meet then again Theon fails to recognize his own sister earlier mistaken identities are a theme in his story and nya has trouble recognizing Harlan because he's thinner and got a new beard

So maybe Theon just doesn't recognize Harlan so Hollen might be the hooded man originally on a mission to save Arya and now involved in murder and conspiracy in Winterfell and unlike Robert Glover hawin has an emotional connection to the

Stock characters so he could be a more meaningful reveal if he's the hooded man another possibility is Halla Smolin another Winterfell guard he guards Catelyn Stark during Rob's war in the south until

Catelyn gets Ned Stark's bones she wants her husband's bones to rest in the crypt at Winterfell so she sends Howell to take the bones north but as far as we know he'll never arrives at Winterfell

The Catelyn thinks that how might have been blocked off from the north at mert Cailin in Winterfell Barbara Dustin tells Theon that she's watching for Ned's bones because she wants to intercept them and feed them to her dogs

But Barbary hasn't found the bones either so where is hell if he was blocked at moat Cailin he could have ended up in nearby gray water watch the home of Howland Reed who happens to be the one man alive who would know that

Jon Snow is the son of Prince Rhaegar also last we saw Roberts brother galbart he was sent to Howland Reed and galbart knows about Robb Stark's will that makes John King in the north so how old could get involved in a whole

Bunch of potential conspiracies and if he did eventually make it to Winterfell he'll could play the role of the hooded man killing Bolton soldiers maybe returning Ned's bones like how and how knew Theon and the Starks as they grew

Up so it makes sense that how would hate Theon as a kins layer but howls personality might be a problem he has a loose tongue and tends to loudly state the obvious so he doesn't sound like the ideal person for a secret hood admission

But it's still possible that how is the hooded man so he'll or Harwin or maybe Robert Glover could all be the hooded man some fans think that Brendan blackfish or Benjen stark could be the hooded man it could kind of be anyone

Who loved the Starks and maybe that's the point one of the themes in the story is that even though the Starks are defeated their legacy lives on the North remembers Ned Stark's leadership and that's why so many Northman still fight

And die in his name and are trying to save his daughter maybe the hooded man is the embodiment of this loyalty living proof that the North remembers he could be any unnamed unknown Northman maybe it doesn't matter

Who's under the hood but here's the thing whoever the hooded man is he's probably not the murderer in Winterfell the wildlings are Jon Snow and Melisandre sent mance and these women to Winterfell

To rescue Jane who they think is aya but even if Rowan is an umber there's no way that all these wildlings would risk their lives just to save are you stark Jon thinks they must have some other hidden plan in Winterfell which is

Probably the plan to help Stannis beat the Bolton's by murdering these soldiers we know these wildling women can fight they kill several guards while Theon and Jane escape so Theon accuses the women of these murders and Rowan says they

Didn't kill little Walder but she kind of admits that they did kill yellow dick and the others in the escape we see the women use their sexuality to get guards in a vulnerable position so they can kill them and they probably used the

Same strategy on these murder victims like yellow dick has his cock in his mouth and this phrase Squire is found naked the women must have lured these men with sex before killing them that explains most of these murders but what

About little Walder if the wildlings didn't kill him who did there's a theory that little Walder was killed by his cousin big Walder a big Walder is just nine years old but he's ambitious and brutal he's always talking about the

Line of succession in house Frey and how he's determined to become lord of the crossing and it sounds like he's willing to kill for it he talks casually about murdering other frays and when little Walters body is

Found big Wolders gloves are caked with these cousin's blood bloody hands are a classic symbol of guilt so it seems likely that big Walder killed little Walder to move up the line of succession

The wildlings killed yellow dick and there is well and the fray as part of their conspiracy and this poor Flint fuck Owens probably just kicked by a horse murder mystery solved but if these are

The murderers what's the point of the hooded man like he could just be helping Rowan and Crow food or Wyman or something but surely this mysterious figure has some deeper meaning a Theon's story in this book is about escaping his

Identity as reek and becoming Theon Greyjoy again reek is broken he's weak and afraid and obedient to Ramsay Theon is the man he used to be proud and strong a Greyjoy Ramsay's torture and control has forced him to

Suppress his identity as Theon reek thinks of Theon as a different person to himself Theon Greyjoy died and reek is a new man born in Ramsay's dungeons while Theon struggles with this identity crisis he's

Also haunted by ghosts Winterfell is full of ghosts for Theon Greyjoy because Winterfell is where Theon grew up with the Starks and it's where he betrayed the Starks when he took their Castle Theon killed Northman

And Ironborn here people who trusted him and he says that ghosts are angry Theon hears ghostly voices in the godswood and he sees brand Starks face in a weirwood tree so with all his guilt and trauma

Theon is seeing shit he's hearing voices he's haunted by ghosts he doesn't know who he is in this crisis between Theon and rake and it's during this crisis that they on sees the hooded man he comes face to face with his mysterious

Figure alone in the snow and oddly Theon is not afraid there's a theory that this hooded man is a ghost of vision or hallucination in Theon's tortured mind and a representation of his identity

Crisis like maybe the hooded man is the ghost of who Theon used to be because the hooded man acts a lot like Theon once did he's confident and purposeful and kind of a dick because the man laughs at Theon's disfigured

Hand which is like how Theon used to laugh at people like in the TV show Theon kind of always was a sensitive sad boy but in the books Theon started as this confident smug sometimes cruel young man he was known

For his sly smile and his mocking contemptuous laugh just like the hooded man laughs at Theon's misfortune also in book two at the height of Theon's confidence and pride he wore a hooded cloak like the hooded man so maybe by

Facing the hooded man reek faces the ghost of Theon Greyjoy as part of his journey from reek back to Theon the ghost also represents his guilt and self-hatred because the man is hostile accusing Theon of his crimes

It's like the ghosts in Shakespeare in Hamlet and Macbeth characters are haunted by ghosts which represent the characters inner conflicts guilts and doubts the hooded man could also represent death in a faith of the seven

The god of death appears as a hooded man called the stranger this hooded man is a stranger and he threatens Theon but Theon defies him saying that gods are not done with me Theon faces death and tells him not today instead choosing

Life as Theon and escaping Winterfell so the hooded man is an important moment in Theon's character arc from break to Theon given the psychological turmoil he's in and all the talk of ghosts it's possible that the hooded man is some

Vision or hallucination in Theon's mind but there are problems with this theory because the hooded man calls Theon a kin Slayer but Theon thinks he's not a kin Slayer because he didn't actually kill bran and Rickon so if the hooded man is

Just in Theon's mind why would he accuse him of a crime he didn't commit there's a theory that Theon is a kin slayer after all because in book – Theon fails to find bran and Rickon

So instead Theon kills two other boys of the same age and burns them and says their bodies of bran and Rickon the mother of these boys is a woman called the Miller's wife and Theon mentions that he had sex with her a couple times

So maybe one or both of the children Theon killed are actually Theon sons in book 2 yagura tells the story of a man who unknowingly killed his own father she says the gods hate kin Slayers even when they kill unknowing if they'd on

Unknowingly murdered his own children it's similar to how he unknowingly tried to have sex with his own sister there's an oedipal Freudian thing going on here maybe deep down Theon knows that the kids were his and he suppresses this

Deep dark secret to his subconscious not wanting to believe his akin Slayer at one point he tries not to remember something about these boys there were things too hurtful to remember maybe the hooded man calling Theon kin Slayer is

The externalization of that suppressed memory a subconscious specter of guilt it's a cool theory but there's no much evidence that the boy's a Theon sons and you'd think that if that was true it would have been revealed by the end of

The book when reek became Theon so may be the real meaning of the kin Slayer stuff is to explore the question of who Theon's kin is with a Starks his family or the Ironborn was Winterfell his home did he betray the only people who really

Loved him these are the questions at the heart of Theon zark and that's probably why this kin Slayer idea keeps coming up but if Theon didn't slay his kin it doesn't make sense for Theon's ghost to call him kin Slayer

So who is the hooded man there's no one answer the man could be Harwin or how love me be Robert Glover in some plot against the Bolton's with rollin and crow food and Stannis

But the murderers in Winterfell are probably the wildlings and big Walder so it's not clear what the hooded man does the man could be a ghost or delusion but that theory has problems too maybe we'll find out in the next book maybe we'll

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