Honor 20 Pro Review: Better than OnePlus 7 Pro?

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

the affordable flagship space is more
competitive than ever with recent
entrance from oneplus and others making
headlines in Europe and Asia and so
always on a sub-brand which was already
well-positioned with his view 20 is back
this spring with a new high-end offering
the honor 20 Pro it's a device that
stays true to the legacy of the earlier
mainline honor phones while also packing
an important spec upgrades to stay ahead
of the curve the hardware design of the
honor 20 Pro is a head-on collision
between the view 20 and the Huawei P 30
Pro around the front the brand sticks
with an all display screen using an IPS
LCD panel and a tiny hole punched selfie
camera on the rear there's a hefty
triple camera module and a gorgeous new
holographic reflective pattern formed by
countless layers of uniquely engineered
colored glass tilting the phone through
the light conjures up aurora borealis
like bolts of colour ranging from deep
blue to near pink the back panel and
curved sidewalls are a little slick but
the phone's relatively compact
proportions make it easy to hold on to
unlike the view 20 owner hasn't managed
to fit in a 3.5 millimeter headphone
jack here however there's a welcome
addition on the right edge of the device
a Galaxy S 10 e style capacitive
fingerprint scanner which really does
work flawlessly
I found the display a six point two six
inch full HD plus IPS LCD panel to be
bright and vibrant daylight visibility
even under the bright summer Sun has
been on par with the majority of OLED
based flagships the course effects of
the honor 20 pro mirror those of other
high-end Huawei phones it's really a
keren 980 processor with up to 8 gigs of
RAM and 256 gigs of storage plus dual
SIM support and although the footprint
of the device is pretty small it's also
fairly chunky in order to accommodate an
ample 4,000 milliamp hour battery
honor is yet to ship a water-resistant
flagship and unfortunately the 20 pro is
no exception there's no IP rating nor is
there any seal around the SIM slot so
outside of the occasional rain shower
you'll want to watch this one around
it also doesn't include stereo audio
though I've been perfectly happy with
the output from the bottom firing driver
down below my biggest hardware
disappointment in this device however is
the extremely mushy horrible feeling
haptic motor used by honor which feels
the same as what I've used
just about every honor phone from the
past year it's nowhere near as nice as
the tight haptic feedback provided by
the 1 plus 7 Pro to the point where I
eventually just turned off all haptic
feedback on this phone turns out there
are some things that you still can't do
at that lower price point the only 20
Pro runs Android 9pi with honors magic
UI 2.1 software which is another way of
saying it runs huawei's mui 9.1 software
with a slightly different theme all our
plans for magic UI and eme why to become
more differentiated in the future but
for the moment they're pretty much the
same thing with slightly different
visuals well magic UI isn't a sleeker
attractive as Samsung's one UI or
oneplus as oxygen OS it's perfectly
serviceable with fast performance and
plentiful feature says always full
screen gesture set ablaze you to
experience what will be coming in
android q later this year and this
extensive theming support through the
built-in Huawei themes app plus some
neat pre-loaded wallpapers to play with
the placement of that hole-punch camera
why key Mui magic UI boro several design
elements from Apple's iOS owners own
apps are predominantly light and bright
with heavy use of whites and blues and
there are controls near the bottom of
the screen and all the built-in apps
where they're easy to reach magic UI
also gives you a great deal of control
over apps battery usage particularly in
the background honors power management
is puddle makes its phones consistently
great performance in terms of battery
life and the case of the honor 20 pro
that really goes hand-in-hand with a
large battery capacity of 4,000 milliamp
hours that's the same capacity as the
one par 7 pro however honors device
matches much better battery life from a
similar sized cell whereas I'd sometimes
struggle to get through a full day on
the 7 Pro the honor 20 Pro never left me
with battery anxiety on heavier days it
wasn't rare to see six hours of screen
on time with mixed indoor and outdoor
use it's interesting to note that in the
areas of software and battery life the
only 20 pro and its major competitor the
1 + 7 Pro are diametrically opposed with
one plus you get a far superior software
experience but occasionally sketchy
battery life with honor you'll need to
learn to live with magic UI but in
return you will live free from battery
the honor 20 pros sits directly between
the wall AP 30 and P 30 Pro in terms of
both optics and camera performance as
such this is honors most capable camera
to date building on the impressive
performance of the view 20 the main
sensor from that phone Sony's AMX 586 is
also used in the honor 20 pros main
camera only now with optical image
stabilization and behind an impressive F
1.4 lens on paper that's better even
than the 1 + 7 pro's camera and the
results I've seen show honors at least
matching the performance of oneplus as
primary camera the main camera shoots 12
megapixel images as standard using pixel
binning to turn four pixels on the
sensor into one in the finished image
regardless of lighting conditions the
main camera the honor 20 Pro always
produced pleasing shots with even
exposure and the optional AI shooting
modes add a touch of flair by bringing
out the Reds in a sunset or amping up
saturation in a food picture almost
dedicated handheld night mode also
impresses contouring at usable shots
even in extremely dim conditions though
I noticed far more grain in pictures
from honors night mode compared to warm
Plus as nightscape and other competitors
the 20 pro complements this with a 16
megapixel F 2.2 ultra-white camera plus
an 8 megapixel F 2.4 3 x telephoto with
OAS which is capable of hybrid zoom up
to 5 times so basically the same as the
May 20 pro in those areas both are
excellent additions that take honest
photographic capabilities are level
beyond the grounds earlier efforts the
ultra wide is extremely fun to use and
can be used take some really unique
shots in crowded
alleyways or open vistas and a telephoto
reaches beyond the 2 x cameras of
Samsung and Apple to bring out fine
detail and faraway subjects or
landscapes up the other end of spectrum
honor has a 2 megapixel f/2 point for
super macro camera looking above its LED
flash this baffling little camera is
frustrating to use and produce
consistently poor shots in my time with
it the best you can hope for is so so
looking macro pics that appear
grainy even when fully zoomed in on the
phone screen outside of that one
disappointment though this is an
impressive camera setup and likely the
best you'll find that honors very
competitive price point it used to be
with affordable flagships the camera was
the one thing it was guaranteed to suck
in a phone that wasn't charging top
dollar the other 20 pro is the best
argument against that trend that we've
seen thus far
nevertheless some other compromises do
remained the haptic motor is garbage
lack of water resistance is also
unfortunate elsewhere though honors
fundamentals are strong with fast
performance a beautiful rear design
particularly the holographic rear
pattern and exceptional battery life but
there is another reason why you may want
to skip out on on a phone right now and
that's the parent company's ongoing
difficulties with the US government's
there are very real question marks about
future support for Huawei and honor
phones beyond August and if you decided
that with all the uncertainty right now
to wait and see on any Huawei or on a
phone then I certainly can blame you and
if you do take the plunge you'll find
that on the 20 Pro is one of the best
affordable Android flagships of the year
so far let's just hope the same is true
in the few months time that's it for now
check out our written review on android
central.com and subscribe here on
youtube for or feature coverage thanks
for watching and I'll see you next time

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