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published on July 8, 2020

So the Hong Kong as our government willvigorously implement this law and I forone those radicals not to attempt toviolate this law or crossing the redline because the consequences ofbridging this law are very serious foryears now everyone has joined fellow

Members of his party on 1st of July tomark Hong Kong's hannover Chinese rulethat everything changed last week itisn't uncommon for such a small peacefulprotest to have hundred-plus police tosearch it doesn't offer us I guess this

Will be the new norm you may never seethe picture of million Hong Kong s onthe street again not because we arecontent or not because we are we are nowhappy with the government is because nowwe are too afraid to come out this was

The first protest since the new securitylaw was put in place which can seeoffenders go to prison for life forsuppression several parties have nowdecided to disband some leadingactivists have fled but Avery and his

Party are not about to follow suitbecause if four political party to bowdown now what's it to say to the rest ofHong Kong psychologicallymost of us are prepared to go to prisonfor a long time we are not going to

Change what we have been doing for yearsbut depends on the level subtractionthat we are going to face in the futurethere will be certain modification andtransformation of activism in Hong Kongthere's no doubt a strong sense of fear

Also looms over supportersself-censorship has been the most commonreaction just as many pro-democracyrestaurants have quickly taken downdecorations for critical messagesleaving empty memos as a way of silent

Protest Beijing insist Allah will affectonly a minority of lawbreakers criticssay political activism is under threatand that's just the first stepMina now works for an NGO based in HongKong for decades it has been advocating

For labor rights across Asia Hong Konghas been a popular hub for thousands oflocal and international NGOs but a newlaw means many are now reconsideringtheir options there is a lot ofambiguity we don't know what do you mean

By somehow maybe collude with foreignforces because we have staff fromoverseas under this law we are quiteunsure like how it will impact even thesafety of individual staff or what isthe threat for us to if we continue to

Receive foreign funding we have tosomehow prepare the worst scenario thenwe may also consider to move toother countries Beijing has played downthe loss impact saying Amelie plans tostrengthen the management of NGOs and

Other organizations in Hong Kong eventhough its do unclear how the securitylaw will be implemented activists andadvocates here will have to be where thephase erupted ero ahead and ourcorrespondent PB Kong who filed that

Report joins us now from Hong KongPhoebe in your report we heard of SocialDemocrats say many activists are nowafraid because of the new security lawwhat parts of that law do they fear mostwhat's particularly concerning is that

Outlets we have this morning there's awarning from the government Hong Konghopefully they carry them stating thatthey were enforce the law strictly inrecommend vigorously and in terms of lawenforcement we also observe a drastic

Change just last night the Hong KongAuthority laid out a more detailedimplementation to expand police powersso from now on the Hong Kong police cansearch and premises and interceptcommunications among people or even

Three are anyone's access without andwithout courts warrants so this ispretty much different from the practicein Hong Kong over the past few decadeswhich we have checking balances from thecourt and all these measures to expand

The police power cannot be challenged byat court so the citizens simply don'thave any legal way to overthrow thedecisions made by the government so andthis is particularly concerning andfearful to activists as they fear that

They will be the main targets of thegovernment and they have no other way tostop the authority from like in trueincluding the personal data or safety interms of everyday life there in HongKong have you noticed any significant

Changes yourself since Beijing imposedthe new security lawbut the law has been implemented forjust a week than are we observed thereis a citywide chilling effect andself-censorship among other than their

Citizens that people are now censoringtheir own speech online I'm ticking outcomments or post and we also see likepublic libraries now starting to removebooks written by activists like JoshuaWong and apart from that and in terms of

Law enforcement according to the rulesimplemented just today starting fromtoday so the police are now are theyempowered to remove or restricts or likeus network providers to remove anyonline messages which are deemed as

Endangering the national security and soso we have so like science has alreadygave some responses Facebook GoogleTwitter and our telegram has alreadysaid they will suspend a request fromthe Hong Kong authorities to provide

Personal data but in the future we'renot sure whether they can really stickto their own rules as as this law ispretty pretty straight and anyone whofailed to comply with me with personalauthority may fail may face jail

Sentences Phoebe thank you very muchthat was our correspondent Phoebe Kongin Hong Kong for more let's go straightover to Joshua Wong he's a prominentvoice in Hong Kong's pro-democracymovement and joins us from there Mr Wong

Carrie Lam is warning people shedescribes as radicals of seriousconsequences if they break the new lawdoes that scare youshooting effect is generated by Beijingand it's not only targeting activists

Even ordinary citizens or foreigners orexpat live in Hong Kong might also bethe prime target for Beijing to silencetheir voice and we Australia where isnot only a political right is also aboutthe free flow of information and the

Free flow of capital being threatened bybacon since the law is implementedokay but what about you because you're aprominent face of the pro-democracymovement and many people are watchingand wondering

How this affects you have you receivedany threats since his law was imposedwith the with the risk of lifesentencing with the uncertainty toextradite to China with the race alwaysand always face of being sent to the

Black gel in mainland China nationalsecurity law is the choose for Beijingto erode it one country to system to beone country one system but just likemore than hundred thousand Hong Kong istalked to the street on July 1st even

Police band the rally we still continueour fight in local in Hong Kong at thesame we also have our friends and seekfor global support ok but I waswondering about threats to you have youreceived any threat I was the I received

Fret from pro-beijing camp since lastsummer during the anti extradition billmovement but the French can't defeat usmake us even stronger determination yourfellow activist Nathan law he fled HongKong last week do you intend to stay I

Will continue to fight until the lastminute and it's also important to sitfor local and global support at the sametime I will continue the campaign in thelocal level and Nathan law will beresponsible for continue the global

Solidarity campaign and we wish to letthe voice of Hong Kong is being heard inthe world does that mean you're planningto stay in Hong Kong then because Ibelieve you're facing charges there isthat correct with the political

ProsecutionI just face the court Rio 24 hours agoand I still need to go to court on 5thof August and that's also imply howBeijing continued to call the massarrests and political prosecution in

Such city with only 7 millionspopulation almost 10,000 people werearrested since last summer and 1,600 ofus were prosecuted including me but insuch a pure battle we still never giveup and on the upcoming primary election

On this weekend we have to send a clearsignal to Beijing kowtow to thecommunist region is not an option for usdo you think Carrie Lam has a pointin saying that new security measures areneeded in Hong Kong to avoid the massive

And sometimes violent disruptions we'veseen in the past political crisis messup a political system reform escalatingthe situation and even allowing policeto call the houses with a search warrantand override on common law system by the

Mainland rule by hotline tactics that'snot the way out no matter what happenedwe will still continue to fight forfreedom and also we wish the worked youknow that how the race of Hong Kongpeople and expect live in Hong Kong

Might be extradited to China and wemight not be serving Joe Sena's in houmaanymore and we might need to serve theSouth Joe Sena's in Beijing that's thephret generated by Beijing livesentencing is not the things that we

Have imagined by activists in theprevious day but that's not an raise thefrets generate by the Communistauthorities okaythe pro-democracy group you used to leaddemos histo that's been disbanded right

As the security law the new security lawwas being imposed has Beijing won Idon't want to put my colleague and hemade flight in race even I did as therisk of life sentencing it doesn't meansthat some of more local activists this

Need to face the same destiny but evenwe are not continue to run as the nameof dam assist oh the activist group thatwe belongs to we still continue ourfight in the local level and globallevel and we wish have more global

Allies to stand with Hong Kong in suchcritical moment because time iscollecting in Hong Kong already mr wallthank you very much for talking with usthat was Joshua Wong and activist inHong Kong thank you well in the wake of

That new security law being imposedglobal tech giants have been reviewingtheir strategies in the territory theshort-form video app tik-tok hasannounced it will exit the Hong Kongmarket the move comes after Google

Facebook whatsapp and Twitter stoppedtaking requests from users for user datafrom hometik-tok is a Chinese company and hasbeen trying to grow its global audiencewell for more on this were joined by

Clifford Coonan our China analyst fromDW business good to see you Clifford sotell us why is tick tock a Chinesecompany withdrawing its app from storesfrom Hong Kong well I think tick tockbecause it's a Chinese company which is

Trying to expand globally has to showthat it's independent of the Chinamarket and so it has to be moreinternational than even the more thaneven the other international tech giantsso it's made this decision to go even

Further than Facebook and Twitter byactually removing its app from thestores it has a Chinese wing calledDoble which isn't affected by this butit shows that they they are very keen tobe to have this international image

They've had a lot of problems with theirimage in the last year or so we had acase last year you might recall where aWeger girl did a makeup add makeup tictoc and during the course that spokeabout the the camps the labor camps in

In Shenyang so they've been trying toimprove their image they've hired a guyfrom Disney and who's who's now lookingafter that side of the business as wellso it's it's it's really part of thatapproach is this the first real sign of

The impact that the security law ishaving on business in Hong Kong I thinkso I mean we heard in the report therehow people are sort of waiting to seehow it'll be implemented and I thinkthis is an example of the kind of effect

That we're going to see because we'vehad these big tech firms and tik-tokmaking these decisions now to to with towithdraw or to review how they'reapproaching hong kong and i think it'sgoing to spill over into other areas now

And it could be that this is going to bethe new normal in hong kong after thesecurity lawyou mentioned facebook and google bigtech firms many of them american it'squite unusual to see US tech firms of

That size challenging beijing isn't itit is i mean we're still waiting forapple apple hasn't made its statementyet but but the fact that that twitterand facebook are already reviewing is isis a very big signal at tik-tok

So I think you're going to see morepushback now against China if we thinkabout Huawei we've had the Huawei storyand telecoms for so long in a way thiswhole area about what sort of controlthe Chinese government can have of

International international companieswhen there's a different kind ofdifferent playing fields as it werebetween these companies and betweenthese government controls that'sbecoming more and more to the fore and I

Think it's going to be played out inHong Kong trying to analyst Clifford kunthank you very much

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