Hong Kong Freaks Out Over Coronavirus Dying

published on July 3, 2020

Hong Kong is freaking out over the

coronavirus while the Chinese economy

takes damage as the international

community shuts the door on travellers

from China


this is China uncensored I'm Chris


the corona virus outbreak is really not

going well for the Chinese Communist

Party I mean personally I'm more

concerned about all the people mainly in

China who have gotten sick because the

Chinese Communist Party tried to cover

up the whole epidemic for more than a

month instead of stopping it when they

had the chance but you've got a feel for

the Chinese regime just a little bit

I mean Chinese leader Xi Jinping even

disappeared for a little while that led

to rumors that he was sick especially

after people began sharing a video of

him dry coffee there was also talk that

maybe he had been purged but no such

luck he's back doing the usual like

hanging out with foreign dictators Hong

Kong has had its first reported death

from the corona virus the patient was a

39 year old man who had visited Wuhan

and returned to Hong Kong on January

23rd so far at the time of this

recording Hong Kong has 21 confirmed

cases of corona virus infection although

Hong Kong isn't particularly close to

Wuhan where the outbreak began Hong Kong

does share a border with mainland China

Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam was

under pressure to block off all visitors

from mainland China once the corona

virus began to spread she initially

refused calling it discriminatory which

is dumb but not any dumber than the real

reason she refused she doesn't have the

power actions like this would be under

the control of her masters the Chinese

Communist Party and so Hongkongers did

what they've done since June of last

year they protested thousands of public

sector health care workers in Hong Kong

on Tuesday went on strike for the second

day in a row to demand immediate closure

of the city's border with mainland China

to prevent the spread of the deadly

coronavirus but unlike any of the other

protests over the past several months

this time Carrie Lam actually caved kind

of housing zone boom has a chief

executive council will invoke the

prevention and control of disease

ordinance section five nine nine we will

invoke the power to put requirements

toward people coming from the mainland

including mainland residents Hong Kong

residents and other visitors they will

have to enter into compulsory quarantine

for a period of 14 days hi so yo Kansai

deep south give me a sub say T so Lam is

still not fully closing the border but

there will be a mandatory quarantine for

anyone coming from mainland China Hong

Kong has seen shall we say not a lot of

enthusiasm for the Chinese Communist

Party and its influence in Hong Kong the

fact that the corona virus is now

spreading within Hong Kong's borders

because of a communist party cover-up

that's not making the situation better

especially when people remember what

happened during the SARS outbreak back

in 2003 a Chinese doctor who had been

treating SARS patients traveled to Hong

Kong and infected more than a dozen

people eventually almost 300 people in

Hong Kong died from SARS that was the

most anywhere outside mainland China so

people in Hong Kong are scared lining up

for hours even sometimes overnight to

buy items like face masks and hand

sanitizer which are now running low

there's even been a run on toilet paper

sparked by internet rumors especially

when a higher up in the World Health

Organization had this to say so we're

sitting on a on the edge here with a lot

of hard work and also a lot of luck we

may be able to get ourselves out of this

but you know the the the likelihood is

not is not in our favor and on that

optimistic note the corona virus is

spreading around the world on cruise

ships and Airlines a cruise ship in

Japan carrying nearly 4,000 people has


cases of the coronavirus is that better

or worse than just finding cases of

Corona so far to cruise ships are being

quarantined the one off the coast of

Japan and one off the coast of Hong Kong

passengers are not allowed to leave

their cabins and have you seen what most

cruise ship cabins look like it's

basically solitary confinement on a boat

obviously the international community is

concerned about the spread of the corona

virus many airlines are suspending or

restricting flights to China in several

countries including the United States

and banning the entry of anyone who has

been in China over the previous two

weeks Cafe Pacific has even asked

employees to take unpaid leave well they

could just pass the time with a case of

corona but the travel ban is affecting

Chinese students studying abroad in a

show of support

4,000 students in Australia have signed

a petition asking for a delay to the

start of University there are an

estimated 100,000 Chinese students

studying in Australia who are still

abroad and currently locked out of the

country I can understand the concern of

the Australian government though

University students shouldn't have to

deal with cases of the corona virus the

worst thing University students should

have to deal with are cases of corona

what's that Shelley okay I'll stop the

corona virus is also causing China's

already sluggish economy to stumble

worse than a person drunk on I said I

wouldn't some economists are warning GDP

growth could fall below 2 percent

according to CNBC the 24 provinces

municipalities and regions which have

told businesses to cease operating until

at least February 10th accounted for

over 80 percent of national GDP and 90

percent of exports last year Chinese

stocks are also plummeting to the lowest

level since that stock market crisis in

2015 don't worry

Chinese state-run media are saying that

GDP will definitely not fall below 5

percent which means that it won't

as long as you believe the official

numbers the outbreak is also hitting

Western companies operating in China

Tesla stocks took a hit after Tesla

announced it would not be delivering a

scheduled shipment of cars because of

the coronavirus so to no one's surprise

Tesla over-promised and under-delivered

of course American companies that have

already become less reliant on China

because of the us-china trade war won't

be as affected so as I've been saying

for years you're better off not doing

business in China and that's it for this

update on the coronavirus and as you may

have heard me mention an inside source

at YouTube has said that YouTube is

targeting coronavirus coverage as too

controversial for advertisers all of our

episodes about the corona virus have

been demonetized either temporarily or

permanently it's not that we're trying

to profit off the misery of others but

this is a form of censorship if a new

show can't generate income while

reporting the news it can't survive

YouTube would have shut down China

uncensored years ago like this but

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however despite all YouTube's flaws it's

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once again I'm Chris Chappell see you

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