Honda V6 P030X Missfire Codes Complete Guide

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

if you get those codes pull your spark
plugs look at them see if they need to
be changed if they do change them if
you've got old ignition coils that can
cause that it's a good idea to just
replace them put new ones into service
just check up all the garbage if you got
dirty stuff coming through it builds up
about it being check engine light you're
not passing emissions and it's running
crappy Ryan's Mobil 1 hey guys I haven't
posted a video a little bit because of
time constraints burnout and etc etc but
I thought this would be a good one to
just go over real quick so 2400 or
the idiot hood if you look underneath
looks like that
that's what I call them because this is
beautiful anyway I won't get caught up
on that EGR stuff as you see by the
title this vehicle has missed fire codes
on cylinder 1 2 3 4 5 & 6 and it also
has a P 13 99 which just means
everything's misfiring and running like
crap all of a sudden we had a snap in
the weather it got cold and this thing
basically got put in Reverse and there's
a shake and like crazy this cars you get
these codes and it could be any number
of things that could be EGR passages it
could be bad ignition coils this is what
the coils look like they're cops cold
all over plug ignition or kopi it could
be that it needs a tune-up or it could
be a combination of all of them and
typically that's what I find when your
vehicle starts misfiring and not running
very good you get carbon buildup this is
how it should look it should be nice and
clear you see that there's a little hole
right here for each of the cylinders and
there's a little thing where it cools
down the exhaust it basically catches it
here and then funnels it to each of the
individual cylinders it's almost like
multi-port fuel injection but it's
exhaust gas recirculation injection
again you can see this is the runner for
each of the different cylinders and they
all have their own little pinhole to
water down the vehicle so that doesn't
have NOx emissions no.1 no.2 basically
greenhouse gas kind of stuff so this is
your EGR valve down here this beautiful
little soldier looks like a trash can
with a hat on it and basically it just
takes exhaust
from the cylinder head and runs it up
through a pipe up into here till it gets
into here you can see there's a hole in
the middle and these get blocked up but
they really get blocked up when there's
a misfire so I know that this one's
misfiring I don't know all the reasons
why it's got a little bit of junk on it
where the other doesn't you see a little
line there maybe it's true arc tracking
or something but the reason why I know
that this one's bad is because I pulled
the spark plugs out and you can still
see you know even with me going to get
the camera I see how that shiny on the
porcelain and wet that's a good
indicator that it's getting fuel but not
spark the one right next to it is
getting sparked and see it's nice and
dry look at the difference between those
two when you have something misfiring
you have a bunch of fuel that's going
through the system and exhaust is gonna
have some carbon you know you've got co2
you know that you should have but when
you have unburned fuel then you got
hydrocarbons those hydrocarbons stick to
everything and they just make a mess
these runners this is how they used to
look before I cleaned it out and all the
junk that are cleaned out of just this
port alone look like this in my hand if
you get these codes usually that means
that you're past due for a tune-up and
you're you've got misfiring either due
to bad ignition coils or bad plug these
coils this man I think it's got like 160
hundred eighty thousand miles if you've
got that many miles and it's the
original coils that look like this
they're just blank on the backside like
that the tag will be on this is a
Hitachi that's the OEM ones if you're
still on the OEM ones may I just offer
you a little bit of advice and just
replace all of them at the same time do
all the plugs get you a bunch of new
platinum plugs just like this and GK's
great put in some new coils and just not
have to worry about it another thing if
you have as much carbon as this had is
replace the PCV valve if there's this
much garbage in it here it's gonna do
the same thing on the back side here
there's a little plastic covering see
little bolt here you got to pull that
off the wire harness sometimes covers
them up but follow I believe it's this
one right here see this one's even
exposed let me show you real quick so
the PCV valve you can see it's that
little plastic elbow it's a little
five-dollar part that will be full of
carbon and junk – what's that blocks off
and you've got a whole nother world of
hurtin problem and it'll basically stain
and make it look gross like this it's
the your engine can look like this with
good oil changes good maintenance and
not having carbon buildup good
maintenance meaning changing your spark
plugs on time and oil basically the
whole back side if you pull the valve
cover off to adjust the valves you'll
find that that side is gonna be super
dirty and gross and this sides gonna be
clean and nice just because the PCV
valve has positive crankcase ventilation
you got pistons working up and down and
the movement of the air because the RPMs
and everything of the Pistons of the v6
motor going up and down so there has to
be a way for the air to vent to
ventilate it then you don't get an
accumulation of gases on this side this
side picks up clean fresh air from the
boot here and goes into this valve cover
and that way you have clean air going in
and then dirty air coming out and
getting sucked up into this one but if
that's blocked off it can't suck it out
so it just basically moves the air
through so that you're ventilating
getting all the old smoky acidic yucky
stuff and then sending it through the
intake and getting rid of it and burning
it through the system so it comes out
clean you want to see more videos like
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thumbs up so they can find it try to be
shortened to the point as much as
possible I've been doing this for more
than 30 years I've got a lot of
experience I've got a lot to say so
whether you're an experienced mechanic
you just want to know about a particular
vehicle or if you're just starting now
to try to keep it simple enough to where
everything makes sense but throw in
something new so that there's something
for everybody I love you guys thanks for
your support Cheers

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