Homemade Soldering Station for 6$

published on July 2, 2020

hello hectors and welcome back to my new


okay this one

is my homemade wooden

soldering station


you can build it this kind of soldering


just for six dollars

yes you hear it six dollars i needed

just six dollars

to make this

wood of course it's not in the price

this stainless steel spring is pulled


from old umbrella and it's perfect

for holder for holding the soldering



this one is free the wood it's free

before i explain which parts i have used

for making this homemade soldering


that costs six dollars i need to tell

you that i lost

all the video how i made this

i'm so sorry about that to all have

tubers i must

apologize and

that's it i'm gonna explaining with


what i have used and explain

the circadia


let's see it

first one thank you for the outer of

this schematic

that i found on the internet it's

designers but this guy aka

cassian it's a clone

hakko 936 circadian

and before explaining that

first for building the soldering station

you will need a soldering iron

like this one or

more cheaper is this one

you can get this 24 volts

48 watts of soldering iron

for about four dollars imagine that

four dollars for this

i will put a link down below so you can

check it

let's put our like



okay we have spent a four dollars for

the solid soldering

iron the other two dollars

are for main components like

this operational amplifier

lm358 and this

mosfet transistor z44

here they are this is the mosfet

and this is the integrated chip

these two parts

cost around one dollar

so far five dollars four dollars for the


one dollar for the most important

parts components which are the lm358

and z44 mosfet

and other parts like resistors

zener diode capacitors

cost additional one dollar

so totally six dollars

for making the

circuit diagram for controlling

the iron head iron handle

that works on 24 volts

and it's 48 watts

you will need a lot of power

to drive this


and now i'm gonna show you

the circuit theorem build it on the


breadboard and replace it

inside this wooden box

with adding main switch

two leds the red is for power on

the yellow is for controlling the


of the sensor or the iron

handle i forgot to tell you that inside


iron handle there is a heater and


that is a sensor that measures the

temperature and controlling

with this let's open

here is the dc jack for powering

this unit and you can plug from

18 up to 24 volts

yes the soldering iron it works

the best from 18 volts up to 24


here is the circuit diagram made on the

breadboard you can see the

integrated chip the voltage regulator

5 volts this one

is the mosfet

the dc jack

and he and this one

is just metal weight

so can the soldering station be stable

on the table

now let's power up the soldering station

and see how it works as i said

it works from 18 volts up to 24 volts

i'm using a power adapter

from all laptop that give 19 volts

and enough current for driving the

soldering iron

my homemade soldering station turned out


good it takes around 55 seconds

the iron to get the temperature of 250


to melt the tin

so let's measure start

as i say the let led

means power on the red led and the


is the temperature

16 seconds with this

potentiometer i can relate

the temperature and choosing between 100

200 degrees 250

and max of the and max temperature of

this iron

is i think 420

degrees look the yellow led have turned

off and will turn on to hit

the heater inside the

soldering iron look 55 seconds

let's try it

one minute

so one minute it's needed

for your soldering iron to be ready for


and this one is good soldering

iron analog soldering station

and it costs as i said six dollars to


and look pretty amazing in this wooden


just one more thing with my

multimeter and my k

type of measuring

probe let's see how

how much is the temperature

let's put something

okay let's not measure

225 degrees

is good


i hope you liked today's video that was

just explaining how i built my homemade

wooden soldering station

once again i'm sorry for that i lost

all the video how i built this

that's it thank you for watching please


see you next time

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