Residence Haircut Newbie Stage | Quick Coiffure Summer time 2020

published on July 2, 2020


hi guys I'm Rasmus and you're watching

slick hair TV I'm here in slick hair

studio with my little brother Megan and

we have no professional hairdressers

today so we're gonna try out do a

quarantine haircut I have a few tools a

scissor and a machine and of course some

of the world's best air products let's

get to it



– Pandey


the trick here is to run the trimmer

just up against the neck here and then

when it starts getting longer just run

it straight up if you put too much

pressure and angle on it you'll make a

big cut into a hairstyle so don't get

the nice fake going on


one trick when you're done blending it

together it's sometimes a good idea

until the machine this way be aware of

the corner here that you're not making

any bumps down here


so I wanna aim for this area and then

we're gonna mix it together with the

language now we're gonna go in with five

four millimeters and then I'm gonna

twist this one one point seven

millimeters and it's just to make the

final touch and the fake


and around the ears smaller trimmer with

a little bit of angle to the head

cutting it really short goes to the ear

so we don't have too much of a visible

edge we're gonna finish off if we're

gonna change anything on the sides you

know it's not perfect but it looks

decent what do you think yeah for the

hairstyle on the top how it would you

lay it short yeah Oh short honest you

dare okay okay we're gonna do it a

really short then but they're not



what would you realize your messed up




time for blow-dry and this is for base

ground hold and before we applying the



it's time for some mud legs we have the

revolution wax by Lane here so we're

gonna apply for this short hairstyle

more yeah more think we have enough here

just dime-sized let's create some

texture Totalus

you see

oh you mean


almost done now we just need to apply

some hairspray let's seal the deal


I feel to like it yeah maybe it's the

products that the through the last

detail as long as the fate is good you

can of course always win some nice hair

products just write in the comment

section down below with the thing about

the hairstyle

maybe not the haircut and like video and

be a subscriber and you can be a lucky

winner for some nice by relating hair

products see you guys next time


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