by birtanpublished on September 13, 2020

Yeah I came from the mud bro I got this on my own bro like you know it was came from nothing bro like it's both how we doing boys hey mr. Henderson daddy you guys want a ham and kale salad I'm okay I'm so full from the Triscuits earlier kale actually

Hurts my throat a little Todd you've been working on your swing yes of course mr. Anderson good job yeah you wanna see my swing dad no you're okay you can sit Oh target hit to the exact level as we talked about in

Yesterday's video we found significant resistance right on this line for about 20 hours in five four hour candles when we broke that straight-up broke this middle heart line channel straight up to the very tippy top you can see that

Right here found resistance and now we're actually finding support right on this line guys although I would not be surprised if we came back down to find some support here very interesting stuff you can see here on this chart we're

Actually getting pushed down as well you know this chart very well came all the way up to that 73 and for the longest time we're actually fighting right here finding resistance right here but we're getting pushed down currently I would

Not be surprised as well guys if we came back down to this line the very tippy top of our channel right here that could be huge finding support here around the 64 and then continuing upwards so basically something like this maybe

Going like this but again what are our levels to the upside to look at in terms of resistance and what our levels to the downside in terms of support so much to take a look at and as well this ascending triangle everybody was giving

Me crap a week ago because I thought it was an ascending triangle everybody was calling it a bear flag now nobody's calling it a bear flag and everyone's calling it an ascending triangle for pizzas sake but guys we're coming out we

Actually broke out but we're coming back and we're trying to find support right at the top okay this is crucial I wouldn't be surprised actually we came back down into this in the short term and is what we talked about 50 for being

Support to the downside what are the chances that actually does continue there what levels do it to take a look at dolphin Utley got a lot to get into in this episode let's dive right Wow everyone we have so much to talk about

In this update we tweeted out just at about an hour or so ago as I'm recording this about this breaking out okay will Bitcoin touch this sloping line today and it did it did and for the longest time was actually finding of support

Right there and now we're getting pushed back down to the top of this channel so we have to talk about this in the video I think there are some very key levels that we want to look at here and as well guys if your interests

In winning this bad boy all you have to do is leave a comment below make sure to hit the dings hit the Lights hit the subscribe and let's do this while my juice levels are through the roof guys so let's take a first look at

This chart so this has been perfect if you guys remember the episode last night we talked about this finding resistance here we ended up finding resistance right on this line for about 20 hours these these for our candles right here

And when we broke above it we went straight up straight through the middle line okay up to the very tippy top of this line right around 73 and that's where we got rejected pretty hard currently we're coming back to this line

Now I think this will be pretty interesting we found a lot of resistance here over the past few days you can see that here and we found support here for the first time all in this line again last night like we just mentioned so

This has been a pretty important area this right now would be right around like the $6,800 level so Bitcoin getting rejected off 7k going back to 68 and then potentially continuing upward to the downside we have about the 64 guys

Remember we talked about this other last level for this pattern to remain valid like we had that pullback at the very beginning okay this red line is kind of like the last effort if this gets broken then the pattern is done honestly but as

Well that sixty-four lines up perfectly the sixty-four we have on here right here on the upward sloping channel lines up perfectly with the downward sloping on a bigger timeframe this is the 4-hour chart here this is the daily sixty-four

To line up perfectly revisit this and then if we're gonna get a bounce okay if we're gonna continue upwards then this could be a great bounce area because we just broke out of this descending channel again after falling back into it

We broke out of it again now again this this is pretty much guaranteed when you break out of such a channel like this you're gonna come back to revisit it before continuing upwards same exact thing happened when we broke out of it

Back in January of 2020 okay we can actually zoom in there the same thing happened where we initially broke out of it pretty strongly you see we had resistance on the first day we broke out of it got rejected and even hovered on

It for about a few days before continuing up this actually formed like a pattern here and then broke up so currently if we take a look at we're seeing now makes a lot of sense that we did break up a lot of lot of momentum

Right there I wouldn't be surprised we came back down tried to find some support there and then continued this move or depending on how much momentum is really in this move because we're so pushed down from this massive candle

Here we're so pushed down over the past few weeks that it could actually just continue without without having to form such a pattern there but again that $6,400 I think is a key level there and on the mega downside if we have to look

On the mega downside then I think we have to take a look at is here that fifty four hundred okay if we'd fall back into this ascending triangle which we haven't just yet as I'm recording this if we fell back into it they would

Have to be supported some very key levels here here here if we break fifty four again guys not I'm gonna really talk about that because that doesn't look like the that doesn't look like the direction we're being pushed right now

But just very important to keep an eye on there and as well on the weekly really nice bounce so far this is kind of exactly what you would expect when you get such a huge push back down we talked about the monthly and getting a

Really nice reversal there so let's actually switch to the monthly and I can kind of show you guys what I was talking about so we had this big hammer candle back here this actually signaled the beginning of a massive run right here

Actually sorry this one right here back in August so big hammer candles can definitely indicate reversals so hammer candle here continued uptrend hammer candle here uptrend currently obviously massive huge the biggest one on this

Chart biggest hammer candle here now is this going to continue upwards guys this is the monthly currently we're sitting right on the twenty one month moving average of this pink line here so that's pretty important there currently

Again that's 78 guys 78 we've been saying eight thousand seventy eight for a long time okay seventy is she's gonna be incredibly hard to get above in my opinion so even if we do get a bounce here we're gonna

Come into a lot of resistance there and so this is one of the reasons the breakout target of this is actually pretty high I think it's like nine thousand US dollars but I don't think we're gonna actually get to that if we

Get some confirmed support here after breaking out and then continuing I don't think we're actually gonna get to nine thousand just because I think there's way too much resistance at seventy eight to eight thousand for reasons we've been

Saying for a while there's just too much that lines up there if we switch to this chart this is actually right here okay on the daily it's right where that 21 moving averages as well as the fifty they're kind of gonna be squinched

Scratched crunched in between that area there it's also where this really important line is right around the 77 78 okay and then at the very tippy top of this level here so again I think there's a lot in the way of getting the nine

Thousand I don't think we're gonna I think if we get to nine thousand then it'll be incredibly easy to keep going up but we have a lot of overhead resistance I think we mentioned before like the eighty to the

Eight thousand it's just is so big guys you see that right here actually a seventy eight the point of control is actually at the seventy eight right now so what that means is that all of this volume culminated there this is like the

Biggest area of resistance as you can see here we had a pretty massive down resistance or down volume area right here that was huge and that's basically where we got this bounce at 52 you can see even lower is where we got the mega

Bounce there so again very key level but the 78 you can see just how massive it is it takes up out of all of this area this is by far the the most there so again this area is going to be very important I think it's gonna take a lot

To get above that which also pretty much lines up right here with this as well right where the 50 moving averages so guys if we would see upside I definitely think we're gonna run it into a lot of friction right about here so for example

If you were trying to long the market or something I would not expect this to be broken very easily I think that would take a long time to get above as well switching this chart guys I think this one's super key we do seem to be coming

Down trying to retest that so I think that'll be interesting if we can hold up here for you know and a few for our candles I think that would be perfect if we found support there okay because again we're getting pushed back down we

Gotta find support here if this wants to remain bullish I just think that's so key for that level there and as well this could be a powerful move because this is about three three and a half weeks in the making the longer and the

Bigger the the patterns are the more powerful they would there will be as well the more price action will come out of it let me actually turn my camera back on if we forgot to do that so yeah and we also have this coming down here

This sloping support and resistance line of this wedge that broke down okay once it broke out that it went absolutely crazy I think this pattern these levels are gonna be still pretty strong there that

Lines up actually perfectly if we came up today that would be yeah right at this $7,800 level guys so seventy eight hundred eight thousand dollars is probably going to be so incredibly hard in a short term to get above and

Currently we're actually at 68 70 so again we are getting that push back so I see that I could see that continuing specifically if we're gonna continue because I'm sure you guys are going to be watching this price won't be it might

Not be 7000 if it isn't watch for a big level of support right around the 63-64 like worst case over the next four our candles but for right now if we can hold 68 that's actually pretty good so if we can hold this 68 sloping upwards and I

Think that's the most important level and as well guys you're gonna check out these tips definitely make sure to check out the description below we have a discount code in there as well and I have a few more videos that I have fully

Upload and everything I just have to hit share and they'll be available on this course as well okay Wow and I did want to add this to the end of the video because price has moved substantially in the 30 minutes that I've been editing

The video and it is coming down in some of these targets so you see right now really coming down to the very top of this remember guys 6465 is gonna be key if we keep coming down here you see us push down all of this

Currently right here so if we can get pushed down here like we said in the video and bounce up they'll be really good we switched to here guys you see exactly what we said earlier oh no I don't want to move that line exactly

What we said during that video which was film about an hour ago from when I'm finishing up editing the video this area is providing support so we want to see it hold there that could be really strong again we could come

Down and see it bounce here at 63 but again that's ideally not we'd want to do it looks better here this would be better here on this chart it looks good but 63 on this smaller chart again we don't want to we don't want to test this

Too much we've already tested it twice in the last like three or four days so if we would come down there that would be not the best but it would be strong okay 63 should be it should be very strong so

Will be interesting to see how that holds up there like I thanks so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one

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