Hillbilly beatboxing

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

hillbilly beatboxing sounds like the

beginning of a whose line is it anyway

bit but I assure you this is not a Greg

Proops joke I first heard of eating when

Mike Moore left this comment on an old


I googled and Lord so that is II think

it's an Appalachian vocal technique that

mixes hiccupping and wheezing and at

least in those clips making that farting

sound with your hands always hilarious

the easiest way to understand ething for

cool Millennials like us who didn't grow

up poor and on a mountain in Kentucky is

to compare it to beatboxing which is

sort of similar but less immediately

hilarious according to NPR ething is

intended to mimic the sounds of the Hogs

and turkeys that lived in people's

backyards the same way that beatboxing

imitates turntables and drum machines

and dubstep drops

of course beatboxing was pioneered in

the 1980s by artists like dougie fresh

and Buffy from The Fat Boys and eating

has its roots in the 1880s one of the

earliest evening recordings actually

comes from a pre Elvis pre son record

Sam Phillips production harmonica

Frank's 1951 single swamp roof in 1963

Joe Perkins had an almost hit with

little Ethan Annie which peaked at

number 76 on the Billboard charts it was

enough to merit an Alvin and the

Chipmunks cover later that year which I

cannot find a recording of but I can

only imagine is as great as their

version of Belinda Carlisle's

the hiccupping and wheezing on little

leaf and Annie was actually performed by

Jimmy riddle who came to prominence in

1969 when ABC launched hee haw the show

regularly featured Riddle and jackie

phelps ef'n and hambone in the day way

stylistic similarities between Fat Boys

as Buffy and hehas riddle may be obvious

but I'd argue that there's also an

important cultural through line even

though Brooklyn New York and Dyersburg

Tennessee might as well be on totally

separate planets anything in beatboxing

both have their roots in cultures that

may not be literally rich in terms of

dollars but have great pride in the

richness of their culture and their

history and that's not unique to

Appalachia or 1520 Sedgwick Avenue

anyway throat singing has experienced a

surge in global interest thanks to Tanya

to GAC who I had the pleasure of working

with on that show too GAC draws on a

history of performance that typically

sees to anouk women singing together

facing each other trying to last the

other one what finds all these vocal

techniques is a wild celebratory

creativity that I would argue emerges

specifically from a lack of wild

material wealth it's not a stretch to

say that evening could not have come

from the top deck of the Titanic and

that beatboxing was unlikely to emerge

from Rodeo Drive which is not to say

that I am disinterested in what that

would have sounded

what do you think is eating really

hillbilly beatboxing what is the

craziest sound you can make with your

mouth let us know in the comments and be

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