Hex Crypto & Richard Heart VS YouTubers Here’s THE TRUTH !

by birtanpublished on September 13, 2020

too many you to was overrated and if you ask feel it wasn't even supposed to make it in the spirit though YouTube is their noble countenance to give up become an actor it was from that all the game theory economically embedded in hex is

Actually quite interesting and definitely a project I'm interested to follow let me get this straight you're not only following the scam project but you're also investing into it

It's the crypto lifestyle very this videos about why you should speak about controversial things so if you speak about controversial things particularly with people that have a wildly different point of view than you have then you'll

Be able to learn something that you didn't know bitcoin inflates higher than 3.8 percent every single year since it's ever existed is that free dividend to people who pollute the environment and if you're right and you're compelling

You might have a positive influence on the people that you're speaking to because it's really that lonely they had the password their successes so the magic is you should speak controversially in order to make

Progress in this world we need more people speaking truth to stupidity and speaking smarts to stupidity more secure that Bitcoin that is just beyond laughable to me and it's really really hilarious

How many inflation bugs is a theory med zero how many plays of bugs is Bitcoin head to and if magically as many many will find out they indeed are the stupid ones it's better that we know who you are and

Try and work our way around you try to download the theory of note good luck with that full note no one runs a full note in Bitcoin let me tell you about tone right tone thinks he's smart right tone thinks

He's smart because he runs a full note do you know what kind of full note he runs ones where you double-click the exe and it uses a default settings and when you use the default settings you're just a bitch to the guy to set the default so

Speaking controversially particularly if you're you know authentic and compelling and cogent and arguments it's awesome step 2 don't try and shut people down immediately let them show exactly how stupid they

Are and then once they've you know shown how stupid they are take advantage of those block buttons if you short Bitcoin your rewards are in the form of bitcoins if you short Bitcoin on the CMEs cash-settled it's you you can sell

Cash-settled cma and then 3 spread those ideas right if you want to see this world become a better place it's hard work and there's a million ideas out there that need changed and need fixed and they need smart people

Talking about them I was a Bitcoin maximalist forever but then when you decide you want anonymity you can't do it in Bitcoin when you decide you want to replace the CD you can't do it Vic Wayne when you decide you want

Interesting game theory to reward people for doing awesome and honorable things you cannot do it Bitcoin and the sad thing is that the stupider people are the less they realize they're stupid is the dunning-kruger effect and so the

Stupidest people will speak and yell and without any fear of any doubt have a hundred percent certainty what advantage to the world do playing video games brings and like they nothing they think about how much electricity is wasted

Every year by people playing video games and compared out the Bitcoin mining it would absolutely dwarf it if you're promoting Bitcoin trying to make it take over $20 value from the world you've got to burn trillions of dollars of

Electricity you can secure it so Chang that right now it uses less the video games doesn't make any sense because you want it to be big and you want it to burn more electricity give it a shot the stupid people are already talking as

Loud as they can if you're not an idiot and you've got something good to say please share it please speak about controversial things because I can guarantee you a great great number of people that could be convincing the rest

Of the world to live better lives or have better ideas or do better things they're not doing like that right there is the real Richard Hart and that video was published on January 12th of 2017 well before the search of the epic bull

Run of Bitcoin Richard was preaching the same things 3 years ago he's preaching today he's the same og he always was speak the truth to stupid people the world needs more smart people to speak I agree there are systems today that needs

Changes speak controversial truth sounds like explains to me it truly is a shame that a Richard Hart is portrayed by some CNN youtubers out there as some random dude who's seeking to create a scan point but before we get to those details

If you watch this video in its entirety not only would you be able to have a chance to win a share of $50,000 worth of Bitcoin but you will also know why some youtubers don't care about facts why they are bias and look when it comes

To a trending topic all they care about is getting that video up before the trend dies thanks this is what we call being a YouTube CNN reporter it's a cool terminology that I got but hey if this is your first time

Here my name is Francis and welcome back to another video and if you want to learn the importance of the centralization and other cryptocurrencies related stuff then do that by subscribing so you don't miss

Anything ok so tone sells products such as the indicator he allegedly copied pay the trading courses but you know what this one takes the freaking cake and it makes me sick to my stomach I want to puke

Right now he offers paid dinners with himself needed dinners with this guy I can't even stand this guy's voice let alone I gotta pay him to eat dinner with me while hearing him to food on talk to me

Half-ass and some people have expressed this to me some of them calm a profiteer which I didn't even know the meaning for so let's Google that right now what does profiteering mean you guys ready for the real shit now Sunny D has

A very similar channel or business model he leaves his Bitcoin address in the description box of his videos makes money off of his subscribers from trading fees as they gamble on futures exchanges of course yes to come to the

Aid or support moon stands on this they serve the same agenda with their Bitcoin trading channels they are boys buddy old pal how on God's green earth could Sonny even go against his friend even if he's wrong let me break this down for you

Guys ok listen very carefully they have the same a business model which is a trading channel Sonny even admitted to doing Bitcoin trading classes with torn so how is he going to have a pole rising opinion even if it's true again

This is a CNN reporter styles if it's a conflict of interest these guys have to demonize it corporate media styles and that's what you see in an reporters you doing on YouTube it's extremely easy to make these videos when no one is around

But when Richard is in their face the bidding live these guys crumbled we've seen this happen to tone videos twice okay he even had to bring on a freakin lawyer to help him in the rematch debate in which he took another big fat hell

This is the biggest joke of the entire video so if you made it this far you're in for a real treat because this is freaking comical so the biggest joke of it all is Sonny made his heck scorn review video just check out what he had

To see in this short clip I have to say sorry Richard but I'm definitely on the scanned side once again because we have absolutely no idea what's going to happen with all the etherium definitely a project I'm interested to follow maybe

I even put a little bit of Ethan it just to test it so let me get this straight you're telling us and your subscribers that this is indeed a scam project however I would still like to follow the scam project and we're not done yet okay

We're not done yet you also go on to say that how I would like to invest some a theorem into this scam project so I could follow it so now you're not only following a scam project but you're also investing into it and

One of the reasons why you say it's a scam is you don't know which wallet the etherium is be sent to um I'm a bit baffled hood I'll tell you exactly what type of horseshit that is it's the same piece of bullshit of rubbish content he

Was shilling all year last year preaching to everyone that backfilled spiked the next Bitcoin bull run in 2019 but let me tell you something we're months after the launch of act and the marketer actually down right now and

He's the one to blame for the shilling of back more than the actual corporate suits he played audiences the sunnier I mean like why don't you just be transparent with everybody especially your subs

Burski just tell them the truth tell them that you want to buy in with some etherium just in case if hex moons so this way you'll still be in the game I guess what this story is only now starting to snow

Because other marketers are actually coughing on this transistor relevant this is how the YouTube game sadly works today trust me I know I'm a freaking youtuber myself when the traffic is trending as a youtuber you need to get

That video out as fast as possible so you could out to rank your competition on youtube search engine trust me and what I'm saying so what does that mean well this entails the youtuber not really doing extensive

Research on a topic because their main priority at the time is to get it published ASAP they just look at whatever the other CNN reporter is already uploaded on the topic and they use that for their own research because

The goal is to get this video uploaded before this trend dies for example a look at the ever so humbled and sweetheart miss Brockwell who I have the utmost respect for but she was lost in this live stream you guys do subscribe

To her she's an absolute darling also known as the Bitcoin girl she's also an oddly herself but she shouldn't have done this without proper research in my humble opinion if you guys watch this video or rather this live stream you

Would see she was oblivious so to speak to how hex works but very very aware that it's trending in her niche and then we have this guy for TV he's a great marketer this guy but that's about it he realizes that bigger youtubers or how

I like to call them CNN reporters on YouTube remember that's a cool terminology that I made up but he realizes that they're covering this trending topic so his videos will be recommended to their audiences maybe

Sunday decreased audience or perhaps Bitcoin close audience this is how the YouTube algo operates and I know that may sound like a foreign language to you like say Greek but this is how the YouTube marketing game works if you look

At his videos it's anti half-ass content about hex all he does is read the damn website and say oh that's crap because bla bla bla bla bla future of Finance state your claim not a single thing about technology not

A single thing about use case not a single thing about any kind of innovation extremely incompetent review I must say but then again that's what you're gonna get from online marketers in conclusion you guys loved the

Conclusions these youtubers are doing this for their own ego and to remain irrelevant especially with this trendy hex core topic it's a conflict of interest a bias review or just being influenced by their peers look Richard

Does so much for free it gives you self-help books hours and hours of self-help video content on his YouTube channel do subscribe free trading calls he does not have any Bitcoin address in his damn description box so you can't

Even send a Bitcoin even if you're freaking wanted to hex was even given away for free if you held Bitcoin I highly highly recommend you check out his channel and get to know Richard more before you actually get to know hex and

Then and only then you will see much clearer but it's not all about me man let me know what you guys think in the comment section below also if you want to know how you could get your share of $50,000 worth of Bitcoin make sure you

Check out this video over here because the draw is on December 26 all details are in that video so you know what guys they really must have to see other than the next one or on your own you don't want to smoke green cuz each

Time you don't know this crypto lady tried it cuz the buzz hi fake youtubers and fake gas mo mr. crypto lifestyle don't fake the shit on your channel time to create it came from TV yell okay hard but even I'm gon wish you were

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